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Welcome to my blog!

I’m Dan Indiecator also known as MagiWasTaken and I write about Indie Games, review a bunch of them and discover new and old games whenever I get the chance to. Let’s get cosy together on Twitch, chat a bit on my Discord, or exchange information and the important stuff via mail!

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What can you expect from my blog?

Well, first up reviews! In my “Indietail” category, I’ll post reviews centered around Indie Games that have been lurking in my steam backlog or that devs have sent to me. It can be quite hard to know which games is really good and which one is not that great… so, it might be alright to get a second opinion in, right? So read about my pieces there!

Next up, the “Lookout Post” is about up-coming games that I’m excited about or looking forward to. I write about my first impressions with demos or I ask questions and interview devs. If you’re into that kind of stuff or if you’re in need of new entries for your wishlist, check that out!

In the “Gaming Journal” I’m talking about other games that I’ve been playing or trying out, from Destiny 2 to Monster Hunter World or other Not-So-Indie-Games. Discussions about Gaming in general and that kind of stuff go over there… or even posts about my journey on Twitch!

And well, there’s also “The Stray Sheep”, a format that I’ve been writing on for quite some time where I talk about a variety of topics from heavy to light topics: Essentially, it’s about all kinds of stuff and when I feel like posting something but it doesn’t necessarily fit the other categories… I will post it here! Just like the Bar in “Catherine”, this format is a place where all kinds of posts and ideas are coming from and going to… it’s a place where all kinds of guests can come to and have a great time together without getting labelled “Indie” or “Non-Indie”. It’s just a Stray Sheep.

So, yeah, that’s my blog in a nutshell. If you’re into it, why don’t you give me a follow and get notified on new posts? Alternatively, you may also check out my twitter account or the discord! Join me and others, come and hang out and enjoy the ride in the Mage Guild! 🙂


Indietail – Summerland

In every door lies another memory, and every memory unlocks another door. Today we’re checking out Summerland by FYRE Games. Is it worthwhile? See here!