The Stray Sheep #17 – One is the lonelistest number

So, today was quite the busy day for me, so I couldn’t write down my impressions nor work on another review nor the interview. Hence, I’m talking about the following question: If you had to chose one game to play for the rest of your life, which one would it be? Well, for me it’d […]

The Stray Sheep #16 – Brief GamesCom Briefing

So, in today’s Stray Sheep I’m briefly going to talk about the GamesCom-Experience! Or rather the TLDR-version of an upcoming post that I’m going to write (tomorrow I believe? Maybe even on Saturday? I don’t know, tbh.). So, I went there at around 10:30 am – to the GamesCom in Cologne, which is (one of […]

The Stray Sheep #15 – Gamescom!

So in today’s Stray Sheep, I’m talking about the upcoming Gamescom-Event, what I’m planning to do and what else I’m currently working on. This is a rather short update since I need to bring my SO to the hospital. Hope you don’t mind! So first of all, Shademare Studio has provided me with a review […]

The Stray Sheep #14 – Hopoo Games

This year’s Blaugust (and my first to participate in) is steadily progressing, leaving us at a 20-day-streak (including this post) – that leaves us still at the Silver Award but in five more days I should qualify for the Gold Award if I truly am able to keep up the daily posts. Of course, my […]

Party Hard

It was another rainy day when she walked in like the Great Depression. She was a blonde that would make a bishop kick out a stained glass window. In a situation like mine, one only grows fond of moments like these when trouble approaches and you feel the thrill of breaking out of your daily […]

Book of Demons

The genre of Hack and Slay games is known for its combat, its looting and levelling, and its big and dark areas? Well, yeah, mostly, but there are also games that don’t follow that same pattern out there! Today’s game is a card-based ARPG called Book of Demons that dares to change up the formula of hack and slay games a little bit and mix it with a well- “crafted” world and some interesting mechanics.