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Welcome to my blog. My name’s Dan and I’m a soon-to-be-teacher from Germany who enjoys video games and writing and thought he’d combine that into this small side-project, called Indiecator. I mainly post review (Indietail) on here but also other types of content, like stuff about my life outside of the bloggosphere (The Stray Sheep) and my adventures in non-indie-games (The Gaming Journals).
Feel free to hang out over here and to take your time while exploring this project of mine. If you scroll down, you’ll also find my social media sides, so follow those or join the discord to get updates on my latest blog posts and other stuff. 🙂


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Destiny 2 – Getting back into the grind!

Destiny 2 has been one of those games that I play every now and then but never could truly get into. I mean, in December (when I first started playing it) I ended up spending around 90 hours in Destiny 2, while I’ve only accumulated 37 more hours in the past four months. But just […]

The MonHunLog #3 – Xeno’jiiwhat?

A while ago (and yeah, I haven’t been too consistent with these MHW-posts) I encountered the final boss of MHW’s base game, Xeno’jiiva! In my stream, after we had defeated the three Elder Dragons that I featured in my last MonHunLog, we noticed that the Large Monsters still haven’t returned to some of their previous […]

TSS#47 – Memento Mori

This post started rather dark but I don’t want it to sound too emo, especially because it’s not supposed to sound like that. This post is about getting older or rather about noticing that you’re getting older. Also it’s supposed to be uplifting, so don’t take it too serious. Thanks. Enjoy. 🙂 For quite some […]