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Welcome to my blog. My name’s Dan and I’m a soon-to-be-teacher from Germany who enjoys video games and writing and thought he’d combine that into this small side-project, called Indiecator. I mainly post reviews (Indietail) on here but also other types of content, like stuff about my life outside of the bloggosphere (The Stray Sheep) and my adventures in non-indie-games (The Gaming Journals).
Feel free to hang out over here and to take your time while exploring this project of mine. If you scroll down, you’ll also find my social media sides, so follow those or join the discord to get updates on my latest blog posts and other stuff. 🙂


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TSS#63 – The current situation and my opinion, I guess

This is a shorter longer post and potentially a bit “heavier” than usual but this time around it’s about “our voice” and about politics in a way. It’s about my beliefs and my take on the matter and everything that is going on right now… and I’m telling all kinds of -ists and -phobes to […]

TSS #62 – On the Lookout!

The last Stray Sheep has been half a month ago already so I thought I’d post something in that section already. This time around, we’re talking about categories! Currently, I’m doing mostly reviews (Indietail) since I originally wanted to do exactly that, review titles in my library and work through my backlog. The Gaming Journey […]

Indietail – HARTS ISLAND

You’re instantly there… on Hart’s Island. Home to millions of corpses. Corpses of the unknown, the unidentified, the poor and the sick, dead bodies found somewhere or people too poor to get a private funeral. Among them, an actor called Luck Miller. Developer: ben lunato Publisher: ben lunato Genres: Walking Simulator, Adventure, Narration Release Date: […]