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My name’s Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken and I’m a blogger, Steam curator, Lich, and Streamer. On this blog of mine you’ll be able to read all kinds of posts from reviews to Streaming-related stuff to posts on games that I’m looking forward to or that I’ve been playing. I hope you enjoy your time here! Down below you’ll find a selection of my featured reviews as well as some of my most recent posts.

Are you a developer, publisher or someone that wants to get in touch with me? Well, then send me an e-mail at dan.indiecator@gmail.com

For Review Requests, it would be ideal if you could introduce yourself, pitch your game, tell me a bit about your studio, and also tell me about potential embargos, important information regarding the review, platforms, etc. Please also attach a header image of your game with your title screen or some graphic in the background and the logo on top of it that I can include in the review. I don’t do mobile game or console game reviews right now and will only review games that are (also) available on PC since I don’t own any consoles.

As for my blog, there are a bunch of different categories on here:
The Stray Sheep features posts about non-gaming-related things or maybe even personal things that I wanted to write about.
Indietail is where my reviews are located.
The Gaming Journal is where I post about games I’ve played that aren’t necessarily Indie titles. I’ll also have comments or discussions about Gaming-related topics on there.
The Lookout Post is for up-coming releases and games I’m excited about. I’ll also write about demos on there.
Humble Lich is where I post monthly about Humble Choice and my thoughts on the games in there.
Bleeding Purrple is where I write about Streaming-realted topics.

To navigate through my blog you can either click on the Blog Feed to get a view of my most-recent posts or you click on the different categories up at the top to find posts in that category. Hovering over Indietail or Gaming Journal will reveal the other two sub-categories. Apart from that, you can also find tags below the posts that will link to other posts that are tagged with the same tags.
Below this area here you’ll find my social-media links. To get notifications for blog posts or even Twitch-Streams, I’d recommend either following me on Twitter or joining the Discord Server. There you can opt in or opt out of notifications at any time.

On top of that, there is a search bar located at the bottom of each page as well as below the social media buttons that you can use to find more posts. Happy Browsing!

Summer Game Fest 2021!

Today I watched a game show for the first time and it was actually the Summer Game Festival so here are games that I found interesting or “eh” or “AWESOME” and all that sorta stuff. Enjoy! 🙂


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