Indietail – Moonlighter

In every RPG, merchants are selling you all kinds of goods. But have you ever asked yourself where those goods come from or those merchants got so far? Well, in today’s review, we’re talking about a game that lets you experience both sides of the same coin: Merchants and Heroes! The Plot Moonlighter is about […]

Indietail – The Flame In The Flood

For my first review on this Indie Game Blog, I’m presenting you The Flame In The Flood (Trailer/Shop) – one of my favourite games – where the protagonist Scout goes on an adventure with her dog Aesop/Daisy to find the whereabouts of the humans that escaped after the Great Flooding. To do that, they travel […]

Blaugust 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen! I’d like to announce that I’ve not only moved my old blog to this new and rather catchy domain and switched from German to English language-wise but also decided to participate in 2019’s Blaugust! For those of you that don’t know Blaugust: It’s “the festival of blogging” or a challenge to post […]

I need to introduce myself, eh?

Hey there! I’m Dan and I’m a student from Germany. I enjoy writing, and video games, so I thought it’d be cool to combine these into a new hobby: Blogging. I first started blogging a while back in 2018 when I was studying for a-levels and when a friend of mine said that I should […]