The Stray Sheep #22 – GamesCom-Interviews #4 – Answer Knot, Nanotale & Necrobarista

So, today’s Stray Sheep is going to cover the next three interviews. This one features Naraven Games’ Answer Knot, Fishing Cactus’ Nanotale – Typing Chronicles and Route 59’s Necrobarista. After this, there’s going to be two more posts with interviews, featuring the dev/publisher of Tunic and Overland in one post, and the devs of Kingdom, Flotsam, and Foundation in another post, so stay tuned for […]

Indietail – Miracle Mia

Today we’re taking a look at Miracle Mia by Shademare Studios who’ve provided me with a review-key pre-release. Miracle Mia is their first game and the studio describes it as “a weird, interesting and fun game”. But what is Miracle Mia actually about? That’s a good question! It’s about Mia and Nia, two sisters, that […]