Indietail – Cat Quest

Today’s we’re going on a catventure! I mean, we’re taking a look at Cat Quest after all! Cat Quest is not only a lovely homage to classic RPGs but also a parody of the same. It not only mocks the genre but also adds its features into it to make a purrfect game for every […]

Indietail – Untitled Goose Game

Yesterday I bought a game on the Epic Games Store. It came out two days ago and, Geesus Christ, it’s fun! Of course, I’m talking about Untitled Goose Game, a hilarious stealth-game (I’d say?) where you pull small little pranks on the people around you and annoy them as much as possible. You play as a […]

Indietail – Westerado: Double Barreled

Howdy, fellow cowboys and cowgirls! Today we’re taking a look at Westerado: Double Barreled, a game where we chase a buffalo on the loose before finding out that someone not only burned down our ranch, but also gravely injured our bigger brother, and killed our mother! Our mission is to find the killer and take […]

The Stray Sheep #30 – You don’t have to

So, for the past few days, I’ve been asking people for help and recommendations for a new budget PC. So far I’ve only played video games on a laptop and this one’s getting quite old. So, I ended up checking for the recommended requirements on a game and compared stuff using a versus-side so that […]

Indietail – Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)

Today we’re taking a look at Kind Words! We literally take a look at kind words, too. Hope that made you groan! Let’s get right into it! Developer: PopcannibalPublisher: PopcannibalGenres: Casual, Indie, Experimental Release Date: September 13, 2019Reviewed on: PCAvailable on: PCCopy was purchased What is Kind Words? Kind Words is a social experiment, I guess. You […]

Indietail – Children of Morta

After a small break from the daily posting, we’re back again with another review! Today we’re taking a look at Children of Morta, a game about family-bonds and monster-slaying! Please enjoy this review! Developer: Dead MagePublisher: 11 Bit StudiosGenres: Rogue-lite, Action, Dungeon CrawlerRelease Date: September 3, 2019Reviewed on: PCAvailable on: PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), […]

The Stray Sheep #29 – lazy

To be honest, I’d like to blog daily, but today I’ve been lazy. I didn’t really have many ideas today, so I think from now on I’ll try to stay with a few posts a week instead of daily posts since I don’t want to post for the posting’s sake. Also, I really need to […]

The Stray Sheep #28 – Look what you made me do!

While originally today’s Stray Sheep was about achievements and stuff that some games make you do (hence the Taylor Swift reference), I kind of ended up with a post about games I’m playing right now and the fact that I can’t play everything at the same time, which sucks. So, I’ll take the first prompt […]

Late to the Party #2 – Asheron’s Call

So, the other day Naithin from time to loot posted about Asheron’s Call, a relatively old MMORPG that looked quite interesting and I ended up signing up for it on a private server (it seems) with a nice community. Welcome to Late to the Party #2! This time, it’s about a game that came out […]

Indietail – The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

In today’s Indietail, we’ll take a look at The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands, a game that I bought for two bucks and while I really want to like it, there’s some flaws that I can’t overlook. Stay tuned for a review on The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands! Developer: Xigma GamesPublisher: Xigma GamesGenres: 2D, Strategy, Survival, SimulationRelease Date: March 9th, […]