TSS#40 – Merry christmas!

I don’t celebrate christmas but that doesn’t hinder me from wishing everyone a merry one and the best for the new year! It’s a bit early for that but I thought that it’s better than being late, I guess! I hope you’ll have fun with your friends and family and uhm… Here’s some of my […]

TSS#39 – Facing my fears

TRIGGER WARNING! This post will include pictures of spiders! Big ones! They’re terrifying! Don’t read ahead if you’re afraid of or sensitive about that stuff! So, I’m afraid of spiders. And I decided to go to a convention about spiders as confronting my fears may help me in that regard. Or not. It may have […]

TSS#38 – It has been a while

It’s truly been a while. My last post “LoL 10th Anniversary – 2012, Nami” has been almost three weeks ago and, well, I haven’t had time to post anything for the last few weeks, and to be honest I also was lacking in motivation. Hence, I thought it’d be time to make a quick update […]