Indietail – Goat of Duty

In today’s Indietail, we’ll be looking at Goat of Duty, a fast-paced-FPS Game featuring Goats. Yup. A lot of them in all kinds of variations. Developer: 34BigThings srl Publisher: Raiser Games Genres: Early Access, Action, Fast-Paced, Arena-Shooter Release Date: July 10, 2019 Reviewed on: PC Available on: PC Copy received for free in a giveaway.... Continue Reading →

TSS#46 – Your daily dose of internet togetherness – BLApril 2020mg!

Times are rough over here, which is why I prescribe you your daily dose of internet togetherness. It’s a drug of sorts with 2020mg of BLApril and it seems to be potent as a lot of bloggers are joining in to take part in this year’s pre-poned Blaugust-Event. When I just started blogging last year... Continue Reading →

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