Adore – 0.3.0 Pact with Draknar update

Just recently I've reviewed Adore but soon after I finished it, it got updated and with the major update 0.3.0 "Pact with Draknar" a lot of stuff was added to the game that, essentially, changes a lot of stuff.  Hence there is some information in my review that is kind of wrong and alas, here's... Continue Reading →

TSS#50 – How to unfuck your sleep schedule

In today's Stray Sheep we'll talk about resetting your sleep schedule and how to tackle that. I'm proficient in this as I've reset my sleep schedule quite often and hence, I'm letting y'all know how I do things! So, my sleep schedule is fucked right now and alas I'm trying to unfuck it. But how... Continue Reading →

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