MonHunLog #4 – I don’t like the Witcher-Quest

So, in our last adventure in the New World, we were able to defeat the not-spider boss of MHW, Xeno'forgothisname. In this one, we're talking about a visitor from a different world… So there's this goblin-like creature that reminded me of Smeagol and it got captured in an unusual habitat. Shortly after arriving there, Geralt... Continue Reading →

The Stray Sheep #52 – I can’t say showering or towel

So, today I felt overly sick which is why I didn't release a post yet and alas had to polish my MonHun-Witcher-post and finish this one. Sorry if this one is a bit shorter than usual or more nonsensical. So, today's Stray Sheep is about words I'm bad at pronouncing. Why am I talking about... Continue Reading →

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