Streaming on Twitch – Quality and Consistency

I haven’t done one of these posts in ages, so, today we’re talking about Growth on Twitch! Sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy!

Warning: There are cat pictures. If you don’t like cats or if you’re afraid of them, you’ve been warned. There is a cat btw that needs some help and you can find his gofundme campaign over here and it would mean the world to me if you could maybe share it so that more people are aware of Aikka. Cancer sucks and our feline friends don’t even know about why it’s hurting or why things are happening. Regardless of that, thank you!

Growth is something that a lot of people aim for when it comes to Streaming. Naturally, if you’re doing your best, you want others to appreciate that and you want “your best” to be reflected in the numbers. So, what is “the secret” to growth on Twitch? Well, in my opinion, there isn’t really much of a secret there. All you need is Quality and Consistency.

Quality means that your streams or your “content” are pleasing and entertaining to watch. People enjoy what you do because it is good content, so naturally, you grow from that. You create it, they share it with others, recommend it and you grow. Part of the “quality” is also the video and audio quality. If your microphone is bad, people won’t be able to hear you or enjoy it as much. Background noises and distracting sounds can hinder the quality, and alas your growth. The same thing goes for a bad internet connection or bad commentary. More on that later.

Consistency is about the fluctuations in your quality but also about your schedule. Today’s stream could be 10/10 but maybe tomorrow, you’re tired and you end up creating bad content that is maybe just 4/10. Creating good content consistently means that people will appreciate it more because they can rely on you “delivering” consistently. If you stick to a schedule, people will know when and where to find your content. If you’re constantly late or if you skip out on days, you’re hindering yourself. If your streams take place at different times every day, you end up hindering yourself as well. People won’t be able to tune in more often and that sucks and just makes people a rare sight.

There is more to growth than that obviously, especially because of the limited discoverability, but for this post, I wanted to focus on how to improve your quality and how to keep up with the consistency in the best way possible. Discoverability will be a topic in a later post in the series, though, so stay tuned for that.

Here’s a picture of Aikka, the cat I mentioned above!

Quality generally is subjective, obviously. There are many kinds of streamers out there and there are many kinds of viewers. Some people watch streams for the games featured in them. The Dark Souls community on Twitch is a great example of this: No matter how good your stream is, they most likely will not watch any of your other played games unless they are also souls-likes. At least, it’s very hard to convince them to migrate to those other stream categories. Some people watch streamers for the skill they have. A good example of this would be people that follow E-Sport Pros on Twitch to maybe get better at League of Legends or see some sick plays. Again, that’s totally fine. And then there are people like me that tend to watch people for the personality that they add to a game. I don’t care if people play Subnautica or not… I’m there for the person behind the screen in the community… and that’s the kind of stream, I try to build as well. The kind of stream that is more community-based in which interaction with chat is more important. 

Naturally, you don’t have to be like me or run your stream like me but I’d like to give advice on what I’ve seen a lot of people do and what a lot of people (including me) struggle(d) with. 

For starters, your hardware doesn’t matter. You’ll need a good internet connection and something that can run your game if you wanna do gameplay. You can stream on your phone as well and don’t need to worry about anything when you do that, usually. You don’t need a microphone if you don’t want to talk. You don’t need a cam if you don’t wanna show yourself. A camera can help attract people but it can also bring a lot of trolls to your stream or make you a target. The bare minimum for a stream is really just a device to stream on and something to stream. 

Getting a $7k microphone with Go-XLR and whatever isn’t going to help you produce good content. It may help with the audio quality but it won’t be of any use if you don’t talk. Similarly, you can have a bad microphone but still be really entertaining. Your content is what’s important. Nobody cares about your hardware! 

What I try to do in my streams is to constantly narrate whatever I’m doing. Try talking at all times to not let any dead air ruin your quality. Try to give insights as to why you’re doing something or as to what your thinking. Try stirring up a conversation or maybe talk about recent things that you’ve been interested in. 

What attracts people generally is passion. Do you watch anime? Talk about shows you watch. Do you love Indie Bands? Talk about your latest discoveries! You’re really good at cooking, so why don’t you try to talk about this new recipe you tried out? If you’re passionate about a subject, you can attract people to your space: Like-minded people. Your community, essentially, makes it easier for you when they like similar things about as you. 

Your audio quality can be bad at first but what matters is that you actually use your microphone if you use one. It’s important to be there. You’re not playing games alone, you’re showing them to potential other people and you’re broadcasting live, right now, on Twitch! I mean… maybe not right now, but you get what I mean.

Consistency is the other thing I mentioned before. Due to timezones, you won’t be able to catch everyone at the same time. If you stream in the evenings, you may not catch people to the East of you but more from the West. If you stream in the mornings, you may not catch people to the West of you but may very much catch people from the East of you. It’s all a matter of what works for you as there are always people awake at any time. Heck, sometimes I browse through Twitch and find streams when I can’t sleep at 2 in the morning, ALTHOUGH I’d never catch them usually. 

This is Dougal, the cat owned by Hudson who you can find over here on GSRR! Please check their blog out!

Don’t shape your schedule around your viewers but rather your viewers around your schedule. I stream in the mornings before uni starts or in the afternoon after my classes. If I stream in the evenings, I may screw my sleep schedule, so that’s something to pay attention to. After work, you may be less energetic and maybe even frustrated, so that can be bad for it… but in the end, it’s a matter of trial and error. Try looking at yourself and see what works best for you. What makes you the happiest? 

The other thing about schedules is that you have to make sure to limit your stream days and stream times in some way. You can’t be live 24/7. Not everyone can watch you for that long. Rather, you may switch to three to five stream days instead with streams that go for three to six hours, so that you don’t burn out too much. Streaming is something that I look forward to and I look forward to watching streams that I couldn’t watch for three days. If I were able to see a streamer every day, I’d think that I can “check them out another time”… and then I just never return because there is always something else. Your stream is an event of sorts and if it’s rarer, it can be something that people look forward to. 

As an example here, my current schedule is set to three guaranteed days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It works best for me that way. The other days are quite busy with RL-stuff but I may chuck in another stream into that with Art or Chatting when I finish stuff faster. This schedule works best for me as it allows me to focus on making those weekend streams special while preparing things for them during the weekdays!

Now, the other issue is the consistency of your quality: You want to deliver the best content in every stream and be there on-time, right? Well, then you’ll have to prepare for streams and make revisions, think about how a stream went and then change what bothered you. I’d recommend looking at your own VOD for that and see if you notice anything. Asking a mod or a friend for feedback can help, too! Be critical with yourself and do better next time! Obviously, you can’t give 100% every day but I think that it’s important to at least try to in order to grow more. 

A great example of that would be XilentFlex or Flex for short. Whenever I go there, I have a blast. Sometimes, there are a lot of people or I don’t like the game, so I tend to lurk more… but most of the time, I tend to enjoy my time there more than anywhere else because it’s cosy AF and wholesome. I don’t ever get “bad stream” vibes when I go there because the quality is just so good every time. Alas, I come to hang out more often or actively seek out his streams to watch them. Sometimes, I even make time for that stream! That’s how consistent Flex is with his quality!

But either way, that’s it really for the post. I feel like these two points are important when it comes to streaming. Obviously, you can take anything I say with a lot of salt because I’m a small streamer myself but this is just an opinion and it’s based on my experience as well as conversations with bigger streamers than me. Basically, these blog posts will be accumulated experience on Twitch-Streaming documented in blog-form. Next time, I will probably make a post on how to use your voice and some practices. Looking forward to writing it!

Thanks a lot for reading today’s post! Thanks a lot to Noom for allowing me to use his cat pic here and to Hudson for allowing me to use their cat pic for this post! You guys rock!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

Roguelike vs. Roguelite

I love playing Roguelikes. I love playing Roguelites. There is a difference between the two but a lot of times people debate and it just leads to nothing. Sometimes games are labelled as “roguelikes” but they’re actually “rogue-lites”. Sometimes people label games as “rogue-lites” based on one factor and one alone… and that’s kind of wrong, in my opinion. In the end, it doesn’t make a difference, really. As long as you enjoy them, it doesn’t matter what other people call them, right? 

Well,… it would be boring if I were to just leave it at that, as I personally think that there is a difference between rogue-lites and roguelikes. 

Faster Than Light would be a roguelike for me. Pawnbarian? Roguelike! The Binding of Isaac? Roguelite! Hades? Roguelite!

Now, the original game (can be found all over the internet but also on steam) that defined the genre of “Rogue-likes” was, as the name suggests, the 1980 game “Rogue”! It was an ASCII based game that featured turn-based combat, procedural generation and permadeath. While it was hard and challenging, it was also rather strategic and allowed you to step back, think about your next move, and then go on. All games that are like “Rogue” are rogue-likes, duh. Games that are like Roguelikes but aren’t exactly Roguelikes would be Roguelike-likes or Roguelites! Games that aren’t grid-based or that aren’t turn-based, for instance, would fall into that category. There are some people in the gaming community that define roguelikes and rogue-lites just by the amount of permanent character progression in the game, which I personally feel is wrong. I think that that’s a feature that shouldn’t define a genre. Whether or not a game features permanent character progression doesn’t matter for me when I tag a game as a rogue-lite or a roguelike in one of my reviews.

A new addition to my library, Noita, is a fantastically magical Rogue-lite that I can highly recommend!

So, Pawnbarian, for instance, features grid-based, turn-based combat that allows you to be rather strategic about the way you play. Slay The Spire may not be grid-based but it still is a rogue-like for me since the combat feels rather strategic to me. Meanwhile, Hades is more of a rogue-lite in my opinion as it adds a lot more to the original rogue-formula than just action and character progression. It adds dialogues, a story, permanent resources, cosmetics, and even fishing into the game. It’s a rogue-lite in my opinion.

Technically speaking my favourite Pokémon games are roguelikes: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is a great series that features dungeon-crawling with turn-and-grid-based combat as well as resource-management. I’m not sure if other people would agree with me here, but in my opinion, that’s quite a lot like Rogue… or quite rogue-like!

But hey, opinions change and I’d love to hear more about your opinions on the matter so that I could educate myself. As far as I know, there is also the Berlin Interpretation that defines eight high-value factors and six low-value factors. Among the high-value factors, there’s procedural or random dungeon generation, permadeath, turn-based gameplay, non-modal gameplay, a degree of complexity, resource management for survival, hack and slash -ish based gameplay, and exploration. Having more of these features or fewer of them doesn’t exclude or include a game. It just makes a game “more roguelike” or “less roguelike”.

With Guild of Dungeoneering, I’m honestly not quite sure if it’s still a roguelike (technically, it should be…) or if it’s already a roguelite (I mean, it’s quite different, right?).

While I agree with a lot of these features, I’m not entirely sure what to do with the Berlin Interpretation. I guess, you could grade games in those aspects and then compare them to other games to decide whether or not the game is a roguelike or not… but generally speaking, I doubt that I’d ever use that interpretation/definition. 

Instead, I tend to go with the strategy aspect vs. other approach definition. Most of the time, I go with how I feel about a game and I’m sure I misclassified some of my reviews… but generally speaking, I don’t think that Diablo or Minecraft are roguelikes and I do think that Isaac is a rogue-lite. My blog, my rules!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for ages now and am glad, I got to make it. Going more in-def with some of this stuff would have been boring, so I tried to keep it light… or should I say… lite? :^) 

Do you care about that stuff? If so, what definition do you use? What’s important for you? Let me know!

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

Thoughts on Crywank’s “Now I’m Sad”

Crywank (<- link to their bandcamp page) is one of my favourite bands, ever. I’ve been listening to them for ages and even got to meet, hug and talk to Dan from Crywank a year and a half ago during a live concert! It’s a bummer that they split up but I still like to listen to their music every now and then and just dwell in thoughts and things.

One of their songs is called “Now I’m sad (Boo Hoo)” and is about the lyrical I being sad. I mean, duh, but in essence, there are a lot of thoughts in that song that I personally can resonate with really well. The first stanza is about the concept of happiness or the big idea of being satisfied that is being fed to us by others and media in general while the second stanza is about trying to meet those ideas and search for happiness, only to be “torn a new one”. Alas, the third stanza goes on about how hindsight destroys you, like when you ask yourself those “What If…” questions and then get sad about the fact that you’ll never be able to change any of the past. Alas, there’s this fantastical verse there, “And if the present is a gift, then I want to send it back”, that I just love and adore. The whole song gets eventually summed up with “the only thing I feel honest in expressing is the fact that I am sad”, which is glorious and rather true.

You never know when you’re truly happy and I feel like you can never be truly satisfied with the current situation but when you’re sad… you know that you’re sad. And I love that.

For whatever reason, I reminded myself of that song again and I listened back into other songs and was wondering if Crywank isn’t potentially romanticizing the idea of depression and being sad… but I think that it’s rather on the contrary. Crywank have been writing songs that helped me and others (from what I’ve heard at the concert back then) go through tough times. By de-stigmatizing the idea of being sad or depressed or anxious, they make it more accessible and understandable for others. By sharing their weird and sad and just lovely songs, they made me feel understood. Someone else out there feels the same as me and has gone through similar things and knows how I feel, I thought… and that helped me a lot.

Apart from that, I can really sympathise with verses like “Hindsight fucked me up, the past facilitates resentment” as it sums up my mood in the past couple of days. What if I had said something different? What if I had been more interested in sports during my school days? What if I had studied more? What if I hadn’t gone to certain parties? What if I had understood sarcasm better at a younger age? What if I had known earlier that I’m an autist? Would that have helped me? What if I hadn’t reacted to certain situations in the way I did? What if I hadn’t hit or kicked back when I got bullied? What if I hadn’t given a fuck about other people’s opinions?

But there’s really no use thinking about that kind of stuff. In the end, all the decisions I made in the past resulted in me becoming the person that I am today. Being undead has its merits and I’m sure I’ll be able to think more about this kind of stuff in the future, especially as I’ll live here forever, blogging about silly things and games and rambling away. I’ll be here and I’ll do what I’m doing already. Dwelling on the past won’t change a thing but it’s hard to just not do it.

So, the conclusion that I came to was to just not be sad about every awkward situation I’ve faced in the past or to just not remind myself of the instances of bullying and beatdowns and all of that crap that I’ve had to deal with. Instead, I’ll try to be kind of proud of things. Proud of not giving a crap eventually. Proud of learning my lesson. Proud of realising at a rather early age that having plenty of friends doesn’t mean a thing if they talk badly about you behind your back. Proud of finding some of the best friends I could wish for by turning away from toxic people that I had to deal with in my schooldays.

And I’m still learning things about myself and about humans in general and I’m still getting to know so many people. All of them are different and I love that.

In the end, it doesn’t matter too much how I feel about the past but I just try to be more positive about it. I try to think back and take pride in how I ended up being instead of dwelling on whether or not it would have changed something if I had reacted differently or said something else.

Just some thoughts on a Friday-evening. Hope you enjoyed my rambling.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

TSS #100 – The Stray Sheep, Daily Posting and Save Aikka

I checked earlier and noticed that the “The Stray Sheep” category on my blog had 99 posts already, so I thought I’d mention that in the 100th post and celebrate it by talking about what’s going on right now and how stuff is going. After that, I’ve got also got a campaign that I wanted to promote for a friend’s cat, so please read through that, too, if you’re interested.

For starters, The Stray Sheep has been my standard-category for anything that didn’t belong in the other categories. Whenever I talked about my values, ideas, life, or generally about anything really, I’d post it in The Stray Sheep… and while it has been the birthplace of a lot of cool prompts, it also has been a phenomenal way of venting about things and talking about stuff that has nothing to do with the usual blogging stuff. In a way, it’s like The Stray Sheep in Catherine: Classic where all kinds of people gather and bring together their stories and vent away over a drink or two. That’s basically where the idea came from anyways and I really enjoyed rambling away at life and all kinds of things. 

Aikka is so cute!

Apart from that, I’d say that 100 Stray Sheep felt more like a thousand and I’m glad that I’m able to ramble away at things like this without any negative comments or any trolls or whatever. I’ve heard bad stories about bloggers getting teased by people online but overall, I haven’t had that experience quite yet and I’m quite glad about it. 

Second up, I’ve been posting daily for 32 days in a row now (including this day) and it is kind of stressful but also quite manageable and fun. In a way, it gives me some time to wind down in the evenings when I prepare a post after studying for so long. It’s a fun way to deal with the current situation and doing so every day feels good. Initially, I was on vacation at the end of December and ended up preparing a lot of posts that would come out every few days. The issue I had, however, was that views were getting a bit low there, which is why I created new posts while I was away!

Aikka’s such a good boy!

When I got back, I posted again and all of a sudden, achievements popped up with a one-week-posting-streak which was lovely. Alas, I thought I’d keep it up and post more, only to see for how long I can keep this up, and while not every day is getting as many views as previous days in the last few months… overall, I’m getting a lot more views during the month, which is a good sign. 

Again, views don’t really matter too much to me, as in I don’t really thirst for views or post about something with views in mind. Rather, when I post a review on a game, I want a lot of people to see it, so naturally, posting more is better for views on the blogs (“duh.”) and linking back to previous posts helps a lot as well. I kind of feel like my reviews are making a bit of an impact with more e-mails for potential reviews churning in daily to the point where I’m a bit overwhelmed really. I’m looking forward to potentially starring guest bloggers in the future over here to not only represent other parts of the blogging community but also to help me out if that makes sense. The world of Indie Games is vast and I’m looking forward to having other people share the journey with me. If you’re interested in that, make sure to mail me at!

Aikka is love, Aikka is life.

At last, I wanted to talk about Aikka. Aikka has cancer and needs help right now. Noom_TV, the owner of Aikka, who’s also a lovely streamer and friend of mine started that campaign since the medical bills for his lovely cat-boy are just too much to handle. Of course, you don’t have to donate anything if you don’t want to, but I’d appreciate it if you could spread the word, share it, and if you have some spare change to spare, you could also donate something, if you want to. I hope that we can help Aikka. With Covid and everything going on, I’d obviously not expect anyone to donate anything to Noom’s gofundme but I feel like it would be a great opportunity to do something good and help someone out.

You can find Noom’s campaign over here:

Spread the word and share it with others! I’m sure that we can help Aikka out!

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this quick little update-post for the 100th Stray Sheep. I’m looking forward to posting more in the future, and again, I’m looking forward to potentially starring other bloggers over here! Hope you enjoyed this post! 


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

Indietail – Morkredd

When there’s light, there’s darkness… and when there’s an Indietail, there’s probably a good game as well! The game we’re reviewing today is Morkredd, a tense, physics-based co-op puzzle game for one to two players. It combines skill-based puzzle-solving, a challenging balance of light and shadow, and a dark world full of secrets to unlock!

In a world shrouded by darkness, a wisp-like light awakens two characters. Guided by the light, they traverse through this dangerous place. Every step too much can result in sudden death. Stay close to this orb of light. Caution is of utmost importance, though, as your shadow is also able to eradicate your other companion.

Developer: Hyper Games
Publisher: Aspyr
Genre: Physics, Puzzle, Dark, Local Co-op, Exploration
Release Date: December 11th, 2020
Reviewed on: PC
Available on: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series
Copy was purchased.

Morkredd is a light-based puzzle game where stepping into the shadows, kills you. In a way, it’s similar to Lightmatter which was also published by Aspyr. The difference here, however, is the perspective and the role you play in this. You’re not actively placing down light sources but rather guiding this orb of light that awoke you in the first place. At times, you’ve got to push a big orb of light around and chase after it while being careful of not potentially overshadowing your partner in the process. At other times, you need to press buttons and pull levers while you’re protected by the orb. On top of that, the game suprises you by changing the perspective from this basically isometric view to a more horizontal view while you’re in a tunnel. When the two characters get too far away from each other, the camera pans out while it pans in when you’re near each other. This creates a bit of immersion which is quite lovely and very welcome!

The orb is love, the orb is life.

From the get-go, the puzzles seemed interesting and rather challenging. In Single-Player, you control both of the characters using your gamepad sticks and the shoulder-buttons to interact with things. Using the A button, you switch between the female and the male character, so that there’s no confusion when you switch sides. In Co-Op, the challenge comes from coordinating and communicating what you want to do and what you’re actually doing. I played this with a friend and really enjoyed the puzzles.

While the puzzles themselves may not be the hardest in the world, at first, the game actually picks up the pace rather hard by throwing in enemies that try to destroy your orb or moving objects that cast a shadow onto your characters. The most harmless things in the world can present a grave danger to you if you don’t watch your step – and that’s thrilling! Morkredd is tense and eventually becomes really challenging as it’s continuing to introduce new, rather creative mechanics to the game, throwing more and more roadblocks into your way.

Meanwhile, the game has some sort of story and presents it to you vaguely. By exploring the world and not always following the path you’re supposed to take, you find different ornaments on the wall that tell you a story of sorts. How did this world come to be? What happened to all other sources of lights? Where did the orb come from? Are there other people? Find out by exploring all kinds of secrets!

And once you’re done with the game after three to four hours based on how fast you proceed, you still have the “ODE” DLC that presents you a bunch of “mutators” that allow you to change the game’s renderer, the orb’s shape, and the characters’ hats… which is a nice gimmick overall.

While the plot of the game is rather vague and mysterious, the game generally adds to this using a magical soundtrack, enhancing the soundtrack. I was chuffed to bits to experience this eery and baffling atmosphere. Morkredd’s score in combination with the art style and design choices really make for a unique and interesting experience that is certainly worth its money.

But while I’m praising it so much so far, I also have a few things that I didn’t like about the game.

For starters, the sound effects and music are constantly humming in your ears when you start up the game, which was rather hard to adjust in the settings. While there is a slider of sorts that enables you to music and SFX down, I had a hard time finding that sweet spot between “I have a headache” and “the game’s too quiet”. I would have loved it if there were numerical values here so that I could adjust it using arrows, like in other games. At the same time, the game sometimes picks up the volume and gets rather loud again, despite the game being already turned down a bunch, which I personally didn’t like too much. It may not bother other people but my ears didn’t really appreciate the buzzing sounds.

In the same manner, the graphics settings are somewhat limited as well with three graphics quality settings: Low, Medium, and High. I would have liked some more detailed options here. You can turn VSync fully on, half on, or off, you can limit the frame rate, show a game timer, change the language, and adjust the brightness. Some more details as to other options to turn on or off would have been quite nice.

And at last, the game only features local co-op, which is a bit of a pain in the butt to set up. Steam Remote-Play-Together is available for the game but doesn’t really seem to work too well, which is a bummer… and while Parsec obviously is still an option here, it’s a bummer that there wasn’t a fix utilizing something that isn’t third-party software.

A pleasant surprise, however, is the fact that you can remap everything. A controller is highly recommended with this game as it influences how fast you pull, push, run and walk… but it still works with the keyboard. In Online-Co-Op (using parsec), you can easily play this with only one hand and since the buttons are customisable, this should enable a lot of people to play the game.

Personally, I really enjoyed the experience and I feel like a lot more people need to play this game. It’s a lovely experience for puzzle-newbies and puzzle-lovers alike. Morkredd‘s atmosphere is awesome and while the puzzles are relatively easy in the beginning, it actually gets quite challenging later on, which is lovely to see as it eases the player into the game. Alas, that’s a recommendation by me!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Leave feedback if you’ve got any. I’m looking forward to playing this game eventually with Ms Magi once the exams are over, especially as the game requires a lot of communication and coordination. Despite her not being the biggest videogame fan, I’d imagine that she’d still enjoy this title quite a bit.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

Risk of Rain 2 – Road to 100%: Commando Edition

The other day, I wrote about achievements and good ways of implementing them into games. One game that I mentioned there was Risk of Rain 2, so I’ve looked at how many I’m missing there and… actually not too many. Alas, I thought I might as well go for it since I actually love this game just enough to care about 100%-ing it.

Alas, let’s talk about this: Why are the achievements in Risk of Rain 2 well-made? Well, they’re tied to unlocking things in the game, so you basically get rewarded for doing them. Be it artefacts, characters, items, or abilities, the game basically awards you with an item whenever you complete something. The Warmonger achievement awards you with the War Horn when you complete three combat shrines in a single stage, for instance, while the Prismatically Aligned achievement awards you with the Harvester’s Scythe once you’ve completed a Prismatic Trial. War Horn is a nice item that buffs your attack speed whenever you use your equipment while the Harvester’s Scythe grants you 5% crit chance (once, doesn’t stack) and also heals you whenever you crit. Both of these are great items to round up your builds and help you out and they synergise really well with other items.

The Artefact of DEATH!

The problem here is obviously that the Warmonger achievement requires there to be there combat shrines on a single stage, which isn’t always a given. Similarly, the Prismatically Aligned achievement requires you to finish a Prismatic Trial, which is a seeded run with all kinds of modifiers that you’ll have to complete… Based on when you do it, it can be easier to acquire or harder to do. Alas, I just played the game a lot and went for it whenever I could.

But I already had those achievements and I had most of the other achievements as well… The only ones missing are the ones for the last few artefacts as well as a few character unlocks.

Alas, today, I attempted to beat the game on Monsoon difficulty as the Commando to receive the Commando: Mastery achievement that unlocks a skin. Since I don’t really play the Commando and since I only unlocked the Tactical Slide, so far, I also tried to finish off an Overloading Magmaworm while also surviving 20 stages without any Lunar items. This sounds easy but in the end, I died rather often while trying since I’m rather rusty when it comes to the Commando. I would slide into a Void Reaver’s explosion and die… or overestimate myself and die from fall damage paired with enemy projectiles… oh, and fire is still super annoying! Overall, I can sum up that attempting everything at the same time is silly.

Alas, I decided to just do two of these achievements at the same time and then go for the skin once I’ve unlocked the abilities. 

Btw, Commando: Godspeed requires you to fully charge the first-stage teleporter before the timer hits 5 minutes, which is rather easy when you do it on Drizzle, speedrun to the teleporter and just hit it, beat the boss, and survive for long enough. No items needed… just a lot of dodging. The Tactical Slide is just better than the Tactical Roll as you can shoot while doing it (hence not lowering your DPS) and as you can use it mid-air to give you another boost, alas, granting you a pseudo-double-jump. 

Alas, I started up a run on Drizzle, the easiest difficulty, with Commando in Singleplayer. The artefacts I selected were Command (to chose my own items) and Sacrifice (to not bother with chests or grinding gold). Instead of grinding enemies, I just went to the teleporter and started charging it. Due to an early red item, I ended up opting in for an on-hit-build utilizing the 57-Leaf-Clover to its fullest. I stacked Crit Chance and On-Hit-items that would basically always proc thanks to that the aforementioned item. By ignoring everything and just pushing through the stages, I got a bunch of items during the teleporter event and was able to avoid any waste of time. I then basically rolled through the first few stages, went for the guaranteed red items in the fourth stage (Abyssal Depths, Siren’s Call, and Sundered Grove) whenever I landed there, and then I beat the Sky Meadow boss before going for the Artefact Portal. 

Sky Meadow counts as Stage 5 but if you go for the Artefact Portal, you basically get to the Hidden Realm, Bulwark’s Ambry, where you unlock Artefacts. That’s stage 7. After that, you’ll be at the first stage again for the first loop, meaning that that’s stage 8. Alas, there were only 12 more to go. During Stage 7, I unlocked the Artefact of Dissonance that basically enables monsters to spawn outside of their usual environments. The trial of dissonance itself, at this stage, was no biggie since I had way too much attack speed and way too much damage anyways. Alas, I dealt with it quickly and unlocked the artefact and the achievement associated with it.

During the next few stages, I basically just rushed through, not giving a damn about any items or turrets. At times, I’d wait near my turrets and drones to let them get taken out by enemies. This was really important as the next artefact we were going to unlock was the Artefact of Chaos, which basically enables friendly fire. My turrets could have killed me during that if they hadn’t died beforehand. Alas, we completed our first loop and were back at Sky Meadow at Stage 13 where we immediately headed to the Portal, entering the code for Chaos, and rushed through the Trial of Chaos. This was rather easy as well since we didn’t have any allies that would be affected by it anyways. The only issue we had was the fact that I took the Brilliant Behemoth, which makes my attacks explode on impact… and well,… the explosion can hurt you while Chaos is turned on. Alas, I had to be careful about that but before long, I was already done with it. Alas, we unlocked Chaos and rushed through the next five stages.

Sky Meadow, again, but at Stage 19. We rush to the artefact portal, we complete Death (again, no allies to be affected by it) and we get to Stage 20 without any issues. In Stage 20, we ended up defeating the Overloading Worm that just casually spawned in, hence unlocking the Rolling Thunder achievement… Next up, we go through the portal and unlock the Incorruptible achievement as well for clearing 20 stages in a single run without picking up any Lunar items. After that, I wanted to obliterate on the Portal in A Moment, Fractured… but then I noticed that I still haven’t bothered finding the easter egg in that Hidden Realm.

If you enter A Moment, Fractured, and look to the left of the starting island, you can turn up the Gamma to 50% to see three islands far away in the distance. That’s where the easter egg is. Alas, we didn’t obliterate but instead looped yet again to grab more Hopoo Feathers, more Fuel Cells, and the Milky Chrysalis equipment. 

The Milky Chrysalis allows us to fly for 15 seconds with a +20% movement speed bonus during the duration. With 9 Fuel Cells and a bunch of movement speed items as well as a lot of extra jumps, we’re able to just permanently be in the air without any worry in the world. We fly off into the distance and shortly reach the lovely easter egg island that you can see here.

Yup, literal easter eggs.

And alas, I’m only missing the skin for the Commando… but I feel like I’ve played enough Commando for the day. I’m honestly not a huge fan of this character in the second game, despite me quite enjoying the glass-builds I did in the first game on this character. 

I’m only missing 11 more achievements in the game and they’re all unlocks for different characters. I’m really looking forward unlocking some of those, as I have yet to unlock the Engineer’s spider mines and as I haven’t played too much of the Mercenary or Acrid, yet! I play on publishing more posts on this topic in the future, so until then,…


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TheSupportRole is SUS

For anyone that doesn’t know, I’m part of a lovely community of streamers, content creators, and bloggers called TheSupportRole created by Kim. The other day, we actually managed to get a lobby together of a few people who wanted to play some Among Us. Among them, we had DanamasX and his wife, Minx, as well as MPGFrostiOmni, and a friend of mine called Liam. Minx joined us in the later rounds while I invited Liam as it wasn’t that much fun with only five people. To my surprise, Liam and Frosti actually really hit it off and became best friends throughout each round, tightening their bond and creating a wonderful bromance that isn’t limited by death or murder. Lovely!

Among Us is one of those games that I just return to every now and then… It can be a lot of fun but I’ve been rather rusty since the last time I played has been quite a while ago. Frosti and Omni, however, haven’t played it at all, yet, so MPG and I had to teach them how it goes. Dana was somewhat experienced but in the end, everyone got the hang of it rather quickly.

During the first rounds, I was able to play as Imposter in two consecutive rounds, killing MPG first in one of them and trolling through the other one. Overall, I didn’t want it to end too fast as Frosti and Omni had yet to figure out how some of the tasks worked. At the same time, I also wanted to see some fun interactions between us and teach them what’s possible as Imposter, so I’d vent in and out of different places, kill someone here or there and generally, it was quite fun. 

For whatever reason, though, Frostilyte was more often than not the first one to be killed, so we made it a bit of an unwritten rule to not kill him first if we have the option of not doing it. Later on, Frosti also decided to change his name to “ITS FROSTI” so that we’d know who not to kill first. 

Alas, in the next few rounds, I decided to hang out with him to protect him from harm’s way, only to then realise that my good intentions backfired on me, as Frosti didn’t wait long to kill me first.

Later on, we had some fun rounds where both MPG and Minx were being suspicious and where everyone was set to kill one of them during the meetings. Since we were only seven people, we ended up playing with only one Imposter, meaning that we could have gone for a 50/50… but for the sake of having fun, I didn’t mention that strategy of voting off one of them and then voting off the other one in an emergency meeting… On top of that, it was actually me that was Imposter, and they just stumbled across people’s bodies. At last, I ended up fat-fingering and pressing “Q” instead of “W”, killing Minx by accident and alas, falling into Meghan’s hands who quickly reported the body before deporting my body, leading to the Crewmate’s win. 

Regardless of that, it was fun, though. I had a blast playing it again and since nobody was taking it too seriously, there wasn’t too much gaslighting going on in most of the rounds, resulting in me looking forward to playing it again soon.

I hope we get to record or stream more Among Us next time so that we can share it with more people. I’d love to link clips of it somewhere in this post if it weren’t for the fact that “recording” or “streaming” the play-session didn’t come to anyone’s mind. Maybe next time!


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I thought I’d share some of my favourite new screenshots for once!


I really like that screenshot because Nergigante, while not my favourite Elder Dragon, really looks stunning. The ruiner version is bone-y and flesh-y and honestly, it just fits the theme of undead things, that I kind of fancy in general.

Apart from that, we had a fun run in Risk of Rain 2 the other day where I played this stupid On-Kill-Build with friends. They played the huntress and the mercenary while I played as the Captain and I really had a blast as my items synergised incredibly well with my equipment, the “Forgive-Me-Please” Vodoo-Doll that procs all on-kill effects of yours in a circle around it. All the monster teeth, will-o-wisps, ceremonial daggers, and all kinds of other effects that I stacked basically did a great job of hard-carrying the run, even when my allies died during some of the later stages. On top of that, I also got a bunch of items that allowed my normal attacks to also dish out a bunch of damage. The funniest part was that I took two shaped glasses and Mythrix, the final boss of the game, basically steals your items during one of his stages… which means he got those as well. On top of that, since we took Swarm, we had to fight two Mythrixes at half health but both of them only had a 25% of their health, each, meaning that they were sitting at only 12.5% health each and just died. The game didn’t realise that they died, so we just got the prompt of running away right after it spawned. A lot of fun!

And because of that here are three screenshots from the end-screen! As you can see, we played with Sacrifice, Command and Swarms on, meaning that monsters drop items, we can choose our own items, and double spawns but with 50% health. The important bit here, however,… look at my damage and then compare it to Zesty’s or Lag’s damage! Hilarious! Obviously, I had more items than them but that was mostly due to them dying in the later stages and me being able to pick up a lot more items during the last few areas.

At last, here’s a screenshot of me and Frosti slaying an Odogaron that I needed for some material that I got as well. I love playing with my Hunting Horn build as it deals decent damage while also giving people utility! Obviously, I still need to get that Ebony Odogaron Mantle but according to Naithin, I can get that through the Melter, which should be quite doable! I have yet to try that!

Thought this would be a fun idea because I didn’t know what to post today. Hope you enjoyed these screenshots! Not sure if I’ve ever really tried posting shorts like this one but I liked the idea!


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Risk of Rain 2 – Teaching a Newbie

Just recently, I started playing Risk of Rain 2 again and I’ve been busy unlocking abilities for characters, for the sake of achievements mostly. But then I found out that some of the members of the Twitch stream team that I recently joined also play that game… and alas, we played a couple of rounds and our friend, baconbitsnow, died more often than not and we had a hard time letting him experience more of the game than the death-screen. Alas, I tried reflecting on how to teach him the game easier without making things too hard for him or too complicated for him to understand. He knows the basics of the game already but since he hadn’t played in a while, he was basically a newbie when it came to understanding what the items do.

Alas, I wanted to write a small guide of sorts of the basics and how to maybe teach someone better how to play the game or how to make the game more fun for them.

First things first: What is Risk of Rain/Risk of Rain 2?

The Risk of Rain games are challenging roguelikes where you land on a planet and try to get to the teleporter in order to proceed. What makes the game so challenging is that you essentially have to race against the time itself. The longer the game proceeds, the more challenging it goes. At first, more enemies spawn, eventually, enemy-spawns become elites with unique properties, and at last, seeing boss enemies just casually spawn into the world or seeing elite bosses isn’t that unnatural anymore. You kill enemies to earn gold to buy items from chests you find in the world. Items make you stronger. Then you hit the teleporter and the teleporter event proceeds. In the first game, you’ll have to defeat the boss to be rewarded an item before you need to clear out the stage. Since the second game is in 3D opposed to the 2D style of the first game, you’ll need to stay in an area around the teleporter (big dome basically) to charge it up before you can proceed. Clearing the stage is no longer needed. If you proceed to the next stage too fast, however, you’ll be left in the dust by enemies that out-scale/out-level you, so killing enemies here and there to gain levels is also important. 

These are the basics for the game.

In Risk of Rain 2, there are four difficulties: Drizzle, Rainstorm, Monsoon, and the all-new Eclipse. Eclipse is an alternate difficulty setting found in a separate menu that basically lets each survivor start at Eclipse level 1, giving allies a -50% Starting Health debuff. Once you complete the run, you’ll be at Eclipse Level 2 which decreases the teleporter radius by 50%. This scales up to Eclipse 8, making this game mode somewhat challenging and something that veterans should attempt but not beginners. Monsoon difficulty is harder to get into, so essentially I’d recommend teaching friends how to play on Drizzle or Rainstorm. Drizzle is a lot more forgiving as it grants more health regeneration to allies as well as a +70 bonus to armour. The difficulty also scales only at 50% of the normal pace, making this less challenging and easier to get into.

There’s no shame in taking training-wheels on for the sake of learning the game before eventually heading into Rainstorm, Monsoon and Eclipse runs. For the sake of the best experience, I’d disable any Artefacts, though, as they can be rather overwhelming to newer players.

While in theory, the Artefact of Command, for instance, could help out new players by letting them chose their items, it is a bit of a handicap as well since they’ll have to get that menu open and chose one of many items while standing wide-open and still. Instead of letting them chose their own items, I let Bacon open chests and ping the items instead, using the middle mouse button. This resulted in me seeing the item name in chat and me being able to explain what the item does and why he should or shouldn’t take it. I was also able to explain how the stacking of those items goes.

Bacon already had the Huntress unlocked, so I let him play that one while I opted into the Mul-T. Mul-T is able to dish out great damage and – when in doubt – solo-carry the game. Due to his two equipment slots, I was also able to let Bacon, at most times, switch between equipment to try out different things. Bacon really enjoyed playing with the Sawmerang, so I went for Gorag’s Opus in one of the slots to increase our attack speed by 100% while later going for the Preon Accumulator in the other slot to deal with lots of enemies at the same time if they were to swarm us or to deal a lot of damage to bosses if it’s an annoying boss. 

Due to some lucky RNG, we even got some early red items, resulting in me being able to explain to him what item categories there are: There are currently 97 items in the game on top of 30 equipment pieces. Equipment can be used to either dish out more damage or benefit you in some way to boost your damage, give you resistances or give you mobility. The other 97 items can be categorised into five categories: Common items (white), Uncommon items (green), Legendary items (red), Boss/Planetary items (yellow), and Lunar items (blue). Among the lunar items, there are four equipment items available as well.

White items tend to be flat-amounts of stats to your stats. The Soldier’s Syringe grants you 15% (+15% per stack) attack speed, for instance, while the Lens-Maker’s Glasses grant your attacks a 10% (+10% per stack) chance to critically strike, dealing double damage. A lot of these items don’t have an overwhelming effect but they are essential to your builds regardless. Since most of these don’t have an upper limit to the stacks, you can have as many Syringes or Goat Hoofs as you want to and actually feel the effects of them. The only exception to this would be the Crit-Glasses that only are doing something up to 100% crit chance. After that, getting more won’t do anything. 

Green items include a lot of different effects that grant you slows for your attacks or on-kill/on-hit effects that you can proc. There are also other additions to it like a double jump with the Hopoo Feather or an extra charge for your equipment with the Fuel Cell. These items basically grant you a lot of different effects and finding out which items suit your characters the most can be part of the fun as well. Yellow items only drop from bosses and offer some nice perks as well, although some of them are more situational than others. The Molten Perforator has a 10% chance on-hit to call forth magma balls from an enemy, dealing a lot of damage, for instance, while other items offer stat increases or other ways of utilizing your build. If you get one early, you can shape your build around them but if you play with Command, you can usually get just the best one for your character.

Red items essentially round up your build a bit more. These are usually super strong and grant you a whole lot of great effects. Aegis for instance lets you gain a temporary barrier for 50% (+50% per stack) of the amount you heal past full health. Meanwhile, Brilliant Behemoth makes all your attacks explode for a 60% total damage bonus to nearby enemies in a 4m (+1.5m per stack) radius around the impact. If you use a lot of normal attacks that might be the best choice while the Alien Head might be better for survivors that use a lot of abilities. Generally, you want one anyways and any is better than none. Lunar items can also be quite strong but they often offer drawbacks to them. To acquire them, you’ll need to use Lunar coins on Lunar Pods or buy the items in the Bazar Between Time accessed through the blue portal. 

With that out of the way, you’ll just head into the game. The best way to find out what the items do is to either pick them up and learn from the game teaching you or to ask a friend or check out the wiki

Bacon struggled past stage 4 since he died earlier and was behind in terms of items. Alas, we decided to go for the boss and grab that additional item before heading to the Artefact place to unlock Command for him. When playing with a new player, I’d recommend searching for the command-artefact-code and unlocking it for them so that they can try out things themselves in Single-Player or with other players. 

And alas, we unlocked that and some other logs for him before heading into the first-loop. Bacon was still struggling quite a bit, so we ended up rushing through the next two stages to venture into the Celestial Portal that leads us to “A Moment, Fractured”. Fighting the boss on the Moon would be too hard for a new player, especially with our items, which is why I decided to loop instead and go for that alternate ending. “A Moment, Fractured” features a monolith that can be used to obliterate yourself. Once you’ve done that, you finished your run and you’re awarded five lunar coins, kickstarting your journey to finding more and using them to unlock the artificer or to play around with some lunar builds. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. I know, it’s a tad longer and not what I usually do but I thought I’d just explain something about the basics of the game, what items there are and the best choices to make. Bacon said that he enjoyed himself and that he learned a lot. If you want to, you can follow him on Twitch. We’re in the same stream team, “Mistakes”, and I’ve enjoyed playing with him lately, despite him being a bit helpless with Malachite enemies. It’s a lot of fun to play with others! The wiki for RoR2 is a great resource btw, so I’d recommend checking that out if you have any questions regarding the codes for the different artefacts or regarding the scaling, the items, the enemies, etc. – Just don’t spoil yourself too much if you want to. 🙂

Anyways, I’ll be off for the day. I hope you guys have a nice time and I’ll see you next time.


Achievements in Video Games

Today, I wanted to talk about achievements in games and replayability. This is just going to be a rather quick take on it but I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for ages and thought I might just go ahead and write about it. 

There are a lot of different ways to enjoy games. Some people play games casually to enjoy the ride from beginning to end (or until someway through) while others try to beat it on the hardest difficulty possible or with some sort of handicap. There are times where I try to reach specific points in games without using the intended way or without touching the ground, for instance. Other people enjoy the harder and more challenging experiences like no-hit-runs in Dark Souls or wherever, and while that may not be my cup of tea, it’s perfectly fine for them to enjoy the game they want to enjoy them. In the same fashion, completionists love getting all collectables or all achievements, trophies or rewards in a game, which is lovely in its own way.

Achievements are a great way for developers to bring more replayability to their games or to bring more life into a game’s world. Obviously, not every game is doing this perfectly as a lot of them either give you achievements for just following the main path/the story… and other games just make it an achievement to collect a ton of collectables scattered through the map, which is suboptimal and something that I dread… but some people may enjoy that aspect of collecting everything and looking at items in the menu that they previously worked hard for. 

My favourite type of achievements, however, is the kind that encourages playing the game differently or doing something that the player wouldn’t think of themselves. 

A great example of this would be “speedrunning” Outer Wilds aka finishing the game in one loop! This can be a bit tricky but it is fairly achievable and it’s actually something that you wouldn’t do without knowing anything about the game, as all the clues that lead you to the solution have to be collected throughout multiple loops. On top of that, there are other achievements in the game that make you try out some rather hard things… but it is do-able and it never feels like a hassle or anything like that.

Some games, however, don’t manage to do so very well. Fable, for instance, has a lot of different achievements that either tie into the story or that work around the mechanics of the game. At the same time, though, it also features achievements that require you to collect at least ten legendary weapons, all the dolls, all kinds of books, and all silver keys, which kind of turns into a drag once you’ve beaten the game and want to get those achievements. I’m only missing eight achievements in that game, including those that I just mentioned, and I’m not too sure if I want to get them. Meanwhile, Hades has one achievement where you’re supposed to level up all keepsakes/trinkets to the maximum level, turning it into a grind of sorts. Obviously, Hades is a rogue-lite, which is why it is meant to be played multiple times. What makes this achievement different from the collect-em-all-achievements in Fable, is the fact that the game encourages you to play it with different keepsakes that all focus on different boons or playstyles, which is actually quite a good idea. 

There is something about games that wants me to 100% them. I’m not a completionist at all with my measly 28% average completion rate on steam and the 11 perfect games I have… but I still try to complete at least some of the games I’m playing in order to feel this sense of accomplishment when the number of achievements on Steam goes up (currently at 3,619!). I just dread those “collect-em-all”-style achievements that all kinds of games implement on Steam while I love the specific things you have to do in Risk of Rain 2 to unlock those new items, abilities, features and characters in the game. I love it when the game makes me do something that I haven’t thought of before. I love it when it actually has consequences for me if I complete something, be it an unlock or an upgrade. I love it when the game rewards you for exploring every nook and cranny of a level.

But I dread it when it turns into a hassle or when the backtracking gets too annoying. I dread it when just storing at the achievements makes me want to not play it again after I’ve initially beaten it.

On another note, by the time this post was fully written, Razbuten also published a piece on it that you can find right here. I can recommend his videos a ton and can’t wait to watch it myself later once I’m back home again. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your thoughts on achievements in games? Do you agree with the points I made? Do you think differently about them? Have you completed a game and set out to do so? 

Let me know!


Indietail – Darksburg

These are dark times with God having left us and Zombies swarming our beloved town of Darksburg. Alas, it is our duty to rid this town of this plague – if not for our beloved fellow citizens, then at least for the sake of survival. Alas, let us dive into this adventure with up to three other comrades and… kick some Zombie Ass.

Today we’re taking a look at Darksburg, which is an isometric and cooperative Action-Roguelite in a Medieval setting and with Zombies. It has a bit of an ARPG style going on with hack-and-slashy combat, hordes of enemies and perks to level up your abilities with. 

Developer: Shiro Games
Publisher: Shiro Games
Genre: Isometric, Co-Op, Action, Roguelite, Hack n Slash, Zombies, Medieval
Release Date: September 23rd, 2020
Reviewed on: PC
Available on: PC
Copy received via Humble Choice.

The game features five different characters ranging from Damage Dealers, Tanks, Supports, and other characters with their own unique characteristics. Every character has a normal attack, a passive ability, as well as four abilities, with each character playing around different mechanics. Varag, for instance, is a wild wolfman that can dish out damage but at his core, he is very tanky and blocks damage for his allies with his shield, only to then unleash a powerful counterattack once he has absorbed enough damage. My favourite characters, however, are Abigail and Dr Dolorosa. Sister Abigail is another melee-character that can deal a lot of damage but she also features a great utility-spell called “The Bell” that draws nearby enemies’ attention towards the bell. Meanwhile, Dr Dolorosa is all about her experiments and is embarking on this journey to find a cure for Zombies,… although her experimental cure mostly kills them. She utilizes poisonous knives and her kills allow her to collect samples that decrease her Asphyxiant’s and her Experimental Cure’s cooldown. At the same time, she applies a lot of damage over time, making her a great damage dealer, in my opinion.

On level up, you get to select one of three perks, each upgrading some aspect of your kit differently. This allows you to create your favourite build and experience a different playstyle that might suit you better than what others might recommend. So, while you may enjoy an auto-attack or ability focused build on Rose, you could also enjoy going for a build revolving around Rose’s pet squirrel Twig, adding more utility to that ability or increasing its damage. You get nine level-ups throughout each run by killing enemies, and alas can create countless of different builds with other priorities based on how you’re doing. This was something that I really enjoyed in my runs so far and I’m not done yet with experimenting more in this game.

When you embark on your run, alone or with friends, you spawn in an area of Darksburg that is swarming with enemies. There are four areas in the game: The Harbour, the Marketplace, Faubourg, and the Graveyard. After that, you’ll have to face off against Baron Manfred von Darksburg himself who has been infected himself and must be defeated to rid Darksburg of this plague. To get through areas, you need to defeat the Infected and Revenants, achieve side-goals like blasting open walls, lighting fires, finding items, and more, and eventually, you’ll have to get to the end of the level. While the beginning is rather easy, new enemies have introduced every few levels as well as traps and other events that happen, which is why you’ll have to explore and find so-called artefacts that you can use on top of your kit. Artefacts can be upgraded by picking another artefact of the same type, unlocking new abilities. These can enhance your build even more and grant you mobility, more damage, utility or even survivability based on what you get. 

On top of that, you also find chickens in each of the levels that then can be used to unlock skins for your survivors, as well as Dreadium Ingots that you use in the Cabinet of Curiosities where you exchange the ingots for so-called “Curios” that further enhance your build. This adds a bit of permanent-character-progression to the game, although it probably is more of another way of customizing builds.

But while the gameplay itself offers a lot of creativity as far as your build goes and while it is fairly accessible with the amount of remapping and control-customization that you can do, I still find the game kind of lacking. Once you beat the final boss, you unlock Ascension levels, granting you more challenging runs, but apart from that, there isn’t much to do. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed myself so far, partly thanks to friends I’ve been playing with but also because a lot of builds make you feel quite strong… but at the same time, the game definitely is lacking content for a game that costs 20€ on Steam Store at full price. On top of that, the loading screens at times are stuttering, the audio can bug out as well, and while bugs are a thing, I just feel like the game isn’t optimized too well, especially with these graphics.

Another issue I found was that the voice lines that the characters use get repeated quite often, which loses its charm after the first few times. More variety here couldn’t have harmed the game that much… and while the levels are procedurally generated, I would have loved seeing more areas, different enemies from time to time, as well as some variety as for the colour-scheme and the soundtrack. The music of Darksburg is alright but I wouldn’t call it “great”, simply for the fact that I hardly remember any songs from it. It just doesn’t stick to your ears that well and you wouldn’t immediately recognize it unless its the only game you’re playing, I guess.

In the end, the lack of content and bad optimization are the biggest drawbacks here. The game only came out in September of 2020, so maybe they’ll add more characters, more levels, more enemies, and more bosses to the game as well but for a game that costs 20 bucks at full-price, I feel like it’s not worth it. I’d recommend this game if you’re looking for a fun challenge to go through with your friends. I wouldn’t recommend this at the full price. We may revisit this in the future again if there is another update coming in that adds more levels to each run or other content but right now, I just don’t really see how this would be worth 20 bucks.

Hope you enjoyed this review! If you grabbed November’s Humble Choice, you may actually already own it, so let’s play some time! Do you feel similarly about this game if you already checked it out? Let me know!


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Review – Dr Pepper Vanilla Float, Cherry Vanilla and Dark Berry

For nearly a year now, I’ve been meaning to write this post… and now it’s here. For my birthday last year, I thought I’d order some Dr Pepper with flavours that I can’t get in Germany. Among them are Vanilla Float, Cherry Vanilla and Dark Berry. Sadly, I didn’t have the chance, at the time, to check out Cream Soda, but eventually, it made come over here as well, who knows?

As a bit of context here, I’m a Dr Pepper addict. I love it way too much. It’s a nice flavour that tastes kind of differently whenever I try it. Sometimes, it reminds me of spices and sometimes it kind of tastes like cherry. At times, it even tastes like marzipan, which is great. I mean, I have no clue what is in there apart from lots of caffeine, sugar and more caffeine but I love it regardless of that!

The flavours I can get over here are the standard Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Zero, Dr Pepper Energy, and Dr Pepper Cherry. I don’t like cherries too much, which is why Dr Pepper Cherry isn’t my favourite here… and I don’t really notice a difference in taste when it comes to Zero and the Standard, apart from one being a tad less sweet, I guess… and the Energy-Drink-variant is alright, although there’re better energy drinks out there… but when it comes to sodas, Dr Pepper is clearly my favourite.

Left to right: The Standard Dr Pepper from over here, Vanilla Float, Cherry Vanilla, Dark Berry

This has many reasons apart from the taste as well. The branding is great and the design of the cans are lovely. On top of that, I can get 24 cans of Dr Pepper for only 7€ in Luxembourg if I ever go there again… and overall, it’s a taste that not everyone likes, which kind of makes it special. In Germany, it was advertised with the slogan “Schmeckt, aber nicht jedem”, after all. This roughly translates to “Tastes good, but isn’t for everything” but can also be interpreted as “Not everyone likes it” or “It tastes good but not everyone sees it” due to the wordplay there. They are aware of the unique flavour and cash in on that, which is something I like. It’s self-aware, kind of ironic, a bit quirky, and I guess that’s the average Dr Pepper fan in a nutshell as well, which works.

Now, as far as the sodas here go, we usually have 0,33l cans here but the cans that arrived actually came in bigger cans. In America, everything is bigger, after all, I’ve been told. The cans I got are a tad taller and feature 0,355l of soda in them aka 12 FL OZ.

Anyways, first up, we’ve got the Vanilla Float flavour! Personally speaking, I’ve never heard of this one before and I’ve never heard of Vanilla Float, period. The concept of dumping ice cream into a glass and pouring soda over it felt so foreign and barbaric to me that I immediately fell in love with it. I’d imagine that root beer (something that I only recently enjoyed myself for the very first time) would taste incredible with the addition of vanilla ice cream.

As far as the presentation goes, the can looks great! The “vanilla” colour of the can works incredibly well with the dark red of the logo and the small vertical stripes on the can make the can really stand out. As far as the soundtrack goes, it sounds like any other can. No matter if you kick it, tap it, or throw it, it always sounds, feels and hurts the same as any other can.

The flavour is very good. You can easily taste the vanilla-ice-cream-esque flavour out of it but it still has that Dr Pepper after taste – and interestingly, that works really well together. I’m honestly quite intrigued about trying out making an actual Vanilla Float with Dr Pepper but maybe I’ll wait with that until Summer when the heat is going to kill me over here in my top-floor-flat with the sun burning me to a crisp through that window right there that you (hopefully?) can’t see from wherever you’re reading this from. Now, I love vanilla but the fact that it actually tastes so strongly like it and the fact that you still can taste the Dr Pepper flavour out of it… is incredible. I would have thought that it either tastes like Dr Pepper or like Vanilla but they did a great job with conveying this feeling of unity between the two, and I love that.

Next up, we’ve got Dr Pepper Cherry-Vanilla. I said earlier that Dr Pepper already kind of has the taste of Cherry in it and that I don’t rate the cherry-flavoured variant that highly, but in this case, I was quite intrigued as it’s Dr Pepper with Cherry-AND-Vanilla-flavour. First up, the presentation looks fresh and adorable, in a way. The can features a lovely dark red in the background with slightly lighter tones of red in the form of vertical stripes that then get complimented with thinner bright-yellow/vanilla-ish stripes as well. The Dr Pepper logo also has a mix of two types of red and a bit of black in it and has the addition of a vanilla-ish-coloured “Cherry Vanilla” circle and some cherries nearby. The soundtrack of this can also sounds quite similar to other cans if not the same. The kick, tap and throw taste resulted in the same results: It sounds, feels and hurts the same, especially when your flatmate shouts at you for not washing the dishes again and throws it at your head. (I’m just kidding, or am I?)

But in the end, the only thing that matters is the taste and I must say, it does taste like Cherry-Flavoured Dr Pepper with a slight note of vanilla that is barely tasteable. I would have loved it if the vanilla-flavour was more present in this one and the cherry on top, was probably that the cherry-flavour was even overwhelming the DrPepper-ness of the soda itself, which is not that good in my humble opinion. Alas, this one isn’t my favourite but I’d imagine that other people that don’t like Dr Pepper that much but who appreciate the taste of cherry-flavoured sodas might actually fancy this.

At last, I also tried out the limited edition Dr Pepper Dark Berry! The can features a very dark blue with a white font on it and the announcement that Spider-Man: Far From Home is out. On top of that, the can reveals that Mysterio guy on the back. I don’t know that guy and had to ask a friend about who that guy is. I called him Dark Berry Guy before and he got mad. I’m not doing that anymore. As far as the presentation goes, I am a fan of the dark blue but I absolutely hate Dark Berry Gu- Mysterio. I mean, I don’t know him and can’t say if I hate him or not… but I don’t like him on the can. It kind of looks washed out and weird and I just don’t think it suits the style and brand that much, although I appreciate Big Ben in the background. Just not my cup of tea, I guess. Anyways, the can feels, sounds and hurts the same as others although I didn’t wanna kick it since it looks quite cool. If you wanna kick the can, do it on your own. Watch out that you don’t hurt anyone. Thank you.

The taste itself is… berry good. I’ve been waiting for a whole year to make that joke. But yeah, it’s a great soda that has that Dark Berry juice in it that you may know from flavoured Energy Drinks… It also smells very much like black berries and blue berries and other berries. Honestly, who knows what’s in there but it tastes good and I like it a lot. The after-taste, though, is the best thing about it as it really tastes like a can of Dr Pepper. It may be differently flavoured but the original flavour is still there which makes it quite nice. This is probably my second-favourite taste so far. I like Vanilla Float a bit more than this one but this one certainly is better than Cherry Vanilla, in my opinion, without wanting to degrade Cherry Vanilla. Cherry Vanilla is still a top-tier soda for me!

Anyways, in the end, I wasn’t much of a Cherry-Vanilla fan but the other two flavours were awesome. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on other flavours eventually as well! As mentioned before Cherry Vanilla is still Top-Tier-Soda simply because it still kind of tastes like Dr Pepper and also because nothing really compares to Dr Pepper anyhow. In a way, in my opinion, Dr Pepper might surpass the concept of tier-lists and rankings and actually be the God of Sodas, period. Not much to discuss here.

Have you tried any of these before and if so, what were your thoughts?

Hope you enjoyed my post. I’ve been meaning to write a review on these flavours before but I actually don’t really know anything about taste-testing things and thought I’d just handle it in the same way as I did with games… and that can’t possible go wrong, right? If you have any feedback and suggestions for the Cream Soda review that’ll come out eventually, let me know. Take care of yourself and stay hydrated!


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Ode to Ray

In the past, I’ve talked about this “friend” who’s been super toxic and bad for my mental health. I eventually had enough of that and didn’t want to do anything with anymore. I eventually made the mistake of getting in touch with him again and, well, it’s just like with how it goes when you touch the hot plate: You get burned. Why did you touch it again? Didn’t you learn the first time when you burned yourself? Alas, I didn’t want to let him get close to me again and I didn’t want him to make me feel bad again. The constant gaslighting, manipulation, and frankly, the uncertainty that I got from his side was just too much for me to handle and “taking a break” from talking to him and hanging out wasn’t good. I had to make a clear cut. For good this time. And well, here’s a bit more on that I guess.

Trigger/Content Warning: Abuse, Toxicity, Bigotry, Language, Mental Health stuff.

If you don’t want to deal with that (I kinda left out a lot btw to make it less bad but… y’know…), you can also skip to the end. I put up separators around the sensitive stuff, so you can rest assured once you scrolled past the second one. I have a goal in mind with this post, so that’s why there’s a part past the separator.

Alas, I wrote everything down, I wanted to tell him. I wrote it down in a word document and sent it to him so that he could read my “letter”. After all, the discord-message-letter-limit doesn’t allow you to express your feelings without a ten-minute gap between messages. I wanted to tell him what I’ve been thinking for ages now. I wanted him to know how he made me and others feel and how’s toxic to the core and how he really needs to think about that stuff before he ends up hurting more people… and I wanted to send it to him but then he blocked me because I left a lobby in a game. He removed me and extracted me out of his life, just like that. It really tells a lot about your bond and what you meant to that person when they’re able to just delete your existence like that out of their life without second-guessing it. I guess, I always knew that I don’t matter anything to him or that nobody really does.

I, alas, wrote that into the letter as well and it reminded me of previous things and how he just throws away people, projects his problems onto them and then gaslights them into thinking that they’re at fault. It reminded me of how he believed someone he knew for three months more than he believed me – despite us knowing each other for more than eight years at that point. He cut me out of his life and told me that I’d have to work for the friendship and that I was at fault for breaking his trust… He told me that I’m the one who messed this up and, I believed it. I knew that he was wrong but I played along until I was second-guessing what really happened. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he is right? Maybe I’m the one in the wrong? Yeah, Gaslighting 101.

Thus, I rewrote the letter as just listing his mistakes wouldn’t do it any justice. This is my last letter to him after all. My last message, in a way. 

Hence, I thanked him. “Yo, Ray”, I wrote, “we’ve known each other for about eight years now and in that time, I learned a lot which is why I wanted to thank you.” I continued how I’m thankful that I learned from him how important it is to care about yourself sometimes and how important it is for me to think about my own needs at times. “You’re pretty much the most toxic human I’ve ever gotten to know and I don’t mean the way you just casually throw around slurs like ‘faggot’ or ‘slut’ as if it’s your middle name, despite me and one of your best friends being into men and despite us getting offended by it. I don’t mean the way you use ‘special in a different way’ to insult people you don’t know and how you use ‘autist’ as an insult, even in my presence as someone in the spectrum. I don’t mean the countless times that you’ve made everything about yourself and that you controlled people into playing games of League of Legends around you despite you being the weakest link. I don’t mean the countless times where you insulted other people as ‘lower elo trash’ despite you never reaching Gold, Platinum, or anything higher than that without a friend boosting you. […]” – And then I continued with how he abuses people around him, how he’s constantly horny, how’s always trying to make others look bad when there’s a female around him, and how he’s always trying to make him look like the best guy around to get his chances up. I also mentioned how he never visited me and always demanded that I came around and how I didn’t get to perform live on stage in front of my close friends because he promised to pick them up and then just decided not to do that at all. Like, I didn’t care about him not coming but it hurt me how he also stopped our common friends from coming to my performances and my parties. It made me mad how he went off to smoke weed at a friend’s place for two hours while I was waiting at his flat because he told me he’d “be right back”. 

So, I thanked him for teaching me a less so that I’d know that there are people that aren’t worth caring about and that it was a good choice to move on. And I warned him that he’s going to end up alone if he continues like that since more and more of our friends are alienating themselves from him and since more and more of our friends are stopping to care about him. While he used to charm women all the time a year or two ago, they get disgusted by him now and leave after only a few hours, for good. It’s horrifying how someone can be that oblivious to his faults and how someone can be that horny to the point where he’s being flirty with someone in presence of their partner.

And I also mentioned the part of him not even knowing anything about me because he never asked or listened and also the part about him constantly lying about his life to not let anyone get close or whatever… and how he’s just a bad influence for everyone.

I wrote all of that down and felt utterly bad about it. I was at the brink of deleting everything because I felt like it was unnecessary but once it was all written down, I actually felt great. I finally got to vent out about it all and how it made me feel. I asked a friend to send it to him and apparently, Ray received it. Ray didn’t read it but honestly, I don’t care. I just know that I’ll never have to bother with that again. Our common friend was told by Ray that I apparently have “just a phase” again or whatever and that I’ll come back eventually… yeah, sure. That’s why he always leaves the lobby when I’m already in there and that’s why he’s not reading the letter because he knows that this is for good.

Writing all of that down helped me immensely. And you may wonder why I wrote a whole blog post about it now and why I’d share that stuff… and well, I guess I just thought I’d share my story there. I wanted others to know that someone like that exists and how I dealt with it and that I felt quite good after I got this load off my chest and out of my mind. Maybe it helps other people to write it down or to think about stuff. Talking about it is also a great way to get rid of all of that negative energy and to process it, so I can’t recommend therapy enough… and once the hard lockdown is over, I’m looking forward to meeting up with my therapist again as well. 

Hope you liked this post and hope it may have helped you. I tried leaving out the more extreme stuff and the more triggering experiences as well as the other stuff that may be sensitive to people and basically just kinda skim over all the stuff I wrote to him and that happened between us. Really, there’s a lot to unpack here and I didn’t want to just talk about all the negative stuff and basically just get to this section here where I talk about the positive stuff, aka writing stuff down and getting it off of your chest. I’d imagine that shouting it out in a forest would also be helpful or maybe venting to friends.

Do you wanna share any stories or experiences? If so, you can mail me at or just DM me at MagiWasTaken#4357 on Discord or on Twitter or just comment on here if that’s alright with you as well. I’m here if you need someone. These are rough times and we need to stay strong and stay together, I guess. I’m sure you got this but there’s no shame in seeking help!


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MonHunLog #9 – All about that Grind

So, in November we were taking care of our feline companion in MHW: Iceborne and then I played a whole bunch of the game and had a lot of fun. Here’s another MonHunLog!

Alas, I actually don’t really remember where we last stopped playing. I did play it a bunch on Stream and made plenty of progress but I apparently may have thrashed the draft for this one and have to start a new… Oops.

Uh, last time, we did hunt Ebony Odogaron to be able to fight off Velkhana which is quite weak against Fire Damage and Elder Seals. We did it with the Nether Vajra that I crafted. It still took me two tries to actually slay it… but the Elder Seal was really good against it, blocking some of its attacks and patterns, which is quite nice. After that, we had to take care of the Seething Bazelgeuse that appeared… which took me three tries but we made it work! The Seething Bazelgeuse is like the normal Bazelgeuse: Annoying… The difference is that he’s more annoying thanks to his explosions and fire damage and the option to 100 to 0 you in seconds if you don’t watch your step. It also is beefier and flies more. Yikes.

Luckily that was over and just like in the main game, there is something wrong with the problems we’re facing right now. There are earthquakes and there is that song… and it didn’t stop with Velkhana’s slaying… Alas, we investigate different sites and find hints that three new Elder Dragons are showing up in unusual habitats while the other fleets are researching the songs and the earthquakes.

My favourite Elder to hunt is actually in this one: Blackveil Vaal Hazak!

I loved the normal Vaal Hazak already but this one’s quite a bit cooler. He’s week against Dragon damage (our Kinsect has that!) and Fire damage (our Nether Vajra has that!) and is immune to Water, and resisting Thunder and Ice. In the Rotten Vale, we fought against Blackveil Vaal Hazak and immediately got carted three times, failing the mission in the process. The problem was that we couldn’t fit in Effluvia Resistance 3 into our build (especially as I don’t have that quite yet), so our health got cut in half by its spores immediately once we got close. Nulberries helped against this but with it constantly spore-ing us, those ran out quite fast. Alas, we switched tactics and started attacking more aggressively, then using our nulberries and potions and just going back to camp to refill on items… Breaking its head actually enables it to get flashed. The other fungal patches can also be broken on its body… and eventually, we made it!

The next Elder dragon we fought was Ruiner Nergigante in the Guiding Lands. This one isn’t too different from Nergigante attack-pattern wise. It causes bleeding, which is quite problematic, and also regrows its horns faster. The biggest problem is that it can two-shot you rather easily but once we used some of our jump attacks with the Glaive, we were able to avoid a lot of its attacks and break off its horns. With Nergigante, you have to attack the white spikes as those are breakable weak points that eventually turn black and basically resist damage. When Ruiner Nergigante is enraged, the spikes just get black a lot faster, which is quite annoying. This was more of a “boost stamina and dodge a lot” type of fight. Once we’ve struck it down, it was then time to fight off the third Elder Dragon: Namielle

Namielle is incredibly beautiful and is weak against Fire and Dragon. Again, just the right type of weakness for our weapons! It uses Water attacks (annoying!) and Thunder attacks (super annoying!) in combination, which makes it rather deadly. Since we still didn’t have many health boosts, this fight was rather difficult. Luckily, we learned eventually that brightmoss is really good at draining its puddles. This is important since the water puddles basically arc the electric attacks it uses, resulting in a deadly combo. Hence, we drained those, sliced it up, brought it down, used some potions, and got it on our second try!

And now… for the last part… we realise that the earthquakes and songs are caused by the Old Everwyrm that our Handler’s grandfather searched for. Shara Ishvalda is basically a fully-grown Xeno’Jiiva and first appears in a rock-covered form that can be dealt with rather easily. The next part is the hard part, though, as it has resistances to Fire and Dragon damage and as I don’t currently have an Ice or Water weapon. I’d still like to try it with Vice+ and its upgrade but for that, I’ve got to farm up some Ebony Odogarons that are just not dropping that Ebony Odogaron Mantle for me.

Alas, I stopped playing as much MHW for now… I wanna get back into it again but the grind is just a bit tedious and I don’t have an Ice Weapon just yet, so I need to get a new Glaive for that… and I’m just a tad burned out from MHW right now, so I’ll have to continue the journey in the future again! I mean, I enjoy the grind but if the drop chances are so low, I’m just a bit frustrated with it. I wanna play more MHW in the near future tho! Just not right now!

Until then,…


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Anime that I’m watching this Season

For quite a while now, I’ve been watching Anime. While at first, I’d only go for shows that have been full aired already, I have grown more and more accustomed to following each of the different seasons and checking out shows that weren’t completely out yet, one week at a time. This had a bit of a thrill to it as you would always have a week or so until the next episode and could hence think about it or speculate with friends on what could happen next – unless of course, there is some sort of source material available, i.e. a manga or a light novel. At the same time, watching airing anime had the benefit that you weren’t able to binge the show, basically securing some sleep during the night.

Alas, I thought I’d talk about the shows I’m watching in 2021’s Winter Season.

Because of the current on-going pandemic, there have been quite a few anime that got delayed from the autumn season to the winter season. This results in this season being packed with a lot of new seasons:

  • Beastars Season 2
  • Log Horizon Season 3
  • Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season
  • Yakusoku no Neverland Season 2
  • Dr. Stone: Stone Wars
  • Horimiya
  • Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Season 2 Part 2
  • Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Season 2

The shows that I’m most excited about are Log Horizon’s third season as well as Beastars’, Horimiya’s, Re:Zero’s and Slime Datta’s second season. Having been a huge fan of Log Horizon when it first came out and when the second season aired, I’m kind of worried that my taste in shows may have changed too much to appreciate the third season… but as far as the other shows go, the first seasons haven’t been too long ago. A while back, I finished the Manga that Beastars is based on and as far as Slime Datta goes, I’m up-to-date in the main manga and the spin-offs. Re:Zero’s first of part of the second season hasn’t been too long ago either, so I’m rather excited about seeing it get continued so soon, already. As far as The Promised Neverland goes, I both liked and disliked the first season and am hoping that it gets better in the second season with this rather open-world setting… The Stone Wars Arc that is getting adapted in Dr. Stone’s second season is quite cool but I’m mostly watching it to see how the animation is done and what differences there are to the Manga.

When you keep up with the manga, it’s quite interesting to see how it all turns out in the anime-adaption, which is quite interesting. As far as Slime Datta’s concerned, I noticed that there are some differences in the directions that the show got taken into back in Season 1 since it’s all based on the light novel. The manga takes a different approach, so that’s also more than interesting.

Speaking of differences from Manga and Anime, Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? aka So, I’m a spider, so what? also got its anime-adaptation this season and from episode 1 onwards, I’ve already noticed differences in the manga- and anime-adaptation. Since the show is based on the light-novel (that I haven’t read), there is actually new stuff in there that I, as a manga-reader, don’t know about. Very lovely indeed. The animation is great. The soundtrack is great. I’m looking forward to the next 23 episodes that are yet to come out, although I am a tad worried about the CGI that is being used for the spiders. While the main-character is rather cute, the mother has been quite hard for me to bear, especially with my arachnophobia.

I loved Horimiya’s previous show when it first came out in 2012 and followed the Manga for a while in 2011, so I was surprised to see a new show this season! The original show only featured four episodes that have been rather sweat and adorable. The first few episodes that have aired have been lovely as well, depicting the Japanese concept of honne and tatamae rather well – honne being a person’s true feelings and desires and tatamae being the person’s behaviour and opinions one displays in public. The show is about Hori and Miyamura who both act differently at school contrary to how they act at home, which is something that I can relate to. They get to know each other over time and, well,… it’s a RomCom and I have a soft spot for those. I like the dynamic of the characters and loved how it all turned out in the manga when I first read it. I may have to revisit that one, though, as I hardly remember anything from it. For now, I’ll just enjoy the ride, though. 

Apart from that, there is obviously Shingeki no Kyojin’s “Final Season”, although I doubt that it’s really the end since it’s not only very popular but also since the 16 episodes are nowhere near enough to adapt everything. I liked the first season a bit and then it got kinda boring and predictable… the second season was alright… then it got a lot better. Now, I’m kind of hooked on this season because of the approach it has taken and I’m thinking of continuing the manga again past the point where I stopped reading. I was up-to-date at one point and then stopped reading to not spoil this season too much after it was announced. Alas, I already know a lot of stuff up to the [redacted] which should be revealed next episode. I like this season and am alas following it, although I’m keeping my expectations super low to not get underwhelmed by it, just like how I did it with the last season… and that worked back then and so far I’m really liking it.

And well, there’re also some shows that are just “so bad that they are kinda good again” like Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi de Kurasu Youna Monogatari… it’s just so stupid that I love it again. 

Oh, and World Trigger got a second season but I have yet to finish the first season before I start that one… 

At last, there’s Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi aka Redo of Healer… and I hate it. I hope the anime goes into a different direction than the manga and I already cannot recommend the show based on what I’ve seen so far. 

Either way, that’s basically what I’m watching. The last show is more of a “watching it to complain about it with a friend” show while everything else is actually quite good. This season is quite great with the exception of the last show I mentioned. 

Do you follow anything from this season? Let me know!


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