Late to the Party #3 – Assassin’s Creed

There are some games out there that probably everyone has already played or that people would deem “Classics”. It’s games that get spoiled constantly since everyone already played them… Games that are the milestones that started entire franchises and genres. Games that are so great that it’s a miracle that I haven’t played them yet!… Continue Reading →

The Stray Sheep #25 – The Party Ended

Heya, everyone!I thought of this as a little update/conclusion post where I just summarize the goals I had and the goals I achieved for Blaugust. Anyways, let’s just get into it, shall we? On July 16th, I made a post about participating in Blaugust2019. I ended up getting 31 posts done in the last 31… Continue Reading →

Indietail – Party Hard

It was another rainy day when she walked in like the Great Depression. She was a blonde that would make a bishop kick out a stained glass window. In a situation like mine, one only grows fond of moments like these when trouble approaches and you feel the thrill of breaking out of your daily… Continue Reading →

One Year of Blogging!

One year of blogging and many more to come! Here’s some of the biggest changes that Indiecator went through as well as some stats, pictures, and goals! Enjoy!

TSS#38 – It has been a while

It’s truly been a while. My last post “LoL 10th Anniversary – 2012, Nami” has been almost three weeks ago and, well, I haven’t had time to post anything for the last few weeks, and to be honest I also was lacking in motivation. Hence, I thought it’d be time to make a quick update… Continue Reading →

LoL Anniversary – 2009, Janna

League of Legends turned ten years old, this year, which is one of many reasons to celebrate! Hence, I thought I’d make a few posts (though a bit late) about my favourite champions in my favourite role, kind of like a introduction to those champions or a guide without the strategies and all of that… Continue Reading →

The Stray Sheep #36 – en passant 2

It’s been a while that I slept well and it’s also been a while since I posted anything. “Coincidence? I think not.” For the past couple of days, I didn’t sleep at all at night or woke up way too early, leading to me getting tired at Uni, then coming home, falling asleep on my… Continue Reading →

The Stray Sheep #27 – We made it, lads

So, the lovely Belghast of Tales from the Aggronaut wrapped up Blaugust the other day, listing all the participants, mentors and winners. I participated in Blaugust as Newbie as I, in fact, am a newbie when it comes to blogging and blaugusting and all that. I made it to 31 posts in August and hence… Continue Reading →

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