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Is using your own emotes self-promo?

Recently, I've come across an opinion that I disagree with and I figured I should write about why I personally disagree with it so much.

Review – Death’s Door

Today's review covers Death's Door, an Action Adventure game where you reap the souls of those that should've died long ago! Here are my thoughts!

Cats and the Other Lives – First Impressions!

For today's post, I got to take a look at a press build for Cats and the Other Lives, a mystery adventure game that lets you play as a cat!

Review – Nix and Kix: Cucumber/Mint and Mango/Ginger

Today I'm reviewing two unusual sodas. Unusual in the taste combinations but overall quite tasty. See here for my impressions!

Why I love Isekai?

Today I wanted to talk about why I love the Anime genre of "Isekai" so much. Tune in for a nice little post on this with a lot of recommendations. :)

Black Skylands – First Impressions

Today, I talk about my (sadly negative) first impressions of Black Skylands, a game that is trying to be too many things without executing any of it well.

The Book of Cuties – Always Remembered, Never Forgotten!

Today I talk about this idea I just had that I'm brainstorming about right now and I may need some help with input, advice and knowledge. Would love to create something cool from scratch!

Monster Train – My favourite clans?

Today I talk about Monster Train again,... or more specifically about the Melting Remnant and the Umbra because I love those clans!

2021’s New Year’s Resolutions! – Mid-Year Update!

2021 is 50% over! Hence, it's not only time to get festive (just kidding)... but I also wanted to take a look at some of my resolutions and see where I'm at right now.

Indietail – Monster Train

Today's review is about Monster Train, a deckbuilding-roguelite where Hell has been frozen shut and you're trying to melt it by delivering cargo on a train. Hell yeah!

Lab Rat – First Impressions

Today's first impressions are on a game called Lab Rat! This is a puzzle game by Chump Squad and I'm happy to have gotten some early access to the closed beta for this one!

Pride Month 2021 – Streaming/Blogging/Charity Conclusion!

Today, I'm talking about the most fabulous month of this year and Blogging/Streaming/Charity stuff I did in June this year! Enjoy!

“My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero”… is who exactly?

Today, I share some thoughts on My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero - and my doubts as to who actually is "the strongest hero"... or if anyone is truly the strongest. Enjoy!

Indietail – Empires in Ruins

Today's review is about Empires in Ruins, a medieval Grand Strategy X Tower Defense X Management game that is somewhat offensive but fun!

Game/Category Choice – My Recommendation to you!

Today I talk about how to choose your category on Twitch... or rather what I do. What I do is not optimal but it works really well for me, so I hope it helps ease the pressure for you, too!

Goodbye, Magic: Legends!

Magic: Legends is shutting down, let me bash it while it's dying. Today I'm talking about what went wrong with it (in my opinion) and why its end was inevitable.

“In case I die” – some thoughts

Today I write about that letter for the people that you write in case you die. Weird idea. Maybe a bit morbid but uh, I tried.

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