Is using your own emotes self-promo?

Recently, I've come across an opinion that I disagree with and I figured I should write about why I personally disagree with it so much.

Game/Category Choice – My Recommendation to you!

Today I talk about how to choose your category on Twitch... or rather what I do. What I do is not optimal but it works really well for me, so I hope it helps ease the pressure for you, too!

Game/Category Choice – What to look out for?

Choosing your category on Twitch can be a real ordeal. Today I'm discussing some thoughts on the process of choosing the right game to play and I talk about my experience.

Twitch Etiquette – Don’t Trauma-dump!

Today I wanted to talk about more Twitch Etiquette and something that kind of gets dismissed at times, as well as some mental health resources.

Follower Alerts – The how and why!

How do you set up alerts? Why do they exist in the first place? Should you display the follower alert? These and other questions, here!

Alerts and Overlays on Twitch? Why?

Alerts and Overlays are omnipresent in the Twitch meta right now, it seems, but do you need them and are they really that good? Here are some thoughts!

Lurking on Twitch

What's behind #NoMoreThanFour and what exactly does !lurk do? Well, in this post I'll talk a bit about that and also why lurkers are so important on Twitch!

Twitch-Raids and Safety Measures

Getting a big raid is a double-edged sword as it can support you but it can also overwhelm you. In this post, I'm talking about potential safety measures that you can take to protect yourself!

Streaming on Twitch – Quality and Consistency

Today on Bleeding Purple, I wanted to share some thoughts on Consistency and Quality, two major factors that make a stream grow, in my opinion!

The “How are you?” controversy and Fleeksie

Today a tweet by Twitch streamer "Fleeksie" blew up and went viral, causing a relatively one-sided discussion about small talk, streamer-to-chat-interaction and toxicity. I usually wouldn't write about this since it's just gonna pass after a day or two at max anyways but I thought it would be an interesting topic for a blog post.... Continue Reading →

#TwitchBlackout and how I handled it

Just recently I wrote about #TwitchBlackout and my issues with it. On Wednesday, the 24th, I actually went live and talked with my community about different issues and, here's how that went.  So, at first, I thought I'd talk about the issues that are currently in the focus and why I think talking about it... Continue Reading →

Going silent to spread awareness? Thoughts on #TwitchBlackout

In this post, I'm talking about why exactly I feel like the blackout-movement isn't exactly working and what would be better. Sadly a lot of the things that I wanted to say were already put into less words in a lot better way by Lowco, so I've linked her video down there and tried to... Continue Reading →

How to not-promote your channel on Twitch

So you created an account as well now, eh? Welcome to Twitch! It's a lovely platform with a bunch of issues but you haven't heard about those yet since you've only been viewing people from afar or you've heard about all those big Twitch streamers before, so you're trying to be like that! Maybe you're... Continue Reading →

Unofficial Stream Teams

Over time, I noticed the existence of stream teams on Twitch and I thought that they are rather cool. It's a great way of learning new things and supporting each other or being there for a certain idea and hence, I was looking forward to someday being able to create my own (if I ever... Continue Reading →

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