Cats and the Other Lives – First Impressions!

For today's post, I got to take a look at a press build for Cats and the Other Lives, a mystery adventure game that lets you play as a cat!

Black Skylands – First Impressions

Today, I talk about my (sadly negative) first impressions of Black Skylands, a game that is trying to be too many things without executing any of it well.

Lab Rat – First Impressions

Today's first impressions are on a game called Lab Rat! This is a puzzle game by Chump Squad and I'm happy to have gotten some early access to the closed beta for this one!

Steam Next Fest – Demos! (Part 4)

The Steam Next Fest, the celebration for upcoming games, is upon us and swarming our lands with demos and huge timesinks. Get sucked into new worlds and play some of these fun titles... here are some more demos!

Steam Next Fest – Demos! (Part 3)

Steam Next Fest, the celebration of upcoming games, is here and showering us with way too many demos. Here are even more of the demos I played!

Steam Next Fest – Demos! (Part 2)

Steam Next Fest, the celebration of upcoming games, is here and showering us with way too many demos. Here are some more of the demos I played!

Steam Next Fest – Demos (Part 1)

Steam Next Fest, the celebration of upcoming games, is here and showering us with way too many demos. Here are some of the demos I played today!

We Are The Caretakers – First Impressions

Here are my first impressions of We Are The Caretakers, a turn-based afro-futuristic Sci-Fi-Strategy-RPG... but how nicely does it play? See here!

Hell of an Office – First Impressions

Working at an office is hell... especially when you're at the risk of getting fired... through lava... that is rising. Here are my first Impressions on a new Demo!

An interview with Yandere Dev

Today, we're talking to Yandere Simulator's developer, Yandere Dev about accessibility in games, development, and about his title here. Enjoy!

Looking forward to Bright Memory

Today, I'm looking at a paid demo for a game releasing this year that rivals tripple-A titles easily despite only being developed by one person: Bright Memory!

The Slormancer (Early Access) – First Impressions

The Slormancer is an upcoming 2D-ARPG by french Indie Studio Slormite Studios. Check out my post for my first impressions of the Early Access!

Looking out for We Are The Plague

With the Plague modifying our bodies and our wounds healing, we now have only one goal and one goal only that drives us forward: Revenge. We Are The Plague is quite the interesting title, so we're checking it out today!

Steam Game Festival: Demo-Impressions, Part 3

The last day of the Steam Game Festival is drawing near, and alas, here are the last few titles on my to-play-list for this event!

Steam Game Festival: Demo-Impressions, Part 2

Another day passes and yet, there are so many more demos to go through... here's Day 2 of the Steam Game Festival with a new batch of games!

Indie Games in 2021 to wishlist right now

2020 had plenty of great releases. For starters, we had plenty of games that left Early Access and were well received when their 1.0 arrived this year, like Hades and Risk of Rain 2. There were also completely new releases this year that I really liked, like Milky Way Prince or Lightmatter, and a lot of other titles. 2020... Continue Reading →

Steam Winter Sale 2020

The Steam Winter Sale is here and with it the true horrors of being broke. There are so many games to pick from... but which ones would I go for? Well, here are some of the games that I'm considering right now!

I’m excited about Endless Dungeon

A trailer for Endless Dungeon was announced, so naturally I gotta be excited about it! Tune in for why I'm looking forward to this and what we know so far!

Looking forward to Call of Myth

Today, we're taking a look at Call of Myth, a Lovecraftian CCG by Kadath studio that is coming out soon! Strap on and don't get driven insane as we try to play our cards right!

Looking forward to Lamentum

Lamentum is a pixel-art survival horror game set in New England in the mid-nineteenth century. I played the demo of it and honestly, I really liked the vibes that I got from it. Here's why I enjoyed it so much! Developer: Obscure Tales Publisher: Neon Doctrine (formerly known as Another Indie) Release Date: 2021 Genres:... Continue Reading →

Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition – Part 2

Today, I wanted to take another look at some other demos.  Just like yesterday, the Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition is still a thing and it's going to be a thing for another few days, so make sure to check out its page for some more information and some cool demos. Neurodeck Neurodeck is a difficult... Continue Reading →

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