Blaugust 2021 – Participant Appreciation Post

Today's post is essentially my personal hub for all the Blaugust2021 participants. It's something I wanted to do that took way too much time but I feel like it was very much worth it!

I’m fully vaccinated now!

I'm fully vaccinated now. Today I wanted to share some thoughts and essentially I wanted to talk about my experience, side effects, and my values.

Why I love Isekai?

Today I wanted to talk about why I love the Anime genre of "Isekai" so much. Tune in for a nice little post on this with a lot of recommendations. :)

The Book of Cuties – Always Remembered, Never Forgotten!

Today I talk about this idea I just had that I'm brainstorming about right now and I may need some help with input, advice and knowledge. Would love to create something cool from scratch!

2021’s New Year’s Resolutions! – Mid-Year Update!

2021 is 50% over! Hence, it's not only time to get festive (just kidding)... but I also wanted to take a look at some of my resolutions and see where I'm at right now.

Pride Month 2021 – Streaming/Blogging/Charity Conclusion!

Today, I'm talking about the most fabulous month of this year and Blogging/Streaming/Charity stuff I did in June this year! Enjoy!

“In case I die” – some thoughts

Today I write about that letter for the people that you write in case you die. Weird idea. Maybe a bit morbid but uh, I tried.

Dream and his influence

Today I wanted to talk about Dream and how he may not handle his stans too well, especially in light of the drama he stirred up again as of late.

Mushishi has Sequels?!

Today I'm just surprised that Mushishi has so much more that I completely missed out on... when did they do all of these extra episodes? 2015? Oh wow!

Underrated manga that I love

Today, I'm talking about a bunch of underrated manga that you gotta read that many people don't know. I personally love these ones. I'm sure you'll find something you'll enjoy, too!

Rainy Saturday Editing

Today, I wanted to talk about my new editing attempt in DaVinci Resolve and how I mastered an intereting situation... also, I talk a bit about Chilli Con Carne.

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