Sleep schedule fixed, what now?

It’s been a while since I last complained about my sleep schedule, so I figured it’d be a nice prompt to choose instead of the planned writing prompt. As for the planned writing prompt, I wanted to post a longer non-rambling post about Twitch-related stuff but sadly, it took us ages to get home. We just arrived… It’s quite late… This post needs to go out but I’ll just delay the Bleeding Purple post and write about this topic instead. Yay!

Anyway, I’ve had trouble with my sleep schedule before I even knew of the word’s existence. Frankly, I love sleeping but sometimes I just couldn’t fall asleep at all… I’d lie awake at night for hours and hours without actually getting any rest and it would drive me mad. When I got tired, the birds started to sing their songs and I had to get up all of a sudden… and then I’d either be wide awake at night again or I’d end up falling asleep during the night, passing out at my desk or in the classroom. I once even had a time between exams where I stayed awake for four days and nights in a row to the point where I could swear that I saw things moving… like objects in the room… move without anyone touching them. It was crazy! 

But my current “problem” is that I fixed my sleep schedule. I wake up in the mornings, I am productive during the day, and I fall asleep at night.

To do that, I…

  • started eating at the same time every day,
  • stopped looking at the clock in the middle of the night,
  • started using blue light filters and night mode on most of my devices,
  • stopped the “if I only get two hours, it’s not worth it, I’ll just stay awake” mindset,
  • started opening the windows every night for a good 30 minutes of cold air,
  • stopped rushing through my tasks until the end of the night,
  • and I started having to-do lists that just go on into the next day.

Those are some of the things that helped me and while a fixed sleep schedule is cool and all… I kind of hate it.

I wake up at 5:40 am and can’t stay up as long anymore. Even if I try to stay awake until later than usual aka 10/11 pm, I end up sleeping until 5:40 – 6:00 AM, resulting in me sleeping a normal amount of time but still getting sleepy in the evenings. That’s not too much of an issue when I drink coffee at mid-day but I kind of want to cut off at caffeine and uh… Yeah, I just like to complain. For now, this works out fine. I can’t stay up super late but at least I get to sleep properly and I get to wake up early, stream in the morning, and then start the day afterwards with university, food, blogging, food, some games or streams or shows,… and then sleep. 

Uh, so what’s the point of today’s post? To sum it up, I think I’m just happy to make progress in this thing and I’m happy that this is working out. After this project’s done for a long time, I’ll post a few times about washing the dishes and how to deal with annoying spots on your dishes.


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Time off, Distraction, and efficiency

Today I wanted to talk about a bunch of things, including university, distractions, efficiency, and time management when it comes to Blogging, Streaming, etc.

So, I’ve been streaming quite regularly over the last couple of weeks and have been really enjoying it. Sadly, though, I’ve got to take the weekend off and focus on some university stuff as well as family time. My mom’s birthday is this weekend, so I’m visiting my parents until Sunday. That’s one of the reasons why I limited the times I left the house in the last two weeks to the utmost minimum required… Just in case, y’know? The quick covid test I did the other day revealed that I don’t have it right now (praise the test station next to the dorm) and that I’m not asymptomatic. That’s good. I won’t put my parents at risk and since my father and my sister will pick me up later today, I won’t have any chance to catch it somewhere on my way there. The same thing goes for my way back on Sunday. It’s all safe and honestly, it’s something that I really needed. With the recent events over here and us getting put back into a harder lockdown with an actual curfew (again), I’d like to take the chance to visit my family and spend some time there while I have the chance and time to. University just started, so stuff’s rather slow at the moment. I doubt that I’ll have the time to visit them after this week until August… and even then, I’ll have my exams in August until the end of the semester and I’ll have to deal with all kinds of other things… Honestly, it’s a pain in the arse and I’m looking forward to the end of university. For starters, like in every semester, I’ll have mostly online classes meaning that every professor gives you tons of homework because you’ll have to make up for the time that they waste in their zoom-meetings due to “technical difficulties” aka them not finding the screen share button or them not connecting their tablet properly. I know it’s not their fault… This situation only has been going on for a year… but I feel like it’s a bit unreasonable to just dump everything onto the students and to then pretend that it’s fair to do so. After all, reading essentially a whole book every week isn’t really the problem, understanding it is. Pair that with written homework, writing assignments, and all the philosophy classes I have on top of that that consist of reading and understanding stuff… It’s a lot of work and the workload increased a whole bunch compared to the previous semesters.

So that’s just me venting about not really having too much free time and yet I’m here also blogging daily and streaming on a lot of days. Well, I’ve been at it for a while and just like with blogging, you’ll have to stay consistent in streaming. With Blog Posts, releasing one every few weeks would be plentiful already for Google to show your posts online. I mean, I get a lot of hits as of late because I stay relevant every day. Understandably, I want to keep at it, and yet I’ve got to cheat now and actually back-schedule this post here to keep the streak and post again tonight to have a post up for today. I’m sorry. I don’t wanna cheat but I just passed out last night. So, uh, why am I doing this? Well, mostly, since streaming and blogging really are my only two creative outlets. I don’t have much free time so I’d like to do something like this more and more consistently. I want to keep at it and basically finish a post a day and stream three to four times a week and improve my English skills by writing and talking a lot in English. After all, I study English Studies, y’know? And I’m aiming to teach it, too, so there’s that, too. Overall, I like getting my work done for the day and then finishing up a post in the evening before heading to bed and it works so far… but yesterday, I was just exhausted. And with morning streams I basically have a similar thing that I can do to start off the day “productively” – I mean, I provide a space where people can distract themselves from the events in the outer world. Be it the never-ending pandemic or the never-ending police brutality in the States, it can be quite taxing on one’s mentality if you’ve got to deal with that all the time. Heck, I hate the newsticker on my phone that I can’t seem to turn off that notifies on the latest covid numbers and new measures, curfews, etc. It fucks with my head, frankly. It’s annoying and I feel like mental health topics should be talked about more often and that they should be taken seriously. So, my stream, The Crypt, is basically a place where you can lay your worries and anxieties to rest and enjoy your time without having to fear toxicity or bigotry and where everyone can have some nice chats and a chill time and listen to good music and watch me fail at games or fail at applying that gradient in Art streams and all of that. It’s basically me relaxing and essentially sharing it with others so they can relax as well. I think that stuff like that is needed, too. I’m happy if people enjoy the streams and while the numbers have been great as of late, I wouldn’t say that I care a whole lot. We just recently hit 500 followers on Twitch and I couldn’t be happier but in the end, as long as I get to provide a safe space like that and as long as I get to make new friends, I’m more than happy with how the stream is going. But I won’t be able to stream this weekend and that’s kind of annoying because I won’t stay relevant in a way, just like how breaks hurt your numbers on WordPress or any other blogging site. Hence, I’ll be happy to return to streaming on Monday… hopefully with a bit more time for that.

The issue here is, however, that I just pointed out that I have little to no time to take care of myself while also having to juggle important things like chores and university on top of having the blog and the stream going on as well…. which is why time management comes into place. Since the beginning of the stream, I’ve mostly been posting stuff on the same day that I’ve written it up… that’s something I want to change. I want to have “one in the can” and I want to have that security of potentially being able to take a day off and focus on other things while still having a scheduled post. On top of that, it would be lovely if I could have at least one review every week coming up if not even two reviews per week, despite them taking more time than my usual posts… This is why I need to manage my time more and become more efficient.

Hence, I’ve recently started using ClickUp, which is a cool website that lets you organise your tasks and displays them in a lot of ways. I have yet to figure out the best way of doing things on there but I plan on splitting up posts into multiple tasks and completing them over several days. Essentially, that will mean that I won’t edit posts after two hours but instead, I’ll edit them the next day. On Monday, I’d post a review, then I’d work on two separate posts. Tuesday, I’d write up a new review, post the one prepared on the day before and edit the other post. Wednesday, I’d edit the new review, post the post prepared on Tuesday, write up a new post. I think that splitting it up like that could increase the quality of the different posts. Similarly, it might take a load off my shoulders… I’ll have to experiment a bit with all of that but I’ll post on it again and maybe even “review” ClickUp as a whole. I’ve been using it for my university stuff since the beginning of the week and honestly, it’s really good at displaying stuff that needs to be done as a list, with tasks, subtasks, etc. You can assign statuses like “completed” and “work in progress” to it and move it over from category to category… and similarly if I increase my efficiency like this a bit more, I could maybe finally get to those interviews I had planned for YouTube.

As you can see I have a lot of things going on and plans for the future and my goal with ClickUp is to essentially manage my time better, create certain time windows for different aspects of blogging, create fixed times for streaming, and have a lot more control over my streaming hours and my university hours. The goal overall is to free up a day and be able to take care of me without getting overwhelmed by all the things I still have to do. Keeping track of the tasks, staying efficient at what I have to do, using tags to sort through things, assigning priorities, etc. – I feel like it could help me a lot to deal with this “burden” that I’m feeling right now. After all, priorities are important: University/Mental Health > Chores > Blogging/Streaming… but I still want to make everything work and because of that I just need to have the time management in control and set boundaries, set time windows and priorities to everything.

So, this post here is technically yesterday’s post… I mean, you’ll see it as “today’s post” but it’s actually a post written on Friday that got scheduled back to Thursday because I literally passed out from exhaustion yesterday after ten hours of university with little to no breaks between it due to professors going for 2-hour classes instead of 1.5 hours and because the next professor will just start the class even if you’re in another, and then I didn’t have time to eat at all or go for fresh air or anything and afterwards my head felt like it was exploding. -> Bad Time-Management on my end. 

Uh, so I’ll prepare a post for Friday and write up posts as usual for Saturday and Sunday. I’ll have to go to the doctor’s on Tuesday so I won’t stream then but I will for sure on Monday. I’ll then have to deal with the university classes and all the tasks left to do this weekend but being in a different environment aka my hometown should maybe help with my mental health and this weird headspace that I’ve been in over the last few days. Once all of that’s done, I’ll probably start this new time management schedule thingy… and I’ll have to see how it works out for me.

To sum it all up, the point of this post was to say: Hey, I’ll try this new thing and it will definitely help me out because I need better time management. It will also improve blog posts probably. It will also make studying and streaming and blogging at the same time a lot easier. That’s all.


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A Stray Sheep on Reviews and Daily Blogging – 100 Days in a Row!

The last time, I made a post like this was in February. Today I wanted to talk about Daily Blogging and things I’ve noticed. Currently, I’m on a 102-day posting streak, so it’s been nearly 50 posts since I last did an update on this challenge of myself. Overall, I’m really enjoying it. It’s fun to see the blog’s readership grow and to see that we’re already halfway to March’s numbers, despite it still being the beginning of April. I mean, not that it matters too much but it’s nice to see how well certain blog posts are received compared to others and how many impressions my Steam Curator page, for instance, is leaving on certain games. Very nice!

One thing I noticed is that I’m falling a bit behind on reviews as of late because university’s starting again and stuff’s getting busy and overall, I need more time for a review post compared to a post like this here with just my rambling and fewer screenshots and a lot less editing going on. I already have a review scheduled for next Tuesday, though, and I can’t post it now due to the embargo that the publisher set. Hence, I’m looking forward to preparing a blog post on that day for the next day and potentially bank up on blog posts. Having one in the can would be lovely, especially with how busy things will be starting next week… Not having to worry about a post every day could also probably help out a lot with my routines. I enjoy writing these up in the evening but if I had a fixed schedule with posts in the mornings for instance that I’ve written the evening before, I’d end up freeing myself a bit more. It’s basically like procrastination but backwards… Recrastination? Doing everything early? Well, not everything… but you know.

I mean, I really like publishing reviews on my blog and would love to do that more often but as it is right now, I’ll have to play a game for a longer time, write down notes, write up the post, edit the post, add screenshots and formatting, and then I need to handle social media for that post (aka the Steam Curator page, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Discord) – and despite the latter taking a lot less time than the other steps, it’s all a lot of “work” or rather “effort”, without any negative connotations. After all, I love this. I love sharing my thoughts. I love bringing attention to small games like that. My blog may not be the biggest in the world but I like having certain standards and upholding them…

…and that latter point is me throwing shade at some bigger outlets out there. When it comes to reviews, I tend to not care about the big magazines too much. Sure, I may read an article by some of the bigger outlets or read the title of a review but I tend to go for small bloggers I trust rather than a big outlet that is getting tons of keys every day and that basically only plays it for an hour or so before writing up that post. Games nowadays seem to have the fun parts front-loaded into the first few hours… and then the issues arise later on down the line, resulting in these big outlets getting these keys, playing them for an hour or so at most (presumably) and then writing raving reviews about it. My review on Per Aspera talked about issues that nobody seems to care about because they probably haven’t played the game that far. While I like the game, I wouldn’t recommend it because of those issues, yet a lot of bigger outlets’ reviews that I’ve checked out after writing mine seem to either just not care about the problems in the game or they just don’t know about them, which is an issue.

And I know that written review may be a bit outdated, too. With everything turning towards streaming and video creation, written reviews that take a while to read are becoming rarer and rarer. People want to rather listen to a podcast (working on that!) or YouTube videos (planning for that!) instead of reading a 1k-word long review about a game they never heard about from a guy they hardly know at all. So, it makes sense that bigger outlets end up trying to milk posts for reviews by publishing a lot of shorter ones with less effort or less playtime… There are exceptions to that rule, of course, and I didn’t really do too much research on everyone’s playtime, but I noticed indicators for a short playtime in a lot of posts, basically. People not talking about the problems in a game or frankly mentioning “negative stuff” from the early hours, for instance. Before I used to write about games, I’d read up on these titles on all sorts of sites, then I’d end up buying it and playing it for myself only to then notice that it’s actually not that good… but I was past the point of refunding it and regretted the purchase. Alas, I lost my trust in some of the bigger sites and don’t really give a damn about their opinions anymore. If I were to do the same to be able to ship out more reviews, I’d end up potentially betraying the trust of readers that actually trust my opinions and my taste in games, resulting in me losing those readers… and what’s worse, wasting their time and money, making them regret things potentially, and making them sad.

Maybe I’m just overthinking this a bit too much but what I’m trying to say is that I want to post more reviews but I’ll have to figure out a schedule for how to do things and when to write when to edit, and when to post these reviews. Maybe I’ll switch from “doing everything in one day” to “doing a little bit every day and working on a different post on different days”. I think I have a plan when it comes to that and how to do that… Obviously, I could also do more guest posts. Obviously, I could hire people to write for me or have other authors as well… or even a ghostwriter, haha… but I won’t do that. This is my personal gig and I like doing this. More guest posts would be great but I’m not planning on actually having a permanent team in place anytime soon or turning this into some bigger operation like that.

Let’s sum it up: I alluded to working on a podcast-type of thing as well as potential YouTube content, and I’ve been talking about my thoughts on big review sites and why I don’t want to do certain things aka my values when it comes to writing reviews as well as why that doesn’t work too well with posting reviews steadily.


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Ugh, April Fools’ Day again.

Originally, I planned on calling this post “I love April Fools’ Day” and then I’d just say “Not. I dislike it very much” but that’d be a dick move. It would bait you into clicking onto this post, trusting me with the assumption that I’d tell you why I like it, only to then be betrayed. I would have betrayed your trust by frankly lying to you. That would have been quite horrible, wouldn’t it? That’s basically April Fools’ in a nutshell. People play pranks on others but most of the time, they just hurt them. Companies bandwagon the “trend” or the “tradition” to be funny and mock their customers. Overall, it sucks most of the time.

In terms of gaming, I noticed that R6 (a game that I don’t play) now has a rainbow event with special skins and stuff… This could be a joke… This could be an actual event… I don’t know but I love it regardless. Originally, Yakuza: Like A Dragon was supposed to be a joke… but then it turned real and from what I’ve seen, it’s amazing. The developers of Armello were being cheeky with “Heartmello”, a dating game where you use your wits, spirit and gold to slay your love interest’s heart… Nolla Games switched all channel names on the Noita Discord to Finnish “because it’s better than before in the spirit of the game”. Apart from that, the people behind Valheim tweeted out about a new species in the game (see below) and while it is fun and games when developers try to be cheeky with that sort of stuff, I actually get kind of excited to play these joke-patches in games… only to find out that it’s not actually in there. I started up Valheim and it’s actually a joke… too bad. Meanwhile, Minecraft actually has snapshots that are different and do… weird things… and you can opt into them. 

What Mojang’s doing is great because they have fun ideas that are innovative and interesting but they don’t force you to play with those ideas. You have to install the snapshot/that specific new version for it… and since snapshots are experimental anyways, not everyone gets trolled by it, since not everyone plays on those snapshots. It’s fun and totally fine. It’s harmless. Last year’s snapshot was hilarious with the Infinity Snapshot where you basically had infinite dimensions in the game… Hence, the bar was set quite high. Meanwhile, this year’s update at first sounded disappointing… but I actually love it a lot. Mojang decided to release “Minecraft Plus!” which is a reference to the discontinued “Microsoft Plus!” which was a collection of software to enhance your operating systems with… because computers worked differently back then… So, “Minecraft Plus!” features a lot of screensavers themed around Minecraft items, environments and blocks. There is one where you can watch grass spread over a plain of dirt while another one has a block bouncing across the screen. There is a lot of randomisation going on with these as well, featuring rotating blocks, different seeds, and all of that fun. While this may disappoint people that have seen the April Fools’ Day snapshot from last year, I think that it’s a great addition that hopefully will see many more updates. It’s a free piece of software that you can also just run in your browser. I’d recommend checking it out over here. Quite the lovely little thing!

But from Gaming trends to blogging… I… actually thought about doing something like an April Fools’ review or review parody of sorts… I figured I could jokingly review my blog and be very positive about how I do things because that’d be quite fun, right? I also thought about writing a very serious review… about a game that is very bad where I’d basically just say the opposite of what I actually think…

The issue with both of those ideas, however, is that it harms the little integrity that I actually have. That low standard that I have… I’d hate to see it get lowered like that. Also, I wouldn’t know how to clarify that it’s a joke. And then there’s also the issue of me not actually wanting to recommend Rogue Legacy to you… that game sucks. Hot take or not but I feel like April Fools’ Day is a bit of an old ritual that hasn’t been gotten rid of just yet because industries like to produce episodes, memes, tweets, games, and all of that around the topic. It’s like a holiday except for the fact that nobody actually cares about it. Pranks are shit – and I don’t mean that as in “the shit!” but as in “faeces”. While surely, you can go for some harmless banter and send rickrolls around using that “discordgift[dot]site” link that people have been sending for years where you pretend to “gift nitro away”… but I don’t see the point in doing it specifically on April 1st? Like, why? I mean, if every other day of the year had no jokes or banter at all… and if humour was only allowed on April Fools’ Day, like the Purge but with you pretending to be pregnant or you pretending to break up with your partner… I guess it would be a bit understandable. Specifically, if this was like The Purge, I could just leave town for this day and come back when it’s unfun again… but right now there isn’t really a reason to specifically pull someone’s leg or in the worst case hurt someone’s feelings on this specific day.

And I obviously will not recommend games that I do not like… I mean, I can still review them but even if I were to label it as a joke, there could potentially be people that get the game and may dislike it a lot… and that’s bad, I guess… similarly, I feel like it decreases the value of my other reviews and my opinion in general if I end up recommending a game that I can’t recommend if that makes sense.

Oh well, April Fools’ Day is a tradition that should bite the dust slowly. I completely forgot about it until I saw the stuff on Twitter. Similarly, I just dislike it since it’s somewhat pointless. I don’t know anyone that likes it. I don’t know anyone that looks forward to it… Most people I know either don’t care about it or they dislike it. What do you think? Any opinions on April Fools’ Day or about developers bandwagoning the trend and that sort of stuff? Let me know!


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Happy Birthday!

Twenty-two years ago, a little human entered this realm and started to live. That’s obviously just me pretending to be human. I’m actually way older than the concept of time itself and this may not be very lich-like, but I never really liked my birthdays… Also, yeah, it’s my birthday! Woohoo! 22! I wanted to talk a bit about stuff today and ramble on about why I never liked it and why this is starting to change at least a little bit. For starters, it’s just another day and I feel like it’s a bit weird to make it about me. Last night, I actually streamed and gave away games instead of receiving stuff, because I figured that that’s a good thing about birthdays: I get to plan fancy events on Twitch and stuff. I don’t really think that you turn a year older all of a sudden and generally speaking, I just end up rounding up or down anyhow. Ever since I could remember my parents would always be super stressed about my birthday and they’d try to get the cake sorted out and I needed to look pretty and we needed to take perfect pictures and I just didn’t like how people put so much effort into… well,… me. I’ve always thought like that…

Eventually, I started to loosen up a little bit. Last year (actually in Summer and not in March), I celebrated my birthday (a bit belated) with two friends and my better half by listening to some music, eating some curry and just hanging out. It was fun and relaxed… It was also covid-safe due to distance and all of that. This time around, I’ll have another tiny gathering with my inner-most circle on Saturday as well as some Chili Sin Carne. I haven’t cooked that yet, so I’m excited about it! My 18th and my 19th birthday have been great. I believe I was at home for my 20th… Over time, it got better, but I still kind of dread the day because of all the distant relatives calling me all of a sudden to congratulate me on turning a day older… and then there’s the issue with friends not knowing what to do about presents and stuff, so I’ll have to think about something… Since I’m really into trying new recipes, I’ve opted for either aprons, Christmas sweaters, or cookbooks as recommendations. I like my current Apron but I feel like having another one would be cool, just in case… and you can never have enough Christmas sweaters! I have none so far, so,… hey that’s a great gift! Cookbooks? Always fun and useful! I ended up finding a lot of nice recipes through some cookbooks I got last year…

And this year, I actually got FL Fowler’s “Fifty Shades of Chicken” as a present, and so far it’s glorious. It’s a nice read. It has plenty of puns… and… some recipes in it are more than intriguing! I never tried sage, brandy and vanilla extract in the chicken before… but it sounds great…

And as of recently, I’ve gotten better from depressed phases and my sleep issues and all of that. I’m on my way to quitting my smoking habit… and I’m blessed with both offline and online friends that have made my life a lot better as of recently, which is why I’m not dreading this day as much anymore. In fact, I may even mark it on the calendar for next year! I’ll see!

Now, as far as birthday presents go… I got that book and some other things from Ms Magi and apparently, the friends that are coming over on Saturday also have gifts, so I’m intrigued. I’m really excited about NieR Replicant as well as Humankind, though, since those are two games by excellent studios that I ended up pre-ordering a while ago… and while they do come out at the end of April and while it is a while until then, I’m more than excited about those late birthday gifts! Also, Risk of Rain 2 came out on my birthday (well, two days later… but still!) and there will be a new update on the 25th, so expect a post on that and the new survivor soon! 🙂

All in all, I’ll try to be more positive about all of this and I’ll try to dread this day less. I’m still young and I shouldn’t be this negative about something like this, I guess.


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My Workspace! (from the Blaugust Promptapalooza Prompt #11)

So, last year we ended up having Blapril during April to make use of the time that we suddenly had due to the lockdown and all of that. Then we ended up having the Blaugust Promptapalooza and while that has been fun… I’m not sure if I understood the rules fully and I ended up skipping one of the prompts since I was at my parents’ place at the time and I hence couldn’t post about it… and then I moved on and procrastinated a lot and… well, here’s Prompt #11 from the Blaugust Prompatalooza… a prompt about my workspace aka “A Place To Create”!

This post should’ve linked to USS… so here’s that post and check it out if you haven’t yet. Here is Krikket’s post – check hers out since she did write the first post on it.

Today, we hence talk about the place “where the magic happens” aka my desk where I create all the blog posts and where I also stream, work, eat, watch shows, study, and play games. I also hang out with people on there… and sometimes I even fall asleep on it. Ain’t that amazing? It’s a TOOMANY-in-ONE-type of deal… and I’ll show ya today what this place is about!

So, in the picture above you can see my desk here. That’s where everything happens. Generally speaking, I get tea, coffee, or anything else warm to drink before I start studying or before I work on things. My favourite mug usually stands right there on the right side of the desk. I feel like it doesn’t bother me too much. I tend to have games on the right monitor while having streams, Spotify, Discord or OBS open on the left. When I write blog posts, I tend to have the editor/Grammarly open on the right and my notes on a notepad on the desk. Works quite well for me.

As you can see I have blankets in the back there… When I stream it kind of helps with the audio… or at least I think it helps. I’m not entirely sure if it’s better than no audio-foam-stuff… it’s certainly not the same… but I don’t have space or money for that audio-foam-stuff. It may help… idk… The microphone is set up horizontally since the Wave 3 works like that, too. Up there it seems to work quite well but I may have to bring it closer to my face though but then I’ll see it in the monitor and I’ll get annoyed… maybe I’ll change the arm-setup as well. The arm is sitting on a side-table that is dividing my room into a chill and a work area. The work area being my desk and my bookshelves… and the chill area being the balcony door and the seating-thing on the ground where I tend to read blog posts, news, manga or books. I think separating the work and the hobby areas is important… but then again, gaming, streaming and blogging are also not work… so… yeah. It’s hard to do that anyway when you only have one room to function as dining, living, bed and work room, right?

So, this is basically how my room works. I’ll have to upload the pictures from my phone but I also have a tea-setup on here the side table with a candle to keep it hot and stuff while I work… while also keeping it away form my electronics/my rig. There is also my drawing pad there and the microphone and all of the sugar and tea stuff. My computer is sitting off to the side of things… far away from all the liquids in the world.

Apart from that I also am rocking that desk lamp behind the screen and I just turn it up and move it and stuff to illuminate my desk or my face based on what I need… works quite well, in my opinion.

That’s basically it. I hope you enjoyed this post! What do you think of my workspace? Would you like to know more? Ask me below!


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Another Day, Another Stray Sheep

So, today is yet another one of those days where I don’t really have a prompt but I also wanted to keep the blog streak up, so hence some rambling and some screenshots. Sounds good? Sounds good!

Uhm, I still need to start up Enclave for that #MaybeInMarch Thing but with my internship and with my current mental health and my current sleep schedule and everything going on, I’m not really getting anything done. At the same time, there are plenty of games that I have to review since I was asked to… and while I don’t have to, I really want to… and that’s kind of stressful but more in a “fire up my arse” kind of way. It’s driving me forward. I didn’t quite have the time today, though, to prepare a proper post with a review or anything, hence why it’s this rambly post now instead.

Apart from that, I found myself wandering around in Valheim again. I know I said that I don’t exactly have the time… but with Enclave, it’s a new world, a new game and quite potentially it could be overwhelming or something like that… and I’m not prepared for that. Meanwhile, I’m still relatively new to Valheim but I am enjoying the building aspects of the game, which is why I planned on setting up a shop on a friend’s server where I’ll sell stuff or maybe have a brewery and tavern of sorts… I feel like that could be quite cool.

At last, I really hope that my internship is over soon. I have to deal with kids and I get to gather experience which is nice but I also feel like I’m constantly at risk of catching the ‘Rona and screwing everyone around me over…

Anyways, that’s it for today! A bit of a shorter post but hey, pretty pictures! Stay safe over there and keep yourself busy or distracted or whatever!

Edit: I forgot to save when I added the pictures and had to do it again. Sorry!


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Attagged by Meghan! – Sunshine Blogger Award, again!

Yesterday, I decided to tackle the Sunshine Blogger Award tag that I received from Thomas. Today’s post is about the same tag but it’s a more recent nomination, so I’m happy to be one of the nominations by Meghan. If you haven’t yet, check out her blog post over here.

So, the rules are simple:

  • Thank the person that tagged you (Thanks, Meghan!).
  • Answer questions (it’s eleven for whatever reason)
  • Ask questions (again, eleven… who came up with that?)
  • Nominate people (will probably do that later!)
Maybe a Wooper? Nah.

Question 1: In the spirit of the 25th anniversary of Pokemon: if you were the Champion of your region, which Pokemon would be on your team of 6?

I love Platinum’s Cynthia. Her design is great and her choice of Pokémon’s amazing… so maybe her team actually. Those Pokémon would be Spiritomb, Roserade, Togekiss, Milotic, Lucario, and Garchomp. Personally speaking, I may take out Roserade for Guardevoir and switch Lucario out for Sableye but apart from that I really like that team. Now, if I were a Gym Leader, I’d probably run a Ghost Type Gym with Dusknoir, Gengar, Chandelure, Gourgeist, Dragapult, and Mimikyu as my team.

Question 2: How do you feel about presentations like Sony’s State of Play and Nintendo Directs? Love em or hate em? Why?

While I don’t like them, I don’t dislike them. I’ve never really watched any of those shows really. Usually, they happen, I miss it, and I can’t be arsed to watch it or inform myself, which isn’t a problem really… I just don’t care, I think.

Question 3: Video game movies are usually terrible, but which game would you like to see adapted on the big screen? Any dream cast members?

Graveyard Keeper… the movie…. I feel like that sounds quite alright… and Jason Segel sounds quite good for the protagonist!

Question 4: If you were a video game character that had to use a mundane item (i.e. an umbrella) as a weapon, what would you use?

A typewriter because it worked quite well in Blacksad! 

Question 5: Have you picked up any new hobbies during the pandemic? If so, talk about it!

I’d joke about daylight drinking but I quit that already, so… not really, sorry.

Question 6: How did you get into video games in the first place?

I think I go into detail about it in this post here and in this more recent post!

Question 7: Who is your least favourite video game character of all time?

I feel like it would be rude to name anyone here since video game characters are people’s creations and a lot of people worked on them, from the model to the writing and programming to the voice acting. It would probably be saddening for them if they heard you talk about their children like that. Shame on you! Shame! Shame! Shame! But jokes aside, Breathedge’s AI is annoying, so while it may not be my least favourite video game character… it scores quite low on that list… or high.. or… you know…

Question 8: Does pineapple belong on pizza?

I don’t mind pineapple on pizza but I don’t think that it’s a must-be… and I think “belong” would imply that which is untrue. Imagine a nice tuna pizza with red onions and garlic… pineapple would suck on that. Anyways, pineapples on pizza, in general, can work quite well, though, and pineapple on hamburgers is amazing. But take my opinion with a grain of salt. I like Dr Pepper, I don’t mind insect burgers, and I like a lot of weird Japanese black bean sodas and whatnot that other people may not enjoy.

Question 9: A lot of video games incorporate some form of cooking – if you had to cook a signature recipe in a game, what would you choose? What stats would it boost/what would it do for you?

Tuna Pasta with Mayonaise. It boosts your health by a lot since tuna’s great… but it lowers your stamina because you ate too much of it and need a nap now.

Question 10: Has there ever been a game that you decided to walk away from before completing? If so, why?

Yes. A lot of games. There are a lot of games that I stopped playing not even half-way through. Either the controls are too frustrating and the game feels janky (see Witcher 1) or something bothers me like collecting women as trophies or some shit like that (see Witcher 1) or it’s just boring or buggy (see Witcher 1). There are a lot of reasons to walk away from a game but I don’t think that that’s a bad thing. If you don’t enjoy a game, why would you try to push through it regardless? Heck, I’m not a masochist that’s going to sit through the Witcher 1 or any of the other games that I haven’t played through the story yet. Jeez.

Question 11: Have you ever been talked down to, or insulted for playing a certain game or genre? How did you respond?

Yes, and it’s actually kind of funny. Someone was trying to pick a fight with me in a stream and started insulting me and stuff. He was trying to be funny with it but I ended up cringing a lot at him… Then he tried to act as if he was aware of that and as if he’s just pretending to be like that…. but he made it worse. Either way, he tried to insult me by saying that I only play Indie games… so, I responded that I didn’t know if that’s supposed to be an insult or something. I don’t know where the problem with Indie Games is and why that would be an insult. There are more than enough Indie Games that are better than the Witcher 1 or other Tripple-A titles, so… there’s that… and I also said that it’s just not true. It’s just lame by him to try to attack people by their tastes and get it wrong as well… and then he wanted to insult my streams, so I just said that it’s sad to see him attack other streamers, especially since that’s against Twitch’s Affiliate Agreement (which he accepted) and he kept quiet after that. Anyways, people are idiots.

So, here are my nominations for this tag:

GO – because GO’s a cool guy.

William – because he’s a fun guy as well.

McKenna – because it’s always a pleasure to read their posts.

Wilhelm – because I like his Valheim posts a lot.

Aywren – because their posts get me into the mood to play BDO again. Also, Aywren’s posts are great and they’re one of the first people I got to know through blogging.

If anyone else wants to make a post on these questions and continue the tag, feel free to. It’s fun. No pressure. If any of the nominees don’t want to do it, tag someone else and pressure them into doing this. Thanks!

And the questions for you guys are:

Question 1: What awful movie do you love?

Question 2: Can a society exist without laws?

Question 3: If you could only play one game to play for the rest of your life, which game would you absolutely not choose?

Question 4: You can detach one of your body parts. Which one is it and why do you want to detach that body part?

Question 5: Is there someone or something that you always have time for?

Question 6: If Earth was populated by only you and clones of you… what would life, society and the world be like?

Question 7: Would you rather only be able to drink your least favourite drink in the world or only be able to eat your least favourite food? 

Question 8: What is something that you’ve never tried out because you think that you’d be horrible at it?

Question 9: A time traveller from 200 years in the future appears before you. His time machine’s core-thingy is unstable, so he only has time to answer one question by you. What do you ask him?

Question 10: What was your first-ever crush from a video game?

Question 11: If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber. How does that make you feel?

Have fun answering the questions! Thanks for reading this post.


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Attagged by Thomas! – Sunshine Blogger Award

It’s been a while since I last did one of these posts, so I guess it’s great timing for Meghan to tag us once again for the Sunshine Blogger Award. The problem with that, however, is that I actually thought that Meghan did a-tag us before for the Sunshine Blogger Award but it was actually the Mystery Blogger Award… since Thomas nominated us for the Sunshine Blogger Award… which I nominated him for as well… It’s a whole thing that is going on. Thomas and Frosti have a total war going on between them, tagging each other on and on and since I retired from this war to fight my nemeses… exams… because those are still a thing in the outside world… uh… I essentially didn’t get to reply to Thomas’ post just yet despite him having posted this one (Part 4!) in September already… So, we’re going to answer those questions and then make nominations… and then I’ll get to Meghan’s post tomorrow and make more nominations… quite potentially the same… the worst part will be to create new questions… Oh well.

So, just to clarify: This is super confusing but uh… Thomas’ post today… Meghan’s post tomorrow. 

Uh, the rules are simple:

  • Thank the person that tagged you (thanks, Thomas).
  • Answer questions (eleven or so?)
  • Ask questions (why eleven btw?)
  • Nominate people (will do that later… I think!)

As a note to Thomas/Quietschisto… I’m not sure, Thomas, if you’ve actually done my post yet since you’ve mentioned it in your post. Can you link it in the comments of this post if you have written that post up? Just so I know. 

Question 1: If you were a character in a fighting game, what would be your signature move? 

My signature move would probably be banned from all tournaments. After executing the signature-Hadouken-level-combo after filling up all the bars and doing all of that stuff (no idea how that works again), I kick the enemy’s head and time freezes for a solid thirty seconds. In those thirty seconds, the enemy and I stand still while we see a flashback of me and the enemy as kids holding hands together and walking down the street while laughing on a sunny day. Then my character utters an inner monologue about how the world got corrupted and how everything was better in the past. My character then says that the world needs to be destroyed for it to be fixed again… Then my character says “This is it” in a deep voice and the game shuts itself off and corrupts your save file. 

Question 2: If Samus Aran and Megaman switched places, who would fare better? 

I think Samus would since Samus… but then again, I have no idea about either of those characters… I just think that Samus is cooler, I guess.

Question 3: If you could replace a limb/body part with a mechanical but superior version of it, would you do it? 

Yes. I would switch out my legs for sure… then I’d be able to walk everywhere without my knees hurting or my feet aching. That’d be cool.

Question 4: You get the chance to be a vital part of a mission exploring a new possibly inhabited planet. However, it takes 400 years to reach that destination and you’ll be put into cryosleep during space travel so that only one or two years pass for you and your body. Do you take part?

Yes. While I do think that someone more qualified should take part in it instead of me…, I’d love to do that myself, so fuck it, let’s go. Where do I sign up?

Question 5: Describe the perfect crime. Wrong answers only.

Okay, so hear me out… you basically commit a crime… and then… you turn yourself in so that nobody can catch you.

Question 6: How would a healing potion work in real life? […]

Depends on the potion. lol. I’d say that you pour it over the wound and it magically heals it. You pour it over cancer, however, and it magically kills you faster than before because the cancer cells end up regenerating a lot and multiply like crazy.

It’s a mage.

Question 7: What if we all had Mana but simply no spellcasting abilities? What would we use it for?

Isn’t energy basically mana? We need it to work. We need it to think. We need it to walk. That’s basically what mana is, right?

Question 8: You’re playing a horror game with gore and a kid walks in and asks what’s going on. How do you explain it to them without frightening them?

I haven’t eaten my veggies and because of that I’m being chased and eaten by these monsters. I’m trying to escape but these weird other people here have also not eaten their veggies, so I kill them to stop the monster. Btw, have you eaten your veggies yet? No? I might have to use you as bait then to distract the monster. Come, let’s go eat the veggies together.

Question 9: Pick a game and give me a list of “ingredients” as if it was food. Don’t tell me what the game is, though… I wanna guess.

Mix Tower Defense with Resource Management, Roguelike mechanics, some depth, a levelling system, lots of challenges, and a brilliant soundtrack. Then have fun alone or with friends.

Question 10: If you made a spaceship out of vegetables, which vegetables would you choose? 

I can’t fly spaceships and I don’t know how to build spaceships, which is why I’m not qualified to answer this question.

Question 11: Tutorials suck but there are great ones, so give me some examples.

The tutorial in Yakuza 0 is quite nice.

So, for this tag, I’m going to nominate

Meghan – because she’s a gem!

Frosti – because I wanna join in on the war!

Naithin – because I can always rely on him for advice!

Pete – because I like reading his posts over there!

Meg – because she’s also really cool!

Thanks again, Thomas, for the tag.

Here are the eleven questions for these guys. Don’t feel bad if you don’t wanna answer them. 

Question 1: Think of a question and don’t mention it anywhere. Insert the answer to that question as an answer to any of the following questions that you don’t want to answer. Reply with yes or no to this one.

Question 2: What’s your guilty pleasure game?

Question 3: What’s a word you really like but never use?

Question 4: You have to unban one game from Twitch (see list of banned games here), which one do you choose and why?

Question 5: When you don’t feel like posting, what do you do to get some motivation to do it anyway?

Question 6: What is the quality you have that your friends appreciate the most about you?

Question 7: You’re married to a mermaid/a merman. Would you like it more if the bottom half or the top half was human-looking?

Question 8: What’s a game that you really hate that is super overrated in your opinion?

Question 9: Would you rather be drunk forever or always hungover? And why?

Question 10: What is gatekeeping? Wrong answers only.

Question 11: Valheim is super popular right now. Explain why and fill the answer with as many puns as possible!

I hope you enjoyed this post and these questions. If you haven’t been nominated, feel free to answer the questions anyways in a post of your own and tag whoever you want to and link back to me so that I can read your post as well. I’m intrigued!


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Anime that I’m still watching this season

Not too long ago I published a post on Anime I’m gonna watch this season… and alas, here’s a quick run-down of some thoughts I had so far and some shows I’ve been watching, some I’ve been really enjoying, some cringe-shows I’m watching,… and this one show that turned out worse than I expected it to turn out. Enjoy!

For starters, the Beastars manga has ended a while ago and I was really sad about that. Then the second season of the anime aired and… I still haven’t watched the second episode. Honestly, I’d like to binge it when the 12th episode comes out rather than watching an episode every week. The show is great and I’m sure it’s gonna surpass the standard that the first season set (these expectations aren’t gonna be failed… nope, no way that could happen) since the upcoming arcs are lovely! But since I already know what’s gonna happen in this arc, I don’t have to watch the newest episode every week. I can wait. This is fine.

Log Horizon’s third season was confusing at first but eventually, when I realised where they’re going with the show, I picked up on it rather well and have been enjoying it. I’m at episode seven right now as I’d like to complete this in one go due to cliffhangers and that kind of stuff. It’s not a masterwork but I like some of the characters and the world… so it’s definitely watchable and entertaining. Log Horizon is, in my opinion, an above-average show that can be entertaining because of the economic/political direction that the Isekai genre got taken into… but it’s not perfect, so there’s that. I don’t have to watch that every week, so I’ll wait for the last episode and then continue to watch it.

Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season… This is a show that I’ve been watching every week, though… it’s been fun to talk with other people about the show and while it had its weak moments, it definitely is really entertaining and I love a lot of the directions that it got taken into. It’s been fun and somewhat depressing at times, which is a good thing, in this case. Do I rate Shingeki no Kyojin highly? Oh, hell no, it’s problematic in some ways and kind of predictable in the first few seasons, boring in the second season, but really well-made from then onwards, so… overall, it’s an alright show that I’ve been enjoying a lot more this season compared to before.

As far as Dr Stone and The Promised Neverland go… I haven’t started to watch those shows yet. It’s sequels for both of them and I liked Dr Stone’s manga and the first season a lot… but I feel like both of these shows are overrated and hence, I’m gonna wait and watch them eventually in the future. I don’t have to watch them right now.

Horimiya has been amazing, though. The concept of honne and tatamae has less of a meaning as the show goes on… and the adaptation of the manga has made some changes as far as the order of chapters goes and as for what gets skipped and what makes it into the show… but I don’t mind that at all. The Kyoto Arc is forgettable and doesn’t drive the story forward while the Sengoku-Remi-side-story actually happens a lot later in the manga, I don’t mind it being pulled out like that and being presented to the viewers ahead of time since it fleshes out those characters and gives us more reasons to like Sengoku and Remi. The show itself is amazing and I’ve been loving it so much that I’ve actually started to read the manga again. I’m actually up-to-date with the manga right now and am just waiting for new episodes to come out as I like seeing it all fleshed out in the anime with some great animations, interesting music and colour choices and some very well-made voice acting. Great show! One of my favourites of this season.

The other two favourites of this season are Re:Zero Season 2 Part 2 which is doing an amazing job at going through the source material while skipping openings and recaps and all of that. In essence, you’ve got the plot that is being advanced rather quickly without skipping anything, which is great and makes my heart skip beats. It’s lovely how they take time for some of the dialogue while completely skipping the opening nearly every episode. The episodes are 30 minutes long instead of the standard 24 minutes that most shows have. There usually are no endings in the episodes either, meaning that you get a lot of content for your time, which is great. At the same time, Slime Datta’s second season is also doing a great job at moving forward. There are some changes here and there from the adaptation if I remember correctly, but it’s nothing major and I’ve been enjoying it a lot – after all, the anime and the manga are both adaptations of the light novel, so they may stray a bit but it’s the same source material. Either way, Slime Datta doesn’t skip openings or anything but it still delivers the story quite well and is now getting to a great arc that I’m really looking forward to seeing in animation!

And well, I am watching another few shows with these two following ones being also really amazing. I mean, “Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?” aka “So I’m a Spider, so what?” as well as “Jobless Reincarnation” have been great adaptations of the source material. Both of these are so-called Isekai (I may post something on the genre of Isekai as well eventually) and are based on light novels, so they take different approaches to the manga, which is fine. I honestly knew that the Spider-Isekai is going to turn out fine. My only concern was that the spiders + CGI are gonna trigger my arachnophobia but I haven’t had any issues with that so far, so that’s nice. The manga is quite slow and manages to convey that struggle of survival really well, making it a unique experience, I’d say. The anime derives from that by still showing the struggle but making it last less long since the protagonist is sharing the screentime with other people, actually. The protagonist’s classroom gets isekai’d into another world (no trucks involved this time!) and they all end up in different places all over the world and even are being reborn as different races of different standings. The protagonist became a spider and has a hard time while some of her classmates became royals in different kingdoms… and they’re human. So they have their own struggles to deal with but it portrays a nice contrast between First World Problems and… actual survival of the fittest. Amazing!

Meanwhile, Jobless Reincarnation is something that I… found out mid-way through the season and I immediately binged through the first five episodes before binging through the manga at an alarming rate. The main character lives as a shut-in and NEET off their parents’ livelihood due to him being bullied beyond belief… Eventually, his parents die and he doesn’t even come to their funeral and gets violently kicked out of the house by his remaining family members. Then he decides to jump in front of a truck to save a young highschooler’s life in trade for his own. But that’s not where it ends as the protagonist of the show gets reincarnated as Rudeus Greyrat in another world. (Yup, Isekai-Truck is at it again.)

Jobless Reincarnation is one of those shows that created the tropes that the whole genre is utilizing… but it does it differently. We’re supposed to hate Rudeus because he’s a 30-something-year-old good-for-nothing that gets reincarnated as a child with a 30-year-old mindset and is just being a pervert and a creep in this new world… and his gaze alone is making females in this world feel uncomfortable and anxious. Rudeus is scum. But as time goes on and as Rudeus learns magic and actually makes an effort this time around, he grows. He learns and becomes a better human, despite him messing up at times. The show actually is still quite serious and while it has its problematic moments, it also takes itself seriously at times. There is no fanservice during serious moments and there are a lot of moments and topics that may be problematic but the show actually does make an effort to portray these problematic things in this medieval world as… problematic things. It’s hard to get in-depth with this without spoiling things but I essentially really like this show because its production value is AMAZING while the material itself is great. It’s an amazing world with nice characters that actually are a bit sad. You’re not supposed to like Rudeus but you like to see him grow and become a decent human, which is nice. 

But from a show with some problematic moments that deals well with them… to a show that probably never should have been created… Redo of Healer is the worst show I’ve ever seen. It’s not only bad on a quality-level but it’s also so problematic that I can’t believe that it got produced. Redo of Healer aka “Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi” is about the male hero of healing that gets assaulted, bullied, violated and abused… but he gets the chance to redo everything and take his revenge… so now he does a lot of seriously fucked up things to women and men alike to get his revenge on them… because they treated him badly before he reverted everything and now he has to treat them worse. A lot worse. I stopped watching this show eventually and while I hate it… I’m glad that it’s not as bad as the manga that is… I don’t know. Bad. In an ethical way. Redo of Healer is the show to watch for everyone who hates women, disrespects women, doesn’t think of women as humans but actually believes that they’re only there to have sex with men and populate… and it’s basically an incel’s wet dream… times ten… and on drugs. There is probably a fanbase for this show and I feel like a lot of them need to see a therapist if they actually like this show. Oh… and I dropped this one after the first really bad incident btw… fucked up stuff.

At last… “Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi de Kurasu Youna Monogatari” is stupidly silly and it’s amazing in the dumbest way possible. Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon is my cringe-watch to go now… I watch it to make fun of it, essentially. And well,… I’m up-to-date with Boruto’s anime now and am now reading the manga although I’m nearly there at the currently newest chapter… so… I may continue One Piece and/or Case Closed/Detective Conan next.

What are you guys watching? Any recommendations? Let me know!


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New content?

A while ago, I was writing about how I want to post more often and also create new content and maybe even meddle with podcasts or video reviews. Hence, I figured I should maybe post an update on that. 

For starters, I’ve been keeping up my daily blogging-streak for 69 days in a row (well, 70 now…) and have been having a lot of fun with blogging in general as of late. That’s a great thing. Now and then, I’ve noticed problems arising like missing prompts, etc. …but I’ve dealt with that by stocking up on silly drafts and more serious drafts and drafts on games in my library that I wanted to talk about. Alas, I now have the problem of “what should I post today” instead of “what should I post”. “Die Qual der Wahl” – The torture of choice or as Sartre would say: We’re condemned to be free… or in my case, I have too many games to play and too much choice, in contrast to the Humble Choice posts where I have just two: Pause it or pick it all.

Next up, I’ve recorded another interview with a developer. The first-ever interview I did on here was with Forrest Dowling from The Molasses Flood right before the release of Drake Hollow! It was a written interview since I didn’t feel too confident in recording anything but I’m looking forward to taking that step now and moving on to a mix of written and video interviews. The full interview will be released on YouTube once I’ve figured out what to call the channel and how to render stuff… also, I was thinking of maybe editing it a little bit to adjust the audio levels and render it and that kind of stuff… although, I have yet to figure out how to do all of that. I’m a bit rusty in the editing department, you see… so that’s an issue I’ll have to worry about later. In essence, I’ll have the full interview on YouTube for anyone that’s interested in 25 minutes of interesting questions on Beacon Pines with one of the developers… as well as some laughs. I’ll also write a post on everything and shorten the interview a little bit so that you get the important bits in the written format and the more elaborate explanations and full answers in the video there.

The plan with the channel is to either go with “Dan Indiecator”, “Indiecator” or “MagiWasTaken” as for the username… the first variant and the latter are a bit less brand-able, I guess, so it’s most likely going to be “Indiecator” on YouTube if that name isn’t taken already. I’m looking forward to potentially uploading first impressions of games or maybe even full video-reviews on there that show footage of the games with my voiceover or something. That way I can reach more people with my reviews and find a bigger audience, I guess… which is great because more people will find out about these Indie Gems! 

Another thing I could do would be to record and upload the first half-hour or so of Gameplay to YouTube and embed it into my written reviews, so that you can see the gameplay for yourself… but I’m not entirely sure if that’s really in line with my current style of reviews. I’ll think about it but I’ll most likely pass on that.

Next up: Podcasts. Anchor and WordPress have this nice collaboration going on where you’re able to fully voice posts within minutes and upload them to Anchor, Spotify, and so on. It’s a nice feature and I’m looking forward to uploading those eventually so that people can listen to my reviews maybe. I doubt that I’ll grow a platform on there but it’s going to be something nice for people that already read my reviews or that just want to listen to my voice or something while they do mundane tasks or when they want to go to bed. I’d also like to talk about gaming-related topics, upcoming releases, thoughts on different matters, Twitch-related stuff, and all of that with someone else on a monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly podcast of sorts. I feel like that would be quite cool but I’ve never done that so it’s going to be interesting!

Alas, there is plenty of things to do. I’d imagine that I could also create edits of Stream Vods to grow a platform on YouTube and transition it into a bigger audience on Twitch… but I’m honestly not too concerned about that and I’m not entirely sure if I want to do that. I don’t want to grow too much, to be honest… we’ll see.

Anyways, that’s the plans for the future, kinda. Looking forward to it!


Constantly tired and drained

I don’t exactly know if it’s the weather changes so much as of late or if it’s my sleep schedule or just the whole pandemic business that is still going on… but I’ve just been feeling drained. I’m exhausted and tired and restless. My sleep schedule should be fixed and should be completely fine right now. I’m sleeping at the same times, eating at similar times, waking up after enough rest and doing my best to actually get my steps in. Still, I feel incredibly tired after waking up, before the coffee, after the coffee, during the day, in the evenings, before I go to bed, while in bed, and also when I wake up (yup, again). I have no clue what’s wrong.

Anyways, that kind of reflects itself in my gaming behaviours as well, which is something I figured would be interesting to mention. For starters, I can’t play League of Legends right now as I just feel too tired to focus properly on the game and since my positioning hence suffers from that. Similarly, I can’t really make progress in Sekiro since I need concentration for that, which I don’t really have right now. I guess, the fact that I’m also live-streaming at the same time and hence reading chat every now and then plus commenting on what’s going on and other topics and whatnot make the focus-part a bit hard for me. Similarly, I need more of a chill time really where I can grind things or where I don’t have too much going on. Assassin’s Creed 2, for instance, has been incredibly fun due to that. The combat is more fun than in the first game but still relies quite a lot on you spamming that attack button until nobody is standing anymore. I mean, you can do fancy things like grabbing people and slicing their throats… and you can do cool things like countering or disarming people… but all in all, it’s mostly spamming the attack button with some fancy things for style points here and there. In the same way, Minecraft and Stardew Valley have been a more than welcome game selection due to the relaxed vibes I’ve been getting from there… and surprisingly, Monster Hunter World is making a comeback as well… as I’ve recently started playing again and as I’m looking forward to all the new large monsters that we need to fight!

But yeah, I’m still quite tired, so most of the time, I end up doing anything but gaming really as I feel too exhausted to play games. The games I mentioned above are mostly entries that I play on stream and even then I need to prepare a lot by getting coffee, taking a shower, doing something against my headache and all in all, staying awake.

It’s not even as if I’m able to fall asleep immediately or anything. I’m just feeling really tired and drained and when I go to bed, it takes ages until I’m fast asleep.

It’s a bit of a situation but at least I get to write about things that interest me and even when venting isn’t going to accomplish anything effectively, I feel like it still helps me get a load off my mind. My head is aching, my body is always tired and my mind is just a mess. I hope it’s over soon and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have you had any similar feelings as of late? Constant feeling of being tired and huge headaches and all of that, I mean? Let me know if you know what to do about that.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

Business and Private Stuff – Some thoughts and a story

With my blog getting more traffic these days, I’ve been also receiving a lot of e-mails from developers that want me to take a look at their game and write about it. I love it when developers or publishers do that as it shows me that they are confident in their game to the point where they are risking potentially having me not recommend their game… and that’s great.

But a while ago, in June to be exact, I had an interaction with a developer that taught me a valuable lesson: Don’t mix business with your private affairs.

And this is basically just a post on how not act if you approach someone wanting them to review your game.

The E-Mail was alright at first. The person behind the game that I’m not going to name mentioned a few things about himself (like him being Muslim, his background, where he’s from, and that kinda stuff) and about his work. He also mentioned things about the game he worked on and gave me an elevator pitch before linking press materials and links. He didn’t list an embargo but said that he’d like me to review, comment or give feedback on his game to help him out. He also called my blog “awesome”, which… was quite flattering.

The problem with his game was that it plays in a political setting that I have little to no clue about (the middle east) and that it’s a shooter game that takes some obvious sides, to put it frankly. I’m not entirely sure if I’m fine with reviewing a game that is so biased in a way on some things and that kind of plays like a revenge-simulation of sorts… at the same time, I also suck at shooters, so there’s that.

I should have probably left it at that. I was quite conflicted about not choosing to write about it solely because I suck at it and because I’m not confident enough in the political background of the setting… so I tried to make my rather negative response sound less negative by greeting him as a fellow Muslim and wishing him a lot of success with the demo. I then proceeded with the negative stuff. I then still thanked him for reaching out… and I said cheers. As I always do that… from there it went down-hill rather fast.

The developer was very happy about meeting “another Muslim brother who loves gaming” just like him. He then asked questions, told me about his work and how he’s converting people over there… and how proud he is about that. He had no problems with me not reviewing his game as he made a friend… but at the same time, he found out that I’m bisexual and that I’m a proud member and supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community… and he then left me a huge paragraph… trying to convince me about “changing my mind” and bringing up a lot of bullshit arguments that were more than sexist, homophobic, judgemental, and problematic. At that point, I knew… yeah, I’m not going to write anything about this guy even if his game wasn’t problematic.

Receiving a 1,044-words long e-mail filled with the most radical bullshit that a fanatic could ever think of is… disrespectful for sure… but also intimidating… nearly scary. It’s not about him being Muslim or whatever… It’s the fact that he’s thinking that he’s doing me a favour by being like that. What’s funny is that he started it by saying: “Okay, brother. I don’t want to judge you, I want the best for you.” – and then he proceeds with all of that stuff about the media lying about people being born with their sexuality… and Shaytan (the devil) dooming my life and destroying me to take me to the hellfire… Later, he also talks about calling upon the wrath of Allah… which was kind of weird because there isn’t an actual devil in Islam… and why is there wrath coming from Allah when I’m already going to hell for crushing on Tom Ellis?

Uh, I don’t know. It’s just kind of sad and more than scary to see such an extreme reaction from someone who just called me his “new Muslim friend”… It’s funny to see him talk about Islam being the only true religion, which is super radical and extremist… It’s incredibly stupid that he’s bringing up the same stuff that I heard from Christian homophobes…

He also goes on about how “[God] created the male genitalia to have intercourse with the female genitalia”, which brings pleasure to both, apparently… And a woman doesn’t feel any sexual pleasure “whenever a man approaches her from her back passage” (by the way… that phrasing is disgusting). So, there are no women in the world… that enjoy anal sex. And because of that… because of the fact that no women can enjoy anal sex (according to him), men can’t enjoy it either.

There were also a lot more disturbing passages in his e-mail that I won’t talk about since they are deeply unsettling.
After I told him to never ever mail me again and that I’ll never review a game by someone who is as inappropriate and harmful as him, he only sent me this here…

أسأل الله أن يوفقك يا أخي إلى سبيل الهدى

Which is just annoying and petty at best.

I believe in a righteous and kind God that watches over us and sends us signs every now and then… but he never judged me for crushing on Tom Ellis so far. I believe in a God and it just happens that he’s called Allah because of my family being Muslim. I think religion is a rather personal thing, so I can do whatever I want to as long as I believe… and others can do what they wanna do. I’m not gonna judge anyone for their religion or their sexuality because it’s not my job to judge them. It’s nobody’s job really… And as far as religion goes, I’ve been told that there is only one God. And since Christians believe the same and since Jews also do that… I think that we and that’s a hot take believe in the same God and that we all should get along.

And that one developer is a prick but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I wanna do and continue to be myself really. I mean, it’s sad because it gives Muslims a bad name… but what can I do? There are a lot of homophobic Christians as well but that has nothing to do with their religion and only has something to do with them being homophobic, right? Religion has nothing to do with bigotry and just because some ancient guy wrote a book on something, that doesn’t mean that you can’t believe in your own religion or that you can’t make of it what you believe in and change the rules and adapt it to the current times. Move with the time. At least, that’s what I believe in.

But I’m rambling. I should have just rejected his game and moved on. It’s a bummer because of the nightmares that caused me.

So, that’s why I just try to flat-out reject games if they aren’t suitable for my blog. I don’t try to bond too much to people, mostly to protect myself. In the same why I give feedback to games that seem rather bad in an e-mail-response… but I don’t write a post on it if it’s really too bad… and generally, I need to get better at not taking stuff too personal like in that case… Again, this happened ages ago… and I feel like I grew as a person already but I still could have acted differently by just rejecting the game and not trying to soften the blow somehow…

Oh well, Cheers.

This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

A Stray Sheep on Blogging Daily

I’m currently on a 54-day streak on Indiecator according to WordPress. It just kind of happened over the last few days of 2020 and I ended up sticking with it after seeing that I accumulated a few days of daily blogging. Alas, I figured: Why not challenge myself in 2021 and see for how long I can keep this up? 

And well, today I ended up having no prompt and no idea what to write about. Thus, my prompt for today is just about that: Daily blogging and the pickle I’m in. Kind of a cheat in a way, right? When you can’t think of anything to write about, write about the issue you’re facing, eh? 

Over the past 54 days, I’ve posted twelve game reviews, including one that was just edited by me (aka Quietschisto’s guest post). Daily Blogging kind of helped me with just going for any game and tackling it head-on. Write about it since you wanted to write about it for so long but haven’t had the chance to do so. My review on Hades, for instance, is one that has been sitting in the drafts for ages and that got changed over and over and over again. I would just rewrite it so many times, resulting in me never posting it until everyone has written about it already, which gave me less of a reason to write about it. In a way, daily blogging pushed me to abandon that idea of “everything having been said already” on certain titles. I mean, I even made a post on Crywank, a band that I love and adore SO MUCH but that hardly anyone knows about – or at least it feels like that within my circles. I loved writing about it and some vague and interesting thought and prompt I had in mind and semi-analysing their song “Now I’m Sad”, effectively warping the idea of the song or the idea of one passage into something that I live by. And my Dr Pepper review? It was only semi-serious and kind of dumb but I’ve been meaning to make a post on that for ages now. Nowadays, it’s probably a lot less relevant since my blog’s and my stream’s theme doesn’t revolve around it as much anymore… but I still had a lot of fun writing about it.

I got to post about Bioshock 2Destiny 2, and even Valheim just recently, and I got to explore other ideas I had for drafts, effectively shrinking my drafts folder down considerably from the 100 something drafts I had to… 60… At least, that’s something! 

Publishing a post every day is a bit rough for me lately due to exams and other obligations. Potentially starting next week, I’ll have to go to my internship and hence I will have less time to stream and blog, which is going to be bothersome… but I’ll manage somehow. The biggest factor in all of this has been time-management. Balancing the time I study, the time I spent with Ms Magi, the time I need to take care of myself, food, laundry and other chores, as well as the time I invest in blogging and streaming… balancing all of that can be a bit tricky at times but learning about that now and setting priorities is a skill that I’ll have to learn eventually anyways. With my headspace being a mess lately and me procrastinating more often these days, all of these priorities are a jumbled mess and I’m having a hard time settling for appropriate times to publish posts or do things like laundry and whatever. Alas, that’s a bit of an issue, but I’ll manage somehow.

I think the biggest takeaway from releasing a post every evening for the last couple of days has been this sense of accomplishment after hitting “publish” again. I really have been enjoying this sense of winding down after a lot of studies (or other things) by making tea, sitting down at my desk and writing about anything really. Hitting “publish” means that I created something and finished it immediately. It’s done. Just like the day. Then I get sleepy and go to bed. A new day begins and I get to do other things before winding down with a blog post later. That’s been quite a nice feeling for me as of late, and I appreciate the fact that I get to write for people about things that I’m passionate about. I’d love it if I could continue like this forever.

And I know, I know… technically, I haven’t written the post yesterday. Quietschisto did. I frankly edited his post, added my editorial note at the beginning and end, formated it, added screenshots and that info box, before posting it… now that I think about it, it sounds actually like more than I did, but you catch my drift, right? It was a joint effort. And I was and still am glad that Thomas (and two others so far) offered themselves up for writing about games and reviewing them essentially on my blog. I hope that it pays out for them as well in terms of views, clout, traffic or whatever you wanna call it. I really hope it does. In the same way, I hope I get to write something for others as well once I have a bit more time for that. But still, I kind of have this feeling that that post doesn’t count as “my post” and that the streak is falsified through that… but at the same time, I posted 56 posts in 54 days, so I could technically argue that I’ve redeemed myself already… not that someone’s trying to guilt-trip me about that other than myself. I’m just being weird.

At last, a bonus of blogging daily has been that I’ve been able to generate more traffic for the blog, effectively. That means that more people have been around, which is cool, and more people got to read about the cool games that I wrote about, resulting in potentially new people finding out about these Indie gems… and I’m happy about that. Yesterday’s post even got retweeted by the developers on Twitter, which I’m really glad about. They thanked Quietschisto and me for the review with THREE exclamation marks! That must mean that they really liked it! Right? Right?! Right! Yup! Probably! I’m glad about that! 😀 

Anyways, I managed to fulfil my quota by posting yet again about my experience with daily blogging. Again, I didn’t really have a prompt for today until I had this prompt. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post. 

Hope you enjoyed my rambling today! Take care of yourself!


This post was first published by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken on Indiecator.

Streamer Appreciation Post

The other day, I talked about PogChamp and KomodoHype and all of that stuff and mentioned that I’m blessed to be in an inclusive and friendly bubble of streamers that aren’t toxic at all and feature some amazing content creators. Alas, since it was Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d spread some love to some of the streamers I adore and shout them out to you guys in an attempt to allow you to also find have a nice experience on Twitch. Generally speaking, a lot of people find Twitch to be a toxic place… but I don’t think that that’s the case because I’m heavily biased. The streamers I watch are great and friendly and there is no spam going on there. I am streaming as well on Twitch and am trying to also create a safe place for people to hang out and have a cosy time… but I’m just at the beginning of my journey and have still ways to go, in contrast to these amazing people featured in this post who are all just great at what they’re doing.

Alas, this list will basically consist of some of the streamers I adore and watch. I’ll do my best to get to as many as I can without this post turning into a huge list of sorts.

First things first, I love Flex’ streams. XilentFlex is an inclusive variety streamer on Twitch who talks a lot about Mindfulness and self-love. He’s an LGBTQIA+ ally and has probably the most wholesome community on Twitch, at least in my opinion, featuring an amazing mod team, some great people and a lot of fun that other people should experience. He’s probably my favourite streamer on Twitch. I love tuning into his streams and hang out and chat whenever I can. He’s been streaming full-time for about two years now and is just amazing at what he does. His stream often has slow-mode turned on so that he can keep up with chat and respond to everyone as well as possible, but I don’t mind that and I feel like he utilizes features like that rather well. Flex does a lot of Just Chatting streams as well and has been one of my biggest inspirations to get into streaming myself. He’s helped a lot with raids and advice in the past. I feel like his stream is a great place to hang out at if you’re new to Twitch as you’ll feel welcome as soon as you send your first message. I feel like Flex has a way with words and some incredibly polished social-skills that enable him to not only give great advice and bring together so many people but to also help you out and assure you that you matter. It’s a skill that I wish to have but being socially awkward and in the autism-spectrum I kinda feel like it’s going to be rather hard for me to accomplish that. Still, I learn a lot from watching his streams as to how you need to handle the concerns and problems of other people and how you can assure people that they are fine and they don’t need to apologise about things.

Urb looking cute as always!

Next up, is a streamer who I know through Flex, actually. Brian Gray aka UrbanBohemian is a black queer variety streamer that streams on Tuesday afternoons and weekend mornings. His streams generally feature a rather cosy vibe with some great music, lovely commentary and rather entertaining content in general. You can ask him anything you want which further adds to the cosy and friendly environment his stream features – something that I love on Twitch. In the past, he’s raised a lot of money for the Bail Project, Trans LifeLine, The Trevor Project and GaymerX, which is great, and generally speaking, he’s just a gem of a human being that I can highly recommend checking out. Lately, I haven’t been able to check him out as much due to my sleep schedule being more or less fixed right now but it’s always fun to have his VODs on in the background while I work on things. On top of that, he’s one of the few streamers that actually create lovely Twitter content. I love the GIFs and Videos he’s posting on there and his takes on some topics on there. I can highly recommend Urb to you and if you don’t fancy streams, you may also wanna check out his blog over here.

Fan Art for Cave that turned out well!

Another great streamer I wanted to talk about is CaveMobster who’s another inclusive and lovely variety streamer from the Netherlands. She does Art Streams as well as Simulation-type games. Sometimes she also hops into other games, like Fran Bow or Dark Souls, which is always fun to watch. Often, people have a place here to talk about things that are concerning them and Cave is great at actually helping out, giving advice and cheering people up if they need that. Cave’s goal is to normalise mental health and the conversation by infecting the world with kindness and building a loving and understanding community, one stream at a time. In my opinion, she does that incredibly well so far and it’s always a pleasure to be able to shower other people with hugs or even to be on the receiving end of that love and wholesomeness in her chat. With the pandemic and everything going on right now, life can be rather troubling and sometimes it can feel just dark, which is why I feel like streams like Cave’s actually are so important. Whenever I turn to Cave and her community, I feel welcome and like a friend of everyone, which is a nice and warm feeling to have. Even if you don’t know people, they welcome you and are worried about you and I feel like Cave has created a fantastic community in a small amount of time and I hope that it only grows stronger and cosier as time goes on. Cave’s a great streamer and I’d love it if you could check her out!

KingArgaroth, my liege, is yet another great streamer. He’s the King of the Kingdom of Argonia and could best be described as a loveable and wholesome dork who loves to banter and play games. He streams a variety of games as well as Horror Games every Sunday. Just like Cave, he also talks about deeper topics and mental health at times. His community has healthy discussions from time to time and I admire King for being able to moderate it so well and keep it civil and gentle so that everyone gets to participate without anyone getting offended or hurt. If you stop by his streams (and I hope you do!) make sure to ask him anything and engage. He’s a master of engagement and is always able to make me feel welcome and at home in his streams. On top of that, whenever I feel down or whenever my headspace is weird (like right now), I can rely on him being available over there. When I ask for help on anything, he’s got the best advice out there and is ready to listen. Just like Flex, who I mentioned above, he also is really charismatic and has a way with words. Even when you apologise for troubling anyone, he’ll assure you that you matter and that your problems are being heard and that he and everyone is actually there for you. When your head is just doing weird things and you start second-guessing everything, he’s there to shine a light into the darkness and actually help out. He’s an amazing lad that I can highly recommend checking out.

Fan Art for Joe that looked quite good!

Next up, there is Joecrastination (formerly known as MFC or TheGlassCanon) who’s another great inspiration of mine. He’s a truly kind individual who’s very entertaining, handsome and fun. Joe plays a lot of RPG games and loves getting into the Lore side of things. I played Hollow Knight and don’t get anything about the story but Joe is just out there vibing while talking about the lore whenever I have a question and it’s fantastic to see him get so passionate about these things. His streams are generally rather chill and if it was for him, Flex and Jimb0, I probably wouldn’t have started to stream myself at all. They were there with great advice and encouragement and I thank them every day for it. Joe’s been able to take a break for himself to get his stuff sorted, which is a rather brave thing to do, and he successfully came back recently, stronger than before. I love the quality of his content and his voice and his thought process on things in games and topics. I really enjoy hanging out over there whenever I can and I’m sure you will, too!

Just recently, I was invited into Team Mistakes which is a team where the streamers try to not take themselves too serious and laugh about mistakes or bad plays instead of getting angry, toxic or even violent about it. A streamer that I got to know through that is MurphyOwO, who’s a variety streamer that has been through their share of trouble in life and wants to create a space where it’s okay to talk about deeper topics while still having fun. They’re a Mental Health advocate that plays a plethora of games from Valheim and AC: Valhalla to Breath of the Wild and Genshin Impact to Among Us. They also do a lot of Just Chatting and their Sugar Gliders are just adorable. It’s always a pleasure to be in their streams even if I most often end up going to bed afterwards since it’s super late for me but I can highly recommend checking them out!

At last, I’d like to say that there are a plethora of other streamers that I’d like to talk about but since I don’t have unlimited time I can’t actually mention all of them. On top of that, I wanna say some more words about why I enjoy every streamer so much instead of just creating a huge list with bullet points like “variety streamer”, “inclusive”, “has pets”, or whatever. I feel like that’d be only fair, which is why I’ll make another post in the future talking about those that I couldn’t mention today. 

Anyways, I hope that you enjoyed this post today! Make sure to check out some of these streamers if you haven’t yet! They’re all gems and I really appreciate being able to hang out in their streams and chat with them so much lately, even if it’s just in lurk-mode or while I’m working on things or even when I go outside and ride the bus or whatever. I’ll try to make another post like this again sooner or later but for now, that’s it for today.

Take care of yourself! Hang in there! Stay healthy and warm and cosy!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.