2020 hasn’t been that bad EA-wise

2020 wasn’t that bad when it comes to indie titles that left EA. While the world is going to shits, the gaming industry pumped out a fair few titles. Hence I thought I should maybe write a piece about a few of the games that reached their 1.0 his year and that I really enjoyed playing for th past couple of months.

For starters, Hades just recently got out of Early Access and its 1.0 launched, introducing an actual ending, new music, artwork, late-game unlockables, a new aspect for the twin fists and a lot of other stuff. Honestly, the last time I played Hades was in March after some update but I forgot which one it was and there have been a few bigger updates between then already. Hence, I’ve got to visit Hades again to leave Hell for good… again. Especially since achievements seem to only now have been introduced, I can’t wait to unlock more stuff. The new weapons seem really cool and the addition of Hermes and Nyx seem quite interesting, although my sources are just hearsay at this point. I just updated it and I have yet to play it, though I may do that some time this week.

Hades is one of those titles that seemingly did everything well. It’s a fun and fast-paced action-rogue-lite with nice progression, some interesting customizable parts and items that you can change each run and on top of that it’s depicting mythology more or less accurately which I really adore. The characters in the game are fun, each with their own stories and quirks and perks. The music is just awesome… but personally, I don’t like the aspect of traversing the same “biomes” over and over again, so that’s something that I don’t like about Hades, although I know that it’s hard to change that since we’re in Hell, after all, right? The switching bosses, though, with their own lines and everything are really nice and the favour system? A ton of fun to play around!

Just a while ago, on August 4th, Littlewood also got out of Early Access, adding a whole bunch of new events, new characters, new special moments, and other features and I’m quite glad about that. I started playing Littlewood not too long after it got released into Early Access and I was done with all the content after a few hours, so I decided to wait for more updates… and then August came and I spend an awful long time in this game.

The problem I have with Littlewood is that time moves a lot faster outside than inside. Just like with Stardew Valley, I ended up binging it a whole bunch for a while before eventually just not bothering with it anymore since I didn’t have the time for it just yet. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy Littlewood and Stardew Valley to bits… but then RL stops by and you just never really feel like playing it again until you start it up, binge it for six hours, and then close it again for another few days to weeks. Oh well.

And at last, my favourite title to leave EA this year is probably Risk of Rain 2, whose 1.0 dropped on August 11th, 2020. The 1.0 added a whole new boss enemy, some new mechanics, a new survivor, and an actual ending, which I find really nice. For the past couple of days, I’ve been playing a lot of RoR2, especially as I’ve discovered a few neat builds that I do enjoy playing a bunch and especially as I unlocked some more character perks and the latest survivor, the Captain!

I’m looking forward to the updates are to come in the future, but overall, RoR2 did really develop quite nicely, from a game where the teleporter was hard to find in the swamp area and where some bosses would just oneshot you (rip magma worm) and where fire was super op… to a game where can still get oneshot (ugh, void reavers) but it got balanced quite a bit and it’s essentially a ton of fun. Right now, I’m trying to unlock all of the artifacts on top of some of the items that I’m missing… and then I’ll attempt to get some Monsoon runs going before eventually heading into the new alternative mode: Eclipse!

Either way, that’s it for today’s post. I probably forgot some other titles that came out of EA this year but these few were quite memmorable and I did look forward to their release. An honourable mention would be Factorio but I didn’t play that game at all, yet, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get into it at all… and then there’s also Terraria 1.4, although that one wouldn’t fit the theme, would it? I mean, it’s not a 1.0 but it was as hyped up as an actual new release.


TSS#42 – #LoveYourBacklog Week 2020

This Friday is Valentine’s Day and you know who most of us probably haven’t shown any love to, yet? The backlog of games in our library!

Kim from Later Levels wrote about this topic on her blog and started a movement of bloggers out there sharing some love for their backlogs! Yay!

But then again, it doesn’t affect me as much as it should, really. I take my time getting to games I want to get to, and ever since I started blogging and streaming, I’ve been able to cover a lot more games than usual, resulting in my backlog only being at a whopping 723 unplayed games! Yay! Out of a total of 823 Games and about 325 DLCs! If you wanna stare at my massive library, you can do so over here at my profile.

I could swear that my numbers here were bigger and that I was well above 900 games, to be honest, but maybe Steam stopped counting DLCs as their own games, resulting in the shrink at these numbers. Anyways, this week there are bloggers all over the world who are essentially nominating games for a few different categories! On top of that, there is going to be a whole month dedicated to one game out of our backlog and personally… I’d be excited about that, although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to play too much in March. We’ll see about that. 

Anyways, let’s begin with the Nominations!

A game you’re eager to play, but haven’t yet started

This one would be Sniper Elite 4 or Lightmatter. I own both of these games and they both seemed quite interesting. Since I love sniping in shooter-games, I thought that SE4 might be a great addition to my backlog, especially since it was rather cheap at the moment. And as for Lightmatter… it seemed like an interesting Indie Game but even though I installed it, I haven’t been able to play it, yet. 

Now, Lightmatter is quite interesting and I already planned on featuring that in the next Indietail-Review, but as far as SE4 goes… I don’t think that I’ll get the time to play it any time soon as I currently am playing the heck out of Monster Hunter World!

A game you’ve started several times but haven’t yet finished

A game that comes to my mind in this category is Undertale. Honestly, it’s a great game and what makes it so great is especially the community around it. The music is the best part about the game and the humour and characters are written quite well, but I never got to finish it. I started it up again the other day and only played so much of it before eventually uninstalling it again. Maybe I’ll play through it one day… but not for now.

The most recent addition to your library

My most recent additions are The Pedestrian and Coffee Talk. I bought them at the same time in the same purchase, so I guess I’ll have to nominate them both. 

The Pedestrian has been great so far! I’ve only played it for two hours on stream before getting to a point where I was just really tired and wanting to head to bed. And afterwards, I didn’t really get a chance to play it (yet! Will soon play it again, I promise!). The soundtrack, presentation and the puzzles are just incredible and it has this unique idea that is just… delightful. I love it to bits.

As for Coffee Talk, I played it for about two hours and then didn’t touch it for a week but I also am planning to play through that before eventually turning it into a review-post. So, you’ll have to wait to hear my opinion on that one, I guess. So far, though, it’s been just lovely. 🙂

The game which has spent the most time on your backlog

The game that spent the most time on my backlog is apparently Realm of the Mad God but I’m not sure if it counts as it’s been last played on March 23rd, 2014 for an hour (that was my birthday six years ago!). A while later, on July 19th, 2014 Gun Monkeys and East Indie Company Gold found their way into my library but I could play these titles back then, so I ended up not playing them at all “for now” (and here I am, six years later, still not having played these games).

The person responsible for adding the most entries to your backlog

That person probably is past-me who went for every game-giveaway there was back then in order to receive tons of free games. My first ever game on Steam was Dino D-Day. I didn’t buy it but received it for free via Indie-Gala if I remember correctly. Back then I ended up getting a ton of other games as well and I really liked playing a lot of them. The first-ever game I bought was Don’t Starve Together, though, which I’ve played for only twenty hours in the last four years. That’s quite sad, isn’t it? Apart from that, present-me occasionally grabs a title here and there from the steam store and Humble Bundle also provides me with a lot of cool games for a nice price that helps charity organisations around the world, so I guess those people are responsible for that.

Anyways, this is basically my post. Follow the hashtag #LoveYourBacklog to find out about other people’s posts! Share some love to your backlog or try to get to it at your own pace without stressing too much about it. I personally get bored quite often from just one game and swap to the next one when that happens but right now I really am busy with Monster Hunter World, so that probably won’t happen any time soon for me personally. We’ll see.

Until then, cheers!

TSS#41 – We did a 24 hour stream

Happy new year everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted something on this small little piece of work that I’m calling my blog. 

So far, it’s been quite busy university-wise but I still kind of managed to squeeze in a little bit of gaming-time in my free time and I streamed all of it. Whenever I played games, I ended up streaming it on Twitch and that, after a while, lead to me reaching 50 followers on Twitch. And that’s awesome!

But that also meant that I had to do something, that I was once upon a time joking about. I once said that I’d do a 24-hour stream when I reach 50 followers on Twitch, but that was more of a joke, to be honest. But I guess people got caught up or wanted to support me or wanted to see me suffer, so they pushed me a lot whatever their reason was! 

I received a couple of retweets, raids, hosts and people eventually stopped by and followed for real even without knowing anyone, so I reached that number last Monday and ended up setting up the stream for last Wednesday. 

Now, Wednesday isn’t optimal, since I usually have University from 10 am until 6 pm but on that day I decided to skip a few classes, get a little bit of rest and just start up the stream at 9 pm CET. Thursdays don’t have any University-activities for me, so I’d be able to make it through the stream (hopefully), not miss out on any classes and at the same time not mess up my sleep-schedule as I’d go to sleep only an hour after 9 pm CET on Thursday, like a (more or less) normal human being. 

It kind of worked out as planned if it hadn’t come to a few things:

  1. I stayed up until 5 am to finish up my math assignments and then ended up oversleeping and hurrying up quite a lot to get those assignments delivered. 
  2. I didn’t nap after University because of me stressing over countdown-timers, scene layouts and other things that I haven’t set up yet, on top of me trying to support smaller streamers on Twitch by lurking in there chat, while also working on these blog-post drafts of Monster Hunter World that I have been trying to finish up! In the end, I ended up lurking in chat, tidy up the room a bit, and create a a “BRB”-Screen and a 24-hour countdown timer. 

So, I went into the stream at around 9:20 pm while a bit sleep-deprived, manned with a whole lot of coffee, no plan of what to play, an audience of a few people that’d support me for the first few hours of the stream and two pizzas. I was rather prepared for it all, even if the starting-condition sleep-wise weren’t met.

My plan for the stream was to play games for as long as possible and to not go too much into niche-territory of games so that people wouldn’t get too bored with it. After all, Twitch is still a platform for entertainment, right?

Hence, my first game of the stream was Dungreed (review on that coming out soon) where I cleared a couple of runs before switching over to Destiny 2 where I’ve completed a few gambit & gambit prime matches as well as a quest, a few bounties and two strikes; that is if I remember correctly. It was rather fun until someone noticed that it was buffering. My PC has been downloading games all-day-long and therefore has been running all-day-long, too. I should’ve restarted it. 

So, after a quick little restart (about 5 minutes) that I decided to add to the stream-time later (so we’d stream until 9:25 pm on the next day, I ended up playing more Destiny 2 before I got the BEETLE error (I’ll have to fix that eventually) and had to switch games again. That was the time where I swapped over to other games like Risk of Rain 2, Omensight, Stardew Valley, Monster Hunter World, The Red Strings Club, NieR: Automata, Catherine Classic, Overwatch, League of Legends, and Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (not in that order btw). 

The stream was a blast, although it was rather stressful as well. I got blessed with multiple raids, host and lurks as well as people actually chatting with me, trying to cheer me up and keep me awake. I enjoyed that a lot. I was about to do a section with a detailed report and shoutouts to everyone, but I’m not so sure if that’s what people would like to read and I also don’t remember everything properly right now.

I’d like to thank Queen_Gummybear, SeptumChild, PNGcat, Jail_07, Ruxa_TVLobsterpants98, Tessa (other link), MsNoxiDreuCheeseArrogantLifeFaustDaimosChyloRen, itzzRaveline, Butterscotch_27, Nickodimas, and MarsaOvO for the time they spent in the chat and for the support they gave me throughout the stream! 

I’d like to thank itzzRavelinePagan The Wanderer, and signup25 for the hosts!

I’d like to welcome in all the new people that followed and came in to the stream, was nice getting to know ya!

I’d like to thank Butterscotch27 and Nickodimas (again) for making a few hours of the stream even greater than the other ones. They sticked quite a lot of time through with me and were possibly one of the reasons why I didn’t give up during the whole duration even with my migraine coming back up and with me being so tired at some points.

In the future, I’ll be streaming more, I guess, but I’ll also try to post more on my blog, although I’ll probably limit to bi-weekly or monthly posts. As for reviews, I’ll soon post a review on Dungreed and one on Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. 

If you’d like to see some of my first impressions of these two games, you should check out the vods on my channel

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this post. If not, that’s too bad, I guess. Uhm… anyways, have a nice day. I thought I’d summarize everything into one thing and well..