Indietail – Vigil: The Longest Night

The night is long, and alas, it's our turn to struck our weapon through the throat of the night's horrors. Today we're reviewing Vigil! Read more here!

Indietail – Yuppie Psycho

Uncertain, unprepared, and massively unqualified, we're trying to rise and shine in Sintracorp's hierarchy. Is the struggle to survive our very first day at work really worth it? Read more in today's review!

Looking forward to Lamentum

Lamentum is a pixel-art survival horror game set in New England in the mid-nineteenth century. I played the demo of it and honestly, I really liked the vibes that I got from it. Here's why I enjoyed it so much! Developer: Obscure Tales Publisher: Neon Doctrine (formerly known as Another Indie) Release Date: 2021 Genres:... Continue Reading →

Indietail – Original Journey

In today's Indietail review, we're talking about Original Journey: A hand-drawn, sci-fi action-adventure where we join the Ato as they embark on a mission to a distant planet, known as the Shadow Planet, to find a certain crystal that can save our own species and even our dying planet. Developer: Bonfire Entertainment Publisher: Neon Doctrine... Continue Reading →

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