How do you execute multiple game endings well?

NieR Replicant's multiple endings sparked an idea for a post today, so I decided to write about what makes choices meaningful and how I think multiple endings could be implemented well... or rather I share my thoughts. Come discuss it with me!

Indietail – Do Not Feed The Monkeys [Guest Post]

Today I bring do you a review that is actually not written by me but actually by a friend of mine: Quietschisto reviews a game called "Do Not Feed The Monkeys" today! Enjoy!

Humble Choice July 2020

I forgot to pause July's Humble Choice so here's what I got this month - actually wasn't too bad, so that's quite awesome!  As far as June went: I did get the bundle but I forgot to post about it and with exams and everything going on, I ended up not caring enough about it.... Continue Reading →

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