Lab Rat – First Impressions

Today's first impressions are on a game called Lab Rat! This is a puzzle game by Chump Squad and I'm happy to have gotten some early access to the closed beta for this one!

HUMANKIND (Closed Beta) – Part 2

Today, I'm writing about my second run of HUMANKIND. This time we're really good at this game and actually winning as the Olmecs/Edo Japanese. I love this game by the way.

Indietail – Fall Guys

As a kid, I used to watch "Takeshi's Castle" whenever I came home from school and I loved it. Both the candidates and the commentary were hilarious. The game modes were extremely cool as well… and then there was the final round against Takeshi himself where everyone storms the castle and it was just great!... Continue Reading →

Valorant – My First Impressions

Valorant is the new thing and I've got a beta-key, woohoo.In this post, we'll talk about the latest release by our favourite Indie Game Studio, Riot Games! Only a few days ago, Riot released their take on the tactical shooter genre, Valorant, for PC in a Closed Beta. To get keys for that Beta, you... Continue Reading →

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