The Stray Sheep #54 – Ugh where do I even start

Lately, I’ve been feeling sluggish and restless. I’m getting enough sleep and waking up at “normal times” but I still end up not getting much done. Therefore, I thought I’d take this opportunity and write a post about it. 

As already mentioned in previous posts, I’m not able to write up the two posts per day, which is quite bothersome. Currently, I’m on cold turkey and the need for a smoke isn’t as strong anymore but I still am missing some sort of ritual or routine that I’ve had before. During the day I quite often get a bit bored with what I do, as I’m missing a pastime, and when I’m done with certain chores, I usually end up hopping into bed again and spending time reading something or watching videos. Today I ended up napping a bunch, which isn’t necessarily good when you’ve still got two more posts to create for tonight after you’ve only created one post for the Sunday where you didn’t get the post done in time as you’ve had to create two extra posts, etc, etc. 

It’s a bit annoying. I’m procrastinating and then end up needing more time to get done with the posts that I needed for the previous days… when this post is out, I’ll need a second post for today which will probably have to wait until tomorrow as I’m done for today. 

I guess it’s a bit of a motivation issue and while I thought that blogging would be great during these times, it really is not.. after all it’s something pleasant that I now am doing all day long. And I don’t know yet how I’ll handle all this stuff when University starts next week (presumably online but still…. quite weird). Luckily, I should have enough posts for the rainbow award by the 16th, but I really want to keep going with two daily posts, even though it’s a bit stressful when you can’t really think of what to write about.

Roger from containsmoderateperil recently told me that he doesn’t believe in writer’s block when it comes to blogging – and I guess I’d agree as there’s always something to talk about, be it politics or shows that you’ve watched or other mundane activities. It can be your daily lives or what you’ve eaten recently or what you’ve been wearing, reading, watching, listening, drawing, sewing, playing, seeing, noticing and hearing lately. It can be about all kinds of things and usually, I’d come up with some stupid idea on the spot but right now it’s mostly bland stuff after 200 words. 

I was struggling with my “I hate contact damage” post as I didn’t really know how to fill the blog post with more than two hundred words… and I had about eight more posts like that, yelling at clouds for not stopping game devs from doing stupid game mechanics like that… but since clouds don’t really do much apart from floating and getting counted, I couldn’t really type too much in that post but I also didn’t want to just rant at everything in one post and as my internet connection isn’t working today, I can’t really get any screenshots for/from another MonHunLog post as I’m currently typing this out on my phone using my flatmate’s wifi connection… and therefore, a lot of post-drafts can’t be finished today either.

Lastly, I guess I’d mention that it’s the “Getting To Know You” week in Blaugust/Blapril right now, which is why I’ll probably do some of the tags that I’ve been tagged in over the past couple of days/months and I’ll also do some more personal Stray Sheep, I guess? I’ve got so many good ideas for posts but when it comes to writing them up, they take so much time and editing, so I didn’t get to post any of those yet…. but there’s still time until the end of Blapril2020, so maybe I’ll be able to finish those by then. We’ll see.

For now, though, I’ll have to end this post here. Thanks for reading. Hopefully, my internet connection works by tomorrow… we’ll see. If so, then I’ll finally be able to talk about MHW Iceborne and I’ll also be able to stream again or finish up my RimWorld post that has been in the works for a bit now…

Btw, The title’s referring to a great blog btw! Check them out over there! The blog author of that one makes music, writes songs and poems and she’s a lovely human being from my old school that I kind of had a crush on ages ago… although I’ve been stupid and a teen back then, so nobody cares about that anymore, I guess?

Either way. I hope that y’all stay safe and healthy!

Until the next time,


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The Stray Sheep #52 – I can’t say showering or towel

So, today I felt overly sick which is why I didn’t release a post yet and alas had to polish my MonHun-Witcher-post and finish this one. Sorry if this one is a bit shorter than usual or more nonsensical.

So, today’s Stray Sheep is about words I’m bad at pronouncing. Why am I talking about this? Well…

I finally got a chance to talk to Roger from on the Blaugust/Blapril-Discord and alas was able to converse with him on politics, dating, culture, the concept of a “Karen” and a “soy boy” and other stuff. And among “other stuff” was also words’ pronunciation and words I can’t pronounce. I had a lovely time

“Big F in chat”, I’m ill.

So while I can technically say shower like “showurr” and mirror like “mirr”, I don’t want to do it in a “wrong” way and would rather not try at all then abbreviate my path to speaking better English! Another word like that is a towel. It’s just weird in my mouth and doesn’t feel right. Instead, some people say towel like “owl” but with a “t” at the front of it. It’s very peculiar.

There are also other words that I can pronounce but people are getting wrong… or rather… I shouldn’t say “wrong”, they rather get it “American”.

For instance, people are saying “herbs” but pronouncing it “erbs” in the States. I don’t get why they do it, but they do. I’d be confused about “Basil” as some call it “Bazil” or “Bayzel”: One is wrong while the other one is “Basil” and right. There’s also “mirror” which is getting violated by pronouncing it “mirr” instead of “mirruh”, which would be a lot easier.

And this kind of ended up sparking a small discussion in the Blaugust community Roger posted a picture of Basil Brush, “pronounced Bazz-il not Bay-zil”…

And while I am trying to offend people with this post, it’s all in a joking way. I don’t think there’s a wrong way. I don’t want “beef”, especially as I’m not sure how much that would cost me in these times and I don’t think I’m better at English than anyone in our communities but I certainly think that I’m better at talking shit all day and therefore, uh… what am I trying to say?

Ah, right. Today sucked for me as I’m ill and on cold turkey. So let me have this moment of laughter where I talk about how dumb “erbs” sounds. It’s not meant in a harmful way. It’s just jokingly and overall, the are worse than the Americans! And don’t get me started on the Germans with their “Z” sound on every “TH”. Wtf?

Oh well. Hopefully, you all are alright over there. I wish you all a great night. I’ll head to bed in a bit and I’m sorry if this post is a bit rushed or feels that way because… this post is quite rushed and is supposed just give ya an update on me being ill. It’s probably cold-turkey + some psychosomatic stuff but whatever, I guess. Maybe I’m also just having a summer-flu of sorts. Whatever.

Either way, have a nice time.