More Blog Posts, Not Enough Time!

Today I wanted to talk about upcoming posts and other projects that are taking a lot of time out of my schedule, resulting in a bit of a “stressful” situation for me when it comes to blogging and content creation. It’s not exactly stress but I don’t know which posts to publish first and which will come later and what games to review and which series to continue and all of that… and then there’s the YouTube video (with a new video coming up tonight)… but I’ll have to stay on the ball and make that work, which is why I figured I should give y’all a status update on what’s going on behind the scene at Indiecator, essentially.

So, first things first: It’s not stress. It’s just about planning and time management. University is keeping me quite busy and the little time I have for blog posts today is not enough for a review, despite my original plans. At the same time, I noticed that this month’s Humble Choice is out already (Spoilers! It’s great!) and I’ll have to write a post on that soon-ish… but before that, I’ll have to cover other things first.

Those other things are keys I got from developers and publishers. I have them installed and I’m ready to roll essentially and to revue them but I didn’t get to it quite yet. I have played two releases already but while one of the posts was scheduled for today, I ended up changing the plans since something went wrong with the pictures that I needed, so I’ll have to redo that bit and I wasn’t quite happy with it. Instead, I’ll have to move that to tomorrow. Really excited about these two titles that I got to play already before they were announced, thanks to the publisher, Neon Doctrine. Meanwhile, there is also another Beta that I have access to and that I wanted to post about by someone who worked on Bioshock Infinite before… and it’s cute and amazing and I’m looking forward to that. 

There are also a fair few reviews planned for the next few days, including SNKRX, A Nightmare’s Trip, RONIN, Vane, Smile For Me, Lambs on the Road, and MidBoss. Among those are some newer additions to my library as well as a bunch of games that I loved before they were cool… or rather that I love and that I find cool while nobody has ever played them before. Anyways, really looking forward to that.

Before those games, however, I’ll need to first make two posts on two games I got access to, weeks ago, as well as another post on that aforementioned Beta… and then there’s also the Humble Choice post, so, looking forward to that. After that’s sorted, I’ll review those other games eventually… and then I’ll also get out some Manga/Anime reviews that I’ve been meaning to write for ages now. I’m really looking forward to that.

Other plans for the near future include some work on a (hold your socks) newsletter that you may want to subscribe to once it’s ready. Essentially, it will come out weekly and summarise the posts from each week and what happened on the streams. There will be screenshots and media present, probably, of stuff that didn’t make it into the reviews, as well as behind the scenes information that doesn’t necessarily belong in a blog post. 

And well, I’m streaming right now quite often whenever I don’t study, and we raised 40$ already, which is a ton, actually, and I’m looking forward to raising more for The Trevor Project!

Anyways, I just wanted to make this post and I’m looking forward to writing about more games, although I’m not sure if I should maybe take a break or change something about the length of my posts or the effort I put in. I’m certainly not efficient enough, I think, so it’s all causing me a bit of a pain in the arse because I end up postponing blog posts and/or creating more reasons to procrastinate, which is… an issue.

Oh well, I also have a plant now called Bellatrix and I love her and she’s amazing. I don’t know why but I’m really happy to have a plant in my room again and I hope that she lives a long and happy life. Post on that soon-ish, too.

Hope you enjoyed this one! Quick little update, essentially. If you want to get your Humble Choice goodness earlier, you may want to check out Naithin’s post on it. I’m sure I know what game is gonna be on rank 1 for him and while it may not be published just yet, he’ll probably get it out before me this time around!


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Taking pride in what I do

My parents always kind of told me to not be too proud of things. I’ve heard similar things from a friend from Sweden once and from friends from a bunch of other countries and it’s just this kind of thing where you’re supposed to learn from mistakes and you’re not supposed to be too proud of your success because you’ll get complacent and cocky, I guess?

Well, today, I wanted to do the opposite. I kind of wanted to be proud of myself and started editing a video together. I cut a VOD from Twitch into tons of clips, deleted a lot of less entertaining stuff, and really enjoyed eventually creating this ten-minute long video that is sort of entertaining… At least it makes me chuckle here and there and I hope that it brings a smile onto other people’s faces as well.

Similarly, I’ve been very proud of a recent stream that I did over on Twitch and I’m looking forward to developing my branding and theme even more so that the Crypt becomes an actual place where people come to rest in peace without any of that negative stuff that living people have to deal with.

And then I’ve also been quite proud of my blog here. I rarely ever talk about numbers, mostly because I don’t know if I need to be proud of it… but… these past few months (especially ever since I started posting daily) have been amazing numbers-wise and while I know that this post will most likely not give that many impressions/views/etc., I am quite proud to announce that the past few months have been doubling previous numbers while this month is nearly tripling past months’ numbers, which is amazing. My review on Ape Out is reeling in some good numbers, despite it being only two days old, which is exciting because I’ve never been this proud of any of my reviews before. I feel like I actually got my thought process and my philosophy out and that Ape Out really enabled me to do so. Putting my thoughts into words is hard for me, especially since English my third language, but I feel like I did a good job this time around and I hope that I’ll continue to create (subjectively speaking/from my perspective) “good reviews” that I’ll be satisfied with. Reviews don’t normally get that many impressions short-term but they get more and more over time. The Steam Curator page is getting more impressions, however, and apparently, my blog is influencing quite a few views, which is a new one for me… and it’s great to see that. I’m essentially doing what I tried to do here: Give people reviews on Indie Gems that hardly anyone knows about! Really excited about that!

Now, obviously, my head’s still very much thinking that this post is stupid and that I’m misbehaving for actually taking pride in my work here… but I feel like it’s important for me to take pride in what I accomplish and to not dwell too much on what I could have done better. It’s something that I try to get better bit by bit, day by day. It’s a skill that I need so that my headspace doesn’t get too bad. Otherwise, I’ll end up overthinking everything and it puts me in a very bad space. So, today, I celebrate this stuff.

To sum it all up, I worked on a video, actually familiarised myself with DaVinci Resolve and even figured out how to render & save a project without googling it… I ended up creating some nice posts over the last couple of weeks and have been at it for 118 days now (including today)… and my streams have been good and I even have plenty of ideas in regards to animations I want to create for alerts, scenes, etc. Really excited about all of that so, today I want to cheers myself and pat myself on the back. Hope that doesn’t sound too conceited or cocky or whatever but this is just for me and my mental health. Thus,…


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Time off, Distraction, and efficiency

Today I wanted to talk about a bunch of things, including university, distractions, efficiency, and time management when it comes to Blogging, Streaming, etc.

So, I’ve been streaming quite regularly over the last couple of weeks and have been really enjoying it. Sadly, though, I’ve got to take the weekend off and focus on some university stuff as well as family time. My mom’s birthday is this weekend, so I’m visiting my parents until Sunday. That’s one of the reasons why I limited the times I left the house in the last two weeks to the utmost minimum required… Just in case, y’know? The quick covid test I did the other day revealed that I don’t have it right now (praise the test station next to the dorm) and that I’m not asymptomatic. That’s good. I won’t put my parents at risk and since my father and my sister will pick me up later today, I won’t have any chance to catch it somewhere on my way there. The same thing goes for my way back on Sunday. It’s all safe and honestly, it’s something that I really needed. With the recent events over here and us getting put back into a harder lockdown with an actual curfew (again), I’d like to take the chance to visit my family and spend some time there while I have the chance and time to. University just started, so stuff’s rather slow at the moment. I doubt that I’ll have the time to visit them after this week until August… and even then, I’ll have my exams in August until the end of the semester and I’ll have to deal with all kinds of other things… Honestly, it’s a pain in the arse and I’m looking forward to the end of university. For starters, like in every semester, I’ll have mostly online classes meaning that every professor gives you tons of homework because you’ll have to make up for the time that they waste in their zoom-meetings due to “technical difficulties” aka them not finding the screen share button or them not connecting their tablet properly. I know it’s not their fault… This situation only has been going on for a year… but I feel like it’s a bit unreasonable to just dump everything onto the students and to then pretend that it’s fair to do so. After all, reading essentially a whole book every week isn’t really the problem, understanding it is. Pair that with written homework, writing assignments, and all the philosophy classes I have on top of that that consist of reading and understanding stuff… It’s a lot of work and the workload increased a whole bunch compared to the previous semesters.

So that’s just me venting about not really having too much free time and yet I’m here also blogging daily and streaming on a lot of days. Well, I’ve been at it for a while and just like with blogging, you’ll have to stay consistent in streaming. With Blog Posts, releasing one every few weeks would be plentiful already for Google to show your posts online. I mean, I get a lot of hits as of late because I stay relevant every day. Understandably, I want to keep at it, and yet I’ve got to cheat now and actually back-schedule this post here to keep the streak and post again tonight to have a post up for today. I’m sorry. I don’t wanna cheat but I just passed out last night. So, uh, why am I doing this? Well, mostly, since streaming and blogging really are my only two creative outlets. I don’t have much free time so I’d like to do something like this more and more consistently. I want to keep at it and basically finish a post a day and stream three to four times a week and improve my English skills by writing and talking a lot in English. After all, I study English Studies, y’know? And I’m aiming to teach it, too, so there’s that, too. Overall, I like getting my work done for the day and then finishing up a post in the evening before heading to bed and it works so far… but yesterday, I was just exhausted. And with morning streams I basically have a similar thing that I can do to start off the day “productively” – I mean, I provide a space where people can distract themselves from the events in the outer world. Be it the never-ending pandemic or the never-ending police brutality in the States, it can be quite taxing on one’s mentality if you’ve got to deal with that all the time. Heck, I hate the newsticker on my phone that I can’t seem to turn off that notifies on the latest covid numbers and new measures, curfews, etc. It fucks with my head, frankly. It’s annoying and I feel like mental health topics should be talked about more often and that they should be taken seriously. So, my stream, The Crypt, is basically a place where you can lay your worries and anxieties to rest and enjoy your time without having to fear toxicity or bigotry and where everyone can have some nice chats and a chill time and listen to good music and watch me fail at games or fail at applying that gradient in Art streams and all of that. It’s basically me relaxing and essentially sharing it with others so they can relax as well. I think that stuff like that is needed, too. I’m happy if people enjoy the streams and while the numbers have been great as of late, I wouldn’t say that I care a whole lot. We just recently hit 500 followers on Twitch and I couldn’t be happier but in the end, as long as I get to provide a safe space like that and as long as I get to make new friends, I’m more than happy with how the stream is going. But I won’t be able to stream this weekend and that’s kind of annoying because I won’t stay relevant in a way, just like how breaks hurt your numbers on WordPress or any other blogging site. Hence, I’ll be happy to return to streaming on Monday… hopefully with a bit more time for that.

The issue here is, however, that I just pointed out that I have little to no time to take care of myself while also having to juggle important things like chores and university on top of having the blog and the stream going on as well…. which is why time management comes into place. Since the beginning of the stream, I’ve mostly been posting stuff on the same day that I’ve written it up… that’s something I want to change. I want to have “one in the can” and I want to have that security of potentially being able to take a day off and focus on other things while still having a scheduled post. On top of that, it would be lovely if I could have at least one review every week coming up if not even two reviews per week, despite them taking more time than my usual posts… This is why I need to manage my time more and become more efficient.

Hence, I’ve recently started using ClickUp, which is a cool website that lets you organise your tasks and displays them in a lot of ways. I have yet to figure out the best way of doing things on there but I plan on splitting up posts into multiple tasks and completing them over several days. Essentially, that will mean that I won’t edit posts after two hours but instead, I’ll edit them the next day. On Monday, I’d post a review, then I’d work on two separate posts. Tuesday, I’d write up a new review, post the one prepared on the day before and edit the other post. Wednesday, I’d edit the new review, post the post prepared on Tuesday, write up a new post. I think that splitting it up like that could increase the quality of the different posts. Similarly, it might take a load off my shoulders… I’ll have to experiment a bit with all of that but I’ll post on it again and maybe even “review” ClickUp as a whole. I’ve been using it for my university stuff since the beginning of the week and honestly, it’s really good at displaying stuff that needs to be done as a list, with tasks, subtasks, etc. You can assign statuses like “completed” and “work in progress” to it and move it over from category to category… and similarly if I increase my efficiency like this a bit more, I could maybe finally get to those interviews I had planned for YouTube.

As you can see I have a lot of things going on and plans for the future and my goal with ClickUp is to essentially manage my time better, create certain time windows for different aspects of blogging, create fixed times for streaming, and have a lot more control over my streaming hours and my university hours. The goal overall is to free up a day and be able to take care of me without getting overwhelmed by all the things I still have to do. Keeping track of the tasks, staying efficient at what I have to do, using tags to sort through things, assigning priorities, etc. – I feel like it could help me a lot to deal with this “burden” that I’m feeling right now. After all, priorities are important: University/Mental Health > Chores > Blogging/Streaming… but I still want to make everything work and because of that I just need to have the time management in control and set boundaries, set time windows and priorities to everything.

So, this post here is technically yesterday’s post… I mean, you’ll see it as “today’s post” but it’s actually a post written on Friday that got scheduled back to Thursday because I literally passed out from exhaustion yesterday after ten hours of university with little to no breaks between it due to professors going for 2-hour classes instead of 1.5 hours and because the next professor will just start the class even if you’re in another, and then I didn’t have time to eat at all or go for fresh air or anything and afterwards my head felt like it was exploding. -> Bad Time-Management on my end. 

Uh, so I’ll prepare a post for Friday and write up posts as usual for Saturday and Sunday. I’ll have to go to the doctor’s on Tuesday so I won’t stream then but I will for sure on Monday. I’ll then have to deal with the university classes and all the tasks left to do this weekend but being in a different environment aka my hometown should maybe help with my mental health and this weird headspace that I’ve been in over the last few days. Once all of that’s done, I’ll probably start this new time management schedule thingy… and I’ll have to see how it works out for me.

To sum it all up, the point of this post was to say: Hey, I’ll try this new thing and it will definitely help me out because I need better time management. It will also improve blog posts probably. It will also make studying and streaming and blogging at the same time a lot easier. That’s all.


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A Stray Sheep on Reviews and Daily Blogging – 100 Days in a Row!

The last time, I made a post like this was in February. Today I wanted to talk about Daily Blogging and things I’ve noticed. Currently, I’m on a 102-day posting streak, so it’s been nearly 50 posts since I last did an update on this challenge of myself. Overall, I’m really enjoying it. It’s fun to see the blog’s readership grow and to see that we’re already halfway to March’s numbers, despite it still being the beginning of April. I mean, not that it matters too much but it’s nice to see how well certain blog posts are received compared to others and how many impressions my Steam Curator page, for instance, is leaving on certain games. Very nice!

One thing I noticed is that I’m falling a bit behind on reviews as of late because university’s starting again and stuff’s getting busy and overall, I need more time for a review post compared to a post like this here with just my rambling and fewer screenshots and a lot less editing going on. I already have a review scheduled for next Tuesday, though, and I can’t post it now due to the embargo that the publisher set. Hence, I’m looking forward to preparing a blog post on that day for the next day and potentially bank up on blog posts. Having one in the can would be lovely, especially with how busy things will be starting next week… Not having to worry about a post every day could also probably help out a lot with my routines. I enjoy writing these up in the evening but if I had a fixed schedule with posts in the mornings for instance that I’ve written the evening before, I’d end up freeing myself a bit more. It’s basically like procrastination but backwards… Recrastination? Doing everything early? Well, not everything… but you know.

I mean, I really like publishing reviews on my blog and would love to do that more often but as it is right now, I’ll have to play a game for a longer time, write down notes, write up the post, edit the post, add screenshots and formatting, and then I need to handle social media for that post (aka the Steam Curator page, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Discord) – and despite the latter taking a lot less time than the other steps, it’s all a lot of “work” or rather “effort”, without any negative connotations. After all, I love this. I love sharing my thoughts. I love bringing attention to small games like that. My blog may not be the biggest in the world but I like having certain standards and upholding them…

…and that latter point is me throwing shade at some bigger outlets out there. When it comes to reviews, I tend to not care about the big magazines too much. Sure, I may read an article by some of the bigger outlets or read the title of a review but I tend to go for small bloggers I trust rather than a big outlet that is getting tons of keys every day and that basically only plays it for an hour or so before writing up that post. Games nowadays seem to have the fun parts front-loaded into the first few hours… and then the issues arise later on down the line, resulting in these big outlets getting these keys, playing them for an hour or so at most (presumably) and then writing raving reviews about it. My review on Per Aspera talked about issues that nobody seems to care about because they probably haven’t played the game that far. While I like the game, I wouldn’t recommend it because of those issues, yet a lot of bigger outlets’ reviews that I’ve checked out after writing mine seem to either just not care about the problems in the game or they just don’t know about them, which is an issue.

And I know that written review may be a bit outdated, too. With everything turning towards streaming and video creation, written reviews that take a while to read are becoming rarer and rarer. People want to rather listen to a podcast (working on that!) or YouTube videos (planning for that!) instead of reading a 1k-word long review about a game they never heard about from a guy they hardly know at all. So, it makes sense that bigger outlets end up trying to milk posts for reviews by publishing a lot of shorter ones with less effort or less playtime… There are exceptions to that rule, of course, and I didn’t really do too much research on everyone’s playtime, but I noticed indicators for a short playtime in a lot of posts, basically. People not talking about the problems in a game or frankly mentioning “negative stuff” from the early hours, for instance. Before I used to write about games, I’d read up on these titles on all sorts of sites, then I’d end up buying it and playing it for myself only to then notice that it’s actually not that good… but I was past the point of refunding it and regretted the purchase. Alas, I lost my trust in some of the bigger sites and don’t really give a damn about their opinions anymore. If I were to do the same to be able to ship out more reviews, I’d end up potentially betraying the trust of readers that actually trust my opinions and my taste in games, resulting in me losing those readers… and what’s worse, wasting their time and money, making them regret things potentially, and making them sad.

Maybe I’m just overthinking this a bit too much but what I’m trying to say is that I want to post more reviews but I’ll have to figure out a schedule for how to do things and when to write when to edit, and when to post these reviews. Maybe I’ll switch from “doing everything in one day” to “doing a little bit every day and working on a different post on different days”. I think I have a plan when it comes to that and how to do that… Obviously, I could also do more guest posts. Obviously, I could hire people to write for me or have other authors as well… or even a ghostwriter, haha… but I won’t do that. This is my personal gig and I like doing this. More guest posts would be great but I’m not planning on actually having a permanent team in place anytime soon or turning this into some bigger operation like that.

Let’s sum it up: I alluded to working on a podcast-type of thing as well as potential YouTube content, and I’ve been talking about my thoughts on big review sites and why I don’t want to do certain things aka my values when it comes to writing reviews as well as why that doesn’t work too well with posting reviews steadily.


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New content?

A while ago, I was writing about how I want to post more often and also create new content and maybe even meddle with podcasts or video reviews. Hence, I figured I should maybe post an update on that. 

For starters, I’ve been keeping up my daily blogging-streak for 69 days in a row (well, 70 now…) and have been having a lot of fun with blogging in general as of late. That’s a great thing. Now and then, I’ve noticed problems arising like missing prompts, etc. …but I’ve dealt with that by stocking up on silly drafts and more serious drafts and drafts on games in my library that I wanted to talk about. Alas, I now have the problem of “what should I post today” instead of “what should I post”. “Die Qual der Wahl” – The torture of choice or as Sartre would say: We’re condemned to be free… or in my case, I have too many games to play and too much choice, in contrast to the Humble Choice posts where I have just two: Pause it or pick it all.

Next up, I’ve recorded another interview with a developer. The first-ever interview I did on here was with Forrest Dowling from The Molasses Flood right before the release of Drake Hollow! It was a written interview since I didn’t feel too confident in recording anything but I’m looking forward to taking that step now and moving on to a mix of written and video interviews. The full interview will be released on YouTube once I’ve figured out what to call the channel and how to render stuff… also, I was thinking of maybe editing it a little bit to adjust the audio levels and render it and that kind of stuff… although, I have yet to figure out how to do all of that. I’m a bit rusty in the editing department, you see… so that’s an issue I’ll have to worry about later. In essence, I’ll have the full interview on YouTube for anyone that’s interested in 25 minutes of interesting questions on Beacon Pines with one of the developers… as well as some laughs. I’ll also write a post on everything and shorten the interview a little bit so that you get the important bits in the written format and the more elaborate explanations and full answers in the video there.

The plan with the channel is to either go with “Dan Indiecator”, “Indiecator” or “MagiWasTaken” as for the username… the first variant and the latter are a bit less brand-able, I guess, so it’s most likely going to be “Indiecator” on YouTube if that name isn’t taken already. I’m looking forward to potentially uploading first impressions of games or maybe even full video-reviews on there that show footage of the games with my voiceover or something. That way I can reach more people with my reviews and find a bigger audience, I guess… which is great because more people will find out about these Indie Gems! 

Another thing I could do would be to record and upload the first half-hour or so of Gameplay to YouTube and embed it into my written reviews, so that you can see the gameplay for yourself… but I’m not entirely sure if that’s really in line with my current style of reviews. I’ll think about it but I’ll most likely pass on that.

Next up: Podcasts. Anchor and WordPress have this nice collaboration going on where you’re able to fully voice posts within minutes and upload them to Anchor, Spotify, and so on. It’s a nice feature and I’m looking forward to uploading those eventually so that people can listen to my reviews maybe. I doubt that I’ll grow a platform on there but it’s going to be something nice for people that already read my reviews or that just want to listen to my voice or something while they do mundane tasks or when they want to go to bed. I’d also like to talk about gaming-related topics, upcoming releases, thoughts on different matters, Twitch-related stuff, and all of that with someone else on a monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly podcast of sorts. I feel like that would be quite cool but I’ve never done that so it’s going to be interesting!

Alas, there is plenty of things to do. I’d imagine that I could also create edits of Stream Vods to grow a platform on YouTube and transition it into a bigger audience on Twitch… but I’m honestly not too concerned about that and I’m not entirely sure if I want to do that. I don’t want to grow too much, to be honest… we’ll see.

Anyways, that’s the plans for the future, kinda. Looking forward to it!


A Stray Sheep on Blogging Daily

I’m currently on a 54-day streak on Indiecator according to WordPress. It just kind of happened over the last few days of 2020 and I ended up sticking with it after seeing that I accumulated a few days of daily blogging. Alas, I figured: Why not challenge myself in 2021 and see for how long I can keep this up? 

And well, today I ended up having no prompt and no idea what to write about. Thus, my prompt for today is just about that: Daily blogging and the pickle I’m in. Kind of a cheat in a way, right? When you can’t think of anything to write about, write about the issue you’re facing, eh? 

Over the past 54 days, I’ve posted twelve game reviews, including one that was just edited by me (aka Quietschisto’s guest post). Daily Blogging kind of helped me with just going for any game and tackling it head-on. Write about it since you wanted to write about it for so long but haven’t had the chance to do so. My review on Hades, for instance, is one that has been sitting in the drafts for ages and that got changed over and over and over again. I would just rewrite it so many times, resulting in me never posting it until everyone has written about it already, which gave me less of a reason to write about it. In a way, daily blogging pushed me to abandon that idea of “everything having been said already” on certain titles. I mean, I even made a post on Crywank, a band that I love and adore SO MUCH but that hardly anyone knows about – or at least it feels like that within my circles. I loved writing about it and some vague and interesting thought and prompt I had in mind and semi-analysing their song “Now I’m Sad”, effectively warping the idea of the song or the idea of one passage into something that I live by. And my Dr Pepper review? It was only semi-serious and kind of dumb but I’ve been meaning to make a post on that for ages now. Nowadays, it’s probably a lot less relevant since my blog’s and my stream’s theme doesn’t revolve around it as much anymore… but I still had a lot of fun writing about it.

I got to post about Bioshock 2Destiny 2, and even Valheim just recently, and I got to explore other ideas I had for drafts, effectively shrinking my drafts folder down considerably from the 100 something drafts I had to… 60… At least, that’s something! 

Publishing a post every day is a bit rough for me lately due to exams and other obligations. Potentially starting next week, I’ll have to go to my internship and hence I will have less time to stream and blog, which is going to be bothersome… but I’ll manage somehow. The biggest factor in all of this has been time-management. Balancing the time I study, the time I spent with Ms Magi, the time I need to take care of myself, food, laundry and other chores, as well as the time I invest in blogging and streaming… balancing all of that can be a bit tricky at times but learning about that now and setting priorities is a skill that I’ll have to learn eventually anyways. With my headspace being a mess lately and me procrastinating more often these days, all of these priorities are a jumbled mess and I’m having a hard time settling for appropriate times to publish posts or do things like laundry and whatever. Alas, that’s a bit of an issue, but I’ll manage somehow.

I think the biggest takeaway from releasing a post every evening for the last couple of days has been this sense of accomplishment after hitting “publish” again. I really have been enjoying this sense of winding down after a lot of studies (or other things) by making tea, sitting down at my desk and writing about anything really. Hitting “publish” means that I created something and finished it immediately. It’s done. Just like the day. Then I get sleepy and go to bed. A new day begins and I get to do other things before winding down with a blog post later. That’s been quite a nice feeling for me as of late, and I appreciate the fact that I get to write for people about things that I’m passionate about. I’d love it if I could continue like this forever.

And I know, I know… technically, I haven’t written the post yesterday. Quietschisto did. I frankly edited his post, added my editorial note at the beginning and end, formated it, added screenshots and that info box, before posting it… now that I think about it, it sounds actually like more than I did, but you catch my drift, right? It was a joint effort. And I was and still am glad that Thomas (and two others so far) offered themselves up for writing about games and reviewing them essentially on my blog. I hope that it pays out for them as well in terms of views, clout, traffic or whatever you wanna call it. I really hope it does. In the same way, I hope I get to write something for others as well once I have a bit more time for that. But still, I kind of have this feeling that that post doesn’t count as “my post” and that the streak is falsified through that… but at the same time, I posted 56 posts in 54 days, so I could technically argue that I’ve redeemed myself already… not that someone’s trying to guilt-trip me about that other than myself. I’m just being weird.

At last, a bonus of blogging daily has been that I’ve been able to generate more traffic for the blog, effectively. That means that more people have been around, which is cool, and more people got to read about the cool games that I wrote about, resulting in potentially new people finding out about these Indie gems… and I’m happy about that. Yesterday’s post even got retweeted by the developers on Twitter, which I’m really glad about. They thanked Quietschisto and me for the review with THREE exclamation marks! That must mean that they really liked it! Right? Right?! Right! Yup! Probably! I’m glad about that! 😀 

Anyways, I managed to fulfil my quota by posting yet again about my experience with daily blogging. Again, I didn’t really have a prompt for today until I had this prompt. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post. 

Hope you enjoyed my rambling today! Take care of yourself!


This post was first published by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken on Indiecator.

TSS #100 – The Stray Sheep, Daily Posting and Save Aikka

I checked earlier and noticed that the “The Stray Sheep” category on my blog had 99 posts already, so I thought I’d mention that in the 100th post and celebrate it by talking about what’s going on right now and how stuff is going. After that, I’ve got also got a campaign that I wanted to promote for a friend’s cat, so please read through that, too, if you’re interested.

For starters, The Stray Sheep has been my standard-category for anything that didn’t belong in the other categories. Whenever I talked about my values, ideas, life, or generally about anything really, I’d post it in The Stray Sheep… and while it has been the birthplace of a lot of cool prompts, it also has been a phenomenal way of venting about things and talking about stuff that has nothing to do with the usual blogging stuff. In a way, it’s like The Stray Sheep in Catherine: Classic where all kinds of people gather and bring together their stories and vent away over a drink or two. That’s basically where the idea came from anyways and I really enjoyed rambling away at life and all kinds of things. 

Aikka is so cute!

Apart from that, I’d say that 100 Stray Sheep felt more like a thousand and I’m glad that I’m able to ramble away at things like this without any negative comments or any trolls or whatever. I’ve heard bad stories about bloggers getting teased by people online but overall, I haven’t had that experience quite yet and I’m quite glad about it. 

Second up, I’ve been posting daily for 32 days in a row now (including this day) and it is kind of stressful but also quite manageable and fun. In a way, it gives me some time to wind down in the evenings when I prepare a post after studying for so long. It’s a fun way to deal with the current situation and doing so every day feels good. Initially, I was on vacation at the end of December and ended up preparing a lot of posts that would come out every few days. The issue I had, however, was that views were getting a bit low there, which is why I created new posts while I was away!

Aikka’s such a good boy!

When I got back, I posted again and all of a sudden, achievements popped up with a one-week-posting-streak which was lovely. Alas, I thought I’d keep it up and post more, only to see for how long I can keep this up, and while not every day is getting as many views as previous days in the last few months… overall, I’m getting a lot more views during the month, which is a good sign. 

Again, views don’t really matter too much to me, as in I don’t really thirst for views or post about something with views in mind. Rather, when I post a review on a game, I want a lot of people to see it, so naturally, posting more is better for views on the blogs (“duh.”) and linking back to previous posts helps a lot as well. I kind of feel like my reviews are making a bit of an impact with more e-mails for potential reviews churning in daily to the point where I’m a bit overwhelmed really. I’m looking forward to potentially starring guest bloggers in the future over here to not only represent other parts of the blogging community but also to help me out if that makes sense. The world of Indie Games is vast and I’m looking forward to having other people share the journey with me. If you’re interested in that, make sure to mail me at!

Aikka is love, Aikka is life.

At last, I wanted to talk about Aikka. Aikka has cancer and needs help right now. Noom_TV, the owner of Aikka, who’s also a lovely streamer and friend of mine started that campaign since the medical bills for his lovely cat-boy are just too much to handle. Of course, you don’t have to donate anything if you don’t want to, but I’d appreciate it if you could spread the word, share it, and if you have some spare change to spare, you could also donate something, if you want to. I hope that we can help Aikka. With Covid and everything going on, I’d obviously not expect anyone to donate anything to Noom’s gofundme but I feel like it would be a great opportunity to do something good and help someone out.

You can find Noom’s campaign over here:

Spread the word and share it with others! I’m sure that we can help Aikka out!

Either way, I hope you enjoyed this quick little update-post for the 100th Stray Sheep. I’m looking forward to posting more in the future, and again, I’m looking forward to potentially starring other bloggers over here! Hope you enjoyed this post! 


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TSS#67 – Blaugust Prompt #1 – Fandoms

Blaugust is here! I mean, August is here! 

Alas, here’s the first prompt by Belghast: “If you could change anything about one of your core fandoms, what would it be?” – and I’m already confused. My issue with this one is that I don’t think I’m part of really any fandom… at least I’m no active member of any bigger communities of fans of a genre, game, show, band, etc. But I’ll do my best to answer this prompt!

I guess that I’m a relatively big fan of Anime and Manga. I do read my fair share and watch quite a bunch right now. The only problem with the fandom I have, though, is the weebs. And I’m not trying to be inappropriate but usually, there is a “too far” for everything: 

Chocolate can be sweet but it can also be “too bitter”. You can drink a bunch of beers but you can also take it “too far” and get alcohol poisoning. 

I binged Kokkoku, the other day, btw – and I can highly recommend it!

With the anime fandom, it’s the same. 

According to (my streaming service of choice for ages now), I’ve watched a total of 5134 Anime episodes so far, not counting in episodes watch on other sites. As far as Manga chapters go, the number is at 811, not counting in chapters, manhwa, webtoons, light novels, etc. read on other sites. 

But I know people with bigger and smaller numbers that are way too extreme in regards to the fandom. I’m talking about people that don’t just watch anime… I’m talking about people that breathe anime. -> Weebs or weaboos. 

And well, the thing I’d change about them is just the fact that I don’t want them to call me an “otaku” or a “fellow weeb” because that’s insulting. That’s it. I have no problem with them being the way they are. I have no problem with them loving what they do. I just don’t like it when some of them try to convince others that those other people are also “otakus” (which is an insult if I remember correctly, to begin with). 

I really gotta finish this show up eventually… but I also am watching way too many other shows…

As far as other fandoms go, I used to be part of the Dr Who fandom and a few communities but then the constant discussions about “the best Doctor” and the diehard fans that don’t like a female doctor got on my nerves. Christopher Eccleston (or the Ninth Doctor) is probably my favourite but I’d never go as far as to go that he’s “the best doctor” since there is no universal truth like that. Matt Smith? David Tennant? Peter Capaldi? All great doctors! Loved them! I would not want to convince others, however, that these people are “the best” over others.

Uh, other fandoms… I’m a support main in League of Legends and since I love playing the role, I’d consider that a fandom of sorts, I guess? Anyways, I’d change the Janna Mains. I fucking hate them. It’s not about their champs… it’s also not about ALL of them… it’s just about the toxic ones because Janna Mains are the most fucking obnoxious and toxic support players in League. Janna is a champion that doesn’t require too much skill and that is really well at disengaging enemies and enabling their ADC. While I like playing her every now and then, I don’t usually do it nowadays, as she’s still missing a bunch of things that I like with other enchanters. She’s also just a champion played by toxic people that I don’t want to get associated with. Same goes for Nami Mains that build Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. Don’t. Fucking. Do. That. For reals. Your Q is a knock-up, your E is a slow already and your ultimate is a knock-up as well. You don’t really need the slow, especially as slows don’t stack in League. 

Btw, this is probably my favourite Janna skin. Way too adorable!

But in the end, I’m just complaining about extremes here. I feel like every fandom and every community has certain “Stans” and “extreme fans” that just take things too far or trolls and idiots that just act in bad faith, as everwake pointed out as well. I feel like there is always one shitty person for every ten good people, period. Not just in fandoms. Of course, there are also people that just try to diehard defend their own object of interest while degrading, as Bel noted, and I’d include those parts of these fandoms in the “shitty person” analogy as well.

I don’t think that you can change people that easily but I feel like people shouldn’t just look at the negative side of these fandoms but also the positive side with all the creators, cosplayers, artists, writers, bloggers, authors, theorists, analysts, etc. that provide us all with a bunch of awesome things

But I don’t really consider myself a part of any fandom… I mean, of course, I’m a fan of a bunch of things but I don’t usually interact with too many “likeminded” people apart from the Blaugustans or people in different discord and twitch communities. And regarding the “Blaugust Fandom”, I don’t really know what I’d change if at all. 🙂

So that was my take on the first prompt. You can find “the original post” here, made by Bel. Tomorrow’s prompt is being presented by Dragonray from Azerothian Life who (from what I could tell) is a blogger who is mostly writing about their adventures in World of Warcraft. Bel also talked highly of them, so I’m looking forward to browsing some more on that blog, despite not actually playing WoW. 🙂

This post is part of the Blaugust 2020 event. Wanna know more about it? Then check out my post on it or Bel’s post where he also linked everyone who’s participating! Be sure to check out the others as well!

TSS#46 – Your daily dose of internet togetherness – BLApril 2020mg!

Times are rough over here, which is why I prescribe you your daily dose of internet togetherness. It’s a drug of sorts with 2020mg of BLApril and it seems to be potent as a lot of bloggers are joining in to take part in this year’s pre-poned Blaugust-Event.

When I just started blogging last year in July, I joined a community of bloggers called the Blaugustans and it was wholesome and many people had great advice for the Newbie I was back then… and nearly a year later I’m still up and blogging the heck out of this blog. Kinda.
I’m not too active but the blog’s not dead yet and with the current state of the world I was excited to prepare a ton of posts for this year’s Blaugust – but then Bel and some other mentors ended up pre-poning Blaugust to April. Hence, the new design and the new name but the same old spirit. Lovely!

I’m eager to take part in here this month and while my initial goal was to overachieve with 62 to 69 posts, I’m not that well prepared and have not nearly enough finish posts to go with double posts for the entire month. Instead, I’ll do my best to keep up with two daily posts and I’ll try to create new posts without dropping quality on the fly during the next few days to weeks. I’ll try to hit at least the 31-post-mark and if make it to 42 or even 62 posts in April! It will be a challenge but I’m hyped up and excited to try out a few new formats and review some manga and shows, books and other kinds of media – so a whole new world will open up for me this month and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

As far as preparation goes compared to last year’s Blaugust… it’s not as well-planned. I remember setting up “Stray Sheep” to fill the gaps and talk about other topics in between game reviews and… I’ll still do that. There will also be some tags and other posts that involve tagging other people this year… and I’m planning on also doing recaps of my streams and continue the MonHunLog, especially as I’ve just recently bought IceBorne!
Compared to last year, the overall-schedule may be a mess, but I’ll try to organise it as much as possible.

I’m still a Newbie and I still have a ton to learn but I’m trying myself at experimenting with Spacers, Galeries and other sorts of ways to structure my posts and I’d be glad to receive some feedback on that.

Overall, this will be delightful and while I’m feeling under the weather I’ll do my best to blog as much as possible so that we all experience some great internet togetherness!

To that….

This post is part of a challenge called BLAPRIL. The goal is to post as much as possible during the 30 days of April. There are different themes during some of the weeks and a lot of mentors, newbies and participants participating. Feel free to check this hub-post out and check out the other participants!

The Stray Sheep #29 – lazy

To be honest, I’d like to blog daily, but today I’ve been lazy. I didn’t really have many ideas today, so I think from now on I’ll try to stay with a few posts a week instead of daily posts since I don’t want to post for the posting’s sake. Also, I really need to work on some “Indietail”-s.

Next week’s going to be quite busy. I actually got some uni-stuff to do as well as work and other stuff. Posting daily for a while has been quite fun but it really isn’t my cup of tea, I guess.

So, today I’ve been lazy. I didn’t get much done and I still need to do some chores, actually. Tomorrow I need to get up early to get the dishes and all the other chores done before work. After work, I’ll have to clean up my room and then I’ll have to finish these last few drafts (still need some more screenshots from these games here, on top of some more playtime). I’d like to take the blog into more of a review-direction instead of just posting about all kinds of stuff, aka Stray Sheep.
So, yeah, the next posts won’t be daily, instead, there’s at least a weekly post, maybe even more. We’ll see.

Anyways, have a lovely evening or day! 🙂 See ya!