The Stray Sheep #29 – lazy

To be honest, I’d like to blog daily, but today I’ve been lazy. I didn’t really have many ideas today, so I think from now on I’ll try to stay with a few posts a week instead of daily posts since I don’t want to post for the posting’s sake. Also, I really need to work on some “Indietail”-s.

Next week’s going to be quite busy. I actually got some uni-stuff to do as well as work and other stuff. Posting daily for a while has been quite fun but it really isn’t my cup of tea, I guess.

So, today I’ve been lazy. I didn’t get much done and I still need to do some chores, actually. Tomorrow I need to get up early to get the dishes and all the other chores done before work. After work, I’ll have to clean up my room and then I’ll have to finish these last few drafts (still need some more screenshots from these games here, on top of some more playtime). I’d like to take the blog into more of a review-direction instead of just posting about all kinds of stuff, aka Stray Sheep.
So, yeah, the next posts won’t be daily, instead, there’s at least a weekly post, maybe even more. We’ll see.

Anyways, have a lovely evening or day! 🙂 See ya!

The Stray Sheep #3 – Certain things

There’s certain things that I always seem to need when writing.

I can’t start writing without having my table lamp turned on. I don’t seem to be able to start either without having a bottle of water or a cup of tea on my table. It’s just one those things. It’s not even the fact that I need light or that I got to stay hydrated. I just need those things to start writing or else I won’t be productive at all.

Today it’s coffee + my lamp.

Sometimes I get to start and when I finally take a break, my tea’s already cold. And as for my lamp, I even have it on broad daylight. I guess, it’s just cozier that way.

Maybe it’s just one those thing that you do, like holding hands with your partner but only while he or she is on your right side – because everything else would be weird. Or maybe it’s like having to wash out your mouth three times after brushing your teeth – since two times is never enough and four times would be silly, right?

It’s just one of those things, I guess.

Note: This is my tenth post already, btw.

This post is part of a contest/challenge called Blaugust! The goal is to post as much as possible and participants are awarded with different prizes depending on the goal they achieved. My aim is to post on all 31 days of August and if you’d like to know more about this “event”, you should check this post out.