Difficulty in Games and Accessibility

Gatekeeping sucks and apparently people still do that to "roast" others because of them playing games on an easier difficulty... and that sucks. Hence, some thoughts on difficulty and accessibility.

Indietail – Disc Room

Discs... Saw Blades... whatever you wanna call them... they are everywhere! EVERYWHERE! Will I make it? I have to... for science! Here's my review on Disc World!

Indietail – Ring of Pain

"Roguelike flavour, card game pacing, dungeon crawl, chaos embracing. Shadows cast a truth to see. In the darkness, you can visit me."  Join me as I venture deep, fear not you don't have to take a leap.  Since if you're looking for something to play that's new, I've got you covered with my Ring of... Continue Reading →

Indietail – Risk of Rain

Dizzle, Rain and Monsoon? What sounds like the weather forecast of London is actually something that has to do with an awesome game by Hopoo Games. Stay tuned for a review on my favourite game featuring a great soundtrack, some cool combat and a small risk of rain.

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