Review – Death’s Door

Today's review covers Death's Door, an Action Adventure game where you reap the souls of those that should've died long ago! Here are my thoughts!

Indietail – Monster Train

Today's review is about Monster Train, a deckbuilding-roguelite where Hell has been frozen shut and you're trying to melt it by delivering cargo on a train. Hell yeah!

Indietail – Tacoma

It's Pride Month, so I may as well write about a game with a queer and diverse cast, like Tacoma, which btw is also excellent. Enjoy my spoiler-free review!

Indietail – UNBEATABLE [white label]

In a world where music is illegal, take the role of Beat and do CRIME! Today, we're taking a look at UNBEATABLE White Label, a very promising demo!

Indietail – Ape Out

Free Jazz, Destruction and a gorilla on a rampage? Today we're taking a look at a game that combines all of that into one fantastical title. Here's my review on Ape Out!

Indietail – TASOMACHI: Behind The Twilight

TASOMACHI lets you soar through the skies and explore a beautiful world full of secrets and mysteries! Here's my review!

Indietail – Loop Hero

Trapped in a hamster wheel of slaying, gearing up, building and dying, it is our duty to save the world. Will we ever get out of this loop? Not too sure. I love this game too much. Here's why!

Indietail – Dyson Sphere Program [Guestpost]

Today's post is another review written by a guest-author and friend of mine. Come and check out Naithin's review on Dyson Sphere Program! Enjoy!

Indietail – Do Not Feed The Monkeys [Guest Post]

Today I bring do you a review that is actually not written by me but actually by a friend of mine: Quietschisto reviews a game called "Do Not Feed The Monkeys" today! Enjoy!

Indietail – Hades

Do you know Hades already? Yes? Of course you do! It's a great game after all and here's why! (also if you said no, you should check this review out!)

Indietail – Disc Room

Discs... Saw Blades... whatever you wanna call them... they are everywhere! EVERYWHERE! Will I make it? I have to... for science! Here's my review on Disc World!

Indietail – Yuppie Psycho

Uncertain, unprepared, and massively unqualified, we're trying to rise and shine in Sintracorp's hierarchy. Is the struggle to survive our very first day at work really worth it? Read more in today's review!

Indietail – Ring of Pain

"Roguelike flavour, card game pacing, dungeon crawl, chaos embracing. Shadows cast a truth to see. In the darkness, you can visit me."  Join me as I venture deep, fear not you don't have to take a leap.  Since if you're looking for something to play that's new, I've got you covered with my Ring of... Continue Reading →

Indietail – Drake Hollow

After my post about Drake Hollow and why I'm so excited and after the interview we did with TMF's Forrest Dowling,... It finally is time for my review on Drake Hollow. Welcome to yet another Indietail! And I'm excited about this one! Developer: The Molasses Flood Publisher: The Molasses Flood Genre: Colony Sim, Base Building, Exploration, Co-Op, Open... Continue Reading →

Indietail – Outer Wilds

Exploration is one of those key features used by a lot of video games these days. Usually, you end up exploring an area for secrets, collectables and shortcuts, which - when done right - can be very satisfying and essentially encourage you to do it more. In today's review, we're talking about a game that... Continue Reading →

Indietail – Necrobarista

At last year's GamesCom I interviewed Ngoc Vu, the lead artist from Route 59, who at the time worked on Necrobarista. Now that the game is out I got a key for review purposes and, well,… TLDR: I love it. It's a great game. Why? Find out here! Developer: Route 59 Publisher: Route 59, Coconut... Continue Reading →

Indietail – Lightmatter

When I was younger I discovered a game called "Portal" and I just fell in love with it. It was one of the first "better looking" games that I played. The puzzles were interesting, the aesthetics were great, I loved the music, the humour was really dope and made me chuckle a lot, and I... Continue Reading →

Indietail – Sea Salt

Spooktober and Lovecraft? Sounds alright to me. Today we're taking a look at Sea Salt, a dark reverse-horror action-strategy-game by YCJY Games who I've interviewed at this year's Games Com in Cologne! Developer: YCJY GamesPublisher: YCJY GamesGenres: Strategy, Lovecraftian, Reverse-Horror, Action, IndieRelease Date: October 17, 2019Reviewed on: PCAvailable on: PCCopy received from the Devs After... Continue Reading →

Indietail – Cat Quest 2

So, today we're taking a look at Cat Quest II. It's a fast-paced open-world action RPG by The Gentle Bros. The other day, I covered the first game on this blog, so I'll also cover improvements over the first game! Developer: The Gentle BrosPublisher: The Gentle BrosGenres: RPG, Action, Adventure, Open WorldRelease Date: September 24,... Continue Reading →

Indietail – Omensight

In today's review, I'm talking about Omensight - a stylish third-person murder mystery action-adventure game with platforming elements and RPG aspects like "leveling, an interactive story, and character upgrades". Dive into a story about intrigue, murder and treason as the Harbinger, a mythological creature that appears when the end of worlds is nigh! Developer: Spearhead... Continue Reading →

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