Opinion on “Nazi Gamer?” by Frontal 21

The other day, a major media outlet called ZDF uploaded a documentary on how nazis are infiltrating gaming culture produced by their magazine, Frontal 21. The documentary is available in German in the video embedded below this paragraph. I thought I’d comment on what went wrong with that specific documentary.

Let’s start with the beginning of the documentary: They start by showing Hitler skins in Minecraft and some sort of Nazi server or whatever… While Minecraft itself is harmless, Notch (formerly the creator of Minecraft and founder of Mojang) is no longer part of Mojang due to him being a white supremacist. Fair enough. I get that. Depicting Minecraft as some sort of Nazi playground, however, is just wrong. Sure, someone made that video and it sucks but this paints a picture of Nazis using this to turn your children into little Nazis. Idk. 

They ask questions about how Nazis are infiltrating gaming-culture and how games turn people into killers. “People get annoyed at these questions, including our interviewees”, they say, quickly cutting to a clip where Sissor, a big-ish streamer on Twitch is saying that media kinda fucked it up. The context of that answer was that they messed up trying to unite old people that have no clue and young people that are in the medium. A lot of older people think that games turn you into killers while younger gamers don’t think so at all. It’s just very hard to have an unbiased conversation on that topic, is what Sissor is trying to say, as she mentioned in the video below this paragraph. They basically are just taking her out of context, trying to show her as someone who’s very biased and doesn’t want to talk to the media even though it’s completely different. 

Later on, this trend continues with interviewees getting taken out of context and not given any speaking-time. Sissor, in particular, talked to the journalist for about an hour – got featured for about two minutes, though. A lot of times, the documentary is portraying her in a wrong light, making it seem as if her whole community is flaming her when she plays badly. That was in an instance where she talked about “some haters”. She also said that “of course Nazis come into the stream every now and then but they’ll get instantly banned”, which is not in the actual documentary. 

There is a nazi-game called “Heimat Defender: Rebellion” that some people developed for some obvious propaganda. The protagonist of the game is Alex Malenki who’s a right-wing activist in Germany. They talk to him and take him out of context as well, allowing people to shout “Lügenpresse”, yet again, “proving” that you cannot talk to official journalists. “Lügenpresse” is nazi jargon and basically means “fake news”, FYI. 

Instead of including more information on community management, chat rules, guidelines, etc., they instead focus on filler clips from ages ago, showing Sissor with her cats and things she said taken out of context. Nothing of this adds value to the documentary. Nothing of this is professional. The whole documentary is lurid at best, aiming to provoke and get clicks and reactions. 

The channel the video was uploaded on apologised in the comment section for a lot of these things but doesn’t intend to upload the full interviews or a reworked video any time soon. 

At one point, Frontal 21 is showing Steam, Twitch and Discord as platforms for Nazis and say that these platforms don’t do anything to prevent hate speech from happening. There apparently is no report function on Twitch and people never get banned for sexism, not even MontanaBlack, some bigshot German streamer who got banned on Twitch for saying that women are like dogs. They mentioned that in their own documentary but didn’t connect the dots that sexism and racism don’t get condoned on Twitch and on other platforms. 

After Sissor mentions sexism, the MontanaBlack example is being used to further showcase sexism in the gaming community, before eventually heading into a direction I didn’t expect at all: Gamergate. They explain gamergate and link it to Nazi-groups. A source they used as a “fact” is labelled as an “opinion”, which is quite amusing. Minutes passed and suddenly, we’re talking about Christchurch and how different people “gamify” their murder sprees for “high scores” and “achievements”. 

Usernames like “jewkiller88” or whatever also get mentioned in the documentary but the way they mention it implies that it’s literally every second username that is offensive.

Eventually, they say themselves that “no scientific study has shown that games lead to violence in real life”… and then they continue with “but”, leading to their point that “there has to something about to it”, which is basically an “I’m not racist but” kinda thing. Instead of accepting facts, they try so hard to steer this narrative about “killer games” and “Nazi gamers” into a direction that proves their point. The expert, they asked, also says multiple times throughout the documentary that the gaming-scene isn’t more susceptible to Nazis compared to other scenes. In essence, book readers, dog owners, kids that got breastfed… are you all nazis? There are Nazis after all that have read books, owned dogs or that have been breastfed in the past. 

(this is sarcasm) Let’s ban breastfeeding because it turns people into Nazis. Quod erat demonstrandum. (back to the serious post)

Despite being presented with facts that do not prove their point, they paint a picture of Nazis in the gaming community and present their opinions as facts instead. They’re implying that every gamer is automatically a racist, sexist, homophobe or even a potential gunman, about to shoot up a mosque or synagogue. They’re not adding value to their own documentary but instead rely on GTA clips and questionable music and other devices to have this very alarming tone throughout their documentary. 

This “documentary” is just another one of many trying to picture video games as the new medium introduced by the devil himself to tempt people into killing other people in real life. The expert that they asked also mentioned that “the statement that media are not reporting factually about video games is not unfounded” which is quite ironic, considering how biased and opinionated this whole ordeal is.

I would have loved a more or less professional and unbiased piece of investigative journalism that just states facts and has interviews in it with different experts and perspectives. I would have loved to see the whole interview with Sissor in it and maybe, I would have even liked to hear what that IB-guy, Malenki, has to say on the matter of games as propaganda. I would have enjoyed watching an hour to two hours of professional journalism but instead got to see 13 minutes of some female reporter doing her best to drag “gamers” through the mud and depicture them as terrorists. It just seems lurid at best. It seems as if someone’s horny to get those reactions and clicks with this when the video has over 50,000 dislikes in contrast to 1,762 likes. It’s absurd how they gave this thing an “okay” after seeing how they cut down 50 minutes of an interview to two minutes of highly opinionated journalism tucked into a “documentary” that can’t even be called that, to be fair.

Oh well, hope you enjoyed this post. I don’t wanna get too political on here but I just wanted to get my voice out. Obviously, I’m condoning every killer there is and every racist and fascist and all of that. I wrote a piece on that in the past that caused quite a dip in views at the time, I guess from people thinking that I’ll get super political now with my posts. Luckily, I don’t do that. Now and then I write about people goofing up and being stupid. This time it was left-wing journalists pointing fingers at people that play games. As someone who plays games, I know that their claims suck and don’t make sense. Their arguments are as valid as my breastfeeding argument: Not at all.

Stay healthy and be kind to others!


I’m not a gamer

So, yesterday, I made a post on a couple of topics, including toxicity, bad game design encouraging certain , “tryhards”, the terminology of “being a gamer”, gatekeeping and other stuff. My problem with that post was that it started with a question, then it suddenly branched out into three different topics and at the end, it concluded without ever answering the question. That’s what I’d consider a confusing and bad post. 

So, I edited the post and it didn’t help bring my point across because that post was overloaded and bad in quality. Hence, I’m splitting it up into multiple posts, each dedicated to their own topic so that I can get my idea across as intended. After all, I’m really bad at putting my thoughts into words and I should just write about one thing instead of trying to add in more and more herbs to the soup, if that makes sense.

This post is about “being a gamer”. 

A while ago, I had this experience with a German streamer who I followed for a bit who wanted to learn English. I thought that that was cute and wanted to help, so we hopped into Valorant and played a few rounds and I corrected him whenever he did use words in the wrong way, which he really found helpful.

During one of the games, he got frustrated. He was playing Jett, a duelist-class agent that has high mobility and an ultimate with some nice kill-potential. I was playing Sage, a support-class agent that has zone-control with an ice wall and a slow area but that can also heal and revive people. Sage doesn’t have any damaging abilities. Other people in our team would play Raze and Pheonix, as well, which are also duelists with tools in their kit to kill people with. Raze is also able to one-shot people with three of her abilities, which is major bullshit btw. 

That guy’s frustration came from him doing really well with 27 kills and us still losing the game. I, on the other hand, died a bunch and got a lot of assists for helping my team kill people – but I didn’t get that many kills. My KDA was, hence, not as good as his, so he insulted and “flamed” me. I told him that my or his KDA or stats don’t matter if we end up still losing the game because of bad team play. In the end, you can be the best player on your team but it doesn’t matter if you don’t win – and winning was our common goal. 

Roger said a while ago that there is always someone who wins and someone who loses in competitive games. You cannot change that unless it’s a tie of sorts… but those are quite unlikely with overtime mechanics in place and that kind of stuff. It’s a given that you cannot always win or that there is always someone better than you in any game. 

So, this guy who was insulting me on his stream also said that I’m not a “gamer” because I don’t care about those stats. And it’s true. I don’t care about stats and care more about having fun in games. Winning is also fun btw so obviously it’s not that I don’t care about winning and doing my best. I’m just fine with losing if I’m able to gain experience, practice or just have fun.

Practically, I’m really bad at FPS games and even worse in Valorant as I haven’t had any practice in it for quite some time. I also haven’t played CS:GO or any of those other games, so I’m lacking experience. The only way for me to improve would be to play more. Playing more, however, requires me to have fun as I’ll get frustrated if the game gets boring, stale or if I just don’t enjoy it. I told him beforehand that I’m not good at the game and when he insulted me based on numbers without acknowledging that him playing Solo and for his stats only in a TEAM GAME wasn’t exactly “good” either,… well…. I just didn’t wanna bother with him anymore. I felt that he was toxic, selfish and honestly quite cringy. Him throwing a tantrum over me not being a “gamer” was childish at best. Him rushing in to kill people without pinging, communicating or saying anything was really bad, actually. Him getting a kill but then dying, alone, with the spike on him, is a bad move. But that doesn’t matter apparently when you have good stats, right? Because people just look at the stats and not your individual plays or whatever.

So, what’s a “gamer” then? 

First up, I won’t include the urban dictionary definition because of obvious reasons.

Apparently, a gamer is someone who is not contempt with losing and who only cares about winning no matter what playstyle and what tool they have to resort to. Cheating or hacking is most likely not included in that definition. Ninja said that someone who is contempt with losing has lost twice and that you have to get angry and rage when you lose, to be considered a gamer – or something like that.

My problem with that sort of definition is that it is kind of wrong? I mean, it doesn’t include casual gamers, otome gamers, mobile gamers, simulation-type gamers, and other types. I’d say that a “gamer” is someone who plays games a lot. A “competitive gamer” would be someone as mentioned above who is very competitive (duh.) and who really wants to improve and get better at the game. A “casual gamer” would be someone who rather focuses on having a fun experience and enjoying their time. 

Problem is that no matter what my personal definition is, there will always be people that won’t acknowledge it. “You’re not a gamer” is a form of gatekeeping that excludes me because I’m not honing my skills in certain games. It also excludes people that play games casually and people that play other types of games that cannot really be played competitively. There are a lot of people in “gaming communities” that don’t consider Visual Novels, otome games, mobile games and simulation-type games as “games”. I mean they are games but if a “gamer” is someone who “plays games” then those people that play the game types that I mentioned above aren’t “gamers” or “true gamers” in their eyes

That’s what I noticed in a lot of places like Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, and Discord. It’s gatekeeping at its finest and I don’t like it. It’s unhealthy for communities and toxic, at best. That’s why I don’t consider myself a “gamer” because that term is just oozing with toxicity. It’s a term that people use to label others while excluding other people. A “gamer” is more often than not almost obsessed with winning or obsessed with having high stats. You cannot always do good, though, and despite what Ninja may say on the topic, losing is completely fine as long as you did your best. There is always someone who is better than you after all. In the time that you rage or insult or badmouth others, you could easily try again and get better by reflecting on what you did wrong and what you can do better. And then you get better. That’s the way it is.

So, to sum it up, there is not really any definition of what a “gamer” is that literally everyone would accept, duh. There is a meme, as Jett and Dan pointed out once in my stream, of “getting your gamer card revoked” for liking certain types of games or certain game mechanics (e.g. escort missions) – and that’s really just gatekeeping, in my eyes. People that want to belong to a gaming community get excluded for not being “gamers” because they do things differently. 

Obviously, people will always be assholes and the only real solution to that is to ignore them. If you want to be a gamer, be a gamer. Fuck their opinions, just go for it. Nobody can stop you. If you want to consider yourself a core gamer or a true gamer or a veteran gamer or whatever, then just call yourself that. 

If someone calls me a “gamer”, then I’ll politely say that I’m not a “gamer” because I don’t like the term and because I have negative connotations with it. It’s a terminology that is oozing with toxicity and that seems gatekeep-ish and that does more harm than good, in my opinion. Also, I don’t like labels like that, be it “otter” or “gamer” or “otaku” or whatever.

Rather, I’m “someone who likes to play games” or rather “gaming is a big part of my life” or a “big hobby of mine”. Terminology like that puts it better into words and really helps me because it’s not negative or positive. It’s just neutral and objective. Similarly, I like watching anime but I wouldn’t consider myself an “otaku” because I have negative connotations with the term – or rather, it’s an insult, to begin with, and I hate the anime community because of my negative experiences with a lot of people in said community. Being an “otaku” and “liking anime” are two different things for me, personally, with a very small difference.

Wearing the “same trousers” and wearing “trousers that look the same” are two things as well, btw.

Furthermore, I’d like to say that I don’t care about how you play your games. You can be a speedrunner (which is awesome btw!), a competitive gamer (I play games competitively as well, at times), a casual gamer (I mostly play games casually), a mobile gamer (it’s still a game, innit?), or anything else. You can be someone who plays games or someone who is a gamer. Whatever floats your boat. I’m not critiquing the way people play their games but rather the terminology and the gatekeeping that I associate with it.

I just wanted to comment on the terminology of “being a gamer” and why I don’t like the terminology, personally

What are your thoughts on the matter? What are statements that would “get your gamer card revoked”? Have you had any toxic experiences with gatekeeping in regards to being or not being a “gamer”? Would you consider yourself a “gamer” or rather “someone who plays games”? Do you see any difference at all?