Attagged by Meghan! – Sunshine Blogger Award, again!

Yesterday, I decided to tackle the Sunshine Blogger Award tag that I received from Thomas. Today’s post is about the same tag but it’s a more recent nomination, so I’m happy to be one of the nominations by Meghan. If you haven’t yet, check out her blog post over here.

So, the rules are simple:

  • Thank the person that tagged you (Thanks, Meghan!).
  • Answer questions (it’s eleven for whatever reason)
  • Ask questions (again, eleven… who came up with that?)
  • Nominate people (will probably do that later!)
Maybe a Wooper? Nah.

Question 1: In the spirit of the 25th anniversary of Pokemon: if you were the Champion of your region, which Pokemon would be on your team of 6?

I love Platinum’s Cynthia. Her design is great and her choice of Pokémon’s amazing… so maybe her team actually. Those Pokémon would be Spiritomb, Roserade, Togekiss, Milotic, Lucario, and Garchomp. Personally speaking, I may take out Roserade for Guardevoir and switch Lucario out for Sableye but apart from that I really like that team. Now, if I were a Gym Leader, I’d probably run a Ghost Type Gym with Dusknoir, Gengar, Chandelure, Gourgeist, Dragapult, and Mimikyu as my team.

Question 2: How do you feel about presentations like Sony’s State of Play and Nintendo Directs? Love em or hate em? Why?

While I don’t like them, I don’t dislike them. I’ve never really watched any of those shows really. Usually, they happen, I miss it, and I can’t be arsed to watch it or inform myself, which isn’t a problem really… I just don’t care, I think.

Question 3: Video game movies are usually terrible, but which game would you like to see adapted on the big screen? Any dream cast members?

Graveyard Keeper… the movie…. I feel like that sounds quite alright… and Jason Segel sounds quite good for the protagonist!

Question 4: If you were a video game character that had to use a mundane item (i.e. an umbrella) as a weapon, what would you use?

A typewriter because it worked quite well in Blacksad! 

Question 5: Have you picked up any new hobbies during the pandemic? If so, talk about it!

I’d joke about daylight drinking but I quit that already, so… not really, sorry.

Question 6: How did you get into video games in the first place?

I think I go into detail about it in this post here and in this more recent post!

Question 7: Who is your least favourite video game character of all time?

I feel like it would be rude to name anyone here since video game characters are people’s creations and a lot of people worked on them, from the model to the writing and programming to the voice acting. It would probably be saddening for them if they heard you talk about their children like that. Shame on you! Shame! Shame! Shame! But jokes aside, Breathedge’s AI is annoying, so while it may not be my least favourite video game character… it scores quite low on that list… or high.. or… you know…

Question 8: Does pineapple belong on pizza?

I don’t mind pineapple on pizza but I don’t think that it’s a must-be… and I think “belong” would imply that which is untrue. Imagine a nice tuna pizza with red onions and garlic… pineapple would suck on that. Anyways, pineapples on pizza, in general, can work quite well, though, and pineapple on hamburgers is amazing. But take my opinion with a grain of salt. I like Dr Pepper, I don’t mind insect burgers, and I like a lot of weird Japanese black bean sodas and whatnot that other people may not enjoy.

Question 9: A lot of video games incorporate some form of cooking – if you had to cook a signature recipe in a game, what would you choose? What stats would it boost/what would it do for you?

Tuna Pasta with Mayonaise. It boosts your health by a lot since tuna’s great… but it lowers your stamina because you ate too much of it and need a nap now.

Question 10: Has there ever been a game that you decided to walk away from before completing? If so, why?

Yes. A lot of games. There are a lot of games that I stopped playing not even half-way through. Either the controls are too frustrating and the game feels janky (see Witcher 1) or something bothers me like collecting women as trophies or some shit like that (see Witcher 1) or it’s just boring or buggy (see Witcher 1). There are a lot of reasons to walk away from a game but I don’t think that that’s a bad thing. If you don’t enjoy a game, why would you try to push through it regardless? Heck, I’m not a masochist that’s going to sit through the Witcher 1 or any of the other games that I haven’t played through the story yet. Jeez.

Question 11: Have you ever been talked down to, or insulted for playing a certain game or genre? How did you respond?

Yes, and it’s actually kind of funny. Someone was trying to pick a fight with me in a stream and started insulting me and stuff. He was trying to be funny with it but I ended up cringing a lot at him… Then he tried to act as if he was aware of that and as if he’s just pretending to be like that…. but he made it worse. Either way, he tried to insult me by saying that I only play Indie games… so, I responded that I didn’t know if that’s supposed to be an insult or something. I don’t know where the problem with Indie Games is and why that would be an insult. There are more than enough Indie Games that are better than the Witcher 1 or other Tripple-A titles, so… there’s that… and I also said that it’s just not true. It’s just lame by him to try to attack people by their tastes and get it wrong as well… and then he wanted to insult my streams, so I just said that it’s sad to see him attack other streamers, especially since that’s against Twitch’s Affiliate Agreement (which he accepted) and he kept quiet after that. Anyways, people are idiots.

So, here are my nominations for this tag:

GO – because GO’s a cool guy.

William – because he’s a fun guy as well.

McKenna – because it’s always a pleasure to read their posts.

Wilhelm – because I like his Valheim posts a lot.

Aywren – because their posts get me into the mood to play BDO again. Also, Aywren’s posts are great and they’re one of the first people I got to know through blogging.

If anyone else wants to make a post on these questions and continue the tag, feel free to. It’s fun. No pressure. If any of the nominees don’t want to do it, tag someone else and pressure them into doing this. Thanks!

And the questions for you guys are:

Question 1: What awful movie do you love?

Question 2: Can a society exist without laws?

Question 3: If you could only play one game to play for the rest of your life, which game would you absolutely not choose?

Question 4: You can detach one of your body parts. Which one is it and why do you want to detach that body part?

Question 5: Is there someone or something that you always have time for?

Question 6: If Earth was populated by only you and clones of you… what would life, society and the world be like?

Question 7: Would you rather only be able to drink your least favourite drink in the world or only be able to eat your least favourite food? 

Question 8: What is something that you’ve never tried out because you think that you’d be horrible at it?

Question 9: A time traveller from 200 years in the future appears before you. His time machine’s core-thingy is unstable, so he only has time to answer one question by you. What do you ask him?

Question 10: What was your first-ever crush from a video game?

Question 11: If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber. How does that make you feel?

Have fun answering the questions! Thanks for reading this post.


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TheSupportRole is SUS

For anyone that doesn’t know, I’m part of a lovely community of streamers, content creators, and bloggers called TheSupportRole created by Kim. The other day, we actually managed to get a lobby together of a few people who wanted to play some Among Us. Among them, we had DanamasX and his wife, Minx, as well as MPGFrostiOmni, and a friend of mine called Liam. Minx joined us in the later rounds while I invited Liam as it wasn’t that much fun with only five people. To my surprise, Liam and Frosti actually really hit it off and became best friends throughout each round, tightening their bond and creating a wonderful bromance that isn’t limited by death or murder. Lovely!

Among Us is one of those games that I just return to every now and then… It can be a lot of fun but I’ve been rather rusty since the last time I played has been quite a while ago. Frosti and Omni, however, haven’t played it at all, yet, so MPG and I had to teach them how it goes. Dana was somewhat experienced but in the end, everyone got the hang of it rather quickly.

During the first rounds, I was able to play as Imposter in two consecutive rounds, killing MPG first in one of them and trolling through the other one. Overall, I didn’t want it to end too fast as Frosti and Omni had yet to figure out how some of the tasks worked. At the same time, I also wanted to see some fun interactions between us and teach them what’s possible as Imposter, so I’d vent in and out of different places, kill someone here or there and generally, it was quite fun. 

For whatever reason, though, Frostilyte was more often than not the first one to be killed, so we made it a bit of an unwritten rule to not kill him first if we have the option of not doing it. Later on, Frosti also decided to change his name to “ITS FROSTI” so that we’d know who not to kill first. 

Alas, in the next few rounds, I decided to hang out with him to protect him from harm’s way, only to then realise that my good intentions backfired on me, as Frosti didn’t wait long to kill me first.

Later on, we had some fun rounds where both MPG and Minx were being suspicious and where everyone was set to kill one of them during the meetings. Since we were only seven people, we ended up playing with only one Imposter, meaning that we could have gone for a 50/50… but for the sake of having fun, I didn’t mention that strategy of voting off one of them and then voting off the other one in an emergency meeting… On top of that, it was actually me that was Imposter, and they just stumbled across people’s bodies. At last, I ended up fat-fingering and pressing “Q” instead of “W”, killing Minx by accident and alas, falling into Meghan’s hands who quickly reported the body before deporting my body, leading to the Crewmate’s win. 

Regardless of that, it was fun, though. I had a blast playing it again and since nobody was taking it too seriously, there wasn’t too much gaslighting going on in most of the rounds, resulting in me looking forward to playing it again soon.

I hope we get to record or stream more Among Us next time so that we can share it with more people. I’d love to link clips of it somewhere in this post if it weren’t for the fact that “recording” or “streaming” the play-session didn’t come to anyone’s mind. Maybe next time!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

EXP Share Prompt #2 – Stories of the past

So, just earlier today I read GamingOmnivore’s post on Sharing a pastime where GO shares three stories from different stages in their life that coined their gaming experience. Alas, I wanted to do the same as I really like the prompt. DanamesX from Tales From The Backlog actually prompted this in an event they organised called Exp Share. Alas, check out their post(s) for this prompt as well, if you haven’t yet. They also linked to other bloggers that took part in the prompt(s).

I wanted to this in a similar way of GO and share different anecdotes on it.

Alas, the prompt is:

Share a story where you shared the gift of gaming OR someone shared it with you

No. 1:

When I was two or three years old, my father brought me to a store and saw that I took quite the interest in the N64 that was being sold their. According to my father, my eyes were sparkling, so he bought it for about 350 DMark which would translate to 175€ nowadays, I guess. Back then I was still an only child and when my friends at the time didn’t have time to play with me, I’d end up playing Super Mario 64, Pokémon Puzzle League or Mario Party on the N64. Memories are somewhat blurry but I mostly played Pokémon and SM64 back then. Puzzle League was my first encounter of puzzle-games of any kind, especially as this one was a competitive one, which was fairly interesting, especially due to the challenge of it. Super Mario 64, on the other hand, was probably my first-ever encounter with 3D games and platforming. I loved jumping around in that world and exploring different areas. I loved the area where you become smaller and bigger and where the world changes in prospect. Another area I loved was the sandy area with the hidden pyramid secret as well as the flooded city. Two areas that I absolutely hated where the under-water level encountered on the far right of the first hallway and the Ghost area. The Ghost area featured a piano that would move and attack you, which was terrifying for little me (and honestly still is)… Meanwhile, the under-water-level featured a giant eel that would come out of a wall and it would terrify me so much that I wouldn’t want to go swimming out of fear that something like that pops up. That could also be the reason why I only learned to swim when I was much, much older… A friend of mine also had an N64 so we’d often exchange cartridges so that we could play each other’s games. I didn’t like Banjo Kazooie at all but I loved Ocarina of Time. I did play Pokémon Colosseum at a neighbour’s place much much later… and I loved it.

No. 2:

In 2008, we got our first-ever PC. It enabled us to talk to our grandparents from afar without the abysmal telephone bills and we were able to see them as well via MSN. It was incredible! I never knew that the internet existed before that. On our PC, we used to play some flash games every now and then… but I think I had the most fun with Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut, a game where you experience the same story through the eyes of different characters in the Sonic universe. Each character had different abilities. Tails would be able to fly and would brag how he saved the day while Sonic would zoom around and while Knuckles would do his own thing, trying to find Chaos Emerald Shards. Meanwhile, Amy is chasing after Sonic and being hunted by some sort of robot and Big The Cat is trying to fish for Froggy, his friend, who ran away at one point. There was a fishing game mode, different races, and different stories, on top of having the Chao Garden where you take care of little creatures and sent them to races and stuff. Another game we received from a friend of my father was Beyond Good And Evil, which is probably the first-ever game that I did a 100% playthrough of. The Plot Twist in that game was amazing, at the time, although it probably isn’t nowadays when I think about other games with great stories. The combat was cool and I really enjoyed it. I also owned Oblivion and some Tomb Raider game as well as other titles (all gifts from that friend of my father who got them through some subscription for a PC magazine and who didn’t need the games as he was only interested in the software) but I failed to get into any of those… Especially due to big fucking spiders in Oblivion…

No. 3:

When I got my first-ever laptop, I was finally able to play online games like League of Legends and play with friends of mine. While the former two stories were about Single-Player games (mostly), this story is about my first encounter of other people on the internet. I remember playing League of Legends for the first time about ten or eleven years ago and really loving the game, especially as friends of mine were playing it. Through the game, I got to know many great friends… and this one guy that I cut off ties with recently… I got to play with IRL-friends and make Online-friends from all over the world. I even was able to enjoy the competitive nature of games, although I didn’t understand anything that people would say in those games (they probably were flaming me). Back in the day, when the Blood Thirster would give you stacking AD and when you could play anything anywhere, I would only play Ashe and basically just split push and win. Later, I met a proper Ashe one-trick who explained that Shiv is a great item on Ashe. Eventually, I started playing Riven when she came out and was actually really good at her… until I discovered my love for the Support role and my love for Taric who was actually really good but who people thought of as “gay”, which apparently was a bad thing. I kind of liked the idea of playing that character, getting focused by others and still surviving as I was a tank, healing allies and stunning enemies. I maybe also liked the sparkly things about the champ as I discovered some “tendencies” that I had IRL that I obviously couldn’t show to anyone, because – again – in that time it wasn’t as bad as before but I would have been beaten up for it for sure by my class mates who already were bullying me… not to mention my family to this day isn’t allowed to find out about any of this… but online that was a different thing. Eventually, I got into my first-ever MMOs, mainly Warframe and Swordsman Online. Later, I’d play Indie titles like Isaac and Don’t Starve on Steam, which was great. And by the time that I stopped playing stuff like Team Fortress 2, I’d end up playing so many other titles, claiming free games wherever possible, resulting in me already amassing somewhat of a backlog… which was the beginning of me contemplating what to play next and so on.

No. 4:

A year ago, I joined Twitch for the very first time. I apparently created an account ages ago but never used it… Then I ended up watching streams a year ago, not too long after creating this blog, and I think I even wrote a few posts on streamers that I’m recommending like Jimb0, XilentFlex, Aeyvi, and others. Jimb0 sadly doesn’t stream anymore and timezones make it hard for me to keep up with Aeyvi’s streams but XilentFlex is actually still a big inspiration of mine to start streaming, myself, and alas, I still tune into his streams whenever I can. Through Twitch I got to make a lot of friends and found joy in watching others play a game that I personally love… for the first time. Playing a game like Outer Wilds for the first time is a great experience. You get to see so many things and you explore and make discoveries yourself and you just end up really enjoying it… but once you had that first playthrough, you essentially can still play the game but you won’t have that first-ever “Aha!” moment. It won’t be the same anymore. Meanwhile, on Twitch, I’m able to see people play games like Outer Wilds or other titles that I love for the first time. I’m able to actually see their first-ever steps into resolving that mystery and solving puzzles and so on. It’s lovely! At the same time, I got to make many great friends on Twitch while also building my own audience as well in my streams. And I love that!

No. 5:

This story will be the last story for this post as it’s already really long. It’s not about me really but rather about Ms Magi who I love and adore but who doesn’t really play any games. Ms Magi’s experience with gaming is limited to The Sims 4, some Daedalic Entertainment games (Deponia, Edna, Harvey’s, etc.), and (as of late) Among Us! As video games are a big part of my life, I guess, I wanted to introduce her into the medium, so I showed her a couple of games once, like Untitled Goose Game, Portal, Stardew Valley, and Slime Rancher. All of them are great games that are fairly beginner-friendly… She loved Untitled Goose Game as well as the latter two but as for Portal, she’d constantly get lost as she wasn’t used to the camera movement or the logic behind what the game wants her to figure out and how everything ties in together. Ms Magi is super smart but I guess to be able to play a game like Portal, you still need experience with puzzle games in general and the camera movement of 3D games. It was tricky for her but she liked the humour a lot and the concept of it. Ms Magi likes watching me play games and hearing me speak English, so she sometimes wants to see clips of my stream or watch a vod together, which I kind of find “eh” since I get embarrassed by my accent. I’m kind of always searching for games to play together and I may actually buy a second gamepad eventually so that we could play some titles in local-co-op eventually. I still need to find a solution for the audio as my PC doesn’t have speakers and as the Aux-input doesn’t work for whatever reason. At the same time, I only have one pair of headphones and the cable stuff is kind of making stuff hard to deal with. I’d love to share this part of my life with her more often and enjoy stuff together. We did play Bake n Switch together and she liked it… so I’m looking forward to showing her other stuff. Watching a stream on Twitch together has also been fairly enjoyable for her, especially as KingArgaroth is just a lovely bean. 

Thus, this last story is basically about me introducing other people into gaming… which can be trickier at times.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Check out GO’s post on it and DanamesX’ post on it if you haven’t already. 

And I hope you have a great time. Have a nice start into the new year!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.