Humble Choice – May, 2021

Another month means another choice to make and this time around, I’m not too sure what to think of the games. For starters, there are a bunch of interesting games in here that definitely catch my eyes and there are some that look kind of fun but I’d get quickly quite bored of them and then there are some that I absolutely don’t want. Last month I had a similar situation and ended up pausing… but then Humble Choice offered me a 50% coupon (or at some money off but I ended up paying 6€ instead of 12€, so… either something went wrong or dollars are worth a lot less now! Anyways, I got most of those games now either in my library or as keys, so I may give some away on Stream sometime. Hence, check out last month’s post if you wanna see my opinion of some of these titles! Personally, I feel like April has had a lot more to offer in terms of quality titles than this month… but again, that’s just my personal opinion and I haven’t looked at the cost of the titles, so I’m still debating on whether or not I’ll get this month’s titles while I write up this post here. Oh well, here is my rating!

HellpointCradle GamesSouls-like, Action, Sci-Fi, RPG, Multiplayer1
MorkreddHyper GamesPhysics, Puzzle, Local Co-Op, Indie, Exploration2
VaneFriend & Foe GamesExploration, Action, Adventure, Indie, Casual3
Metro Exodus4A GamesPost-Apocalyptic, Atmospheric, Action, FPS4
Darksiders GenesisAirship SyndicateAction, Adventure, Co-Op, RPG, Hack and Slash5
Family ManBroken Bear GamesAdventure, First-Person, Indie, RPG6
Size MattersMazen GamesIndie, Science, Simulation, Casual6
RelictaMighty PolygonAction, Puzzle-Platformer, Exploration8
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?Vertigo Gaming Inc.Management, Casual, Arcade9
RetimedTeam ManiaxCasual, Party Game, Multiplayer10
Fury UnleashedAwesome Games StudioAction, Roguelike, Platformer, Shooter11
LevelheadButterscotch ShenanigansPrecision Platformer12

First of all, the battle for the top 3 was a bit hard… Vane looks very interesting and I wanna try it out… but so does Hellpoint as it has this mix of occultism and science-fiction… and with that comes cosmic horror, I think? So it might be a great title to play sometime. And then there’s also Morkredd, which is a great title that I already and played through but it’s lovely to play it again with someone else together and I really enjoyed and you can hear more of my thoughts on that right here in my review. Wink wink nudge nudge. So, since I don’t know if Vane is actually good or if it only looks interesting, I put up Morkredd higher up because it’s very cool! And Hellpoint just made it a nudge higher up because I’m very interested in that game…

Next up are two games that I’m kinda interested in but also not really. I own the other Metro games and I played the first Metro game a bit so I know that I kind of like it but also kind of dislike it… and I know that I’ll probably play the franchise eventually on Stream, so I put up Metro a bit higher than Darksiders… especially since I own a Darksiders game but I don’t actually know how it plays and if I like it although I probably do… So Metro is a bit higher up than Darksiders because I know how the Metro series (or at least one of the games) works and I like it.

Now, Family Man is interesting… kind of… and I wanna see how it goes, so while I’m not super-interested in it and while I wouldn’t have bought it, I’d take it since it’s better than some of the other games. Size Matters is also interesting… kind of… I basically put both of these games on Rank 6 since I’m not sure which one I find more interesting. Relicta didn’t really pull me in but I find it more interesting than the rest of the titles. Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 should be interesting for me but one of the previous titles bored me or frustrated me… I just have negative connotations with it for whatever reason and I think it’s either boredom or frustration but I just end up not liking it. Retimed and Fury Unleashed are co-op games, which is nice in theory, but I don’t really have friends to play those games with. Both of them are platformers, so that’s a minus point for me, essentially. Levelhead is just not my cup of tea, so that’s in the last place.

I think I’ll actually grab this month’s choice since I really want Hellpoint, Vane and some of the other titles that I mentioned above. I can also gift Morkredd to a friend potentially and have them play it as well, which would be nice. Maybe I’ll get another discount or something but overall this should be worth it, especially as my financial situation is less bad this month. I think this may very much be worth it. 

Anyways, are you grabbing this month’s choice? Let me know! How would you have ranked these games? I’ll probably get all the games again because of the Classic Plan but which games would you have thrown out? If you want to, there’s a referral link over here that you can use that would support me at the cost of nothing. Clicking it does nothing but if you decide to go for Humble Choice and you get it through the link, a little bit of money goes to the Trevor Project (who are a charity org that do stuff for LGBTQIA+ youth around the world) and I earn a little bit of money as well. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Oh well!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

Indietail – Morkredd

When there’s light, there’s darkness… and when there’s an Indietail, there’s probably a good game as well! The game we’re reviewing today is Morkredd, a tense, physics-based co-op puzzle game for one to two players. It combines skill-based puzzle-solving, a challenging balance of light and shadow, and a dark world full of secrets to unlock!

In a world shrouded by darkness, a wisp-like light awakens two characters. Guided by the light, they traverse through this dangerous place. Every step too much can result in sudden death. Stay close to this orb of light. Caution is of utmost importance, though, as your shadow is also able to eradicate your other companion.

Developer: Hyper Games
Publisher: Aspyr
Genre: Physics, Puzzle, Dark, Local Co-op, Exploration
Release Date: December 11th, 2020
Reviewed on: PC
Available on: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series
Copy was purchased.

Morkredd is a light-based puzzle game where stepping into the shadows, kills you. In a way, it’s similar to Lightmatter which was also published by Aspyr. The difference here, however, is the perspective and the role you play in this. You’re not actively placing down light sources but rather guiding this orb of light that awoke you in the first place. At times, you’ve got to push a big orb of light around and chase after it while being careful of not potentially overshadowing your partner in the process. At other times, you need to press buttons and pull levers while you’re protected by the orb. On top of that, the game suprises you by changing the perspective from this basically isometric view to a more horizontal view while you’re in a tunnel. When the two characters get too far away from each other, the camera pans out while it pans in when you’re near each other. This creates a bit of immersion which is quite lovely and very welcome!

The orb is love, the orb is life.

From the get-go, the puzzles seemed interesting and rather challenging. In Single-Player, you control both of the characters using your gamepad sticks and the shoulder-buttons to interact with things. Using the A button, you switch between the female and the male character, so that there’s no confusion when you switch sides. In Co-Op, the challenge comes from coordinating and communicating what you want to do and what you’re actually doing. I played this with a friend and really enjoyed the puzzles.

While the puzzles themselves may not be the hardest in the world, at first, the game actually picks up the pace rather hard by throwing in enemies that try to destroy your orb or moving objects that cast a shadow onto your characters. The most harmless things in the world can present a grave danger to you if you don’t watch your step – and that’s thrilling! Morkredd is tense and eventually becomes really challenging as it’s continuing to introduce new, rather creative mechanics to the game, throwing more and more roadblocks into your way.

Meanwhile, the game has some sort of story and presents it to you vaguely. By exploring the world and not always following the path you’re supposed to take, you find different ornaments on the wall that tell you a story of sorts. How did this world come to be? What happened to all other sources of lights? Where did the orb come from? Are there other people? Find out by exploring all kinds of secrets!

And once you’re done with the game after three to four hours based on how fast you proceed, you still have the “ODE” DLC that presents you a bunch of “mutators” that allow you to change the game’s renderer, the orb’s shape, and the characters’ hats… which is a nice gimmick overall.

While the plot of the game is rather vague and mysterious, the game generally adds to this using a magical soundtrack, enhancing the soundtrack. I was chuffed to bits to experience this eery and baffling atmosphere. Morkredd’s score in combination with the art style and design choices really make for a unique and interesting experience that is certainly worth its money.

But while I’m praising it so much so far, I also have a few things that I didn’t like about the game.

For starters, the sound effects and music are constantly humming in your ears when you start up the game, which was rather hard to adjust in the settings. While there is a slider of sorts that enables you to music and SFX down, I had a hard time finding that sweet spot between “I have a headache” and “the game’s too quiet”. I would have loved it if there were numerical values here so that I could adjust it using arrows, like in other games. At the same time, the game sometimes picks up the volume and gets rather loud again, despite the game being already turned down a bunch, which I personally didn’t like too much. It may not bother other people but my ears didn’t really appreciate the buzzing sounds.

In the same manner, the graphics settings are somewhat limited as well with three graphics quality settings: Low, Medium, and High. I would have liked some more detailed options here. You can turn VSync fully on, half on, or off, you can limit the frame rate, show a game timer, change the language, and adjust the brightness. Some more details as to other options to turn on or off would have been quite nice.

And at last, the game only features local co-op, which is a bit of a pain in the butt to set up. Steam Remote-Play-Together is available for the game but doesn’t really seem to work too well, which is a bummer… and while Parsec obviously is still an option here, it’s a bummer that there wasn’t a fix utilizing something that isn’t third-party software.

A pleasant surprise, however, is the fact that you can remap everything. A controller is highly recommended with this game as it influences how fast you pull, push, run and walk… but it still works with the keyboard. In Online-Co-Op (using parsec), you can easily play this with only one hand and since the buttons are customisable, this should enable a lot of people to play the game.

Personally, I really enjoyed the experience and I feel like a lot more people need to play this game. It’s a lovely experience for puzzle-newbies and puzzle-lovers alike. Morkredd‘s atmosphere is awesome and while the puzzles are relatively easy in the beginning, it actually gets quite challenging later on, which is lovely to see as it eases the player into the game. Alas, that’s a recommendation by me!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Leave feedback if you’ve got any. I’m looking forward to playing this game eventually with Ms Magi once the exams are over, especially as the game requires a lot of communication and coordination. Despite her not being the biggest videogame fan, I’d imagine that she’d still enjoy this title quite a bit.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.