Omensight – Revisited and finished!

During my 24-hour stream, I played a lot of games. I played Destiny 2, Stardew Valley, League of Legends, Overwatch, Monster Hunter World, Dungreed, and a lot of other titles and among them… was Omensight. A title I’ve reviewed on my blog before. I wanted to play it on stream to showcase to some of the people that were watching, as it’s way too underrated. And while I did the review on it, already showcasing the game in a lot of ways, that may not be enough as it’s a lovely title and as nobody reads my blog (that’s more or less ironic, btw). 


So, I ended up playing it for about four hours during that stream before continuing the playthrough in another stream and then finishing it last Monday and 100%-ing it in yesterday’s stream. I had a blast playing it, especially since I just barely remembered the story’s ending and since I forgot who actually killed the Godless Priestess. In the end, it was really exciting and on my new computer, I was able to play it on the highest settings and really enjoy the fluidity of the combat system and the lovely colour-palette of the environment. There were also no issues with the camera controls anymore and while the “days” surely take a bit of time to complete, it’s not that bothersome as I actually had the time to do so. I was sitting there, wanting to play more of the game, and I realized that it’s the same thing with other games like the “The Legend of Zelda” series where you can’t always save (at least in some games if I remember correctly). So, those “flaws” aren’t right there anymore.

Back to the tree of life!

After I played through the story, I was able to collect other possible outcomes and eventually get to the alternative ending which was quite nice to play. Sadly, the final boss fight wasn’t as hard as I remembered, resulting in a bit of disappointment regarding the difficulty. The FINAL boss shouldn’t be easier than normal combatants and levels. Anyhow, that may be forgiven for the fact that the devs did so many things right in this game. The soundtrack, the presentation, the combat system, the characters, the voice acting, and the story were absolutely awesome! I really recommend the game (again, I guess).

Now, when I finished the game, I realised that I was only missing three more achievements, so that’s what the second part of this post is about:

Yeah, we’re hunting those secrets and stuff! Ludomir, thanks for helping me out, you drunk!


The last three achievements included Masterful DenialCompletionist, and the secret achievement Mario Wannabe

Completionist was awarded by completing all achievements while Mario Wannabe and Masterful Denial were a bit tricker. 

Mario Wannabe (obviously) requires that you jump on a lot of people’s heads. To be exact, you need to jump multiple times onto the four side-characters’ heads until they each gave you one or two special voice-lines regarding the fact that you’re jumping on their heads. Quite interesting. 

Our final fight against Voden! What shape is he gonna take?

Masterful Denial, on the other hand, required you to shoot a barrel thrown by a shark with another barrel. For this, I’d recommend using the “Delay of Fate” skill (slowing time for enemies) when a shark throws an explosive barrel at you and to grab a different explosive barrel and aim it right at him. Standing in a horizontal line from the shark is rather important, btw, as it’s hard to judge how the barrel’s flying if you’re in a weird angle. You get the achievement when they hit each other mid-air and explode. Quite glorious. To get the right set-up for this, I’d recommend going into Arc IV with Indrik as there are multiple sharks in a lot of areas with a lot of explosive barrels. 

The void is corrupting Yarbog’s temple!

This achievement took me quite some time to get but it was doable and it felt awesome when I finally got it.

In the end, I got to 100% Omensight, a great game, and I’m actually feeling a little bit proud of it, even if it’s not raising my average game completion rate. Oh well!

I hope you enjoyed this little look into The Gaming Journal. Have a nice day and drive safe!


Aw, sweet! We have our own statue in this town here! Let’s take a screenshot while the houses are still on fire. Yikes.

The Stray Sheep #30 – You don’t have to

So, for the past few days, I’ve been asking people for help and recommendations for a new budget PC. So far I’ve only played video games on a laptop and this one’s getting quite old. So, I ended up checking for the recommended requirements on a game and compared stuff using a versus-side so that I could end up with a build that doesn’t cost too much, I guess. Then I asked people on a budget-builds-discord about it and they told me that I can get the same specs for a lot cheaper if I built it myself (which is true and which is why now I’m going for that). 

In the end, I still need to save up for it for a while and then eventually I’ll get to ordering the PC. 

But that’s not what the post is about. I wanted to thank all the people out there that helped me with my questions as I trust them on their opinions, knowledge and recommendations. This post addresses something one person said.

For the past couple of weeks I ended up bashing heads with one person there, which happens sometimes, I guess. Most often you can make up with others. In this case, however, it lead to that person leaving our community and leaving a rude message. I am not planning on rehashing things or getting back at that person or even creating more drama. One thing that person said inspired me to make this post as I thought that it may be something that some people out there may struggle with.

“For weeks I forced myself to try and get along with you […]”

If you can’t get along with someone, you don’t have to. It’s worthwhile to try to do just that – get along with someone – but beating yourself up over it and even forcing yourself to do so is just complete nonsense. You don’t have to get along with everyone.

At our Uni, I’m a member of a few different clubs and groups. I could draw a diagram of the drama club people I know and the literature club people I know and people I know from my work and uni politics and all that and there’d be tons of intersections. That happens over the course of time. It’s only natural.
You know person B and person C that get to know other people, including person A. There’re way too many people out there so you can’t possibly like everyone..
If you don’t get along with person A, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get along with the people that person A has to do with either. You certainly can still talk, play, and enjoy your time with person B and C even when you disagree with person A’s opinions or just can’t stand their personality or whatever.

So, if you are in that situation that you’re trying to get along with people that you don’t like and forcing yourself to do so “for the greater good”…
Or if you are in that situation and you’re trying to change yourself to not cause any conflicts, then remember that

you don’t have to.

The other parts of the message are irrelevant. There were some rude remarks, I guess, but I don’t want to get back at that person. The person told me to grow up, then blocked me, hence I can’t talk to her about it – but I also don’t have to. If she doesn’t want to get along with me, that person doesn’t have to, and I, as well, shouldn’t try to force her.

I struggled with the decision of whether or not I should publish this post for a while today. I ended up rethinking it and whenever I thought that it might help someone and that it might end up as a rather uplifting post, I also thought that that person might think of this as a personal attack of some sorts. Maybe this post will help her, maybe it will help somebody else, maybe it will help nobody at all, I thought it’d be a nice idea for the 30th Stray Sheep.

I guess I could mention that I found myself in that situation quite often when I went to school. For the first few years, I never got along with my class mates and always tried to fit in. Hell, there were even teachers blaming me for not fitting in when in fact, you can’t always be friends with everyone. There was this huge douchebag in my class. A real snob on top of that. We had a back and forth from elementary school to highschool and eventually I just didn’t care at all if I was the outsider in class as I still had friends in other classes and online and in our Drama Club back then.
At some point, I thought that I don’t need to have fun in school as school only serves the purpose of educating yourself, getting good grades and eventually graduating. You don’t have to stick to these guys for ever.

So if you, dear reader, are troubled by anything like this: Remember that you don’t have to beat yourself up over this or even change to fit in. You have your life and they have theirs. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. I’d love a world with no conflicts, but I don’t understand what’s going on in everyone’s minds and I doubt that you do.

And just in case a certain someone reads this, I’d like to mention that I never hated you or meant you any harm in any way. I enjoyed talking to you and really appreciated all the help I received from you (and everyone else who helped me with my questions) and I’d like it if you came back eventually and kept in touch with everyone. I enjoyed the conversations we had most of the time. If anything, come back for the other people here, not necessarily for me.

Take care.