MonHunLog #5 – Big bird and big doggo

After our successful hunt of the otherworldly Leshen, we were able to unlock the “Geralt-costume”/full body armour that has some very nice stats. So next up, we had to beat the next quest, “A Visitor from a Different World”. In the Wildspire Waste, a new creature has been spotted that looks similar to the Final Fantasy cactuses… and after chasing it, we found a huge crystal that was able to make a Kulu-Yaku grow…. a lot…. like Godzilla-level lot…

So naturally, we tried to slay it for some big eggs and big omelettes, but eventually, after making it, we discovered that the Kulu-Yaku didn’t drop any giant eggs and instead was just magnified. On top of that, we learn from a friendly Moogle from Eorzea that it and the crystal came to the New World using some aether-energy and that they need to get back to their world but can’t due to the Behemoth…

So now we had to slay that and after my first try, I realised that it’s impossible to beat it alone – at least at my level.

Note: There were actually three quests for this one…. so to speak, it was more of a quest line: First we went to the Wildspire Waste and have slayn Kulu-Yaku (Quest Name: A Visitor From Another World), then we went to Elder’s Recess to Repel Behemoth (which already asked a lot of us) (Quest Name: The Legendary Beast) and then we had to slay Behemoth (Quest Name: He Taketh With His Eyes). This post essentially talks about the last part of the quest, so uh… yeah. Have fun.

Therefore, we geared up for it and brought a bunch of potions, powders and charms with us, as well as two friendly hunters from my stream’s community and an SOS flare…. and even as four hunters and even with our combined skills, we didn’t make it for yet another three tries.

So, a couple of weeks later and after unlocking the Temporary Mantle (my new best friend – a gadget that allows me to automatically dodge every ability), we tried again. This time around we had a strike plan and I brought additional flash bugs to craft into flash pods.

The Behemoth counts as the hardest monster in the New World and essentially has a few different phases on top of a few different attacks with one of them being instadeath.

Our foe here can be found near the lava caverns in Elder’s Recess and therefore, we had plenty of time, after spawning at camp 1, to wait for the fourth hunter to come in (SOS flair and all of that) so that we buffed using the Hunting Horn and also got some Wiggly Litchis in. Once everyone arrived, we went into the cave and immediately triggered the crystals above Behemoth, to get some easy 3000+ damage onto him.

We already killed it in this screenshot and I can’t be arsed to take a screen of an alive Behemoth. Sorry.

Now for the Behemoth’s attack, you’ve got to watch for plenty of them. One of them, Charybdis, essentially takes a bit of time to charge up and creates a tornado, similar to Kushala Daora’s. If that tornado is created over a lava flow, it creates a fire tornado, which is more than unpleasant. To stop Charybdis’ charge, we’ve got to flash Behemoth while he’s charging and can then just attack him. His first attack is always Charybdis, so you always should watch out for that.

One of the four players that take on this quest needs to hit Behemoth’s head a couple of times to get its enmity. Enmity is shown as a red line that connects you with its eyes and it essentially means that Behemoth is angry at you and will focus you with its attacks, including his deadly charge and his claw attacks. Behemoth really hits hard so after one player has its enmity and can draw out those attacks, everyone else can damage Behemoth and even cut off Behemoth’s tail in the first phase, if done fast.

With my Insect Glaive and with the other players’ claws we were able to mount it a couple of times and get a lot of damage in, so the first phase isn’t much of a problem. If possible, one should try to not use up any of the mantles (like the temporal mantles) in the first phase and instead use them only at the first and third phase.

For gadgets, health boosters are really fine for some free healing and increased health now and then, on top of the temporal mantle. Behemoth hits hard and takes a lot of time to kill, so naturally, these two gadgets would be superb against it.

Behemoth can cause some fire damage with one of his attacks while another one can summon a comet that deals a lot of damage. When they spawn, remember where your position is compared to the comet’s at all times and try to not move too far away from it. That’s important as Behemoth also uses one attack named “Apocalyptic Meteor” that summons one big meteor in one spot that essentially instantly kills everyone who doesn’t hide behind the comet that he summons. This attack can’t be cancelled either and the success of the mission depends on good comet-spawns and some great reactions!

Alas, after hiding behind the comets and figuring out how we wanted to position and stuff, we finally managed to kill the Behemoth! Hooray!

This unlocked not only the Dragon Soul for my Glaive (a great bug that does a lot!) but also the Drachen Armour Set (best armour in the game in High Rank and best armour for the Glaive) and the Moogle Palico Armour (very cute!). There’s still an extreme version to the Behemoth, but I guess that that will have to wait until we get to Iceborne content. After all, we now have our awesome Drachen armour and also managed to get through all of the main quests and special investigations with a lot of the optional ones being completed.

Isn’t our new armour great?

So while Behemoth was very hard and needed some coordination, it was a pretty cool fight. I loved how it displayed what attacks we used on the right side of the screen, similar to JRPGs, and I liked how the music and the fonts changed to FF-ones. Overall, this was a great fight and a great quest and I’d love to see other cooperations with other franchises apart from the Witcher and Final Fantasy in the games.

Either way, that’s it for today’s post. Hope you enjoyed this one!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home 🙂


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The MonHunLog #1 – The Elder Dragoning

In today’s MonHunLog I’d like to talk about the new weapon I discovered and got to love. The Insect Glaive. We also fought our first Elder Dragons and since we tasted blood, we’ll fight three more in the next play-session and document those in the next MonHunLog!

Now, the Insect Glaive is a special one. Essentially it’s a spear that is working with a so-called “Kinsect”. Not only do you have several slashes, thrusts and other attacks but you can also launch yourself into the air and slice through monster or even mount them without having to jump off a ledge. Handy!

Glamourous as ever! I really fancy this layered armour 🙂

Before, I’ve been mainly playing with the Hammer and the Gunlance. Here and there I was playing with the Bow as well since I couldn’t really play with the hammer against flying monsters but with the Kinsect Glaive, I’m actually in the air non-stop and am even able to mount monsters without having to use flash pods to bring flying monsters into the ground. You’re extremely mobile with the Kinsect Glaive and even fast monsters have trouble keeping up with you.

Another aspect of the Insect Glaive is… well… the Insect. You essentially equip a Kinsect that you nurture and evolve using materials. There are a lot of different trees that you can evolve your Kinsect into. I’m currently playing around with the Bullshroud II from the Gullshad Lineage (Tree), which resembles more of a Butterfly than any other bug. It evolves out of a Mauldrone and has a bunch of nice stats. For instance, I can shoot it out to create a dust effect when it hits a Monster. When I strike said dust effect, I get healed for a portion of my health, which is very nice. Instead of using the Vigorwasp Spray (Palico Gadget), I instead now go for the Coral Orchestra which I’ve only just unlocked!

The Coral Orchestra allows my Palico to boost my attack, defence or status resistances with music. I can go for a bit of a more an aggressive playstyle while still heal myself with the Kinsects now, which is quite neat!

The Kinsect also can be used to harvest extracts from a monster’s body part. You then recall the Kinsect to receive one out of four extracts with a different effect based on the colour. The red extract improves the attack, white extract makes you move faster, green extract restores health and orange extract prevents you from getting knocked back while attacking. Apparently, you get hybrid effects from multiple colours but I still need to look into that, using a guide of sorts. Maybe that’s something for the next MonHunLog.

Mission-wise, we first hunted down to Tzitzi-Ya-Ku that were troubling a few feline troopers in the Coral Highlands. Using the Insect Glaive we were either able to mount these before they could stun us OR just dash away to avoid the annoying stun effect. Therefore, it was a rather easy fight. As a reward for helping out the troopers, we received the Coral Orchestra Palico Gadget that I’ve mentioned before.

Afterwards, we went for the Food Chain Dominator quest and began to hunt down Deviljho! Deviljho resembles more of a big black pickle that spits out black clouds onto you to inflict Dragon Blight! But not only does it have this ranged attack but it also features some massive chompers that allow it to eat anything and everything! It got into a turf war with a Tobi Kadachi at one point during my hunt and it actually won without taking too much damage. Free Tobi Kadachi materials, I guess?

Its metabolism is so fast that it has to go for any prey it can see, resulting in its increased jaw strength. One of its attacks features a furious bite-attack where it lashes out four to six times in a row, dealing humongous amounts of damage! There’s also an Uppercut-like Attack where it launches you into the air, making you vulnerable to its attacks as it can just bring you down rather fast. And when you try to keep your distance, it just jumps at you, burying its massive mouth into the ground, trying to make the last meal you had your last meal at all! Wowsers!

But in the end, we brought it down rather quickly. The Deviljho has week points at the belly and the head, so essentially mounting it and then unleashing a flurry of attacks on its head is rather effective, especially if you then strike its sensitive belly afterwards until it gets back up again!
The armour we can craft from Deviljho looks weird in my opinion but I could see myself crafting it for my Palico, Tammy!

The next quest we tackled was the Event-5-Star-Quest, Kirin The Myth! Kirin is a unicorn-esque Elder Dragon that is able to summon lightning down onto you. It also features a lot of strong dash-attacks but doesn’t really do much else besides that. There are also some AoE-attacks and it can also inflict paralysis onto you, which can be rather difficult to deal with if you get hit multiple times.. but that’s nothing that can’t be taken care of, using Nulberries. Kirin’s weakness is mainly fire damage – it’s resistance to paralysis and shock-damage, though, so you better equip a different weapon if you focus on those kinds of effects.

When you fight it, it will dash around a lot, so having a rather mobile or even ranged weapon would be quite neat. The lightning-strikes it launches come either from above on multiple random spots in the close area around it or from on top of it in a stronger and more effective way, dealing a lot of damage, or in some stripes across the ground. The latter can be dodged rather easily by not standing in the area affected by its attacks or by jumping at the right time. The other two attacks can be dodged by standing a bit farther away from it. I found the Kirin Fight rather easy, to be honest, especially since we can just mount it a few times and then hammer down on the horn, using the Insect Glaive (I might as well main this weapon, it’s a lot of fun!).

Ded unicorn

The Event-Quest, Kirin the Myth, features two Kirins, though, so you may have to look out for the second one. Still… this fight was rather tame, so I wouldn’t be too worried about it for now. Maybe it gets harder in the later ranks of the game – after all, I only played the Five-Star-Event-Quest (which is in Low-Rank, I guess?).
The armour looks quite neat, though, although it doesn’t really have nice stats in the low-rank version.

After slaying our first non-canon Elder Dragon for this Event-Quest, I went ahead and attempted my hunt on Nergigante, the first canon-Elder that we’ve got to hunt down to restore the balance in the ecosystem. Before, we’ve encountered Nergigante when we tried to capture Zorah Magdaros and when we lead Zorah Magdaros into the sea. Nergigante is an Elder Dragon that feasts on other Elder Dragons and therefore can be found in Elder’s Recess. It is covered in Splinters and Horns on various body parts and features a few dash and lunge attacks, making it quite tricky to beat. It also deals huge amounts of damage with my current High-Rank-Armour-Loadout (partly Defender-Armour but also the Harvest Coil, the Skull Mask and the Dragon Resistance Charm).

When you hit or break different parts of its body, it recovers them by adding more splinters to them that get harder over time to the point where you deal no damage to it. Fresh splinters are still white and turn black over time. Hitting the white spots is key to slaying Nergigante as these horns are still fresh and soft, receiving more damage. Once hardened, they receive less damage and your attacks get repelled of it.

In the end, we managed to only faint once and eventually slay it rather quickly, which I was rather surprised by! Although we’ve slain it, the balance in the eco-system still wasn’t restored, so our quest continues as we try to beat Kushala Daora, the Dragon of Steal, as well as Teostra the Infernal and the Hellish Fiend Vaal Hazak, as these Elder Dragons from the Old World have shown up in the New World now! Fearing Nergigante’s endless hunger, they fled Elder’s Recess and made the Ancient Forest, the Wildspire Waste, and the Rotten Vale their hunting grounds. So, after a little bit of research, we now have the chance to fight these Elder Dragons and, yet again, try to bring balance to the eco-system – but that’s something for the next MonHunLog.

The Nergigante Armour looks rather dope, to be honest, and has decent skills and stats, so I might go with this one in the future, if I grind enough Nergigantes. The -15 vs. Thunder and the -9 vs. Dragon, however, isn’t really that nice… I’d love it if you could have normal armour as your layoured armour. That would be great!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I very much enjoyed fighting these new monsters and unlocking the armours for them. Sadly, the Defender Weapon very much can carry me through all of this as the last level of the Defender Glaive is able to top every other weapon (so far) by more than 200 damage! Also, while the Defender Glaive’s element is blast (which usually is really strong against all types of Monsters), the Kinsect can be customized to have a different Element and different effects depending on the combination of weapon and Kinsect you use.

Anyways, I’ll see you in the next post. Have a nice day! Cheers!

Our Character is astonished at the sight of all these Elder Dragons! Just look at my try to recreate Handsome Jack in Monster Hunter World! 😀 Isn’t he gorgeous?