The Stray Sheep #28 – Look what you made me do!

While originally today’s Stray Sheep was about achievements and stuff that some games make you do (hence the Taylor Swift reference), I kind of ended up with a post about games I’m playing right now and the fact that I can’t play everything at the same time, which sucks. So, I’ll take the first prompt and use it another time and instead will recycle this post to the last prompt, I guess. 

I’m currently facing a bit of a dilemma. There’re too many great games out there, my steam library grew a bit more today, too, thanks to a few steam keys that Krikket was giving away on the Blaugust-Discord, my backlog is still…huge… and I also have too many games I want to play right now. These include Asheron’s Call (as you could guess my LttP-post), Warframe, Children of Morta (which I’m doing a review on right now), League of Legends (where I’m playing TFT right now but I also got into Top Lane again while still enjoying Support and Mid Lane!), and other games. 

Every game that features fishing is a good game!

I’m really hyped about Asheron’s Call. It’s a bit nostalgic and reminds me of some of the first games I ever played for PC, like Might and Magic, The Elder Scrolls III (I think): Morrowind, and some other games where the graphics were quite great but nowhere near today’s standards. The music wasn’t that great either at the time – in fact, Asheron’s Call has no music at all! It was a simpler time back then, though I doubt that I’m qualified to talk about it, as I was born in ’99 and hence can’t remember “the good old times”. The reason I play it is mostly due to the other people I got to know there. It’s a lot of fun and although I get scared whenever a Tusker or Olthoi approaches me (I’m a scaredy-cat… I know…), I still enjoy my time there, tipping cows, fishing, grinding, and doing other fun stuff! It’s great and I haven’t even touched dungeons all that much, either! 🙂 I’m quite excited about playing some more, but most of the other people are American and hence not in my timezone. Naithin, actually, is a Kiwi and hence also not in my timezone which makes it quite hard for me to play together with them as it’s either late in the night for me or way too early when they’re up and running. And while the game itself certainly is solo-able, it’s a bit more fun with friends…

In Warframe, it’s a bit different. I currently need to level my Limbo, who I’ve finally built. The only reason I wanted to play Limbo was because of him having a top-hat. And while that might be quite superficial… well, it is. There’s no denying that. I still enjoy playing Limbo and it’s a lot of fun to step through the Rift and help allies using it. Right now I’m grinding some missions for the Limbo-levels and I’m trying to get the Neptune-Junction to unlock the “The Second Dream“-quest. If you know of these things, you probably can tell that I’m not that far into Warframe, yet, but I’m getting there eventually! But here’s the catch: While I certainly want to play more Warframe, I just never get to it. I usually end up not having enough time to play because of the patching taking too long – or I’m just too busy with IRL-stuff and me wanting to get the next blog-post out. It’s annoying but at the same time, I want to play more of it.

Children of Morta… well, it’s great. The review’s coming out soon and I do not want to spoil anything or even repeat myself, so I won’t talk about that at all! 

As for League of Legends: I really enjoy TFT (Team Fight Tactics), right now. It’s a lot of fun and I certainly enjoy it more than other Auto-Brawlers BUT lately the meta and the RNG aren’t in my favour, leading to me not enjoying it enough. Hence, I got back to playing more SR-games. 5v5, with friends and/or randoms. Practising top lane. 

That joke and dance are great!

For those of you, that don’t know, I’m a support-main and recently got into playing Mid and Bot Lane again. So, naturally my Jungle and Top aren’t the best, right now, which is why I’m practising that again with some occasional Support-Games to not get too rusty on that side. I’ve played Darius for the first time last week and now have played a total of five games with him, and while he’s not as easy Garen, he’s not too hard either. It’s kind of fun to play someone as beefy as Darius while also dealing tons of damage and still having some weaknesses! Also, his /joke and /dance made me chuckle quite a lot, leading to me actually kind of liking him, even though I feel like a douchebag whenever I play him. But the thing here is that I kind of end up with tons of Support Mains in my friendslist and while I practice all roles, I’m not good at all of them and certainly don’t enjoy all of them. I don’t want to play with Randoms all the time but I also don’t want to get forced or force others into some roles they don’t play, leading to me not playing all that much League, lately. Also, I already got to Gold 4 this season, hence I don’t need to play Ranked any more.

So, yeah. There’s your quick little post about the fact that I can’t decide on what to play and always end up with too little time for certain games, the wrong timezones in other games or other stupid reasons that hinder me from playing. Tomorrow, I’ll try to finish that review on Children of Morta or I’ll finish another draft if the CoM-review takes too long. I hope you enjoyed this little post of mine about my little dilemma of not-knowing-what-to-play. Do you know these situations? 

Anyways, have a nice day! 🙂

The Stray Sheep #6 – League of Legends

Well, hello there, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today we’re talking about the infamous League of Legends. It’s a MOBA by Riot Games and while they are called Riot gameS with an S at the end, they didn’t really publish anything else other than League of Legends, different game modes for League of Legends and a board game!

Anyways, this small indie game is absolutely lovely. Not in the sense that its soundtrack is great (well, turned that sound off and am listening to my Chet Baker playlist while playing) or that its gameplay is cool (tbh, it’s just a MOBA so not much to expect here..) or that its graphics are awesome (cause apart from a few skins there’s not all that much here), no it’s just a lovely game because of the all the work put into its universe and the different characters with their lore, interactions and whatnot! On top of that, the community isn’t that toxic – especially not if you just mute them after their first insult and I met quite a lot of nice people on League that aren’t toxic at all. It’s fun. I play the game nearly every day and with a little bit of masochism and quite a lot of positivity, you can even climb in the ladder!

I myself am a Support Main. I mainly play enchanters and tanks, just like in other games. I enjoy Bards and Healers in RPGs and MMOs but often go for Summoners and other kinds of Mages as well, when playing other games. In League, you’ve got plenty of characters that suit your needs!

Lulu is a lovely enchanter that is able to transform enemy champions into little squirrels and stuff!

You’re coming from Overwatch and were a Roadhog-Main? Well, try out Urgot or Nautilus!
You’ve enjoyed the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3? Vayne’s exactly what you need!
You love blowing stuff up? Ziggs!
You enjoyed Dr Who? Then try out Ryze! He’s a time traveller from the future who’s trying to find a cure for a disease that killed his whole race if I remember correctly.
And when you like pissing off people, you should play Bard. He’s a good guy.

Well, I myself am a fan of Bard, Nami, Nautilus and Braum. I often also play other enchanters than Nami, for example, Janna, Lulu or Sona, but most often I go for Nami. She’s a lovely champ after all.

This is Bard! A champion that leaves his ADC alone and is able to troll the heck out of your team. But he’s insanely fun and really strong, especially when you’re actually trying to win!

Nami’s a Support-Character who’s got a lot of utility in her kit and is able to deal with all kinds of situations. An assassin in the bush? Bubble them! Enemy jungler has been spotted? Bubble them! Your team is too slow? Bubble them! She’s quite the versatile champion.
As for her abilities, whenever she casts her abilities on an allied champion, they get a short boost of movement speed. This is helpful for roaming other lanes, getting out of danger or getting to lane faster than the enemy. As for her Q, it’s a bubble and it knocks enemies hit up. It’s a little hard to land but it’s a great ability! Her W is a wave that heals allies and damages enemies. It bounces from an allied to an enemy and vice versa if there’s enemies/allies in range, which makes it quite strong. On top of that, she can enhance allies’ auto-attacks and make them slow enemies with their next three attacks while also applying bonus damage with her E! Her ultimate ability summons a tidal wave dealing damage to all enemies it hits and knocking them up. The movement speed allies gain from it is doubled.
Also, all of her abilities can be cast on herself as well, giving her all the benefits.

Urf the Nami-tee and other skins

She has so much in her kit and is absolutely lovely as a champion. Every skin of her is lovely, her jokes are witty, her laugh-spam is absolutely tilting and while she’s strong, she’s not overpowered making her honestly my favourite champion. On top of that, she’s got some that mermaid theme going with her and her abilities and it suits her perfectly: There’s water, she has more base-mana-regeneration than other champions and her gameplay feels quite fluid (pun intended!), which I absolutely adore.

Nami’s the best.

There’s quite a lot of cool champions in League and honestly, Nami’s my favourite. I thought I’d give you a little explanation here about why I like her so much.

Anyways, cheers!

This post is part of a contest/challenge called Blaugust! The goal is to post as much as possible and participants are awarded with different prizes depending on the goal they achieved. My aim is to post on all 31 days of August and if you’d like to know more about this “event”, you should check this post out.