Humble Choice – May, 2021

Another month means another choice to make and this time around, I’m not too sure what to think of the games. For starters, there are a bunch of interesting games in here that definitely catch my eyes and there are some that look kind of fun but I’d get quickly quite bored of them and then there are some that I absolutely don’t want. Last month I had a similar situation and ended up pausing… but then Humble Choice offered me a 50% coupon (or at some money off but I ended up paying 6€ instead of 12€, so… either something went wrong or dollars are worth a lot less now! Anyways, I got most of those games now either in my library or as keys, so I may give some away on Stream sometime. Hence, check out last month’s post if you wanna see my opinion of some of these titles! Personally, I feel like April has had a lot more to offer in terms of quality titles than this month… but again, that’s just my personal opinion and I haven’t looked at the cost of the titles, so I’m still debating on whether or not I’ll get this month’s titles while I write up this post here. Oh well, here is my rating!

HellpointCradle GamesSouls-like, Action, Sci-Fi, RPG, Multiplayer1
MorkreddHyper GamesPhysics, Puzzle, Local Co-Op, Indie, Exploration2
VaneFriend & Foe GamesExploration, Action, Adventure, Indie, Casual3
Metro Exodus4A GamesPost-Apocalyptic, Atmospheric, Action, FPS4
Darksiders GenesisAirship SyndicateAction, Adventure, Co-Op, RPG, Hack and Slash5
Family ManBroken Bear GamesAdventure, First-Person, Indie, RPG6
Size MattersMazen GamesIndie, Science, Simulation, Casual6
RelictaMighty PolygonAction, Puzzle-Platformer, Exploration8
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?Vertigo Gaming Inc.Management, Casual, Arcade9
RetimedTeam ManiaxCasual, Party Game, Multiplayer10
Fury UnleashedAwesome Games StudioAction, Roguelike, Platformer, Shooter11
LevelheadButterscotch ShenanigansPrecision Platformer12

First of all, the battle for the top 3 was a bit hard… Vane looks very interesting and I wanna try it out… but so does Hellpoint as it has this mix of occultism and science-fiction… and with that comes cosmic horror, I think? So it might be a great title to play sometime. And then there’s also Morkredd, which is a great title that I already and played through but it’s lovely to play it again with someone else together and I really enjoyed and you can hear more of my thoughts on that right here in my review. Wink wink nudge nudge. So, since I don’t know if Vane is actually good or if it only looks interesting, I put up Morkredd higher up because it’s very cool! And Hellpoint just made it a nudge higher up because I’m very interested in that game…

Next up are two games that I’m kinda interested in but also not really. I own the other Metro games and I played the first Metro game a bit so I know that I kind of like it but also kind of dislike it… and I know that I’ll probably play the franchise eventually on Stream, so I put up Metro a bit higher than Darksiders… especially since I own a Darksiders game but I don’t actually know how it plays and if I like it although I probably do… So Metro is a bit higher up than Darksiders because I know how the Metro series (or at least one of the games) works and I like it.

Now, Family Man is interesting… kind of… and I wanna see how it goes, so while I’m not super-interested in it and while I wouldn’t have bought it, I’d take it since it’s better than some of the other games. Size Matters is also interesting… kind of… I basically put both of these games on Rank 6 since I’m not sure which one I find more interesting. Relicta didn’t really pull me in but I find it more interesting than the rest of the titles. Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 should be interesting for me but one of the previous titles bored me or frustrated me… I just have negative connotations with it for whatever reason and I think it’s either boredom or frustration but I just end up not liking it. Retimed and Fury Unleashed are co-op games, which is nice in theory, but I don’t really have friends to play those games with. Both of them are platformers, so that’s a minus point for me, essentially. Levelhead is just not my cup of tea, so that’s in the last place.

I think I’ll actually grab this month’s choice since I really want Hellpoint, Vane and some of the other titles that I mentioned above. I can also gift Morkredd to a friend potentially and have them play it as well, which would be nice. Maybe I’ll get another discount or something but overall this should be worth it, especially as my financial situation is less bad this month. I think this may very much be worth it. 

Anyways, are you grabbing this month’s choice? Let me know! How would you have ranked these games? I’ll probably get all the games again because of the Classic Plan but which games would you have thrown out? If you want to, there’s a referral link over here that you can use that would support me at the cost of nothing. Clicking it does nothing but if you decide to go for Humble Choice and you get it through the link, a little bit of money goes to the Trevor Project (who are a charity org that do stuff for LGBTQIA+ youth around the world) and I earn a little bit of money as well. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Oh well!

Also, check out Naithin’s post on it! He just published it and his ranking is different from mine, so that’s nice. 🙂


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Humble Choice May 2020

It’s May and thus, there will be a new Humble Choice – and this time, I thought I’d give you my choices and thoughts.

So, while the idea isn’t new or anything (after all, Naithin and others probably are on it for this month!), I’ll try to do something about this month and talk about why I’m choosing my games and that kind of stuff!

Jurassic World Evolution:
I enjoy playing Tycoon games and also really liked the Jurassic Park films, so this one is more or less of a given. I used to play a lot of Zoo Tycoon a few years ago as I got the complete collection at one of my birthdays and really liked creating these areas for dinos and animals… and eventually pitting penguins against T-Rexes and uh… realising that penguins are a lot stronger than I thought they were.
So, JWE is not only a great fit but also a real bargain. If you think about it, you get this game (and all the other titles) for 12€ (based on where you live) which is thirty bucks less than the steam-prize with no sales… hence this is a no-brainer, I guess.

Rise of Industry:
I like games about industrialization and city-building and resource-management, similar to Banished and Sim City. I remember liking the concept and general playstyle when I used to play an early alpha-version of it… so, I’m excited to play the full version soon.

The Sword of Ditto:
I actually know little to nothing about this one, story-wise. It’s been on my wishlist for a while now and the style of it seemed quite neat. I like RPGs, so this one works for me, I guess.

This one looked interesting but I don’t understand the full concept just yet. Apparently, you’re a small slime-like organism with different abilities that let you stick to surfaces and move around. There also seems to be combat but I’m not too sure about how you fight. Overall, I’m intrigued by this one and will definitely check this one out soon, even when I don’t necessarily know a lot about it.

Warsaw is a WW2-themed tactical RPG similar to Darkest Dungeon but the general theme and presentation of it seemed more amusing compared to DD, so I thought I’ll go with this one and figure stuff out later on.

Warhammer 40k: Gladius:
I own a couple of Warhammer games and I used to paint the small Warhammer 40k figures and whatnot… but I know little to nothing about this game. It’s a 4X (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) game, so I thought I’d take it as I wanted to play more of those anyways. I already own Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 3 and Warhammer 40k: Space Marine… so this one is gonna be quite cool, I guess, once I wanna get into the games and once I’ve played through the other two. After all, Space Marine is older than Dawn of War 3 who is older than Gladius. And Gladius only came out two years ago, so that’s actually quite neat, too.

XCOM 2 (+2 DLCs):
XCOM 2 is another turn-based tactical RPG similar to the Shadow Run franchise… and I already own and love XCOM: Enemy Unknown… at least I used to play the heck out of it a while ago until they killed my favourite unit and character… Alas, I hope that I won’t get attached too much to the characters in the second game… So, that’s why I took this one. I like the genre and the franchise, so a no-brainer here as well.

This one looked interesting but I don’t really understand it just yet, so I just took it as the other options didn’t seem too alluring.

(Bonus Game) Train Valley 2:
As I’m subbed (yet) again, I’m also receiving Train Valley 2 this month, which I’m actually also quite happy about. I played the first Train Valley game and really liked it… Train Valley 2 adds a few new mechanics to the Puzzle-Tycoon-Mix and I’m looking forward to playing this one!

I already own Horace on the Epic Games store and while it wouldn’t harm to have it twice… I don’t really like it and hence will probably give this game away to anyone who appreciates it or maybe in a game-giveaway on a special-occasion on-stream.

Niche – A genetics survival game:
I love Niche. Niche is great. I sadly already own this one… but since I like this one, I’ll give it away on-stream as well, at some point in the future.

The games that didn’t make the cut are Heave Ho, as I just don’t like the game and as it’s not anything that I’d give away (as it didn’t seem too interesting either…) and Chess Ultra.

When I play chess, I usually play it offline on an actual board… or I play it in a web browser. The problem with chess-games is that the player base is generally spread across all the different sides and games and because of that it can take ages to get a game… and even when you get into a game, you can get people that are roping or that are not playing their turns at all or people that are just too bad or too good for you, leading to uneven matchmaking and situations where it’s actually a lot better to just play against the A.I. – so that’s why I won’t choose Chess Ultra.

As for the extras, we’re getting a sneak peek of “Rainy Season” (which is a bit of an atmospheric game about a family that spends time at home during rain) and Fae Tactics, which is another tactical RPG that is getting published by Humble Bundle.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this month. I got a lot of games that I really am looking forward to, as well as two extra games to give away that will find their place eventually. The sneak peek on the two games are gonna be interesting and in the end, this is a good month to be subbed to Humble Choice. 🙂

I hope you liked my take on the “Humble Choice Review” kind of post.


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