MonHunLog #11 – The End (for now?)

Everything has an end, kind of,... and I feel a bit burned out from MHW, so I'll wrap this series up (for now?) - but first an update!

MonHunLog #8 – We’re all about that cat!

Before we grind our way to our new power-up, we need to make sure that our furry friend has all the options available to them. Alas, Tammy is getting a whole bunch of new toys!

MonHunLog #7 – Winter is coming to the New World!

The Monster Hunting Log is back and alas, we have to catch up for a bit. What happened so far in Iceborne? What monsters did I hunt? Read ahead for answers to these questions and more!

Quantic Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile

A while ago... well... a few months ago, I should say, I was nominated by Frostilyte to participate in a new tag post thing. And then I thought I'd do it later... and then I forgot about it... and now it seems like a good day to post about that, so uh... here!  What's this... Continue Reading →

MonHunLog #6 – Grinding Optionals

In the last MonHunLog, we defeated the mighty Behemoth who ended up needing a bunch of resources and a lot of hunters. Things like Ancient Potions, Mega Demon Drugs, Mega Armour Skin, Might Pills, Adamant Pills, Flash Pods and Flash Bugs are quite rare as I can't harvest the ingredients/bugs… but… then I noticed that... Continue Reading →

Monster Hunter World Cross-Overs?

In today's MonHunLog, I mentioned that it would be cool to see other features in Monster Hunter World from other franchises… so in this one, I'm discussing what I could imagine and what I'd find cool. If you've got any ideas of your own, be sure to let me know about them! I'd love to... Continue Reading →

MonHunLog #4 – I don’t like the Witcher-Quest

So, in our last adventure in the New World, we were able to defeat the not-spider boss of MHW, Xeno'forgothisname. In this one, we're talking about a visitor from a different world… So there's this goblin-like creature that reminded me of Smeagol and it got captured in an unusual habitat. Shortly after arriving there, Geralt... Continue Reading →

The MonHunLog #3 – Xeno’jiiwhat?

A while ago (and yeah, I haven't been too consistent with these MHW-posts) I encountered the final boss of MHW's base game, Xeno'jiiva! In my stream, after we had defeated the three Elder Dragons that I featured in my last MonHunLog, we noticed that the Large Monsters still haven't returned to some of their previous... Continue Reading →

TSS#45 – The Coronapocolypse?

Today's Stray Sheep is about my current Covid-19-situation. How are things going for me? How am I holding up over here? What's the situation in Germany? Note: Today's post is accompanied by Screenshots from MHW and uhm... yes, I'm behind on posts. I'm working on it. If you know the game, you may notice that... Continue Reading →

The MonHunLog #1 – The Elder Dragoning

In today's MonHunLog I'd like to talk about the new weapon I discovered and got to love. The Insect Glaive. We also fought our first Elder Dragons and since we tasted blood, we'll fight three more in the next play-session and document those in the next MonHunLog! Now, the Insect Glaive is a special one.... Continue Reading →

The MonHunLog #0 – Pilot I planned on making a few posts about my experience with Monster Hunter World and the monsters I'd encounter and capture or slay… and then I ended up forgetting to take screenshots. Well, now I'm at the beginning of the High-Rank missions with a good amount of hours in the game (37 hours used... Continue Reading →

TSS#37 – Five Games Challenge

What games would I choose if I only had five games available to me? What's this "challenge" Naithin of is taking part in? Why are we doing this at all?

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