MonHunLog #10 – Another one bites the dust!

I last started up Monster Hunter on November 28th, 2020. After a total of 144.6 hours, I haven’t been able to start it up again due to me burning out from the game and exams keeping me busy, but alas, I figured I’d post about it again today! The last time I played MHW, I ended up burning out because of that one material… the Ebondy Odogaron Mantle… not dropping after thirty + hunts. But then Naithin came to my rescue and told me that I didn’t need to do that. In fact, I could just melt it. Alas, we did that.

Thanks to Naithin for giving me a tip here.

The Ebony Odogaron Mantle, needed for my weapon upgrade, is a very rare Ebony Odogaron material used to craft weapons powerful enough to take over the world. To meld it I need 500 Research points (got that!) and one Celestial Wyverian Print (that I already have). Now,… I feel stupid for grinding Ebony Odogaron but at least I got it now, right?

The Deadline is the upgrade I wanted. It has higher Affinity, damage, Element damage and it looks the same as the Nether Vajra I was rocking before. This apparently (according to a tier list I found online) is the second-best Insect Glaive as it doesn’t require you to use Free Element or Handicraft, really, due to it having the elemental damage portion from the get-go already and due to it already having a long white bar. Alas, I’m glad we got that now! It’s not the strongest build in the game, apparently, but it certainly is an upgrade with the increased damage, affinity and sharpness. The biggest thing for me is the Elder Seal that it has. Until I craft some better weapon, I will use this probably against Elder Dragon fights as it has a high Elder Seal and as most Elders have a weakness against Dragon Damage. I feel like that works quite well for me.

It has been done!

Now, eventually, I’ll have to get an upgrade but for now, I’ve got other matters to deal with… The Old Everwyrm needs to be slain after all!

The fight against Shara Ishvalda is a bit tricky, after all. I, at first, thought that it was a fully-grown Xeno’Jiiva but apparently that one’s in the game later on. The first stage features Shara Ishvalda in its rock-covered form while the second stage features Shara Ishvalda without its rock-shell. The rock shell is vulnerable at the head and body but takes reduced damage on all other parts. The arena has a rock-fall-trap that you can activate using bombs or by mounting Shara Ishvalda after luring it close to the wall and then slamming it into the trap, dealing massive amounts of damage. Apart from that, I also ended up calling a flare for support as I, frankly, am too out of practice to Solo this enemy. I had enough damage to get through the first form alone (the random player that joined ended up being AFK for a time, so I had to fight alone for quite a while…) – during the second stage, we had four people, though, which still took ages btw. We feinted once but eventually got it done.

Is it… o-over?

The main issue with Shara Ishvalda was for me that I didn’t have enough damage to solo it and I still have to get some good gems with Vitality or Affinity/Partbreaker to survive and/or deal damage. It would be amazing if I could get to that soon… but for now, there are other things to be done.

The second stage of Shara Ishvalda features it without its shell, as I mentioned above, which means that it’s vulnerable in more parts. The forelegs are breakable while the head is breakable twice. The weak points are the wings and the head as well, so I essentially focused my kinsect onto the head in order to generate explosive powder spots around the general area of the head/wings for a lot of damage. The other thing I mainly did in the fight was using my downwards spin-anime-slash-attack (aka Jump + Y to do a spin-slash downwards) when it stood on its back legs while focusing my attacks on its body and head whenever it leaned forward. With the insect glaive, you can actually deal a lot more DPS while on the ground, so I tend to do that more often now. Obviously, the jump attacks are quite strong when there are a lot of powder spots around the upper area of the monster, as you can then proc multiple of them and deal a ton of damage! The jump attacks also allow you to set up mounts and potentially get the monster to the ground, so they aren’t useless… It’s just a bit hard to deal as much damage if you only do the jump attacks… That’s something that a few insect glaive users that joined me have been doing… and it’s whatever, I guess. To each their own.

It still lives! Let’s fight together!

Shara Ishvalda has some scary attacks utilizing nearly invisible sonic beams that carve through rock and armour like butter. The insect glaive allowed me to dodge them using some jump attacks but eventually, I ended just sidestepping those attacks and attacking its body/head while it was shooting those beams out.

As far as drops go… I honestly have no clue what I got. I ended up skipping past it as I’m tired and I want to go to sleep now. I’m sure I got good loot, especially as we got six or more carves out of the body.

After beating it, you get a cut scene where it actually is still alive and tries to kill you but then Nergigante shows up and defeats it, which is amazing. Then the credits roll and there’re a few conversations on how the Elders and the ecosystem are potentially destroying themselves by linking up with the Everstream and tapping into that power… Luckily, however, Nergigante is its balancing mechanism that culls those that get too strong, resulting in the ecosystem prevailing.

Nergigante just noms Shara Ishvalda, I guess…

And yeah, that’s basically the story played through. I had a lot of fun with Monster Hunter World and want to play more of it, especially as I have a ton of Optional and Event quests to do, including the newest one for the movie! Apart from that, I have yet to craft my favourite armours and potentially craft every weapon in the game (not sure if I’ll follow through with that… but we’ll see), so expect more posts on that eventually. Shara Ishvalda was a nice boss fight and I’ve been told that there are more main quests later on as well as the tempered fights that haven’t tempered with (haha…) and then there are also Yian Garuga and the “deviant variant”/scarred version. I haven’t fought against a Silver or Gold Rathian yet either… Brachydios, according to the wiki, also has a sub-species, the Raging Brachydios, while the Tigrex also has a Brute sub-species, which is gonna be interesting… and I’ll have to fight this Rajang monster (big ape!) and this super pretty monster called Zinogre… and it’s super amazingly cool and lovely sub-species Stygian Zinogre (because the armour looks amazing!). Also, once we’re done with Rajang, we’ll have to deal with the “Furious Rajang”, which is going to be even harder… and then there are also quests that require you to take care of multiple of them… Oh, wowsers! Barioth also has a variant called Frostfang Barioth while Kirin has yet to be slain in Master Rank by me… so there is a lot to do! Amazing!

Not to mention, I have yet to defeat the hard version of Behemoth as well as Kulve Taroth (as I still haven’t completed that event thing… is it still up?). There is also this thing called Alatreon that apparently is really cool to fight against… and Fatalis…

Hope you enjoyed today’s log. I’m actually quite glad to finally be done with this quest… How are you holding up in MHW and do you want to join me on PC sometime? Let me know!


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I thought I’d share some of my favourite new screenshots for once!


I really like that screenshot because Nergigante, while not my favourite Elder Dragon, really looks stunning. The ruiner version is bone-y and flesh-y and honestly, it just fits the theme of undead things, that I kind of fancy in general.

Apart from that, we had a fun run in Risk of Rain 2 the other day where I played this stupid On-Kill-Build with friends. They played the huntress and the mercenary while I played as the Captain and I really had a blast as my items synergised incredibly well with my equipment, the “Forgive-Me-Please” Vodoo-Doll that procs all on-kill effects of yours in a circle around it. All the monster teeth, will-o-wisps, ceremonial daggers, and all kinds of other effects that I stacked basically did a great job of hard-carrying the run, even when my allies died during some of the later stages. On top of that, I also got a bunch of items that allowed my normal attacks to also dish out a bunch of damage. The funniest part was that I took two shaped glasses and Mythrix, the final boss of the game, basically steals your items during one of his stages… which means he got those as well. On top of that, since we took Swarm, we had to fight two Mythrixes at half health but both of them only had a 25% of their health, each, meaning that they were sitting at only 12.5% health each and just died. The game didn’t realise that they died, so we just got the prompt of running away right after it spawned. A lot of fun!

And because of that here are three screenshots from the end-screen! As you can see, we played with Sacrifice, Command and Swarms on, meaning that monsters drop items, we can choose our own items, and double spawns but with 50% health. The important bit here, however,… look at my damage and then compare it to Zesty’s or Lag’s damage! Hilarious! Obviously, I had more items than them but that was mostly due to them dying in the later stages and me being able to pick up a lot more items during the last few areas.

At last, here’s a screenshot of me and Frosti slaying an Odogaron that I needed for some material that I got as well. I love playing with my Hunting Horn build as it deals decent damage while also giving people utility! Obviously, I still need to get that Ebony Odogaron Mantle but according to Naithin, I can get that through the Melter, which should be quite doable! I have yet to try that!

Thought this would be a fun idea because I didn’t know what to post today. Hope you enjoyed these screenshots! Not sure if I’ve ever really tried posting shorts like this one but I liked the idea!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

MonHunLog #9 – All about that Grind

So, in November we were taking care of our feline companion in MHW: Iceborne and then I played a whole bunch of the game and had a lot of fun. Here’s another MonHunLog!

Alas, I actually don’t really remember where we last stopped playing. I did play it a bunch on Stream and made plenty of progress but I apparently may have thrashed the draft for this one and have to start a new… Oops.

Uh, last time, we did hunt Ebony Odogaron to be able to fight off Velkhana which is quite weak against Fire Damage and Elder Seals. We did it with the Nether Vajra that I crafted. It still took me two tries to actually slay it… but the Elder Seal was really good against it, blocking some of its attacks and patterns, which is quite nice. After that, we had to take care of the Seething Bazelgeuse that appeared… which took me three tries but we made it work! The Seething Bazelgeuse is like the normal Bazelgeuse: Annoying… The difference is that he’s more annoying thanks to his explosions and fire damage and the option to 100 to 0 you in seconds if you don’t watch your step. It also is beefier and flies more. Yikes.

Luckily that was over and just like in the main game, there is something wrong with the problems we’re facing right now. There are earthquakes and there is that song… and it didn’t stop with Velkhana’s slaying… Alas, we investigate different sites and find hints that three new Elder Dragons are showing up in unusual habitats while the other fleets are researching the songs and the earthquakes.

My favourite Elder to hunt is actually in this one: Blackveil Vaal Hazak!

I loved the normal Vaal Hazak already but this one’s quite a bit cooler. He’s week against Dragon damage (our Kinsect has that!) and Fire damage (our Nether Vajra has that!) and is immune to Water, and resisting Thunder and Ice. In the Rotten Vale, we fought against Blackveil Vaal Hazak and immediately got carted three times, failing the mission in the process. The problem was that we couldn’t fit in Effluvia Resistance 3 into our build (especially as I don’t have that quite yet), so our health got cut in half by its spores immediately once we got close. Nulberries helped against this but with it constantly spore-ing us, those ran out quite fast. Alas, we switched tactics and started attacking more aggressively, then using our nulberries and potions and just going back to camp to refill on items… Breaking its head actually enables it to get flashed. The other fungal patches can also be broken on its body… and eventually, we made it!

The next Elder dragon we fought was Ruiner Nergigante in the Guiding Lands. This one isn’t too different from Nergigante attack-pattern wise. It causes bleeding, which is quite problematic, and also regrows its horns faster. The biggest problem is that it can two-shot you rather easily but once we used some of our jump attacks with the Glaive, we were able to avoid a lot of its attacks and break off its horns. With Nergigante, you have to attack the white spikes as those are breakable weak points that eventually turn black and basically resist damage. When Ruiner Nergigante is enraged, the spikes just get black a lot faster, which is quite annoying. This was more of a “boost stamina and dodge a lot” type of fight. Once we’ve struck it down, it was then time to fight off the third Elder Dragon: Namielle

Namielle is incredibly beautiful and is weak against Fire and Dragon. Again, just the right type of weakness for our weapons! It uses Water attacks (annoying!) and Thunder attacks (super annoying!) in combination, which makes it rather deadly. Since we still didn’t have many health boosts, this fight was rather difficult. Luckily, we learned eventually that brightmoss is really good at draining its puddles. This is important since the water puddles basically arc the electric attacks it uses, resulting in a deadly combo. Hence, we drained those, sliced it up, brought it down, used some potions, and got it on our second try!

And now… for the last part… we realise that the earthquakes and songs are caused by the Old Everwyrm that our Handler’s grandfather searched for. Shara Ishvalda is basically a fully-grown Xeno’Jiiva and first appears in a rock-covered form that can be dealt with rather easily. The next part is the hard part, though, as it has resistances to Fire and Dragon damage and as I don’t currently have an Ice or Water weapon. I’d still like to try it with Vice+ and its upgrade but for that, I’ve got to farm up some Ebony Odogarons that are just not dropping that Ebony Odogaron Mantle for me.

Alas, I stopped playing as much MHW for now… I wanna get back into it again but the grind is just a bit tedious and I don’t have an Ice Weapon just yet, so I need to get a new Glaive for that… and I’m just a tad burned out from MHW right now, so I’ll have to continue the journey in the future again! I mean, I enjoy the grind but if the drop chances are so low, I’m just a bit frustrated with it. I wanna play more MHW in the near future tho! Just not right now!

Until then,…


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MonHunLog #8 – We’re all about that cat!

Last time in the New World, we noticed that we’re a bit too weak to fight Velkhana. The goal I’m aiming for? The Nether Vajra! I need that dragon elemental damage and the elder seal to properly fight Velkhana! But first… someone else needs a powerup, and that’s our Palico, Tammy.

Tammy was rocking the Vaal Hazak armour for the most part and it looked fancy but the armour values weren’t that great, especially since it was only an HR armour set. Luckily, Velkhana dropped a few materials already when I first attempted slaying it. Hence I was able to craft the Felyne Rimeguard Mail Alpha+ already, which looks quite good as well, sadly, the helmet had to wait for a bit until my next attempt, at least.

Apart from that, Tammy has been using the Vigorwasp Spray and the Coral Orchestra for most of our journey, but I felt that I should try and get those other tools. So that’s what today’s MonHunLog is about!

At the beginning of the game, our Palico is only equipped with the Vigorwasp Spray. It allows your little furry friend to heal you, using Vigorwasps. Levelling it up increases the healing due to the proficiency increase. As you level it up, you unlock the Vigorwasp Station and the Vigorwasp Delivery. At last, it will also allow your Palico to revive you once on the spot with half your health, which can come in quite clutch!

Generally, for most of the unlocks, you’ll have to find Grimalkyne Doodles in the different areas and then talk to the Lynian Researcher. Sometimes, you’ll have to complete some quests in the area, progress with the story, unlock campsites or just recruit some of the Grimalkynes when you encounter them.

I unlocked the Coral Orchestra that I already levelled up quite a bit from a quest that the Grimalkyne in the Coral Highlands issued. We were supposed to hunt two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku as part of the quest called “Troubled Troupers”. The Coral Orchestra is similar to the Hunting Horn in that it grants you attack, defence, and status resistance buffs. At level 5, your Palico can use a wind instrument, and at Level 10, you can call your Palico to use a drum instrument. There is also the gong that essentially stuns a monster for a short duration, which can be useful, but I mostly make use of the other instruments.

So, for the Flashfly Cage, I actually had to visit the Ancient Forest again! In Area 17, you can find a Bugtrapper and by following it, you essentially are rewarded with the Flashfly Cage that basically enables your Palico to blind large monsters for a short time. At later levels, you can manually summon a Flashfly and have your Palico place down Shock Traps. It also does that on its own, although those traps seem to be a bit weaker… Overall, a nice gadget to take with you, especially since you can only carry one Shock Trap per hunt unless you restock at a camp.

Over in the Wildspire Waste, we have the chance to unlock the Shieldspire gadget. Essentially, we need to find the Grimalkyne tribe in the lower levels, near the big cave where you find Diablos. They tell you that their friends are in danger and that you need to rescue them. You then need to sneak up to them (the Ghillie Mantle really helped me) and then capture them using your Capture Net gadget. Then you deliver the cats and earn yourself the Shieldspire, a defensive Palico gadget, that allows your Palico to taunt monsters and block damage… but I haven’t levelled it up too much just yet.

Down, in the Rotten Vale, you can get the Plunderblade that my friends have been recommending to me… despite me not having it unlocked yet. So, uh, to get it, I needed to head to some semi-secret area near Area 12 or Area 13 and find a big chunk of meat that was laying around there. Essentially, the Odogaron in the area tends to carry some with it. You let them drop it off, take some of their meat with you and try to not drop it. Then you try to look for the Grimalkyne in the area who first will get lured out by the smell of your meat (heh) but who will then run away. After a while, they won’t be reachable, so essentially, you just drop some normal raw meat and wait for them to come out on their own. They thank you with the Plunderblade which is used to farm materials and items that can be sold or used for crafting.

At last, there’s the Meowlotov Cocktail (I love the name)! After unlocking the previous items, the Lynian Researcher wants you to find Gajalaka doodles and report to him. Essentially, Gajalaka are also Grimalkynes and he wants to establish a cultural exchange and friendly relations with them as well. To do that, we have to find Gajalaka doodles on all the different areas, including Elder’s Recess. For this, I just sorted through the map using the endemic life filters and searched for the spots with Gajalaka, since there are doodles nearby, usually. After visiting three locales, I ended up having enough doodles and talked to the Lynian Researcher again who wanted us to come to Elder’s Recess with him at night. There, you can see the Gajalaka dancing and you’ll have to try and sneak around them to get access to their hideout. Using a Ghillie Mantle is something that I’d recommend since it makes it a lot easier. They can’t spot you! Once you’re in their hideout, they’ll grant you the Meowlotov Cocktail which essentially deals damage to monsters that is based on the element of your Palico’s weapon. This can be really nice to add some more DPS to your hunt in case you don’t need the other gadgets…

Originally, I thought of using the Meowlotov Cocktail against Velkhana and have Tammy use a Fire Weapon (since that’s one of Velkhana’s weaknesses) while I’m using my Nether Vajra (that I still don’t have) to apply dragon damage, especially with the dragon damage bonus that I get from my Kinsect… but the Vigorwasp Spray with the extra healing and the utility seems just too good to not use in that fight. Also, I didn’t want to level up the Meowlotov Cocktail just now.

It doesn’t look too good together but this armour certainly is going to help against Velkhana… although, it’s also made out of Velkhana materials.

There is still one more Palico Gadget that you can grab after this, but I haven’t gone for it just yet and you’ll have to unlock the other gadgets first before you’re able to grab that in Iceborne.

Unlocking these gadgets granted us another two nice perks: The ability to recruit Gajalaka and specific small monsters to fight alongside you and your Palico as well as the ability to use the tailrider gadget to move swiftly across the map and visit a target monster or go to certain other points of interest really quickly. I love it. Much needed, especially with fleeing monsters or monsters that use tunnels that aren’t accessible to you.

Oooh, nice! Meow new friends!

For the next MonHunLog, I wanted to grind some Odogaron (potentially, using the Plunderblade) to get that Nether Vajra! We may also upgrade our equipment further and get some extra defence. We’ll see!

Hope you enjoyed this one. The gadgets are somewhat tricky to unlock. Most of the time, I just didn’t bother with them since I was so happy about the Coral Orchestra – but I can see that they can be quite useful for different scenarios. The Shieldspire is going to be great against Barioth, Diablos or Tigrex if I ever decide to hunt those again. The Meowlotov Cocktail might come in handy as well eventually against some monsters with multiple weaknesses. The Plunderblade is going to be great for later fights and for grinds while the Flashfly Cage is going to be useful to blind fast enemies that are more difficult to hit or flying enemies that I wanna bring down to the ground. They all have their specific uses so I’ll level them up eventually along the journey.

Onto the next quest!

Have you unlocked all the gadgets, yet? What’s your favourite gadget? Do you dislike one by any chance?

The Iceborne gadget allows you to call upon Grimalkynes to help you out, I’ve been told, so I’m looking forward to getting that one eventually! More hands are always nice to have… or rather paws in this instance.


MonHunLog #7 – Winter is coming to the New World!

It’s been a while since I last played Monster Hunter World and since I lost wrote about my adventures in the New World but frankly, I got burnt out from it for quite a while. I used to play with the Hammer, the Gunlance and eventually discovered the Insect Glaive. Eventually, I got bored with those, so I decided to learn to play the Horn which was a lot of fun but progressing with the story was actually quite hard using the Horn I had.

Our current equipment at the point of writing this.

Alas, what happened: Ever since we defeated Xeno’Jiiva, we’ve discovered strange phenomenon all over the New World. Something’s wrong with the ecosystem and as a bunch of Legiana stormed north, we discovered a whole new island… continent… type of thing. 

Effectively, it’s an icy world and we hunt down new types of monsters, create new weapons and we now have a whole new rank to play with: Master Rank! 

Oh, I also gave fishing a go and really liked it, to be honest!

So, uh, as a quick rundown what did I hunt so far?

Coral Pukei-Pukei! Fabulous!
  • Beotodus, an icy landshark that deals a lot of damage and is rather swift… maybe even too swift for my glaive but eventually he died as well.
  • Banbaro, an elk-like monster that is huge and didn’t pose that much of a danger.
  • Viper Tobi-Kadachi – a poisonous sub-species of the Tobi-Kadachi that couldn’t handle the heavy blows of my Hunting Horn.
  • Nightshade Paolumu, a subspecies of the Paolumu that actually puts you to sleep and is weak against Water and Fire.
  • The Coral Pukei-Pukei who was super hard for me personally as he dealt way too much damage with his hydro pump.
  • Barioth… was quite challenging as well.
  • Nargacuga – It posed no threat to us.
  • Glavenus – a monster that came back from a different generation and essentially has a blade-tail. I really enjoyed that fight!
  • Tigrex – a terrifying monster that seems hungrier than Deviljho! Hated that fight!
  • Brachydios – has exploding dick-hands and there’s not really much to that fight. You need to be careful where you step but I just flew over him with my glaive again.
Nargacuga is honestly super pretty!

Then we saw the cause for the disturbance in the ecosystem: Velkhana. It’s a new elder dragon that has an ice-armour and can create ice splitters and freeze the ground, so obviously, we need to be careful not to get hit. In the next mission, we needed to repel it, which we successfully did.

After that, we hunted a Shrieking Legiana (pain in the butt), the shocking Fulgur Anjanath, the Acidic Glavenus, the Ebony Odogaron, and eventually had to first repel Velkhana and eventually, we got “Quest 17: The Iceborne Wyvern” which basically tasks us with slaying Velkhana.

And that’s where we’re at right now. I wanted to pick up Monster Hunter World again and learn new weapons but Velkhana is just super hard to fight. Velkhana’s patterns aren’t the problem though but rather my damage. While I was able to easily hunt down other targets before, I’m now struggling with dishing out the damage in time and hence am running out of time before Velkhana’s actually dead. And that’s quite problematic. 

We’re not the only ones who’re interested in Brachydios!

Using the Hunting Horn against Velkhana was actually a bad choice (who would have thought?), so I tried out my Insect Glaive and failed again, despite having the explosion element on it that tended to be more than enough for most of the previous monsters. Alas, I then tried using the Heavy Bowgun with the flaming ammunition but despite being quite strong against it, it still wasn’t enough…

So, I actually now have to grind some hunts and expeditions to get materials for the right weapons. My weapon of choice is going to be the Insect Glaive as I’ll be able to dodge Velkhana’s ice beam rather easily using that weapon while also damaging the ice armour to eventually get rid of it. Since Velkhana’s weak against both the dragon seal and fire attacks, I thought of going for the Temptation Trident which later upgrades into Vice, Vice+, and eventually into Cruelty and the Nether Vajra. You can find that weapon in the Odogaron Tree and since I’ll need a weapon to fight Elder dragons with anyways, I thought about going for the Ebony Odogaron’s Nether Vajra.

Cruelty does have space for a gem on top of having more affinity and fire damage. The elder seal on Nether Vajra is, however, going to be a lot more useful right now as it’s going to lock some of the more annoying abilities that Velkhana uses.

So, luckily, I already had the materials ready for the Garon Rod II and only had to hunt two Odogaron for three Odogaron Shards to get the materials for Temptation’s Trident and another two for Vice. To upgrade my Vice to Vice+, I’ll need another two Odogaron Shards as well as another Odogaron Hardclaw. So, I’ll have to hunt that one again and I’ll have to carve the body out to gain the necessary shards and I’ll need to get lucky with the Hardclaws. 

Odogaron! DADAAAM!

The upgrade to Nether Vajra is going to require another Dragonbone Artifact (which I’ll just find on an expedition) as well as one more Ebony Odogaron Shard, so if I get lucky, I’ll only need to hunt one more of those… and if I remember correctly, there is an event quest where I’ll have to hunt both of them in one go, so that could actually be quite beneficial for me to save some time.

That, however, is something I’ll have to leave for the next time. It’s been a busy day in the New World and I’ll need to get some sleep in!

Hope you enjoyed the return of the MonHunLog and I hope you’re going to enjoy the next few posts that are coming out soon on MHW and my progress updates! 🙂


Quantic Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile

A while ago… well… a few months ago, I should say, I was nominated by Frostilyte to participate in a new tag post thing. And then I thought I’d do it later… and then I forgot about it… and now it seems like a good day to post about that, so uh… here! 

What’s this tag about?

Well, we’re doing the Gamer Motivation Profile by Quantic Foundry, which is a survey that I need to take and then I essentially examine the results of the said survey by answering several questions. The survey is supposed to describe different traits in my gaming behaviour and also recommend games to me based on my answers. 

What are the results? Share the link, headline and the two motivation model graphs you received.

My Gamer Motivation Profile is Social, Story-Focused, and Creative. Naithin posted a doc in Frostilytes post (just check out the comment section as I don’t know to link that specifically) that essentially explains what all of this means… but I feel like I’m even more confused now that I’ve read the doc. I guess “Social” means that I like PvP and PvE stuff with other players, which is true, I guess. I’ve been playing a lot of League of Legends, MHW and Destiny 2, although I’ve only mentioned the former two in the survey. The “Story-Focused” aspect is probably about plots and characters in games: If I hate the characters, I don’t really like the game – or for instance in League: I like Lissandra because of her lore and I wouldn’t play her if she was just another run-off-the-mill-character that has to avenge her father/brother/kids/parents/master/etc.
And as far as creativity goes… I like customizing stuff, I guess? Whatever.

How do you feel about your survey results?

I partly answered this one in the first question already. Overall, I guess that it makes sense. I do enjoy playing with and against other players. I also care about getting better about the game but more about the fun/the experience, resulting in a below average Mastery score. I noticed that quite often I need to have some Action but not always, so I would have thought that the Action score is a bit higher and as far as Creativity goes, I’m not the most creative… I guess that high score happened due to the questions that I answered about being able to (re)create a character. I do enjoy being the bad guy, which is why my “Destruction” Score is so high (58%) and I do enjoy a bit of a Challenge and Fantasy, I guess, but I would have personally said that Strategy and would be a bit more up there.

Frostilyte’s Chungus managed to sneak itself into my game :O

Which category is the most and which one is the least accurate?

I guess “Strategy” was the least accurate with its 49%. I mean, Destruction is all the way up there at 58% but I’d say that I overall enjoy Strategy aspects in games more than the fact that I can destroy pots in a house. Similar thing goes for “Story” and “Challenge”. If I get bored from the story or from the difficulty, I stop playing games or start to skim through or I get cocky and do something stupid. Hence, these are probably the most accurate. I do play a lot of Roguelikes and I do try to get better at certain games, so as long as the game is fair, I enjoy a challenges a lot more than story-aspects. So, I guess I’d rather put “Challenge” up a bit more while putting down the story-part, despite them (probably) being the most accurate.

Are there any major exceptions to your typical gaming motivations?

I guess “Creativity” and “Community” aren’t really right there. While I enjoy playing with other people, I don’t want to be too social. Same goes for creative stuff, while I do enjoy creating and planning out a character or a city or base, I don’t necessarily like creative tasks as much as this survey would lead to believe. In that sense the questions might be a bit flawed as they don’t really allow you to discern between “building things and designing something” and “creating your own character and changing a skin”, which I would call two different things.

Do any of these motivations carry over to your non-gaming life? If so, how?

I’d say “not really”. I’m often quite lazy and I tend to procrastinate a lot, so “Achievement” and Mastery” can’t be that close to “average”/50%. I suck at creative tasks (apart from writing, I guess?) and my social skills aren’t the best eitherr. I’m not too social either… I mean it all depends. I don’t actively search for people to talk to but I also don’t necessarily want to be all alone… The only thing that would be quite accurate would be “Action”, as I suck at sports and physical activities, haha.

MHW managed to be weird and cute at the same time!

Which games in your experience best satisfy your gaming motivations and how do they compare to the “suggested games” list from the questionnaire’s follow up page?

I really like RimWorld, Hollow Knight and Monster Hunter World right now as these games have the right amount of story, challenge and creative activity for me to basically not get bored for quite some time.
Suggest games wise, my recommendations feature “Heroes of the Storm” in the “Popular Games” section, which must be a mistake. I do enjoy it as well as Guild Wars 2, Warframe, and the Pokémon franchise but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’d try out HotS any time soon – especially due to the fact that they nerfed a ton of my favourite chars. Whatever.

Overwatch would be another one of those cases where the game is actually good but Blizzard screwed them up for me… as a Tank/Support-Main I hate the fact that essentially all characters are Damage-Dealers while you’re stuck with only 6 characters as a Support or Tank, though one of them is already taken by your teammate. Symmetra, Roadhog, Mei, Torbjörn, and Bastion for instance used to have either their own “specialist” class or they were formerly in other classes… but now they are all DDs, rendering the game variety quite unenjoyable to me. After all, I’d either have to queue up for a few minutes to play DD (as everyone wants to play that) or I play something where I’m limited to essentially only two or three heroes or where I’m forced to play something else if Ana gets picked away. I don’t like Overwatch anymore.

We tried to do the Gardens of Salvation raid the other day and I thought that this place looked pretty!

Civ V and World of Warcraft are interesting recommendations here but I’m not too keen on getting a subscription service going right now and I planned on getting into the Civ games anyways (wishlist and all of that).

The “balanced” recommendations feature a lot of the previously mentioned as well as Cities: Skylines (which I already like) and ARK: Survival Evolved (which I found interesting concept-wise but I don’t really care about it all that much, especially as none of my friends play it). “Star Wars: The Old Republic” is probably a good title if you’re a Star Wars fan… which I’m not exactly.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a good game. I was in the closed beta ages ago and really liked it there but didn’t play it afterwards… but I might get into it some time soon. And Fire Emblem Heroes got recommended to me, too, despite it not being a PC game and despite me having said that I don’t play on anything other than PC. Maybe I’ll have to get a Switch afterall… I mean, I already know that I enjoy the Fire Emblem games but the newer titles might be a lot more different.

And last but not least, Quantic Foundry is recommending Starbound and 2048 in the Niche-Section. While Starbound is cool, I guess, I don’t really have too many friends to play it with and I wouldn’t really play it all on my own… 2048 on the other hand gets boring quite quickly. The Total War series are great, from what I have seen, but I can’t afford them right now (Hence wishlisted and waiting for a sale). Fallout Shelter is a game that I’m aware of… but I got quite bored of it when I last played it… and then there’s also Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle which is not my cup of tea as I have no clue about Dragon Ball Z.. oh and Pillars of Eternity which has been wishlisted for quite some time.

The recommendations weren’t really all that great and I was hoping to get some more Indie titles but I did sadly not get any of those… what a bummer.

Well, there you go. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post. Was there anything that you wouldn’t have guessed result-wise on my side? Let me know!

As far as nominations go, I have no clue if you got tagged already, so I’ll just nominate

Chestnut from Gamer Girl Confessions
Wilhelm from The Ancient Gaming Noob
Kluwes from I’m Not Squishy
and Solarayo from AceSunder

I love my Whisper

So, uh, do the same if you’d like to and then nominate four other people!


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MonHunLog #6 – Grinding Optionals

In the last MonHunLog, we defeated the mighty Behemoth who ended up needing a bunch of resources and a lot of hunters. Things like Ancient Potions, Mega Demon Drugs, Mega Armour Skin, Might Pills, Adamant Pills, Flash Pods and Flash Bugs are quite rare as I can’t harvest the ingredients/bugs… but… then I noticed that you can.

Essentially, I’ve not done any of the optional quests, yet, and alas wasn’t able to harvest anything apart from the standard stuff. Therefore, our next quest after the main story was to actually complete those quests and to get stocked up for Iceborne!

The first quest that I needed to tackle was “To Hold A Harvest”, which is a delivery quest. For it, I need to get some Aqua Sacs and Points to earn a Harvest Box Upgrade. So, naturally, I went into the Wildspire Waste to hunt down Jyuratodi who then should potentially drop it… but they always dropped only Torrent Sacs!

And that’s because these more expensive (and rarer) materials always dropped form the HR-Jyuratodus while the Aqua Sacs (that I needed) didn’t drop at all as they’re LR-Jyuratodus-Drops. Alas, I had to farm three or five of those when I found that out and I finally got my harvest Box Upgrade (+10 spaces). This freed up a slot for the next delivery quest which was “Your Storage Solution”, needing one Torrent Sac and 1000 Research Points. Luckily, I already had four or five Torrent Sacs and therefore was able to deliver this one right as I accepted it.

While I don’t hate the fight too much or while I don’t find the Jyuratodus too difficult, he certainly is annoying with the water blight. You get sluggish and your stamina recovers at a third of your normal recovery speed. That’s essentially a huge pain in the butt when you’re playing with the glaive…

And next up, I needed to complete the 4 Star optional quests “Royal Relocation” and “Persistent Pests”. The latter only required us to slay 14 Hornetaurs and was able to grant us a Culture Slot (+1), while the latter quest was a Rathian-Hunting quest… in Low Rank… with our HR-Drachen-Armour-Set… yeah, went really well and was super fast.

With the RR completed, we were able to cultivate Parashrooms (much needed for traps), Mandragora (much needed for a bunch of ailments), Flashbugs (greatly appreciated as they are needed for Flash Pods) and Godbugs (also needed for ailments)… and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t need.

The other quest we needed to get the other cultivation-unlocks was “Prickly Predicament”, which is a three-star optional quest requiring of us to collect some cacti… and well, this unlocks a bunch of seeds and nullberries, which are gonna be super helpful for future hunts!

Now, apart from that, I also completed Talons of Ire and Ice for the extra Culture Slot (+1), needing us to hunt a Legiana and a Odogaron which was quite doable. I tried to capture both but I ended up slaying Legiana, which is alright, I guess… One out of two is better than none, right?
To get the remaining slots and upgrades, however, I’ll need to go into some of the Iceborne optional quests and if I had known that it’d be this easy to farm items, I would have done the optional quests a lot earlier!

But either way, that’s it for tonight’s post. I’m a bit behind on the schedule, which is why I need to post this one quickly and go for a third post tomorrow to make up for the missing post today. It’s been a bit hectic lately and the “busy me” was on vacation which is why we’ve been left here with the “procrastination me”… and that sucks. Alas, I gotta change the two and put “procrastination me” into the closet or something, never to come back (probably will come out anyways but whatever)… for now though, I wish y’all a good night and I hope that you’ve got a wonderful day over there.

Good night or maybe rather,


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Monster Hunter World Cross-Overs?

In today’s MonHunLog, I mentioned that it would be cool to see other features in Monster Hunter World from other franchises… so in this one, I’m discussing what I could imagine and what I’d find cool. If you’ve got any ideas of your own, be sure to let me know about them! I’d love to discuss some of your craziest or best ideas! 😀

So, first up, I’d love to see a special assignment in that we’d have to fight against Arceus or Rayquaza from the Pokémon Games. Maybe, after having been defeated by Ash and his team, Team Rocket and their balloon crashland in the New World where they get saved by us and our handler. Before getting eaten by a Great Jagras, we save them and bring them to our base where they naturally see all the big monsters that they could potentially snack to get world domination in the Pokémon World… and well… they manage to capture one of them, using a Pokéball and then we need to fight them and later we then fight against a Legendary Pokémon before Team Rocket shows up again and get blasted away into the Pokémon World.

Sure, that storyline still has some weaknesses and doesn’t sound too convincing but luckily I’m not working on new MHW-assignments. Instead, I get to focus on playing the games while other people who are good at that kind of stuff, actually implement that kind of stuff into the New World, which I really fancy. A Pokémon-themed Special Assignment would thus be very cool.

Another great one would be a Kaiju-style special quest where, after defeating an Anjanath (or some other Large Monster), it grows instead of being defeated and suddenly it’s so huge that it can easily stomp and destroy everything. Alas, our Palico then grows into some sort of giant, too, and we slip into its brain to fight Anjanath beat-em-up-style until the giant Anjanath (or whatever) explodes, destroying everything in the New World! And then we wake up. (Yep, I’m not good at the story-telling stuff… but some Kaiju-movie-inspired mission would be quite neat!)

Or just a “Monster Island” DLC with all the Godzilla monsters where you fight against them in a giant Palico-Robot!

While these crossovers have already been weird, I’d imagine it gets even weirder if we were to play in a Prof. Layton vs. MHW quest where Layton tries to solve a puzzle in the New World and while searching for clues every NPC would have a puzzle for us. Eventually, we could open an ancient tomb where a giant monster from some older Monster Hunter game would come out or maybe possibly some creature from a completely different franchise. That’d be quite neat, I guess.

And lastly, I’d really enjoy being able to play alongside Rick (from Rick and Morty) or Finn (from Adventure Time)!
I believe that they would add some interesting costumes or mechanics (similar to the Ignis Sign or the Moogle-costume) to the game and that it would be fun to experience some sort of crossover like that where we’d go on a weird adventure in the New World.

But then again, I’m not sure if the Monster Hunter series is the right franchise to be featured on the multidimensional cable and alas, I’m not too sure if any of these are that nice… But I’m excited to see what Iceborne has to bring!

Until the next post, enjoy the nice weather and stay safe! If you’ve got any ideas for potential future cross overs…. be sure to let me know or discuss them in the comments! For now though…


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MonHunLog #4 – I don’t like the Witcher-Quest

So, in our last adventure in the New World, we were able to defeat the not-spider boss of MHW, Xeno’forgothisname. In this one, we’re talking about a visitor from a different world…

So there’s this goblin-like creature that reminded me of Smeagol and it got captured in an unusual habitat. Shortly after arriving there, Geralt of Rivia shows up through a portal and complains about portals… and then we hire him to fight the Leshen, a dangerous creature that arrived in the ancient woods from the World of the Witcher franchise.

I’d imagine they’d suck – after all plane food is bad and there’s little to no room for my legs. Imagine what a portal would feel like! *shudders*

Alas, we play as Geralt and can use our Witcher senses to search for clues and find out about the whereabouts of the monster. We are also able to use a variety of different weapons, including the Ignis sign (a fire spell of sorts) and the silver sword. The Ignis sign has a cooldown and ignites the area before us while all the items are just re-shaped weapons with different stats.

So, naturally, I went the Witcher way and tried myself at the quest, using the Silver Sword. Naturally, I went to a few different spots and collected evidence of a monster controlling the Revultures that brought down a herbivore by themselves, despite them normally only eating dead stuff. Then we got to save one of the researchers and a Pukey-Pukey that were trapped by living roots.

This whole set-up is so weird. Geralt in MHW where I’m looking super-fly and where the Handler is wearing a cat costume!

Once we arrive in the middle of the forest, we get to fight the Leshen, an ancient beast that can control the plants and animals of the forest. The fight is hard and, to be honest, really annoying. Depending on the choices we made earlier, Pukey-Pukey is going to come around and help us in the fight! Sadly, we don’t get a love-card from it, but I guess that’s the stuff that happens on Tumblr (just kidding, porn is banned over there, haha) or fanfic[dot]com.

The fight though takes ages. It’s super annoying. I hate this quest. I don’t even like the Witcher. Leshen teleports himself around a bunch, has ranged attacks and close-range attacks, making him super annoying to fight with the silver sword, especially as you can’t do anything without your Ignis sign. Once you use it and it’s on cooldown, you won’t be able to get close to the Leshen. If you missed the opportunity or missed him, then you’ll be in trouble. Same goes for the fact that the Leshen summons animals controlled by him that on their own are already quite strong but are able to overwhelm you easily by their numbers alone without the help of the Leshen.

Yikes, it’s the Leshen!

My first try ended disastrously. My second try ended with me running out of time. Thus, I didn’t care about the “reality” anymore and instead went for the Insect Glaive that Geralt wouldn’t normally use. With this weapon, I was able to mount the Leshen easily, attack it differently and have proper combos with my weapons, as well as mobility and lots of dodges for the different root attacks.

And finally, I made it… and got to craft the Full Armour Set for the Witcher, allowing us to fight as the one and only Geralt of Rivia. Colouring his armour pieces makes him a power ranger, which is quite a lot of fun. His stats and skills are really strong but I don’t want to play as Geralt all the time and I don’t really use Ignis all that often.

Tammy is so cute next to the PowerRanger from Rivia!

Apart from that we also gain the ability to use Ignis freely even as a normal hunter, using an item with its own cooldown. And we can repeat the quest for the Leshen regardless of already having beaten it.

So, this day in the New World has been quite eventful but overall nothing’s better than a good rest in one’s own four walls. Alas, I wish you all a great time! Stay healthy.


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The MonHunLog #3 – Xeno’jiiwhat?

A while ago (and yeah, I haven’t been too consistent with these MHW-posts) I encountered the final boss of MHW’s base game, Xeno’jiiva!

In my stream, after we had defeated the three Elder Dragons that I featured in my last MonHunLog, we noticed that the Large Monsters still haven’t returned to some of their previous areals… so there must have been something up.

And well, essentially, all the bio-energy that the dying Elders in Elder’s Recess have left behind manifested into some sort of living creature – Xeno’jiiva. I’ve read theories about the Xeno’jiiva being the Saphire Star or having arrived with the meteor called the Saphire Star. Overall, it’s a big shining dragon that incubates in some sort of cocoon and even though it just got born, we had to slay it.

If you wanna see my first reaction to meeting Xeno’jiiva, you can do so over here as I created a clip from that stream. I was a bit terrified of the fact that it might have been a spider-boss… yikes!

The fight against Xeno’jiiva is split into multiple sections with us fighting it in one area where it has one type of attacks, and with it going to a second area and to a third area where its attacks change. It shoots a lot of laser beams and is able to deal a ton of damage.

Now with my Insect Glaive, I tried to mount it multiple times but sadly was unsuccessful due to the height difference… Xeno’jiiva is huge!

Overall, it’s a tough fight but with Frostilyte carrying us in the first fight against it, we eventually managed to get through it rather well. A lot of the time we’d hit its legs and then dodge the beams and rays it would shoot. When it’s enraged, it also does fly out and perform a lethal claw attack. It also makes use of other attacks that inflict dragon and fire blight, so nullberries are a must-have for the fight. When it enrages, it can also perform a stomping-attack that kills you immediately due to the explosions it causes on the ground.

But in the end, it had to die and once we killed it, we managed to hold a huge fest with all the other researchers and hunters! And despite the game’s end, there are still more monsters on the loose and more quests to come… such as the special investigations that involve the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, or Kumuo the Moogle from the Eorzea. But I guess that’s something for a different post. 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little update on my journey in the New World! I really enjoyed the fight and just recently we fought it again and it took equally long, so I may actually have grown a bit stronger already!

The armour pieces for Xeno’jiiva looks really dope but I’m not sure if I’ll actually use those, especially as they’re rather expensive and as there is a different set that I’m crafting up already… but Tammy looks actually really cute in the Xeno’jiiva Armour… so she may get that armour soon 🙂

Either way, until the next time, cheers!

This post is part of a challenge called BLAPRIL. The goal is to post as much as possible during the 30 days of April. There are different themes during some of the weeks and a lot of mentors, newbies and participants participating. Feel free to check this hub-post out and check out the other participants!

TSS#45 – The Coronapocolypse?

Today’s Stray Sheep is about my current Covid-19-situation. How are things going for me? How am I holding up over here? What’s the situation in Germany?

Note: Today’s post is accompanied by Screenshots from MHW and uhm… yes, I’m behind on posts. I’m working on it. If you know the game, you may notice that I’m farther in than last time. 😀 Regardless of that, enjoy this post!

A while ago, Covid-19 started spreading and, honestly, I just thought it’s something that will pass over time. Sometime later it suddenly was spreading elsewhere and you got to see photos of plundered stores and chaos in countries like Italy and Spain where the country is on lockdown at the moment and over time my point of view on the issue was turned around and I took it a lot more serious than I thought I would. I mean… everybody called it the “Return of the Roaring 20’s” and I always joked about the Plague returning every century in the 20s… and then this hits… so I must have jinxed it, obviously.

My thought-process was quite close to Naithin’s who just recently posted about the Covid-situation and how it all unfolds and I really recommend reading about it over there on his blog!

I wanted to post about my situation and the Covid-19 a lot sooner but this draft has been sitting here for at least two weeks now and it’s been going nuts in that time. Whenever I wanted to post the blog-post, it ended up getting changed drastically, needing a lot more editing again, and hence sitting around for a lot longer.

This picture is derpy, so here you go. Cheer up, lol.

But why is that? Why the change?

Well,… I first didn’t take Corona too serious. I ended up thinking that it’s something that I do not need to worry about, as I’m not old enough to die from it, but… I do have to worry about other people.

The numbers of new infections at the moment are increasing a lot lately. While the numbers in my state have been close to 50 about two to three weeks ago, there were 200 cases on the very next day, 500 two days later and already about a thousand only a few days later. The numbers kept increasing like that and already reached close to 4.8 thousand today (officially – it’s also the 19th right now). 

But we can stop that from happening by distancing ourselves and staying at home unless it’s really necessary. Or rather than stopping new infections from happening, we are able to slow it down so that more and more people can get cured of it – #FlattenTheCurve is something that is trending right now. 

It’s a New World that we’re living in but I’m sure things will get back to normal soon after the vaccine drops!

I’ve read that about half of the infected people get cured within two to three weeks and can’t get it again while there’s a smaller number of infected people that need more care as they have pneumonia and overall among the „youngsters“ or „healthy people that get infected“ the mortality rate is sitting at about .02% right now, so it’s not too drastic… but that number is a lot higher for elderly people or infants or people with other conditions or pregnant women (and their unborn children). 

Hence, we need to distance ourselves so that doctors and nurses can take care of the infected while we are at home, not risking anyone. 

Even without symptoms, you can potentially have it and spread it to others, which is why social distancing is of utmost importance right now. 

Right now a lot of people are actually making fun of policemen and the government by freely going outside and having “Corona-Parties” where they show up in large quantities, drinking and partying as their amendments very much say that they are allowed to gather in large crowds and move wherever they please. But it’s not like we’re in a dictatorship or whatever and hence according to other laws, the government can issue a ban on going out to stop pandemics… and they did… In Bavaria but also in my state people aren’t allowed to leave the house unless they’re on their way to grocery shopping, to the doctor’s, to work (if home-office doesn’t work) or the fuel station. Of course, you still are able to go into your garden or onto your balcony but people aren’t allowed to go outside in their free time in groups of more than two (as far as I know) with two meters of distance between each other or in (a bit) bigger groups if you’re a family with more children. 

Stick together, just like Pink Geralt and Tammy are doing right now!

Same goes for bulk-purchases: They are bad. Don’t do that. 

Over here I couldn’t find any fresh veggies, bread, meat, eggs, pasta, flour or other affordable items when it came to food because of people going ham on the stores. Every morning people go crazy on those stores and bulk purchase a ton of goods while a lot of students (like me) or old people (like the old lady next-door) don’t have the ability to fully load a car with goods like that and hence have to rely on getting some items every now and then if there are any left-overs. The other day even I was asked by an old person whether or not I need the pasta that I was going to buy, so I gave it to her and left without any (again), while another lady was purchasing 300€ worth of ingredients, toilet paper, body lotion, hand sanitizers and other articles in two shopping carts which I just found unheard of.

Bulk-purchases cause hysteria. Bulk-purchases result in people being hungry. Again, they are bad. Again, don’t do that. 

But overall, times are bad but if you stay at home, you’re good. You’re safe. You don’t put anyone at risk. And that’s important. And it’s not a permanent solution, I know, but it’s better than endangering a ton of people before the vaccine eventually hits the world at the end of this year or mid next year (or whenever it lands).

I know you’re there, damn lurkers!

I’m also preparing a lot of posts for Blaugust with about twenty drafts sitting around and none being finished yet. This year I want to over-achieve and finish with at least double the number of posts! Sounds crazy, right? Well, I’ll try at least! 

Minimum Goal: 31 (one daily post throughout the month)

Maximum Goal: 62 (two daily posts throughout the month)

Super-Maximum „I’m not an adult yet“ Goal: 69 (aka two posts daily + one week with one extra post per day!)

And Uhm, yeah, that’s what’s going on right now. I hope you’re staying safe. I’m safe. My girlfriend’s safe. My family’s safe. I hope it stays that way and I hope that you and yours are great over there as well, not risking anything and limiting exposure to possibly infected people. 

Have a nice day! Stay healthy, stay safe! 

And cheers!

The MonHunLog #1 – The Elder Dragoning

In today’s MonHunLog I’d like to talk about the new weapon I discovered and got to love. The Insect Glaive. We also fought our first Elder Dragons and since we tasted blood, we’ll fight three more in the next play-session and document those in the next MonHunLog!

Now, the Insect Glaive is a special one. Essentially it’s a spear that is working with a so-called “Kinsect”. Not only do you have several slashes, thrusts and other attacks but you can also launch yourself into the air and slice through monster or even mount them without having to jump off a ledge. Handy!

Glamourous as ever! I really fancy this layered armour 🙂

Before, I’ve been mainly playing with the Hammer and the Gunlance. Here and there I was playing with the Bow as well since I couldn’t really play with the hammer against flying monsters but with the Kinsect Glaive, I’m actually in the air non-stop and am even able to mount monsters without having to use flash pods to bring flying monsters into the ground. You’re extremely mobile with the Kinsect Glaive and even fast monsters have trouble keeping up with you.

Another aspect of the Insect Glaive is… well… the Insect. You essentially equip a Kinsect that you nurture and evolve using materials. There are a lot of different trees that you can evolve your Kinsect into. I’m currently playing around with the Bullshroud II from the Gullshad Lineage (Tree), which resembles more of a Butterfly than any other bug. It evolves out of a Mauldrone and has a bunch of nice stats. For instance, I can shoot it out to create a dust effect when it hits a Monster. When I strike said dust effect, I get healed for a portion of my health, which is very nice. Instead of using the Vigorwasp Spray (Palico Gadget), I instead now go for the Coral Orchestra which I’ve only just unlocked!

The Coral Orchestra allows my Palico to boost my attack, defence or status resistances with music. I can go for a bit of a more an aggressive playstyle while still heal myself with the Kinsects now, which is quite neat!

The Kinsect also can be used to harvest extracts from a monster’s body part. You then recall the Kinsect to receive one out of four extracts with a different effect based on the colour. The red extract improves the attack, white extract makes you move faster, green extract restores health and orange extract prevents you from getting knocked back while attacking. Apparently, you get hybrid effects from multiple colours but I still need to look into that, using a guide of sorts. Maybe that’s something for the next MonHunLog.

Mission-wise, we first hunted down to Tzitzi-Ya-Ku that were troubling a few feline troopers in the Coral Highlands. Using the Insect Glaive we were either able to mount these before they could stun us OR just dash away to avoid the annoying stun effect. Therefore, it was a rather easy fight. As a reward for helping out the troopers, we received the Coral Orchestra Palico Gadget that I’ve mentioned before.

Afterwards, we went for the Food Chain Dominator quest and began to hunt down Deviljho! Deviljho resembles more of a big black pickle that spits out black clouds onto you to inflict Dragon Blight! But not only does it have this ranged attack but it also features some massive chompers that allow it to eat anything and everything! It got into a turf war with a Tobi Kadachi at one point during my hunt and it actually won without taking too much damage. Free Tobi Kadachi materials, I guess?

Its metabolism is so fast that it has to go for any prey it can see, resulting in its increased jaw strength. One of its attacks features a furious bite-attack where it lashes out four to six times in a row, dealing humongous amounts of damage! There’s also an Uppercut-like Attack where it launches you into the air, making you vulnerable to its attacks as it can just bring you down rather fast. And when you try to keep your distance, it just jumps at you, burying its massive mouth into the ground, trying to make the last meal you had your last meal at all! Wowsers!

But in the end, we brought it down rather quickly. The Deviljho has week points at the belly and the head, so essentially mounting it and then unleashing a flurry of attacks on its head is rather effective, especially if you then strike its sensitive belly afterwards until it gets back up again!
The armour we can craft from Deviljho looks weird in my opinion but I could see myself crafting it for my Palico, Tammy!

The next quest we tackled was the Event-5-Star-Quest, Kirin The Myth! Kirin is a unicorn-esque Elder Dragon that is able to summon lightning down onto you. It also features a lot of strong dash-attacks but doesn’t really do much else besides that. There are also some AoE-attacks and it can also inflict paralysis onto you, which can be rather difficult to deal with if you get hit multiple times.. but that’s nothing that can’t be taken care of, using Nulberries. Kirin’s weakness is mainly fire damage – it’s resistance to paralysis and shock-damage, though, so you better equip a different weapon if you focus on those kinds of effects.

When you fight it, it will dash around a lot, so having a rather mobile or even ranged weapon would be quite neat. The lightning-strikes it launches come either from above on multiple random spots in the close area around it or from on top of it in a stronger and more effective way, dealing a lot of damage, or in some stripes across the ground. The latter can be dodged rather easily by not standing in the area affected by its attacks or by jumping at the right time. The other two attacks can be dodged by standing a bit farther away from it. I found the Kirin Fight rather easy, to be honest, especially since we can just mount it a few times and then hammer down on the horn, using the Insect Glaive (I might as well main this weapon, it’s a lot of fun!).

Ded unicorn

The Event-Quest, Kirin the Myth, features two Kirins, though, so you may have to look out for the second one. Still… this fight was rather tame, so I wouldn’t be too worried about it for now. Maybe it gets harder in the later ranks of the game – after all, I only played the Five-Star-Event-Quest (which is in Low-Rank, I guess?).
The armour looks quite neat, though, although it doesn’t really have nice stats in the low-rank version.

After slaying our first non-canon Elder Dragon for this Event-Quest, I went ahead and attempted my hunt on Nergigante, the first canon-Elder that we’ve got to hunt down to restore the balance in the ecosystem. Before, we’ve encountered Nergigante when we tried to capture Zorah Magdaros and when we lead Zorah Magdaros into the sea. Nergigante is an Elder Dragon that feasts on other Elder Dragons and therefore can be found in Elder’s Recess. It is covered in Splinters and Horns on various body parts and features a few dash and lunge attacks, making it quite tricky to beat. It also deals huge amounts of damage with my current High-Rank-Armour-Loadout (partly Defender-Armour but also the Harvest Coil, the Skull Mask and the Dragon Resistance Charm).

When you hit or break different parts of its body, it recovers them by adding more splinters to them that get harder over time to the point where you deal no damage to it. Fresh splinters are still white and turn black over time. Hitting the white spots is key to slaying Nergigante as these horns are still fresh and soft, receiving more damage. Once hardened, they receive less damage and your attacks get repelled of it.

In the end, we managed to only faint once and eventually slay it rather quickly, which I was rather surprised by! Although we’ve slain it, the balance in the eco-system still wasn’t restored, so our quest continues as we try to beat Kushala Daora, the Dragon of Steal, as well as Teostra the Infernal and the Hellish Fiend Vaal Hazak, as these Elder Dragons from the Old World have shown up in the New World now! Fearing Nergigante’s endless hunger, they fled Elder’s Recess and made the Ancient Forest, the Wildspire Waste, and the Rotten Vale their hunting grounds. So, after a little bit of research, we now have the chance to fight these Elder Dragons and, yet again, try to bring balance to the eco-system – but that’s something for the next MonHunLog.

The Nergigante Armour looks rather dope, to be honest, and has decent skills and stats, so I might go with this one in the future, if I grind enough Nergigantes. The -15 vs. Thunder and the -9 vs. Dragon, however, isn’t really that nice… I’d love it if you could have normal armour as your layoured armour. That would be great!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I very much enjoyed fighting these new monsters and unlocking the armours for them. Sadly, the Defender Weapon very much can carry me through all of this as the last level of the Defender Glaive is able to top every other weapon (so far) by more than 200 damage! Also, while the Defender Glaive’s element is blast (which usually is really strong against all types of Monsters), the Kinsect can be customized to have a different Element and different effects depending on the combination of weapon and Kinsect you use.

Anyways, I’ll see you in the next post. Have a nice day! Cheers!

Our Character is astonished at the sight of all these Elder Dragons! Just look at my try to recreate Handsome Jack in Monster Hunter World! 😀 Isn’t he gorgeous?

The MonHunLog #0 – Pilot

I planned on making a few posts about my experience with Monster Hunter World and the monsters I’d encounter and capture or slay… and then I ended up forgetting to take screenshots. Well, now I’m at the beginning of the High-Rank missions with a good amount of hours in the game (37 hours used to be a lot for me a while ago), so I decided to stop procrastinating and actually write up some of these posts. This is going to be the first of (hopefully) many posts and it will essentially explain what happened so far.

In a world where monsters and humans coexist, we are a so-called A-lister Hunter who decided to join the Fifth Fleet of the Research Commission. The Research Commission is a team of researchers and hunters who specialize in maintaining a healthy ecosystem around the world by either culling a good number of smaller monsters or by slaying or capturing bigger monsters that are threatening the balance of the food chain and the whole area.

Every century, the most powerful monsters, the so-called Elder Dragons, traffic the oceans to reach the New World but for some unknown reason the frequency of this event changed and the Elder Crossing happens every decade instead! That’s why we, the Fifth Fleet, are travelling into the New World to find out about the reason behind all of this and to establish a healthy ecosystem.

That’s basically the plot so far. At the beginning of the game, we encounter a giant lava-monster called Zorah Magdaros that is as big as an entire island and that is on its way to the New World. This monster has been showing up in a lot of places and has been wreaking havoc. Due to spoilers, I won’t tell what happened to it, but I must say that it was great fighting it and its fellow elder buddy, Nergigante (although we only repelled Nergigante and didn’t get to fight it… yet!).

Anyways, that’s basically the story as far as I remember it. We essentially gear up, chose a weapon, slay monsters for quests and bounties, then forge new weapons and armour pieces out of monster-parts that make us look cool and that essentially help us get stronger… and then we rinse and repeat.

For the first few hours of the game, I played with the Defender Warhammer as it not only carries you through a good portion of the game but it also lets you stun enemies with powerful attacks. The Defender Armour Set is actually able to carry you through the Low-Rank missions. You don’t really take huge amounts of damage from a lot of monsters and there aren’t any better options for you at this point. It’s the perfect catch-up armour to go for when preparing for Iceborne Content, I guess, but since I haven’t played through the Main Game yet and since I don’t own Iceborne either, this armour set made my game experience a bit less enjoyable.

Hence, I sometimes switched to less powerful armour sets that offered me nice other skills and while it was quite challenging, I ended up having a lot more fun.

However, I’ve reached High-Rank now and the Defender Armour is actually not that good compared to other armour pieces, which is why I’ve got to grind up for other parts, like the HR-Legiana-Armour or even the Bazelgeuse-Armour. I’ll have to look into that and will keep ya up-to-date in that regards.

The overall concept of slaying and capturing monsters, grinding materials and then getting stronger was already known to me from other games but I’ve never actually played any of the other Monster Hunter games, resulting in this being a first for me. I found combat quite fun actually and a lot of the times I was just staring at the screen in awe due to the beautiful worlds, the vast variety of monsters and animals, and the cool looking armour pieces and weapons.

I really enjoyed the game so far but now that I’ve reached High-Rank (and there’s more to come), I’m really looking forward to crafting up weapons and armour pieces, grinding materials, and challenging myself with the newest types of quests and bounties. I feel like MHW is the right game for me. It’s scratching that certain itch that I needed right now. It’s so good that I can’t finish up my latest reviews or play more Destiny 2, wohoo. I like it a lot so far.

I’m pleased to bits with Monster Hunter Worlds and I can’t wait to play more of it. If you’d like to join me in my adventures, feel free to add me on steam or join our steam group, Indiecator. So far I’m only playing Monster Hunter World using the Gunlance, Hammer and Bow, but I have tried out other weapons and found some of them really interesting, so I’m quite keen on trying them out.

I’m really looking forward to playing more Monster Hunter World and to post about it on here. I only just started out in High Rank, so I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Until then,

TSS#37 – Five Games Challenge

What games would I choose if I only had five games available to me? What’s this “challenge” Naithin of is taking part in? Why are we doing this at all?

Well, today’s Stray Sheep is about these questions and my thoughts on the topic, on top of my selection! Enjoy 🙂

On the 5th of October, twitter user @Octav1usKitten published this tweet here, kicking off a “challenge” of sorts, where one has to pick five games to play for a whole year! Later on The Gaming Diaries, they made a post, listing their choice of games, which lead to quite a lot of people in our nice little Blaugust-community to share lists of their own and… well, then there’s Naithin. 

Naithin from went as far as creating an actual challenge of playing only those five games for the entirety of November (and maybe even later on as well?), which you may look up the hither side of the internet.

If you’re interested in doing anything like that, go check out his rules. If you’re interested in seeing what it’s like to limit oneself to only five games, check out Naithin’s blog. 

Anyways, while this is surely interesting, I thought about making a post about my theory of the best game-combination and then submitting a list of my own to the world wide web! 

So, at first, I’d like to say that it’s hard for me to stick to one game for a great time-span. My steam library shows it as most of my games are around the 6- to 9-hour mark. Usually, I get bored with a game or need to take a break from it after a few hours of total game time and then a rather long break happens and I forget the controls and mechanics and then some real-life-stuff happens and I suddenly won’t play a game anymore. That happened in Assassin’s Creed 1’s case (RIP Late to the Party #3) and it also happened to a ton of other games. (I’ll get to it in the future for sure, though!)

Hence, if I were to make a list of games to play, I’d probably have to not only cover a vast range of genres in those five games but also make it a list of games that I could replay a ton! 

So, I think, that the challenge behind playing only five games for a year is the fact that you need a certain amount of variety in it. A variety in Genres isn’t needed, in my opinion, though! I think the trick to “surviving on five games for a whole year” (as someone who plays games a lot more than a “normie”, of course) is being able to play the heck out of those games and to have a variety between pairs of games and not between the genres.

Off to my list then!

1 – My first game would be a rogue-like to make things different on each run!

Thanks to procedural generation and some other mechanics there’s a new challenge after every death! Rogue-likes usually feature a ton of different combinations of powerful items to make every run special while also providing one with a rather simple approach on the story/plotline!

Therefore I’m choosing Enter The Gungeon!

It’s a bullet-hell-type of twin-stick-shooter/rogue-like game with a few different characters, a ton of different guns, and even more puns! I haven’t played too much of it for quite some time (and it received a lot of updates in that time) which is why I’m still rather new to it and will have to learn everything again!

Honourable mentions would be: The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/Afterbirth, Dead Cells, Cultist Simulator, Nuclear Throne, Risk of Rain 2, and Slay The Spire.

2 – For this game I would choose a story-heavy RPG that features a lot of stuff to do.

An Open-World-title would be great here, too, especially as there’s a lot of Loot-Shooters (like the Borderlands franchise) that would cover those points.

I’m choosing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for this one!

I’ve never played “through” Skyrim and usually only took certain sides, did certain quests and never tried the other side of the same game! Also there’s DLCs that I’ve never touched on top of MODS that I’ve never installed. I know people that have sank in about a thousand hours (or even more at this point!) into Skyrim and I guess that Skyrim would be great as the second game.

In Contrast to Enter The Gungeon there’s a lot less puns (if any at all) in Skyrim which is a bit of a bummer (jk) but there’s a lot more options when it comes to character customization, role-play, stories, and choices! I feel like this would be important when it comes to the challenge here. When you’re tired of “too much story” or when you don’t have too much time, you go for a rogue-like-run. When you’ve got more time or you’re frustrated with the random aspects, just tune into Skyrim with a lot more scripted events, weird and funny bu- I mean, features… and a bigger world!

Hounourable mentions: Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Breathedge, and Warframe!

3 – For the third game I’d choose a competitive game that can be played with friends and that features a high skill cap!

Competitive games usually demand a lot of people, like map awareness, high APM, map knowledge, game knowledge, good decision making, and a ton more. In shooter games you’ve got to be good at aiming and know a lot about different strategies, for instance. I mostly play RTS or MOBA games when it comes to competitive games, though…

Therefore my choice here is League of Legends.

Well, I already play it almost every day for a round or two after uni, so I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to guess that I’d include this title. I only reached Gold IV this season, hence there’s plenty of leg-room for improvement and training to do. I’m also missing only about 8 champions and there’re many champs that I haven’t played at all, yet, so maybe there’s some more I like, on top of new champions coming out soon, including the new Support-Marksman, Senna.

As a Support-Main, there’s also a lot then I can learn in the Role-Department. I play Mid-Lane and ADC sometimes and am rather average on those lanes. Occassionally I try myself at Jungling (as it’s basically a Support for the whole map) and my worst lane is the Top Lane, mostly as I find it rather boring (being isolated from the rest of the map and all of that^^).

I enjoy playing LoL and I like the community, so I won’t go into the whole “Supporting a company full of bad people”-debate. There’s cool and inclusive rioters for sure at Riot Games, just like there’s probably good Blizzard employees.. and I doubt that there’re any companies in the video game industry that are inherently good or inherently bad.

Honourable mentions would be: Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft 2, and, I guess, Overwatch.

4 – For this I’d choose a game that you can play for a great amount of time with, again, a ton of things to do without any pressure.

Competitive game can be tilting, frustrating and stressful, hence a relaxed game would be great complement to those. On one side there’s League of Legends

…and then there’s Stardew Valley!

I. Love. It. 

I guess that Graveyard Keeper is scratching the same needs while also being a lot darker and recently having a tavern added to it on top of other updates… but sadly, Graveyard Keeper is finite while Stardew Valley’s “story” is infinite with always something to do and plenty of updates coming rather frequently!

Hence, honourable mentions: Graveyard Keeper, Autonauts, Forager, and Diablo 3 (I find the grinding rather relaxing in D3, tbh).

5 – Anything goes, hence my choice here is Monster Hunter World:

It has cool fights, awesome armours, weapons and also the Palico Cats that support you and are rather cute! There’s also some RPG aspects, challenging content and a wide range of weapons!

I’d also be able to support friends using that support-horn-thingy (yep, I haven’t played it, yet, but I love all MHW-Streams and -Videos, I’ve seen so far, and I can’t wait to play it with some friends from my old school).

The last game (in my theory) is a game that one can sink a lot of time into for the sake of enjoying it. Something you haven’t covered yet, something that you like, something that you haven’t played enough of. You can add another genre, stack more genres, whatever, as long as you enjoy it. (Or rather, I found this the most efficient thing to do)

Honourable mentions: Nier; Automata, Warframe, Risk of Rain 2, Minecraft, Terraria, Hearthstone, and Dungeon Of The Endless.

So there’s a plot-less game, a plot-heavy game, a competitive game, a relaxed game, and finally, a game one loves to bits that one can play all year long.

So, this is my idea of the best way of choosing games. Of course, “rogue-likes” aren’t necessarily the way to go for everyone but you can surely change that out for a card game, a racing game, a phone game or anything else that scratches your urges and is rather lite on the story but offers a ton of replay value. The second game would cover the need for interesting plots and lore on top of the RPG-needs^^

What are your thoughts on these? Is there anything that you’d choose differently or would your choice/strategy be similar? 

Also, on the last note, I won’t participate in a challenge like this at all….or rather not at this point. As I want to proceed with reviews on this blog, I’d like to not be limited to five games only for a year, as that’d mean that there’d be, at max, five reviews! Or at least some other kinds of content that I’m not quite sure of yet. At least, I wouldn’t be able to show off some of those nice Indie Games out there.

Anyways, feel free to discuss my “strategy” and my choice of games or even submit your list of games! Also check out King Octav1usNaithin, and The Gaming Diaries!

Have a nice day 🙂

Note: I changed the Header to now just say “TSS#xx” instead of “The Stray Sheep #xx” as I thought that’d be a bit better. Any thoughts on that?

I’m taking part in this year’s #IntPiPoMo. If you’d like to participate or get to know the other participants, feel free to check this post out!