I hate race/gender-locked classes

Today we talked about a lot of stuff on the Blaugust/Blapril discord. Among the discussed topics was World of Warcraft and how Tessa didn’t like it (while I, for instance, haven’t crossed path with WoW, yet, at all).

Easha then confirmed Tessa‘s discontent by mentioning how they don’t like the “Time, subscription model, graphics, faction wars, class-race-locks, Blizzard being Blizzard lately”…

…and I guess I can agree with a lot of it. The Graphics may not be my style, the subscription model is not to my liking either (though companies still have to earn money, I guess), and Blizzard can be quite Blizzard-ish which also isn’t to my liking… and while faction wars are kinda cool, I thought that all of these points are not exactly points that would make me play the game. Instead, they’d rather turn me off or scare me away. One of them, which I also hate in other games (Dadaaaaaaa! That transition though!) is what this post is about…

Gender or race locked classes!

I hate them.

Naturally. Intently. I don’t like a thing about them and I don’t know why they’d be a thing.

I guess, it makes sense when you’re playing as someone and you’re that person and that person is known for being that class and that gender… just like Link is male and a bit of a swordsman with a thing for gadgets… but overall it’s not that nice to lock people into one gender if they want to play a class or to lock people into a race if they want to play a different class.

Source in the link at “link is male” (see what I did there?)

Belghast has posted about this issue a while ago when he talked about the fact that he’s got this character of sorts that he likes to create in games and that he generally doesn’t really like it when that ability is not available in some games. I guess, you can still somewhat create a beard in Destiny when you’re playing as an Exo with the markings and stuff… but it’s still quite annoying. Check out his post btw as Bel really did a great job on that post!

Naithin also discussed the fact that your character is locked to being male in “Escape from Tarcov” because of (and I quote the devs) “lore reasons” and the “workload” and “time” it takes to create those female characters. At the same time, some other dev confirmed that it doesn’t take that much time at all – and even if it did it’d be worth it as you can approach a larger demographic like the guys online who enjoy playing as a female or the women who like to play as a female. I don’t get why it’s so hard to implement something like that without causing a shitstorm, after all, there are (apparently) female NPCs in the game lore as well and the devs apparently had time to program those but not the player models that other plays are going to see before you shoot a bullet through their eyes. (That’s how shooters work, right?)
Oh and check out Nait’s post on that. He did a great job, too, and I really enjoy his stuff (as you may be able to tell from all the times where I link him in my posts, lol)!

This is the Winterfield – a/the sniper from Blinx 2 (lovely game!)

In games, I generally enjoy the class-experience more than being able to play a character with the same gender as myself. I enjoy it when I can have a cute character in a game (be it a male or a female one). Sadly the male character models look really bad in a lot of older MMOs that I’ve played (at one point I did play Aura Kingdom and Guild Wars 2 and while these two are very different, they both feature bad male character models, so I obviously only had the choice to play a female character, lol). And that’s kind of how my name “Lizz Winterfield” came to be as Lizz is a cute name and as “Magimos” (older username of mine) didn’t really fit a female character… and Winterfield was the most “Human”-sounding last name I could think of in that game (also it’s my favourite gun in Blinx 2).

But a lot of games also feature classes that are locked to certain races on top of only being gender-locked. In Black Desert Online you can only be a female witch or a female fae and not a male one, which made it weird for me when I played the new Fae class on stream and realised that I can’t select to be male, despite the character model looking like a child. A male child would have been a lot less… uh…. weird for me on stream, compared to this small girl here.

“Titenda”, the little Fae character that I’m playing in BDO. 🙂

In TERA there is some class that you can’t pick if you’re the reptilian-looking race (if I remember correctly) and there are also other games where I encounter similar things, which I also didn’t really like.

It doesn’t help the player enjoy the game if you’re locked into a race or gender you don’t want to play when you want to play a certain class. It doesn’t help if you’ve got to play only certain classes and races if you want to be a certain gender. And if you want to be a certain race it doesn’t really help the player-experience if you’re locked into classes and genders that you don’t like.

It’s the trinity of “let players be who they want, it’s a fucking RPG, you dingus”.

But then again, new devs probably don’t read this and even if they did, why would they care about someone who had to play as a small kid when they only wanted to be a bard in an MMO.

Oh well, cheers I guess.

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Late to the Party #2 – Asheron’s Call

So, the other day Naithin from time to loot posted about Asheron’s Call, a relatively old MMORPG that looked quite interesting and I ended up signing up for it on a private server (it seems) with a nice community. Welcome to Late to the Party #2! This time, it’s about a game that came out in ’99, just like me. 🙂

Look at this friendly fellow! The friendly Lich (or rather Undead) from next-door! 🙂

So, in Asheron’s Call, you basically roam the world of Auberean but you’re only roaming the continent of Dereth which spans around 1000 km². It’s a lovely world that looks quite old-school-ish, I guess, but then again, it is old-school and I’m just a youngster. You create a character at the beginning by selecting one of several heritages and by setting up your “class”, gender, face, body, and skills. What’s interesting is the fact that you don’t have traditional classes but have to use points to invest them into different Attributes:
Primary attributes:
Strength (Muscular power – melee combat damage and carrying
Endurance (Healthiness – affects Health and Stamina)
Coordination (Character reflexes – no idea what it does but my mage
has no need for it anyway)
Quickness (Agility, I guess – it basically determines how fast you run
and attack in combat)
Focus (Ability Power – the more focus, the better you perform at magic
and other mental skills)
Self (Willpower – affects your mana)

As for points, I went for a Battle Mage (as Naithin, a pro at AC, recommended it to me), using 10/100/10/10/100/100 for my primary attributes – or rather a side recommends that but I put fewer points into Endurance and more into Strength so that I can carry more items.

The Secondary attributes, Health, Stamina, Mana, can be increased later on, manually, with experience points.

I’m sexy and I know it. – I mean, I’m quite hot, right? Like, literally on fire.

My Battle Mage specializes in War and Life Magic. War Magic is my damage, basically, while Life Magic is used to buff myself. There’s a way to basically create infinite mana. When I’m low on mana and health, I just heal myself, then use “Stamina to Mana IV” to convert half my Stamina to Mana, then I use a bit of my Mana to cast “Revitalize Self IV”, leading to me gaining more Stamina again. After that, I cast “Stamina to Mana IV” again, gaining nearly full Mana back at the cost of Stamina which regenerates automatically. Afterwards, I use “Revitalize Self IV” again and got more Stamina again and only am at 212/220 Mana again (basically full). This is made possible due to my Mana Conversion-Skill that makes my spells more efficient and lets me use them while using less Mana. “Revitalize Self IV” replenishes my Stamina by quite a lot while costing me 30 Mana but with Mana-Conversion, I’m gaining more Stamina but lose less Mana, leading to me having basically infinite amounts of Mana.

Even as an Undead Mage, I’m still welcome in Holtburg!

I really like “strategies” like this (though I’d consider it an exploit, even though the server-admin told me that it’s meant to be this way).
Speaking of the server-admin, spigot, he’s quite a friendly guy. I talked to a few people on the server yesterday and they all are really cool and quite friendly, even when I’m a complete newbie to the game. It was interesting to see them engage with me even though I’m a complete noob. They brought me to different dungeons where I was able to kill enemies while still gaining a considerable amount of experience points without dying. To prevent me from dying, they also used buffing-spells on me, making me quite resilient! It was really enjoyable to grind those small dungeons while talking to all these guys on their discord server.

If you’d like to join Naithin and me on that server, I’ve linked Naithin’s post above and will link the Reddit-post here as well, though it’s also linked on Naithin’s post. I highly recommend reading Naithin’s post as it’s well written, as always, and quite fun to read 🙂

I soon will post again about this game as I highly enjoyed it and as there’s a lot more to discover about it but for the time being I’ll leave it here since I’m running low on time… I’ve only levelled to Level 26, so far, and I’m nowhere near the level I’d like to be at! 🙂 But yeah, there’s more to come soon! The next few posts being about my journey for the fishing rod, cow tipping and other fun things I did. 😀

Have a nice day! 🙂