Ugh, April Fools’ Day again.

Originally, I planned on calling this post “I love April Fools’ Day” and then I’d just say “Not. I dislike it very much” but that’d be a dick move. It would bait you into clicking onto this post, trusting me with the assumption that I’d tell you why I like it, only to then be betrayed. I would have betrayed your trust by frankly lying to you. That would have been quite horrible, wouldn’t it? That’s basically April Fools’ in a nutshell. People play pranks on others but most of the time, they just hurt them. Companies bandwagon the “trend” or the “tradition” to be funny and mock their customers. Overall, it sucks most of the time.

In terms of gaming, I noticed that R6 (a game that I don’t play) now has a rainbow event with special skins and stuff… This could be a joke… This could be an actual event… I don’t know but I love it regardless. Originally, Yakuza: Like A Dragon was supposed to be a joke… but then it turned real and from what I’ve seen, it’s amazing. The developers of Armello were being cheeky with “Heartmello”, a dating game where you use your wits, spirit and gold to slay your love interest’s heart… Nolla Games switched all channel names on the Noita Discord to Finnish “because it’s better than before in the spirit of the game”. Apart from that, the people behind Valheim tweeted out about a new species in the game (see below) and while it is fun and games when developers try to be cheeky with that sort of stuff, I actually get kind of excited to play these joke-patches in games… only to find out that it’s not actually in there. I started up Valheim and it’s actually a joke… too bad. Meanwhile, Minecraft actually has snapshots that are different and do… weird things… and you can opt into them. 

What Mojang’s doing is great because they have fun ideas that are innovative and interesting but they don’t force you to play with those ideas. You have to install the snapshot/that specific new version for it… and since snapshots are experimental anyways, not everyone gets trolled by it, since not everyone plays on those snapshots. It’s fun and totally fine. It’s harmless. Last year’s snapshot was hilarious with the Infinity Snapshot where you basically had infinite dimensions in the game… Hence, the bar was set quite high. Meanwhile, this year’s update at first sounded disappointing… but I actually love it a lot. Mojang decided to release “Minecraft Plus!” which is a reference to the discontinued “Microsoft Plus!” which was a collection of software to enhance your operating systems with… because computers worked differently back then… So, “Minecraft Plus!” features a lot of screensavers themed around Minecraft items, environments and blocks. There is one where you can watch grass spread over a plain of dirt while another one has a block bouncing across the screen. There is a lot of randomisation going on with these as well, featuring rotating blocks, different seeds, and all of that fun. While this may disappoint people that have seen the April Fools’ Day snapshot from last year, I think that it’s a great addition that hopefully will see many more updates. It’s a free piece of software that you can also just run in your browser. I’d recommend checking it out over here. Quite the lovely little thing!

But from Gaming trends to blogging… I… actually thought about doing something like an April Fools’ review or review parody of sorts… I figured I could jokingly review my blog and be very positive about how I do things because that’d be quite fun, right? I also thought about writing a very serious review… about a game that is very bad where I’d basically just say the opposite of what I actually think…

The issue with both of those ideas, however, is that it harms the little integrity that I actually have. That low standard that I have… I’d hate to see it get lowered like that. Also, I wouldn’t know how to clarify that it’s a joke. And then there’s also the issue of me not actually wanting to recommend Rogue Legacy to you… that game sucks. Hot take or not but I feel like April Fools’ Day is a bit of an old ritual that hasn’t been gotten rid of just yet because industries like to produce episodes, memes, tweets, games, and all of that around the topic. It’s like a holiday except for the fact that nobody actually cares about it. Pranks are shit – and I don’t mean that as in “the shit!” but as in “faeces”. While surely, you can go for some harmless banter and send rickrolls around using that “discordgift[dot]site” link that people have been sending for years where you pretend to “gift nitro away”… but I don’t see the point in doing it specifically on April 1st? Like, why? I mean, if every other day of the year had no jokes or banter at all… and if humour was only allowed on April Fools’ Day, like the Purge but with you pretending to be pregnant or you pretending to break up with your partner… I guess it would be a bit understandable. Specifically, if this was like The Purge, I could just leave town for this day and come back when it’s unfun again… but right now there isn’t really a reason to specifically pull someone’s leg or in the worst case hurt someone’s feelings on this specific day.

And I obviously will not recommend games that I do not like… I mean, I can still review them but even if I were to label it as a joke, there could potentially be people that get the game and may dislike it a lot… and that’s bad, I guess… similarly, I feel like it decreases the value of my other reviews and my opinion in general if I end up recommending a game that I can’t recommend if that makes sense.

Oh well, April Fools’ Day is a tradition that should bite the dust slowly. I completely forgot about it until I saw the stuff on Twitter. Similarly, I just dislike it since it’s somewhat pointless. I don’t know anyone that likes it. I don’t know anyone that looks forward to it… Most people I know either don’t care about it or they dislike it. What do you think? Any opinions on April Fools’ Day or about developers bandwagoning the trend and that sort of stuff? Let me know!


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

Roguelikes and Burning Out

I love playing Roguelikes and Roguelites. I like the challenge and the strategic/tactical element of it and how different weapons, skills and items can synergise in unexpected ways. I love how I can play Curse of the Dead Gods and have a very bad run that forces me to use heavy weapons all of a sudden… and it works… and it feels good… and suddenly, I’m more comfortable with taking heavy weapons and focusing builds around those… and I like new and innovative concepts that developers come up with in the genre, allowing players to enjoy new iterations of the same gameplay-formula without the risk of potentially not enjoying it.

But at the same time, Roguelikes and Roguelites (to make it easier for myself, I’ll use “Roguelikes” for both of the terms from now on) end up being quite challenging and sometimes even frustrating. Getting a bad run or not receiving the upgrades, stats or resources you wanted is… unfortunate… luck is a big factor in these games after all… and that can lead to frustration building up to the point where I get tired of it.

It’s a bit of a bad habit of mine to play a roguelike for a lot of hours to the point of burning out from it, only to quit playing for a while and to only pick it up later. Remember that post I did on 100%ing Risk of Rain 2? Well,… I’m half-way done with the next post but I’m just not getting the right seeds for my runs to get some of the achievements, which is… unfortunate.

And Curse of the Dead Gods is amazing but after a run or two, I need a break and play something else. Similarly, I’ll play Loop Hero for maybe an hour or two in a row before eventually deciding to switch things up.

The problem is that you’re not guaranteed any good runs. Rarely do you ever have mechanics in place that allow you to have a guaranteed great start. The Binding of Isaac has some mechanics like that in place… but it doesn’t help a lot when you don’t get the damage you need and end up dying because it takes you too long to kill something… or you’re just way too slow in Risk of Rain and die because you can’t dodge fast enough or manoeuvre fast enough around the map.

But while this may sound dooming,… I feel as if it’s fine. It’s fine to take a break from games and to come back later… and with Roguelikes, I tend to come back more often than with other games. I can play a lot of Hades for hours only to then take a break from it for another two weeks. I love taking breaks and coming back with a fresh mind. Sometimes I crave that Isaac run. Sometimes I crave another expedition in Loop Hero. Sometimes I want to Enter the Gungeon again or to climb the Nuclear Throne. Sometimes I just feel like spinning for more coins in Luck be a Landlord or I want to bring out the big guns in Risk of Rain 2. Sometimes, I want to be evil in Despotism 3k and punish humans… or I want to throw poison daggers in Slay The Spire… or I try to understand Heroes of Hammerwatch and Noita.

I could go on and on about frustrating mechanics in challenging games or I could just take a break and come back to them when I feel like it… and that’s the magic of Roguelikes. It’s kind of for that reason that my dynamic collection of “Roguelikes” on Steam features about 79 entries that all are amazing… well, most of them are.

And I figured I’d share that. Take breaks. Go for a stretch. Get something to eat/drink. Come back to a game later before the frustration and the salt ruins it for you. You can do it, I believe in you! And I encourage breaks. Breaks are important. Burning out is fine… just come back later.

Note: The featured image for this post is the same one as one that I used in a previous post… I figured I could use that one again because the games depicted in it were quite fitting this time as well. Celeste isn’t a roguelike but I also burn out from that game… so,… that’s why… Don’t hold that against me, thanks.


This post was first published on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.