New Year’s resolutions and Positivity

For the last five years, I’ve made it somewhat of a tradition to think up New Year’s resolutions and while, at least around here, everyone says that nobody actually abides by their New Year’s resolutions… I usually faired quite well.

Before that, though: Content warning – There are pictures of cats in this post and if you’re scared of cats, beware! You’ve been warned!

As an example, I always managed to do “a little bit more sports” or go for a walk more often or eat healthier, etc. for the past couple of years. I knew that it was actually quite possible that I’d be able to do that, so then I paid attention to how often I actually bought fresh veggies and fresh meat instead of frozen stuff or canned food. At the same time, I’ve been eating less fast food and tried to cook a lot more often, which always worked out. 

During high school, I ended up chugging “getting over my ex” and “getting out there again” on the list as well and it would work but I feel like that’s more of a luck-based thing. I was young and stupid so I made that one of my resolutions every year when I was single and heart-broken – and it worked, I guess. I’d always end up in a relationship afterwards because obviously life goes on and there is plenty of fish in the sea. 

But even if it’s some unbelievably stupid goal like “going to Olympia this year” even though it won’t happen this year, it can be somewhat of a reassurance thing for someone as it reassures them that the next year is better than the last year. 

Resolutions are a good thing in a way as they would always give me some goal to look forward to, even if it was silly or obvious or whatever. Now, everyone talks about how 2020 wasn’t the best year but I don’t really get that since 2019 wasn’t that good either… and well, 2018 was quite stupid, too. And 2017 and 2016 were not the best years either. (Wait a minute… Trump has been president during those four years, hasn’t he? I see a pattern!) – Obviously, there are reasons for 2020 being not the best year with Covid, Wildfires, Double-Hurricanes, Trump nearly winning, Floyd, Covidiots, and all the pressure that this whole pandemic-business has been putting on us this year. But in hindsight, every other year feels a bit better than this one when in fact, you probably were looking forward to 2020 because 2019 was finally over… at least my Twitter timeline was full of tweets like that.

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Point is: I hope 2021 is going to be better than 2020 and I hope that my resolutions will give me some sort of red string to follow when I get lost in 2020. Alas, here are my personal resolutions for this year:

  • Be more positive.
  • Eat healthier and more frequently.
  • Try to stick to healthy sleep schedules and eating times.
  • Maybe do a bit more sports.
  • Focus more on my studies.
  • Call my distant relatives at least once a month. Like, at least some of them.
  • Call my parents at least twice a week.
  • Be less negative and less cynical.

So let me explain these goals to you. A couple of these goals are quite obvious like focusing more on my studies, eating healthier and more frequently, doing a bit more sports/training/work-out-stuff, calling my family on the phone… etc. – I mean, I’ve wanted to fix my sleep schedule for ages now but I haven’t been able to do that for a longer period of time as I’d every now and then end up eating too late or waking up super early and napping during the day and that kind of stuff. In the same manner, I’d often skip meals multiple times a day or just eat once every other day, resulting in me losing a lot of weight which isn’t that healthy (especially, as I can’t gain that much weight that well due to my metabolism). Alas, that’s a goal: Eat more food and make it good/healthy more often. 

As far as distant relatives go, a lot of them won’t do me any good if I talk to them too much or too often which is why I usually put it off a lot… but I need to talk to my grandparents or my uncles and aunts and great-uncles and whatever every once in a while, I guess. Obviously, if they aren’t that good for me for various reason, it’s important to not let them influence me too much. Talking to them at least once or twice in a month should be alright, though, just to keep in touch a bit. As far as my parents go, the relationship can be kind of shakey, especially when I haven’t called in a while. Alas, I need to call them at least once in a while so that they don’t get too worried and so that they don’t get upset about me not calling or whatever. I feel like a lot of people know that.

At last: Being more positive and less negative. “Duh.”

More often than not, I feel like I have to vent about stuff which makes it seem as if I was a relatively negative person. For instance, I do get upset about stuff like covidiots from time to time who endanger people even with the pandemic still being a thing. I could rant about racist cops, bigots in general, nazis, Trump, and all of those “baddies” in the world for hours… but I could also just not do that. I don’t want to be that person that only really talks about negative stuff and how many bad things there are in the world. I’d rather be someone who encourages positivity and who helps people when they need to vent or when they need someone positive instead of more negativity. I’d love it if other people didn’t have to go through as many anxiety or panic attacks as me and I’d love it if they could get more relief from seeing one of my posts or tweets once in a while. 

And obviously, I’m not gonna become one of those “chase your dream and escape the hamster wheel” guys or whatever… and I still have strong opinions on a lot of bigots… but I just wanna be less negative in general and maybe spread some more good vibes here and there. To do that, I could post more often about good things that happened to me in The Stray Sheep (if there are no posts in The Stray Sheep from now on then I guess 2021’s worse than 2020) or about some sort of accomplishment or whatever.

So I may rant or vent somewhere here and there or talk about how I’m drained or whatever but I don’t wanna be all about that… I want at least double the number of positive posts and good vibes to be spread by me! Or let’s triple or quadruple that number! Sounds good to me!

Apart from that, there are also other things that are entailed in being “more positive” like body positivity and working on how I see myself… and my mental health and being in a healthier mindset and headspace in general. Just like in all those other years, I want to be a better human and be there for others and get better at a plethora of things, so I feel like this might be a great step. Just being slightly less negative and a lot more positive. ^-^

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Oh, and less cynical for sure. My motto in life is “Das wird schon” which means something along the lines of “it’ll work out somehow”, which is rather optimistic. However, I’m a super pessimist. I’m constantly going at things in life with the worst expectations if any at all because then I can’t be disappointed. I know that I’ll never be happy with the election results or with how the weather is going to be, so I just constantly expect the AfD to have all of the votes, which would be super bad… and then they don’t have that many votes, so I’m happy about it… kinda… and the weather? Well, I’m sure it’s gonna rain all-day every day for the next 90 years. Because that’s not gonna happen, my expectations have not been met… which is good because I didn’t really have any realistic expectations in the first place. When it comes to gifts, I don’t expect any gifts… and then I get gifts and I’m happy about them. Being less pessmistic and less cynical in those instances could lead to a bit more quality in life. I will still have low expectations of movies, games and shows. I will still have no expectations of other things… and I’ll still be more than happy when my expectations aren’t met and when something better ends up happening… I just want to be less of an asshole.

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Being less of an asshole at times would be great as I can be quite sarcastic and cynical at times… and I don’t want that to happen. I want stuff to work out and hence, I want to be more patient with people and with myself. I don’t want to repeat so many of my past mistakes of constantly overthinking every single word that anyone said or any situation that has happened or could happen or whatever. At the same time, I don’t want to fall into that habbit again of forgiving toxic people again. Just recently I cut off someone who I knew for about eight years now. I don’t want to ramble too much about someone as egocentric and sexist and toxic as that guy, so I just won’t. Instead, I want to be better and focus my energy on the good things in the world and the great friends that I have and all the people I love and appreciate. I want to talk to more great people and be there for others. I want to play some games with people on my discord (btw, join if you wanna!) and play games with other bloggers and work on great blog posts or improve my stream and my blog. I want to be better than those people that bullshit others all the time. I want to be a good human being and live my life to the fullest. I don’t want to look back and regret anything. I’d rather have a great time before I die.

So, being positive and less of a cynic is gonna be great. Eating healthier and more often is gonna be great. Sleeping better and more frequently is gonna be great. Becoming a teacher eventually is gonna be great. Living a healthier life and taking care of my mental health is gonna be great. 2021 is gonna be great.

Just having those resolutions makes me already feel good about the new year. My goal of trying to be better and more positive is there and I’m working towards it and potentially it will come true or I’ll get as far as possible with it. It’s all a work in progress and I’m looking forward to that process of constantly working on things and reflecting on things I did or said or wanna do. I’m looking forward to eventually being someone that is happy with himself and that is able to lift others up as well. I’m looking forward to 2021.

Do you guys have any resolutions? What are your thoughts on them? Are they always the same or do you change them up? Do you make them come true or do they just stay in the Work In Progress phase until you write up new ones?

Let me know! And good luck with your resolutions if you have any. Happy New Year!


This post originated on Indiecator and was first published on there by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken.

TSS#50 – How to unfuck your sleep schedule

In today’s Stray Sheep we’ll talk about resetting your sleep schedule and how to tackle that. I’m proficient in this as I’ve reset my sleep schedule quite often and hence, I’m letting y’all know how I do things!

So, my sleep schedule is fucked right now and alas I’m trying to unfuck it. But how does one tackle such an enormous task as to unfuck something that has been fucked so much that you can’t sleep at night and flat out become nocturnal?

EDIT: Don’t do this too often or it can cause some serious damage. Sleep pills can work but often have side effects. Instead just try to sleep at a normal time with your phone at the other end of the room and an alarm set up properly. This post is more of a joke post. When you reset your sleep schedule this way you won’t be able to make up the missing sleep on the next day or the day after that and hence you’ll probably still feel bad – or not. Either way, every now and then this method may be extreme but still work. Other time it’s really not good.

Well, first things first: You need to sleep as usual and try to fix it the normal way by going to sleep at a “normal” time (aka before midnight). If that doesn’t work, you’ll stay up for the whole night. Do whatever you want during that time and keep yourself busy. You can drink coffee if you want to. Don’t go for drinks as they make you sleepy. Being sleepy is not something that you want, no matter how weird that may sound.

When I try to sleep

Our goal is to stay up for a whole night and day until the appropriate time to sleep, after all!

Now, during the night you want to be awake but don’t be restless – I mean reckless! Naps are your enemy. Don’t trust naps. Naps will kill you in your sleep and fuck you up real bad.
Instead, aim for anything involving a screen or monitor to fuck up your eyes as well. Turn off the blue light filter and work on your blogs, streams, videos, play games, watch shows and stay awake. Important here: Don’t get the cozy blanket out. Blankets are death. Blankets are evil! They’ll make you feel comfortable and that’s gonna hurt you. Instead opt in for clothing that is appropriate for this adventure. Something that is breezy but not too breezy. You don’t want to catch a cold but you also don’t want to feel warm enough to fall asleep at your desk.

Next up, you gotta know that coffee makes you feel tired and has other unpleasant side-effects. Coffee surely wakes you up, so one cup or a can (depending on you) should be alright for a night/day BUT the first few minutes you’ll feel sleepier than usual and alas you’re going to fall asleep a lot better. Now, that might sound quite good for when you want to sleep but as you don’t exactly know when it’s going to kick in, you don’t always want a cup of coffee before you go to sleep. Instead, go for it after you’ve slept.

So, coffee makes you feel a bit sleepy, so don’t lay down – even for “just five minutes”. Naps are evil chaotic while coffee is chaotic neutral. (I guess?)

Once you’ve had your caffeine from your caffeine-source of choice (be it tea, energy drinks, coffee or others) you’ll want to stay hydrated. Caffeine dehydrates you and dehydration makes you feel shit, dizzy or sleepy. You don’t want any of that. Also, you probably know this but, don’t have too much caffeine or you’ll be so hyped up that you’ll punch a hole in the toilet bowl. You don’t want that.

Over the day go for plenty of stretches and take a few steps through your flat or place of choice. Don’t go outside too much though because of COVID-19. You may not care about your health but you don’t want to risk those elderly people that you love and care about.
Staying at least a bit active on the movement side of things is important as your body doesn’t get time to relax. If you move too much or even strain your body, your body will be tense at first and relax later when you sit down. That may be quite bad for you as you don’t want to relax too much and fall asleep at your desk or place of choice.

While the day is going on, you should try to drink plenty of water as that will naturally keep you awake.

You may want to wash your face every few hours to keep your eyes open and you may want to get fresh air into your room to keep your head up.

Once it’s all over and once you’re slowly approaching that nice little thing named “9 pm” or her sister “10 pm” or her brother “11 pm” or her parent of choice named “midnight”, you’ll want to relax again. So, go for a warm shower, listen to some relaxing music, slide into your most comfy bed-wear of choice and eventually head into your sleeping spot of choice, be it your bed, your wardrobe or your torture chamber. The choice is up to you and nobody will judge you for being comfortable in whatever shithole you sleep.

When I think about all the sleep I could have

Before you sleep, you shouldn’t eat too much. Also, warm milk with honey sounds like a good idea as a last drink before the sleep but don’t overdo it as too much milk will fill you up quite easily again. Also, don’t drink before you wanna head to bed again as you won’t want to get up again in the mornings. Last but not least, don’t forget to turn on the blue filters a few hours before going to sleep or – even better – don’t use a monitor or screen at all before going to sleep as it will keep you up a lot more than usual. Oh, and don’t forget your alarm.

I need about six to eight hours to function properly. Therefore I’ll have to go to sleep around midnight tonight and wake up around seven to eight in the morning or possibly go for another one or two hours to catch those extra hours I’ve been missing out on.

I hope you enjoyed the strong language and this guide to unfucking your sleep schedule.

Good luck with your sleep! I’m super exhausted as of late and maybe going to bed at the same time every day and waking up at the same time might help me out feel less tired. We’ll see. Hence, I’m resetting my sleep schedule right now and writing this post (and a review) for you guys.

Stay home! Stay safe! Stay healthy!


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