Anime that I’m still watching this season

Not too long ago I published a post on Anime I’m gonna watch this season… and alas, here’s a quick run-down of some thoughts I had so far and some shows I’ve been watching, some I’ve been really enjoying, some cringe-shows I’m watching,… and this one show that turned out worse than I expected it to turn out. Enjoy!

For starters, the Beastars manga has ended a while ago and I was really sad about that. Then the second season of the anime aired and… I still haven’t watched the second episode. Honestly, I’d like to binge it when the 12th episode comes out rather than watching an episode every week. The show is great and I’m sure it’s gonna surpass the standard that the first season set (these expectations aren’t gonna be failed… nope, no way that could happen) since the upcoming arcs are lovely! But since I already know what’s gonna happen in this arc, I don’t have to watch the newest episode every week. I can wait. This is fine.

Log Horizon’s third season was confusing at first but eventually, when I realised where they’re going with the show, I picked up on it rather well and have been enjoying it. I’m at episode seven right now as I’d like to complete this in one go due to cliffhangers and that kind of stuff. It’s not a masterwork but I like some of the characters and the world… so it’s definitely watchable and entertaining. Log Horizon is, in my opinion, an above-average show that can be entertaining because of the economic/political direction that the Isekai genre got taken into… but it’s not perfect, so there’s that. I don’t have to watch that every week, so I’ll wait for the last episode and then continue to watch it.

Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season… This is a show that I’ve been watching every week, though… it’s been fun to talk with other people about the show and while it had its weak moments, it definitely is really entertaining and I love a lot of the directions that it got taken into. It’s been fun and somewhat depressing at times, which is a good thing, in this case. Do I rate Shingeki no Kyojin highly? Oh, hell no, it’s problematic in some ways and kind of predictable in the first few seasons, boring in the second season, but really well-made from then onwards, so… overall, it’s an alright show that I’ve been enjoying a lot more this season compared to before.

As far as Dr Stone and The Promised Neverland go… I haven’t started to watch those shows yet. It’s sequels for both of them and I liked Dr Stone’s manga and the first season a lot… but I feel like both of these shows are overrated and hence, I’m gonna wait and watch them eventually in the future. I don’t have to watch them right now.

Horimiya has been amazing, though. The concept of honne and tatamae has less of a meaning as the show goes on… and the adaptation of the manga has made some changes as far as the order of chapters goes and as for what gets skipped and what makes it into the show… but I don’t mind that at all. The Kyoto Arc is forgettable and doesn’t drive the story forward while the Sengoku-Remi-side-story actually happens a lot later in the manga, I don’t mind it being pulled out like that and being presented to the viewers ahead of time since it fleshes out those characters and gives us more reasons to like Sengoku and Remi. The show itself is amazing and I’ve been loving it so much that I’ve actually started to read the manga again. I’m actually up-to-date with the manga right now and am just waiting for new episodes to come out as I like seeing it all fleshed out in the anime with some great animations, interesting music and colour choices and some very well-made voice acting. Great show! One of my favourites of this season.

The other two favourites of this season are Re:Zero Season 2 Part 2 which is doing an amazing job at going through the source material while skipping openings and recaps and all of that. In essence, you’ve got the plot that is being advanced rather quickly without skipping anything, which is great and makes my heart skip beats. It’s lovely how they take time for some of the dialogue while completely skipping the opening nearly every episode. The episodes are 30 minutes long instead of the standard 24 minutes that most shows have. There usually are no endings in the episodes either, meaning that you get a lot of content for your time, which is great. At the same time, Slime Datta’s second season is also doing a great job at moving forward. There are some changes here and there from the adaptation if I remember correctly, but it’s nothing major and I’ve been enjoying it a lot – after all, the anime and the manga are both adaptations of the light novel, so they may stray a bit but it’s the same source material. Either way, Slime Datta doesn’t skip openings or anything but it still delivers the story quite well and is now getting to a great arc that I’m really looking forward to seeing in animation!

And well, I am watching another few shows with these two following ones being also really amazing. I mean, “Kumo desu ga, Nani ka?” aka “So I’m a Spider, so what?” as well as “Jobless Reincarnation” have been great adaptations of the source material. Both of these are so-called Isekai (I may post something on the genre of Isekai as well eventually) and are based on light novels, so they take different approaches to the manga, which is fine. I honestly knew that the Spider-Isekai is going to turn out fine. My only concern was that the spiders + CGI are gonna trigger my arachnophobia but I haven’t had any issues with that so far, so that’s nice. The manga is quite slow and manages to convey that struggle of survival really well, making it a unique experience, I’d say. The anime derives from that by still showing the struggle but making it last less long since the protagonist is sharing the screentime with other people, actually. The protagonist’s classroom gets isekai’d into another world (no trucks involved this time!) and they all end up in different places all over the world and even are being reborn as different races of different standings. The protagonist became a spider and has a hard time while some of her classmates became royals in different kingdoms… and they’re human. So they have their own struggles to deal with but it portrays a nice contrast between First World Problems and… actual survival of the fittest. Amazing!

Meanwhile, Jobless Reincarnation is something that I… found out mid-way through the season and I immediately binged through the first five episodes before binging through the manga at an alarming rate. The main character lives as a shut-in and NEET off their parents’ livelihood due to him being bullied beyond belief… Eventually, his parents die and he doesn’t even come to their funeral and gets violently kicked out of the house by his remaining family members. Then he decides to jump in front of a truck to save a young highschooler’s life in trade for his own. But that’s not where it ends as the protagonist of the show gets reincarnated as Rudeus Greyrat in another world. (Yup, Isekai-Truck is at it again.)

Jobless Reincarnation is one of those shows that created the tropes that the whole genre is utilizing… but it does it differently. We’re supposed to hate Rudeus because he’s a 30-something-year-old good-for-nothing that gets reincarnated as a child with a 30-year-old mindset and is just being a pervert and a creep in this new world… and his gaze alone is making females in this world feel uncomfortable and anxious. Rudeus is scum. But as time goes on and as Rudeus learns magic and actually makes an effort this time around, he grows. He learns and becomes a better human, despite him messing up at times. The show actually is still quite serious and while it has its problematic moments, it also takes itself seriously at times. There is no fanservice during serious moments and there are a lot of moments and topics that may be problematic but the show actually does make an effort to portray these problematic things in this medieval world as… problematic things. It’s hard to get in-depth with this without spoiling things but I essentially really like this show because its production value is AMAZING while the material itself is great. It’s an amazing world with nice characters that actually are a bit sad. You’re not supposed to like Rudeus but you like to see him grow and become a decent human, which is nice. 

But from a show with some problematic moments that deals well with them… to a show that probably never should have been created… Redo of Healer is the worst show I’ve ever seen. It’s not only bad on a quality-level but it’s also so problematic that I can’t believe that it got produced. Redo of Healer aka “Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi” is about the male hero of healing that gets assaulted, bullied, violated and abused… but he gets the chance to redo everything and take his revenge… so now he does a lot of seriously fucked up things to women and men alike to get his revenge on them… because they treated him badly before he reverted everything and now he has to treat them worse. A lot worse. I stopped watching this show eventually and while I hate it… I’m glad that it’s not as bad as the manga that is… I don’t know. Bad. In an ethical way. Redo of Healer is the show to watch for everyone who hates women, disrespects women, doesn’t think of women as humans but actually believes that they’re only there to have sex with men and populate… and it’s basically an incel’s wet dream… times ten… and on drugs. There is probably a fanbase for this show and I feel like a lot of them need to see a therapist if they actually like this show. Oh… and I dropped this one after the first really bad incident btw… fucked up stuff.

At last… “Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi de Kurasu Youna Monogatari” is stupidly silly and it’s amazing in the dumbest way possible. Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon is my cringe-watch to go now… I watch it to make fun of it, essentially. And well,… I’m up-to-date with Boruto’s anime now and am now reading the manga although I’m nearly there at the currently newest chapter… so… I may continue One Piece and/or Case Closed/Detective Conan next.

What are you guys watching? Any recommendations? Let me know!


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Anime that I’m watching this Season

For quite a while now, I’ve been watching Anime. While at first, I’d only go for shows that have been full aired already, I have grown more and more accustomed to following each of the different seasons and checking out shows that weren’t completely out yet, one week at a time. This had a bit of a thrill to it as you would always have a week or so until the next episode and could hence think about it or speculate with friends on what could happen next – unless of course, there is some sort of source material available, i.e. a manga or a light novel. At the same time, watching airing anime had the benefit that you weren’t able to binge the show, basically securing some sleep during the night.

Alas, I thought I’d talk about the shows I’m watching in 2021’s Winter Season.

Because of the current on-going pandemic, there have been quite a few anime that got delayed from the autumn season to the winter season. This results in this season being packed with a lot of new seasons:

  • Beastars Season 2
  • Log Horizon Season 3
  • Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season
  • Yakusoku no Neverland Season 2
  • Dr. Stone: Stone Wars
  • Horimiya
  • Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Season 2 Part 2
  • Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Season 2

The shows that I’m most excited about are Log Horizon’s third season as well as Beastars’, Horimiya’s, Re:Zero’s and Slime Datta’s second season. Having been a huge fan of Log Horizon when it first came out and when the second season aired, I’m kind of worried that my taste in shows may have changed too much to appreciate the third season… but as far as the other shows go, the first seasons haven’t been too long ago. A while back, I finished the Manga that Beastars is based on and as far as Slime Datta goes, I’m up-to-date in the main manga and the spin-offs. Re:Zero’s first of part of the second season hasn’t been too long ago either, so I’m rather excited about seeing it get continued so soon, already. As far as The Promised Neverland goes, I both liked and disliked the first season and am hoping that it gets better in the second season with this rather open-world setting… The Stone Wars Arc that is getting adapted in Dr. Stone’s second season is quite cool but I’m mostly watching it to see how the animation is done and what differences there are to the Manga.

When you keep up with the manga, it’s quite interesting to see how it all turns out in the anime-adaption, which is quite interesting. As far as Slime Datta’s concerned, I noticed that there are some differences in the directions that the show got taken into back in Season 1 since it’s all based on the light novel. The manga takes a different approach, so that’s also more than interesting.

Speaking of differences from Manga and Anime, Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? aka So, I’m a spider, so what? also got its anime-adaptation this season and from episode 1 onwards, I’ve already noticed differences in the manga- and anime-adaptation. Since the show is based on the light-novel (that I haven’t read), there is actually new stuff in there that I, as a manga-reader, don’t know about. Very lovely indeed. The animation is great. The soundtrack is great. I’m looking forward to the next 23 episodes that are yet to come out, although I am a tad worried about the CGI that is being used for the spiders. While the main-character is rather cute, the mother has been quite hard for me to bear, especially with my arachnophobia.

I loved Horimiya’s previous show when it first came out in 2012 and followed the Manga for a while in 2011, so I was surprised to see a new show this season! The original show only featured four episodes that have been rather sweat and adorable. The first few episodes that have aired have been lovely as well, depicting the Japanese concept of honne and tatamae rather well – honne being a person’s true feelings and desires and tatamae being the person’s behaviour and opinions one displays in public. The show is about Hori and Miyamura who both act differently at school contrary to how they act at home, which is something that I can relate to. They get to know each other over time and, well,… it’s a RomCom and I have a soft spot for those. I like the dynamic of the characters and loved how it all turned out in the manga when I first read it. I may have to revisit that one, though, as I hardly remember anything from it. For now, I’ll just enjoy the ride, though. 

Apart from that, there is obviously Shingeki no Kyojin’s “Final Season”, although I doubt that it’s really the end since it’s not only very popular but also since the 16 episodes are nowhere near enough to adapt everything. I liked the first season a bit and then it got kinda boring and predictable… the second season was alright… then it got a lot better. Now, I’m kind of hooked on this season because of the approach it has taken and I’m thinking of continuing the manga again past the point where I stopped reading. I was up-to-date at one point and then stopped reading to not spoil this season too much after it was announced. Alas, I already know a lot of stuff up to the [redacted] which should be revealed next episode. I like this season and am alas following it, although I’m keeping my expectations super low to not get underwhelmed by it, just like how I did it with the last season… and that worked back then and so far I’m really liking it.

And well, there’re also some shows that are just “so bad that they are kinda good again” like Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi de Kurasu Youna Monogatari… it’s just so stupid that I love it again. 

Oh, and World Trigger got a second season but I have yet to finish the first season before I start that one… 

At last, there’s Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi aka Redo of Healer… and I hate it. I hope the anime goes into a different direction than the manga and I already cannot recommend the show based on what I’ve seen so far. 

Either way, that’s basically what I’m watching. The last show is more of a “watching it to complain about it with a friend” show while everything else is actually quite good. This season is quite great with the exception of the last show I mentioned. 

Do you follow anything from this season? Let me know!


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Indietail – Kill It With Fire

Winter is coming… which means that it’s springtime for spiders again. Usually, you see more in spring and summer, which is horrifying, but lately, I noticed that the heinous beasts love to get inside when it’s cold outside. Hence, it’s springtime… for spiders… in Germany! 

It’s been a while since we reviewed a title called “Kill It With Fire: Ignition“, which is why we’re now looking at the full game, “Kill It With Fire”. Before we get into it, let me just panic while I search for actual spiders in the different corners of my flat. It’s a scary world we live in, after all!

Developer: Casey Donnellan Games LLC
Publisher: tinyBuild
Genre: Action, Simulation, Comedy, Demolition, Casual
Reviewed on: PC
Available on: PC
Release Date: August 13th, 2020
Copy was sent by the devs.

So, what exactly is “Kill It With Fire“? – In Essence, it’s a “demolitionist’s wet dream” where you have to find and exterminate all kinds of spiders in different environments. To do so, you slap them, whack them, burn them, shoot them, slice them, and use all kinds of other weapons and objects to kill them all – while potentially also destroying a whole bunch of things in your flat, office, or in other areas.

Just like in the demo, you’re spawning into (presumably) your low-poly-house where you’re tasked with picking up your vase and opening a few drawers, as a small tutorial, I guess. Then you pick up your clipboard with more tasks and use it to punish spiders… for existing. 

Starting at that point, you’ve got to figure the game out yourself. You have certain drawers and doors, only available to you after you killed a certain amount of spiders. Other drawers aren’t available until you’ve finished a few tasks. Overall, this system gates your progress a little bit which I find necessary as you have to kill all of them. Kill them all. With Fire or not, whatever you feel like. 

In the starting level, I jumped a few times when I found a spider in an unusual spot. That’s something I could have and would have missed out on if I was able to leave immediately to go to the next area.

Among your repertoire of weapons, you have all kinds of tools to kill those gruesome creatures with. Use your clipboard, a pan, deodorant & a lighter, it’s your choice… but other objects have also found their way into your collection, like shurikens and C4! Hence, the weapons get more and more absurd and hilarious, the more you unlock and offer you a lot of different mechanics to play around with. For instance, spiders get lured in by cheese puffs… but the different flavours seem to have their own mysterious effects, as well!

All of this gets collected over a variety of nine different levels, including your home area, a Japanese-style garden, an office, a barn and a very secret military basis! 

The variety of levels is a lot of fun to play around, especially with certain side-tasks that you can do in different areas, like “washing the dishes” or “shopping”. It’s fun to go for those side-tasks, which was a bit of a surprise for me as I usually tend to get tired of games when there are tasks that are a bit fidgety or require you to have some finesse or patience.

The game’s held relatively simple with an aforementioned low-poly-style and little gimmicks in the world instead of grand graphics. The spiders are held a bit cartoony so they didn’t bother me too much. At times, of course, I got spooked by them, but over all, it wasn’t as bad as in other games featuring spiders. As far as the music goes, however, I must say that it’s grand! The jazzy vibes of the music are great and I love the small chime you hear when you open drawers or doors. Now and then, you hear some spider sounds but most of the time, you’ll get to experience a small tune here and there, accompanying your character, similar to the piano in Untitled Goose Game!

Overall, I really enjoyed Kill It With Fire. It offers you a lot of upgrades and customizable options on top of fun achievements to work towards, but there are a few things that I didn’t quite like.

One of them would be that the final level features a lot of content-gating as it urges you to backtrack but I didn’t enjoy that part too much. Instead, I would have loved to see small secrets in the final level that are gated to collectables and optional tasks, while still being able to continue with the final mission as usual. Just a small thing that I got a bit annoyed by. 

Another thing would be weapon variety… There are a lot of different weapons from normal utility items to guns to fire weapons and whatever category a saw launcher fits in… but I personally felt that all of the weapons leaned into only one direction or so. We have fire weapons and guns… Usually, fire is your weapon of choice anyway, but I just kind of felt like there was a market here that didn’t get touched upon. I would have loved to see more knives or even a katana. I would have loved to go crazy on people with a football. I would have liked it if you could pick up any and all objects and throw them at spiders as a weapon in all levels. Of course, you can pick up and throw books at them… but if that’s your weapon of choice, you won’t be able to use it in the Barn area as there’re no books nearby.

Overall, though, considering the game’s length, I wouldn’t say I minded that part too much. It’s just something that I would have liked to see more of. Overall, I had a lot of fun playing the game. After 4.3 hours, I got all the achievements and unlockables, which was fun to do. Considering the price, I would definitely recommend “Kill It With Fire” to others, though it is somewhat short, so keep that in mind.

As a small note at the end of this review, I requested to get an affiliate link for this game and actually got one. So, if you decide on buying this game, you may do so using this link and while you don’t have to pay any extra, I’ll get a commission for refering you over there. While I don’t want to commercialize my blog or anything like that, I’d like to potentially use links like that (with a big disclaimer like this) in the future to potentially earn a little bit that I then could invest into the blog again. I could, for instance, get my own domain and get it hosted somewhere else… or maybe go for a paid theme… or potentially, I could fund new game purchases using that.
Hence, you don’t have to do that, but you can if you want to.


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Arachnophobia intensifies – Venturing into the Deepnest

I’ve talked about my fear of spiders in the past before in this post and even in this one… but ever since I’ve visited that spider-convention nearby and had that tarantula on my hand, I have not really encountered any spiders in my flat. And apart from “Kill It With Fire”, I haven’t seen any in any video games, either, so I wasn’t sure yet if I’m over my fear…

Well, I wasn’t sure until I got to make more Progress in Hollow Knight and ventured into the Deepnest.

But first of all, let me clarify: I love Hollow Knight. I love the soundtrack, the gameplay features, the difficulty of it as well as the fact that you can heal yourself with the Soul you gather from hitting stuff with your Nail. I love the aesthetics and personalities of the enemies and characters in the game and from what I understand… I love the story. I just wouldn’t have thought that, even though I saw it coming, there’d be an area that I’d struggle with so much.

If you haven’t played it yet and don’t want story spoilers, skip the next two paragraphs. (I’ll separate them with pictures!)

The game sends you into this world to rescue villagers and find and “slay” (?) these Dreamers (deities of sorts?) to lift some curse (I guess?). It’s still very blurry to me and while you learn bits and pieces here and there, you hardly get the bigger picture until you read up on it or until you got further into the game. I personally love that about this game. It’s bits and pieces from different times and you just have to puzzle it all together to understand what is going on with the Pale King and all of that.

And well, in my last play session on Wednesday, I finally reached Deepnest, an area near the Distant Village, where Herrah the Beast used to rule. Herrah was one of the three rulers and she is one of the three Dreamers that you’re trying to “slay” (I still don’t know if we really slay them… it seems as if we absorb their souls into our Nails?).

Welcome to the “no story spoilers” part!

My problem with Deepnest was that, just like with other areas in the game, the enemies are based on one small critter from the world of bugs and worms and… well… spiders. There are spiders in Deepnest. And I wouldn’t bother with it, too much, but it’s just the way the area is presented, that freaked me out (Twitch Clip). There are webs and strings everywhere and some enemies come back in the form of spider-zombies! There are spiders falling down in front of the screen, which is seriously tripping me out, and there are a ton of disgusting sounds.

I hated this area so much, just because of those effects, that I didn’t bother exploring it too much more and kind of rushed through the area!

I just hated it. It freaked me out and I had some moments where I felt this weird jiggle that your body does every now and then. The shivers crawling down your spine. I felt something crawling or itching at my head and on my skin every here and there, too, which is just terrifying. Even now, watching the VOD and writing this post, I’m terrified of the potential of there being a huge fucking spider behind my monitors or in the corners of my flat.

So, I guess I’m still afraid of spiders. And confronting my fears wasn’t really helping it… if anything it made it worse. I’m not getting any nightmares from it and I even managed to capture a spider alive and release it into the wild the other day… but I still hate them a ton. I don’t know. Maybe it will get better over time once I get used to capturing and releasing them more often… Oh well.

So, that’s it for this post. Hope you enjoyed it!


Indietail – Kill It With Fire: Ignition

It’s springtime… for spiders… in Germany! (Uh, I hope nobody minds that reference…)

Yeah, spring has already kicked in with its sweet scent of flowers and lawns, with pollen flying through the air (I’m not bothered by it), wasps bothering me on my balcony, with sunny and rainy days and generally a forecast that leaves me wondering if I’m dressed too warm or too cold. It’s springtime! And you know what that means:
I’m getting spooked by our dear eight-legged friends and even now I’m constantly in a state of panic as the last spider was bigger than the other one… and as I hated it so much when it came down from the ceiling Mission Impossible style and nearly landed on my hat before I swatted it with a roundhouse kick against the wall and started burning down my flat… again…

But all jokes aside, I really hate spiders and ever since having gone to that spider convention nearby, my fear of spiders has been brought to new levels. Luckily, I haven’t encountered any of these critters in Winter… but now that it’s getting warm again, these spiders are crawling out of their holes again and I’m just not good at all with them. At my SO’s place, I was tasked to capture this horrifying creature with a glass and a piece of paper – after all my girlfriend’s flatmate is vegetarian and doesn’t want to shed any animal’s blood… so, I essentially did it but it took me ages to approach this monster and eventually release it into the wild… Meanwhile, the two spawns of hell that have shown themselves in my flat were not as lucky… they did suffer my full wrath on top of my barbaric YAWP as I smashed them with my house shoe of DOOM and then vacuumed them with my vacuum of FATALITY.

And essentially, that leads me to today’s game which goes by the title of “Kill it with Fire” or in case of this demo (the game has yet to release!) “Kill it with Fire: Ignition”! A game that I’d describe as a demolitionist’s wet dream that allows you to kill these ugly critters with a flamethrower, bombs, shurikens, a shotgun and essentially everything that is lying around in your house.

Developer: Casey Donnellan Games LLC
Publisher: tinyBuild
Genres: Casual, Indie, Action, Destruction, Simulation, 3D
Release Date (demo): April 28th, 2020
Reviewed on: PC
Available on: PC
Copy was available for free as it's a demo. 

At the beginning of the game, you’ll spawn into your low-poly-house and are tasked with picking up your vase and opening a few drawers but little did you know that a spider was awaiting you in a spot nearby to spook you! Naturally, you follow it into the living room where you find the clipboard. Not only does this weapon smash spiders but it also shows you your different tasks.


From there on, you’ll essentially figure stuff out on your own. There are drawers that require you to complete tasks from your clipboard in order to unlock new weapons. There are doors that require a certain amount of spider kills in order to unlock more areas (with more weapons and more spiders) and eventually, you’ll end up causing more harm to your sweet home than to actual spiders.

The game constantly accompanies you with a piano track that reminds me of Untitled Goose Game in a lot of ways. When you’re close to spiders, however, you end up hearing a very dramatic and threatening track that reminds me quite a lot of the JAWS theme. Once you’ve actually killed monstrosity, you get to hear a nice little tune that further underlines the wonderful comedic nature of this game. Lovely!

I gave “hot tub” a new meaning.

The game also makes use of sounds to show you where the spiders are! They usually are hidden behind or underneath objects, so you’ve got find out about the general direction by either listening to the spiders’ sounds (which are utterly disgusting!) or by using the spider-tracker that you can also use to crush these ugly foes.

The art style is quite colourful and really seems to convey the feelings of this being a nice and family-friendly game, until you eventually see those disgusting spiders that are actually rather big and really terrifying. When they survive your initial hit, they usually speed up and become even more terrifying, which results in quite a lot of moments where I noticed myself jumping. While the game itself is quite entertaining, I noticed that I’d get startled rather often, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I really enjoyed this thrilling experience.

Still tidier than my room :c

But what about flaws? Well, the fact that there’re spiders in the game should be considered a flaw in itself… but as you are exterminating these hideous lifeforms from Earth’s face in the most drastic and absurd ways, I’d say that one may be able to look past that fact… Of course, if you like spiders, then this game may not be for you… and if you hate spiders like I do but you don’t want to get spooked by them, then you may not like this game either… but overall, I really enjoyed this game so far.

The demo did amuse me for about an hour, challenges included. After that, I stopped playing as the demo didn’t have to offer all that much more apart from these few weapons and two apartments. The full game will be available in Summer 2020 and I definitely recommend checking out this demo if you found this review entertaining. Also, you may consider wishlisting the game so that you get to know when it releases!

But for now, I wish you a wonderful day without any spider encounters in your homes and I hope that all of you stay safe.


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TSS#39 – Facing my fears


This post will include pictures of spiders! Big ones! They’re terrifying! Don’t read ahead if you’re afraid of or sensitive about that stuff!

This is a cute drawing that should show up when I post the link. I hope it works.

So, I’m afraid of spiders. And I decided to go to a convention about spiders as confronting my fears may help me in that regard. Or not. It may have gotten worse. I don’t know yet since I haven’t seen any spiders in my flat yet. 

As a child, I used to not be afraid of insects and spiders and everything that’s crawling on the ground. I used to pluck legs off grasshoppers as a child, as my parents told me a while ago. I also used to have no problem with centipedes, worms and other insects. And then there was that one day where I was washing my hands at a well while on vacation and a huge spider crawled onto my hand. At the time I was rather short and the spider probably looked bigger back then on my tiny hands and… well,… ever since I’ve been scared of everything that’s crawling on the ground. 

I guess that that was the trigger for it all. Nowadays I can’t catch spiders alive and put them on the balcony but I’ll have to use the vacuum or my house shoes to get rid of them and whenever I see them I not only let out a rather (not so) manly scream out but also get the shivers all over my body, so that sucks.

And then a while ago, my girlfriend pointed out that there’s a convention for tarantulas and other big spiders near the city I’m living in, so I decided to go there as it may help. My goal was to let those guys there put at least one tarantula on my hand and to take at least a dozen photographs of spiders to confront my fears and get rid of it. My girlfriend came with me as emotional support, although she, too, is afraid of spiders. 

In the end, I made a list of parts of the world that I’m not going to visit:

  • Australia
  • South-Africa
  • South-America
  • India
  • Mexico

There are spiders out there that get up to 28 cm big! Wtf?! And some of them even jump rather high and look terrifying with their huge hairy legs!

Well, I managed to take a picture with a spider on my hand and that one wasn’t that big. I noticed that my beard (which I very much like) shares a lot of resemblance with that tarantula on my hand back then. Both my beard and those spiders are soft, hairy and dark. That’s kind of terrifying. 

Later I slept at my girlfriend’s place and ended up waking up a couple of times during the night due to nightmares. At one point, I woke up as my girlfriend was shivering because of some nightmare. I guess, that that confrontation didn’t help either of us. Even now, a month after going there, I’m waking up from nightmares in the middle of the night, although they’re not as frequent as they were… Also, while writing up this post, I’m getting shivers all over my body and I’ve got to check the ceiling and the walls every few minutes, just to be sure that I’m not getting surprised by one of those monsters.

So the lesson from this experience was that confrontation isn’t the best idea in some cases as they may worsen your fears. 
This post, btw, isn’t edited, as I’ve made the mistake of putting those pictures in here already and as I don’t wanna look at them again.

Oh well. Cheers!

The Stray Sheep #4 – Arachnophobia and Videogame Spiders

Here’s Elise from League of Legends – with the Bloodmoon Skin

Well, hello there, everyone!
Today we’re talking about my arachnophobia. I’m scared of spiders. Being quite tall and all that doesn’t make it better, but a lot funnier for other people seeing me get scared by a thing that probably isn’t even out to kill me. I just hate them. It’s mostly due to the fact that some of them get so insanely huge while some others suddenly move super fast. What I hate most about them is the fact that they seem to vanish like ninjas whenever I look away for a second! When I know where they are, it’s alright, when they aren’t too big.. but when I don’t, I get freaked out and have to resist trying to burn my house down.

Anyways, I didn’t want to just admit my angst of things that may crawl into my mouth while I’m sleeping. No, I wanted to tell you about video games and spiders and what I hate about those games.

Well, in most RPGs and MMOs there’s those typical mobs like Slimes…and Wolves…and spiders! Like, wtf? Why does it have to be spiders? And why are they so big all the time? When I started playing Skyrim, there was this huge spider that I was really disgusted by! But a while I got used to it and found it kind of…cute. I don’t know. Especially after it died. Then, after it died, I used my necromancy-skill to revive it as a companion! I mean, what harm is a spider going to be if it just kills other spiders for me,…right?

Thanks to Ninja43092#8533 on the IGP-Discord for taking a screen of it! My Skyrim didn’t want to start up, so..yeah. Thanks!

Well, that’s where I’m wrong, because that fucking spider crawled to me and followed me everywhere. It wasn’t just a spider-boss anymore either. It was a zombie-spider-boss-companion that followed me to wherever I went. And the faster you ran, the faster it followed, making it a lot more scary. Once you stop, it runs past you and may even go through you, letting you see those legs, that butt and it’s zombie-spider-queen-boss-monstrosity of a head up close! I don’t know why I revived it in the first place when I was able to kill other spiders without problem. I probably just wanted to find out if that works. Luckily, the spell ran out after a while and the monstrosity I created has vanished into dust and ashes.

There’s also “Elise” in League of Legends. When I first played her (wanted to try her out), I got so disgusted by her that I ended up going AFK. It was my first time that I’d ever go AFK while in a round of LoL but it was worth the reports I got since I didn’t have to stare at a champion that can transform into a fucking spider. Apparently the lead designer of Elise was also quite scared of spiders and just signed off the champion without looking at her. After a while I got used to her, it’s just still kind of annoying to play as her. Against her? No problem, just kill it with fire. As her? Not so much.

There are quite a few other games that have fucking spiders in them but it never was as disgusting as in Skyrim, in my opinion…. And then there’s Satisfactory. It’s a cool game that I haven’t played at all and that I don’t even own because it’s on Epic Games and I’m boycotting that for some reasons, but I’ve seen people play it and it looks like fun.. BUT there’s small spider creatures in there that move really fast as well and you’re actually able to deal with them by simply turning on “arachnophobia mode” where it replaces all of those creepy spider-thingies with Cat-sprites! Static cat sprites! It’s great! I love it! Please add that to every game! There’s probably a mod like that for Skyrim. May need to check that out!

Are there any things that you get scared by in video games? And how did you like this post here? Let me know in the comments if you don’t mind 🙂

Anyways, cheers!

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