Another look at Ring of Pain!

It hasn’t been too long since we posted about our last look at Ring of Pain and there’s already been a new updated demo for it. The last version was V0.8.21 while this one (got updated today, again) is already at V0.8.36, featuring a complete stat-overhaul and some UI-improvements, item effect changes and other updates. So I thought it’d be a nice idea to post about it again and maybe feature the rogue-like expert Frostilyte from FrostilyteWrites as well as Quietschisto from RNG who doesn’t really play rogue-likes in this post and ask them to write something about this demo as well. So be sure to check out their posts as well!

Note: Their posts may not be online, yet, at this point in time due to timezone- and schedule-differences. Also Frosti may still be asleep and Quietschisto may already be wasted again. Either way, if the link doesn’t work, check it out later again.

So, first up, what were the stats about before this update:

Don’t mind me, showing off over here.

Speed previously only determined the attack order while Clarity has been rather underwhelmingly, too, and only decided the chance rolls like stealth and dodge. The other stats were performing rather fine.

Now, speed gives a bonus to Dodge and Stealth chance while still settling the attack order. So, if you’ve got a high speed-stat, you’ll be able to dodge and stealth better but also attack before the enemy. Since these chance stats have moved from Clarity to Speed, Clarity now gives you a scaling bonus to potion healing, soul gain, curse resistance (which is now a secondary stat) and also boosts your Critical Hit Chance, which results in a system where these two stats should be as important as the other stats, Attack, Defense, and Health!

A Poison spell to replace my shields up?… or rather more crit chance and attack damage instead of Visionary?

Apart from that, almost all early game items have an item effect now and now also feature improved refined item card UI with icons for the item effect descriptions.

And rather than having one giant list of items, the game now has four “sets” of items that each focus on one primary stat: Mage (Clarity), Rogue (Speed), Warrior (Attack/Defense) and Cleric (Health).
Mimics will now show you two item options to choose between and you can now also reroll them to find better combos and easier get to synergies. This in itself allows the devs on the other hand to increase the game’s difficulty, which is gonna be more fun all along.

The UI already looks a lot cleaner!

But how does the game feel or play now?
Well, we still get launched into this dark and enigmatic place that now seems more lively thanks to some great sound effects and animations that I previously either haven’t noticed too much or that were implemented into the game. A lot of the time, you’ll get stronger through items, stat upgrades and different combos but the game also seems harder with some roadblocks here and there that you often can’t – just yet – fight, like the burial grounds’ “Plague Bearer” who is just too strong for you, or the demo’s final boss.

I really enjoyed the new mechanics that were introduced into the game, as my high speed and damage stat at one point in the game allowed me to dodge a few hits of the final boss, which would normally kill you. Now, while my chance of dodging was only at 20%, the chance of dodging two hits in a row is only at 4% while dodging three hits in a row is a chance of only about 0.8% – and against these odds still managing to dodge a total of three times has been rather fun, although I was a bit scared of having to fight through the complete fight if all of the attacks would miss – especially as I didn’t seem to deal any damage to this final boss, which was quite scary.

Huh… tough decision but I think the Inner Fury might be better here! After all, cats are better.

The games’ colours still are really vibrant in the few places that they pop up at, giving the game a certain feel. The encounters with Owl and with the shadowy being(s?) that you have now feel even more mysterious, as new dialogue options seem to have been added to the game. I can’t wait to find out what these are about and what else we will learn.

And well, the decision to not give you a “Low”, “Medium” or “High” Stealth chance but a basic numerical value that exactly tells you what your odds are, was great. I really enjoyed that bit as well as the different item sets and some of the references. There are some items in the game (like the Spoon) that seem to be useless but have their own uses in some builds where your attack stat is too high to proc a different effect and there are also some other cool references like the Onion Knight suit or the patting-glove to use on the dog that you encounter and that you’re able to pat… and I found that really amusing.


One of my favourite item effects was the “teleport enemies away after attacking them” from the “something” wand of banishing (don’t know the exact name of it) as it allowed to you to teleport away exploding enemies right after you attacked them, which was always rather fun. The “Mage” set works rather well together as you get to use your souls for powerful spell effects and even better crits, adding damage or bonus stats in some clutch situations in a very magical fashion was rather nice. I always depicted a mage as a powerful caster who’d be able to always find a solution for prickly situations or who’d let hell let loose on the enemies so that works for me in this game (although the names are still subject to change, according to the devs).

Now, balancing still is a bit off. There are a lot of situations where you knew that you screwed yourself over earlier but you still manage to barely pull through as you’ve got enough stats from items to basically pull through anyway. I’ve noticed that you gain stats way too fast, which works in this demo, I guess… but if this was a finalized game, enemies would have to get a lot stronger in the next levels and a lot faster to justify your growth in power… or you’d have to nerf the Early Game of your Dungeon Crawl.

Hello, Darkness! My old friend :3

Apart from that, I really am looking forward to this game. I used to make the comparison to Slay the Spire but I was rather referring to the hype-levels that I felt about StS and this game that are quite comparable. The games feel entirely different and are both unique, despite having some characteristics that are similar. Comparing RoP to StS kind of works but at the same does not really, as Frosti also mentioned in a conversation, so, from now on I guess I won’t do that anymore.

And well, that’s it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it. Check out Frostilyte and Quietschisto(pheles) over at there blogs as they also posted about this demo.

Anyways, cheers!

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The Stray Sheep #25 – The Party Ended

Heya, everyone!
I thought of this as a little update/conclusion post where I just summarize the goals I had and the goals I achieved for Blaugust.

And this post’s titled because of this song by this great band that I used to listen to! Check them out 🙂

Anyways, let’s just get into it, shall we?

On July 16th, I made a post about participating in Blaugust2019. I ended up getting 31 posts done in the last 31 days (today being September 1st, that is). So, I guess, I really did participate in it, lol.

On July 28th, I declared which formats I’ll be going for.
I ended up posting 24 Stray Sheep posts, including ten posts about the GamesCom or about my experience, and six posts about interviews that I had with Indie Devs.
As for reviews, which now’re called “Indietail”, I’ve published six in August, that all did kind of well, but I’ll talk about stats later on.
And as for Late to the Party: I haven’t really touched it ever since the first game but that may be due to my schedule and me not deciding on what game to play next.

In “The Stray Sheep #1 – Blaugust Schedule and Ideas” I said that I wanted to increase my work speed and publish more reviews. Originally, there were 4 reviews planned (weekly), including Moonlighter, but I ended up posting six excluding Moonlighter! I’m also going for this shorter style now since I not only get the shorter reviews out faster but also am able to reach a lot more people. While that’s not my primary goal, it’s quite important that I post staff that my followers want to read. Keeping the words at a maximum of 1k word at reviews was the right move then!

I love stats. Hence, we’re taking a look at them and check what we can improve on. In August, we received an overwhelming amount of 594 views, distributed among 234 visitors (which is a ton!). There’s 43 comments, not including mine, and 171 likes (aka a lot!).
In average people click on ~2.54 posts per month which is an improvement in comparison to July (where I only posted for seven times, including my introduction). In July I’ve hit 138 views by 68 visitors, resulting in an average of ~2.03 views per visitor!

Another thing I wanted to take a look at was the Referrers:
Most of my readers are informed about my posts by the WP-Reader and Twitter with the Reader being used about three time as much as Twitter. I’m quite happy to see Facebook in there as well, as I’ve set up a facebook-page with 3 likes (already!) that I’m not promoting in any way, but that is still driving in views. Tumblr apparently is doing nothing but it’s tumblr and I guess the post existing on there is better than it not existing, right?
Thanks to Angie, Belghast, Mr Peril, Naithin, and Aywren for referring to my site in the last month. With their help a total of twelve (!) readers found their way here!

In total, I’ve managed to get to 38,173 words in all of my posts together, and as Tessa told me, I may only call myself a real blogger (or was it journalist? or writer? idk) if I manage to write down 1,000,000 words! So, we’re getting closer!

As for post-views, I doubt that it’s good to publish them since wordpress is inaccurate in some results, I think. For instance, there’s posts that have more likes than clicks, which doesn’t make sense at all. So, at this point in time, I’ll leave it out.

Anyways, what’s planned now?
Well, I’d like to continue blogging, for sure, but I may or may not continue daily blogging. It’s kind of taking a toll on me to post daily and I’d like to publish a Stray Sheep post whenever I want to and publish a review or LttP-post at least two times a month, maybe even four times. We’ll see. The upcoming months are going to be a bit harder as University’s starting soon, too, and as I’ve got a job now, too. Therefore I don’t know if I’ll be able to post consistently, but I for sure will try to! 🙂


Nobody guess what “The Stray Sheep” is referring to.. 😦 100 points to Hufflepuff.