Steam has gotten a bunch of updates that were quite neat. I love the “new” (it’s not that new anymore) library with the dynamic and static collections, the new home screen, the updates being shown there at the front page as well as the fact that it all looks like a shelf where you keep your games.

As far as shelves go, you can set up a view of your collections, your recent games, your favourite games all your games, recent friend activity, uncategorized games, and…. the new feature:


And that’s something that I’d imagine would be rather neat for a lot of people. The algorithm that Steam is using tells you about the games that you should tackle next. Steam helps you with your backlog and gives you a recommendation of games that you haven’t played yet but that you own. It’s like the “explore”-feature that I frequently use… but for games that I already have and that I don’t need to buy!

My Play Next features quite a bunch of titles that I actually wanted to play for a while now but never got to or titles that I might want to play again as it’s been a while!

So, next time I’m not sure what I wanna play, I’ll hit up this feature and just check the recommendations. Endless Legend/Space are options especially as I love the universe and Dungeon of the Endless… but right now I’m quite busy with Assassin’s Creed 1 and Hollow Knight. If I feel like Indie Games, I might check out Omensight’s predecessor, “Stories: The Path of Destinies”, or maybe Aragami, which looked interesting… and then, of course, there’s XCOM2 which I’m lately seeing everywhere and which is going to break my heart next time I play it again!

And I feel like that’s the biggest problem with a big backlog of games: You are not under pressure due to the size of the backlog… You are under pressure as you cannot choose between the many games that you might want to play. You only have so much time and this one game might be worth more time than this other one. Sure, I could get back into Kingdom again and just replay the old games or check out the latest update but I also could potentially try out something new like Deponia or Dishonored, although I’m not sure if I’ll like these games all that much, as I barely know anything about the franchises! 

Overall, I feel like this might become a feature that more people, other than me, use. I personally love the “new” library and stuff like the dynamic collections and the “unplayed”-category! I also love the “shelf”-look of things and how everything is in order now and how everything looks less dated. Again, this new feature might improve how I tackle games that I never played. Before, I used to scroll down with my eyes closed and stop at a random game! Usually, it lead to me playing something fun!…. or not! This might be the solution to that or rather a flat-out upgrade! Thus, I’m looking forward to that!

What are your thoughts on it? Is this something that you could see yourself using? What was your previous method of choosing what game to play next? Either way, that’s it for today’s post. Hope you enjoyed this one… 


The Stray Sheep #11 – Social Media

So in today’s Stray Sheep I’m talking about social media and stuff.

Or rather.. I’m sharing links in this post so that we’ve got one post with all of it! …Well, “all of it” until I look into the other things that you can connect Jetpack to.

Anyways, when I opened this blog, I created a Steam Group! But…nobody cares about that, I guess. Or at least I couldn’t be arsed to ask any of my friends to join (as I was kinda busy with my blog and stuff) and I always forget to invite people, so I’m still the only member.
So, if you’d like to, join the steamgroup or follow the curator-page! 🙂

If that’s your jam, you can also follow/like my facebook-page or check out my twitter account. I was told that only people over 30 use facebook but that would make me the youngest 30-year-old I know as I’m only in my twenties.
Since I’m also streaming on Twitch (as of late), I’m also using Twitter to promote my twitch-streams.

If you’re still using Tumblr… I created a tumblr blog and have no clue how that thing works. It just posts it on there whenever I post stuff.

And if you’d like to message me, you can always do so on Steam, Twitter or on my discord!

I thought it’d be neat to post these all, so that people can find my content a lot easier.

“Spread the word! Someone here likes Dr. Pepper more than other soft drinks and Pepsi more than Coke, but Coke Zero more than Pepsi! What a weirdo!”

you possibly

And as for other future posts, I’m currently working on another shorter review and I still need to play an upcoming game called “Miracle Mia” by Shademare, a father-&-son-team of Indie-Devs that are releasing their first game next week. Luckily they provided me with a review key, so I’m going to review that as well and tell you my thoughts about it in the near future.
Also next sunday, a new review is coming out on a cool card-based ARPG! Since it’s been scheduled for quite some time now, it’s another long review, so stay tuned for that!

Anyways, cheers!

This post is part of a contest/challenge called Blaugust! The goal is to post as much as possible and participants are awarded with different prizes depending on the goal they achieved. My aim is to post on all 31 days of August and if you’d like to know more about this “event”, you should check this post out.

Note: Edited the Twitter-Page to be up-to-date and added the Twitch-Link.