Late to the Party #10 – Bioshock Infinite

I finished Bioshock Infinite (minus the DLC) and because I'm so late to the party, I figured I may as well write about it!

Late to the Party #5 – Bioshock 2

I just recently played through Bioshock 2... and I know that I'm late to this party but I really wanted to write about it. So, here are my thoughts on that game!

Indietail – The Swindle

Being a student, I wasn't able to fund my new PC until I found this job here. It seemed rather easy: Scout for flaws in the security systems, watch out for the guards, break in, take everything valuable and leave without getting noticed!  Sadly, I'm not Kaito Kid or Lupin III and, hence, not a good thief. Therefore, my new PC... Continue Reading →

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