HUMANKIND (Closed Beta) – Part 2

Today, I'm writing about my second run of HUMANKIND. This time we're really good at this game and actually winning as the Olmecs/Edo Japanese. I love this game by the way.

XCOM 2 Succession Game Series – Mission 11: Operation Ice Tooth

It's time for me to take the reigns again and to lead our squad to Victory! This time around the mission takes us to Middle America where we have to destory a relay station. Will we be successful? See here!

We Are The Caretakers – First Impressions

Here are my first impressions of We Are The Caretakers, a turn-based afro-futuristic Sci-Fi-Strategy-RPG... but how nicely does it play? See here!

Looking out for We Are The Plague

With the Plague modifying our bodies and our wounds healing, we now have only one goal and one goal only that drives us forward: Revenge. We Are The Plague is quite the interesting title, so we're checking it out today!

Indietail – Loop Hero

Trapped in a hamster wheel of slaying, gearing up, building and dying, it is our duty to save the world. Will we ever get out of this loop? Not too sure. I love this game too much. Here's why!

Indietail – Iris and the Giant

Today, I'm showing you Iris and the Giant, a lovely card-based roguelite game that dives into the imaginary world and psyche of a young girl that's suffering from depression and anxieties.

Indietail – Dyson Sphere Program [Guestpost]

Today's post is another review written by a guest-author and friend of mine. Come and check out Naithin's review on Dyson Sphere Program! Enjoy!

Indietail – Do Not Feed The Monkeys [Guest Post]

Today I bring do you a review that is actually not written by me but actually by a friend of mine: Quietschisto reviews a game called "Do Not Feed The Monkeys" today! Enjoy!

I’m excited about Endless Dungeon

A trailer for Endless Dungeon was announced, so naturally I gotta be excited about it! Tune in for why I'm looking forward to this and what we know so far!

Looking forward to Call of Myth

Today, we're taking a look at Call of Myth, a Lovecraftian CCG by Kadath studio that is coming out soon! Strap on and don't get driven insane as we try to play our cards right!

Looking forward to Partisans 1941

Today, on the Lookout Post, we're taking a look at an up-and-coming game developed by Alter Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment called Partisans 1941. In Partisans 1941, you explore WWII from the side of the Polish partisans - an occupation resistance movement on the Eastern Front. In this game, you discover how the story... Continue Reading →

Looking out for “Starmancer”

Starmancer looked like the closest thing to any of the games that I'm usually enjoying and all the demos I've seen on the Steam Game Festival. It's getting published by Chucklefish which fits most of my favourite games… it's a strategy, base-building simulation game based in Space and you essentially play as a powerful A.I.... Continue Reading →

I’m excited about “Drake Hollow” by The Molasses Flood

It's sadly not part of the Steam Game Festival but Drake Hollow is definitely something to look out for. I'm really excited about the game - and not only due it being made by the dev behind The Flame In The Flood! The Molasses Flood's second game can best be described as a Base-Building Action-Survival-Game. ... Continue Reading →

Indietail – Train Valley 2

Do you like trains? Do you like simulations? Do you like resource-management-puzzles? If this introduction reminds you of yesterday's post, then you'll probably realise quickly that we're reviewing Train Valley 2 today and that I'm still as uncreative as yesterday! Developer: Flazm Publisher: Flazm Genre: Trains, Strategy, Simulation, Puzzle, Casual Release Date: April 15, 2019... Continue Reading →

Indietail – Train Valley

Trains are quite cool, aren't they? They look cool and they're fast and it's a disaster when they crash into each other and I lost my train of thought, so I'll just say that today we're taking a look at Train Valley, a casual train-sim-puzzle by Flazm! Developer: Flazm Publisher: Flazm Release Date: September 16,... Continue Reading →

Indietail – Sea Salt

Spooktober and Lovecraft? Sounds alright to me. Today we're taking a look at Sea Salt, a dark reverse-horror action-strategy-game by YCJY Games who I've interviewed at this year's Games Com in Cologne! Developer: YCJY GamesPublisher: YCJY GamesGenres: Strategy, Lovecraftian, Reverse-Horror, Action, IndieRelease Date: October 17, 2019Reviewed on: PCAvailable on: PCCopy received from the Devs After... Continue Reading →

Indietail – The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

In today's Indietail, we'll take a look at The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands, a game that I bought for two bucks and while I really want to like it, there's some flaws that I can't overlook. Stay tuned for a review on The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands! Developer: Xigma GamesPublisher: Xigma GamesGenres: 2D, Strategy, Survival, SimulationRelease Date: March 9th,... Continue Reading →

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